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  1. Passive EMG MMHZ pick up Great condition, great sounding MM pick up.. £50 plus a few quid postage or will happily drop off local to South Shields
  2. EHX Bass soul food for sale Great transparent bass over drive... A klon clone with blend functionality as I understand it. Plays well with other pedals and works nicely as a clean boost and treble boost as well Excellent condition, no box but has lived on a board for its life £50 collected or local drop off Happy to ship at buyers cost
  3. EHX Green Russian Fuzz reissue pedal (no box) - £50 Massive sounding fuzz pedal, retains low end really well and sounds great stacked with octaver, in excellent condition with velcro on bottom Only for sale as something I fancy has come up, so only for sale while that's available Happy to post at buyers cost 🙂
  4. I paid around £180 including prototypes and passive circuit etc, but this was a bespoke pick up made by a local tech, so I'd assume prices would vary by bass etc... The wiring actually goes through the tiny gap at the bottom of the neck pocket I believe... here's the bass before the pick up was fitted for reference 🙂
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=807761396323059&id=348973598868510 Some info on the build etc on his facebook page 🙂
  6. Just got this beaut back from Dave Coates Audio in the North East today and I'm absolutely blown away... The neck pick up is a custom built super shallow pick up and is route free. It's as solid as it gets and works with the aguilar MM pick up tremendously! (The aguilar replaces the original EMG MMHZ, which I believed was an MMTW until he took it out and saw the sticker 🤷‍♂️) He's also taken the tone pump out and fitted a passive circuit... I approached Dave to see if he could route a space for a neck pick up, but he thought he could make a super shallow pick up that would avoid any damage to the bass... he wasn't wrong, and my mind is blown 🤯
  7. Sorry for the delay, Al! It was bought brand new from Bassdirect for what I thought was a very reasonable price, especially when I had the bass in my hands the next day and realised the quality! You're right though, I can't imagine ever letting this go, I imagine It'll replace my Sandberg and spector as #1. Appreciate the kind words about my rig as well, it's taken a few new amp days to come back to my first gigging head (literally the same amp I sold, bought back years later)... oops!
  8. I joined the yamaha BB club last week... genuinely blown away by both the build and tone, at any price point let alone a smidge above the price of a mex fender!
  9. Regrettably selling my Tonehammer 500 Amp is 1 year old and in as new condition, as is the carry case, bought new from Andertons September 2018 Honestly one of the best sounding class D heads I've ever heard with a great warm faux tube tone with loads of mids detail, it's one of the heftiest class D amps you'll find and is literally made of air. Sounds unreal when paired with a pair of Aguilar 112's, but always sounded great through my barefaced 212 too. Amp is 500 watts into 4 ohms and very honestly rated, I've never wanted for more volume, and never had gain and volume past 12 o clock without front of house support in some fairly big rooms Price includes insured shipping Better pictures to follow...
  10. I was literally just going to make a post doubting my barefaced, and this was near top of amps & cabs; Spooky! Glad you're enjoying your cab, man! I've always sworn my Barefaced big twin 2 was the best cab I'd ever used (albeit after getting a suspected manufacturing fault repaired after buying pre owned and the fault not becoming noticable until trying to use it with a tonehammer amp, but that's another long winded story). I've used 3 different heads through it, and currently using a TH500, I found the tone a bit lacking in areas despite what I'd read, a bit bland and smooth... Played through a pals Aguilar rig at a wedding this week using a TH500 and a pair of GS112 cabs, and the difference was staggering! The mid detail and growl was phenomenal, it had serious clout compared to my rig, and it's the exact same head! Now wondering if I've backed the wrong horse 🤔
  11. Withdrawn from sale... going to look at pick ups etc instead of selling
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