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  1. I've watched this a few times, also a great help! I feel like C4 should employ him to make a full instructional video!
  2. Again, your help has been invaluable! Thanks so much! I felt like I was getting somewhere with patch making last night, things seem to be taking shape. it's a shame you can't run two different drives at once like you can the filters... Ended up running it into my alpha Omicron to add a bit dirt.
  3. I literally have no clue with synthesis... Guess I've jumped in at the deep end! That website is great though, I've been going through it all morning! Still not sure how to shape the envelopes on the C4 or get it all super gated, but it's not like I haven't got plenty time to experiment! I've got a couple of your spectrum patches downloaded on my C4 already, don't miss my BEF at all! 😁
  4. My C4 arrived!!! I've spent ages playing through your patches @Quatschmacher! They're tremendously fun! Admittedly I'm in over my head with the editor though, even with your tutorial! I've spent hours now trying to match both bonkers by dizzee rascal and omen by prodigy and can't get near them! 😔
  5. Thanks mate, can't wait to check it out. Will have a dig through your tutorial whilst I await delivery!
  6. Thanks a million for this man! The fact that you've not only spent your time on this but are so willing to share it is hugely generous and very much appreciated!
  7. As I've now got the time to make changes etc as there are no gigs on the horizon, I've bought a C4... Can't wait to try some of your patches @Quatschmacher! I've been skulking on the C4 thread and the graft you've put into that is tremendous! I'm worried I'm going to be out of my depth with it as it looks a steep learning curve! But basically I'll be looking for a prodigy - omen/dizzee rascal - bonkers style synth, and a squelchy envelope, something in the ball park of an Aggie filter twin would be the dream if not a tad ambitious! Any pointers you may have would be HUGELY appreciated 😬
  8. Looks like I have a C4 incoming! 😁. Am I right in thinking you have access to 6 presets without using a midi controller? In an ideal world I'll have a standard gated fuzz/synth, a normal envelope filter, a patch with the two together... And then 3 left over for experimenting!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Problem is, it's the same when keys and guitars drop out... Its almost as if the overall sound has taken a volume dip. Not sure what the freq is for the bass eq on my head, but it's set pretty high. Never thought to try it pre or post in honesty... I always just have it set post so it's as close to my onstage sound as possible... Never thought to try the FX loop either! Always assumed that was a no no for drives and fuzzes!
  11. I'm also on the fence with my BEF in honesty, wanted the filter twin but was out of budget at the time and was too impatient to save up haha. Only issue with selling pedals to pay for a C4 is I'd need them all to sell at once, which isn't likely in the current climate! Plus I REALLY love my octabvre! I was flabbergasted when I tried it for the first time through my rig, it sounded world shattering through 'phones, but just so quiet through my rig. Have tried with mini mix 50/50 and all wet, even tried without it... Subs switch is set to 3 as well. A lot of the knobs on mine are closer to 12, bar the relax/push and volume which around around 3 o clock, but both basses are passive... The clip light on my head goes wild when I kick it in so I'm assuming there's more hitting the front of the amp 🤯 (That clip sounds awesome btw)
  12. Haha it's as if you've seen is! Unfortunately aim afflicted by both of these things, but the issue also happens when it's just drums and bass 😬... Through headphones the mastotron sounds absolutely huge! It just doesn't want to translate to live volumes 😫 a bit of dry blend may not be a bad shout though!
  13. Hi mate... I use the D.I. out to run into a headphone amp I've actually got an MXR BEF Inbetween the mastotron and chorus... Worth mentioning all of my pedals go into a patch kommander switcher but that shouldn't effect it surely? I've tried the envelope with it but didn't help. I'll try the tone setting dialled clockwise though! A C4 would've been the dream of covid hadn't have lost me (like everyone else) a fortune in gigs haha. Not sure what you by blending ampside ... But my clean tone is fine, I'd assume that'd be affected as well if it was phase?
  14. Hey Folks! The more learned bass folks of this community have solved a fair few dilemmas for me in the past, and I'm hoping you can do it again 😀 I'm currently using the following pedal combo for my synth sound 3 leaf octabvre mini > zvex mastotron > tc Corona mini chorus I'm finding that this sounds monstrous through headphones, but when run though my rig at gig volume it disappears! Like REALLY disappears. I've tried it without the chorus, but still exactly the same. I've tried maxing the zvex volume and still the same, although the clip light comes up on the amp I assume there's a volume increase hitting the amp. My rig is a GK 1001rbII into a barefaced big twin II so there should be plenty of juice on tap. Any ideas please????
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