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  1. Spector's are great, but the ergonomics don't suit everyone. I am besotted with my rebop visually, but I can NOT get it to sit comfortably on a strap due to the smaller top horn and off centre bottom strap peg. Sandberg's are built phenomenally, but I ended up ripping all the pick ups and electronics out of mine as they just didn't cut it, their PJ pick up placement in particular creates a huge inherent mid scoop. Personally for your budget, I'd suggest a Yamaha 734A. It'll leave you with a good chunk of change, and the build quality and tonal coverage is tremendous! I pick mine up over my Sandberg and Spector every time. The build quality is comfortably up there with basses twice its cost, and it has great features like a battery indicator. Side note, I've just gotten an ibanez EHB1005ms... While the aesthetics may not be for everyone, quality, tonally and playability wise I'm blown away, and it's within your budget with change. It'd cover all the ground you need as well.
  2. Thanks for the great detail! That's been really helpful, I may have to rethink my choice of strings when it arrives! I've looked at the pictures you've posted more times than I'd like to admit, the anticipation is killing me haha. Hope you're still enjoying the bass!
  3. Congrats on getting your patch in the video @Quatschmacher! Suddenly feel like an idiot for buying a C4 last year 🤦
  4. That's reassuring, after having a look on the ibanez website they look like the same scale. Those Mezzo's look tremendous for the money!
  5. Welcome to the best sounding money pit you'll ever find! 😁 You've done well choosing your first bass! I know gigging (when that was a thing) semi pro musicians using the same bass! Budget friendly doesn't have the stigma that it used to and the sire stuff is great!
  6. Can I be a pain and ask about the low B? I've just seen the GAK YouTube demo for these (the one where he can't pronounce bartolini 🤦). While it's not the best demo, the low B sounded terribly muddy and floppy. It's given me serious anxiety that a short scale 5er maybe isn't the best shout!
  7. Totally agree... The one hesitance I had ordering was the scale of the low B and there's nothing bar a few very ropey demoes on youtube. Who knows, yours might appear on the next episode of all about the bass 🙊
  8. Thanks for the review! Glad you seem to like your new bass Mine is also coming from Andertons but not due til 24th of March! 😫. Seeing this has made the wait a bit more difficult!
  9. To add a bit of back story, years ago I had a TC RH750, hated the head but loved the one knobs compressor and what it brought.. fast forward numerous amp changes and countless board rejigs and I've always felt something wasn't "right". After several trips down the YouTube rabbit hole, I decided a compressor was the way to go, but covid and lack of funding said otherwise. After a bit of Saturday afternoon amazon trawling, I came across this little fella... "Xvive Bass Squeezer". £38 delivered! Very little info online, but nothing negative meant it was worth a punt. After putting it through its paces (through phones admittedly) it sounds tremendous, to the point I expect it'll be an always on pedal. The one knob compressor adds a lot of punch without sounding artificial, and whilst the built in overdrive isn't good enough to be a stand alone dirt pedal; at low settings it adds a real warmth that seems to compliment my GK head beautifully. No doubt GAS will inevitably kick in and I'll NEED an ebs multi comp or something, but for now I'm thinking £38 well spent! 👌
  10. Hi Midwest! It didn't sell believe it or not... in the end I had the pick ups changed and a new passive circuit installed as it happens so it wouldn't really be saleable now 🤦‍♂️
  11. Has anyone successfully used the Bluetooth adapter and app method in a live setting?
  12. Would the GK not pull the warmth out of the tone hammer sound though? The GK is quite a cold sounding amp by comparison. I also use a plethora of subs and synth sounds and I wonder how the TH pedal would handle them 🤔
  13. I love the simplicity of a plug and play set up... But in truth, without my synth tones and sub octave my band honestly wouldn't sound like my band
  14. I'm horrendous for this! Then I usually regret getting rid of what's been replaced! Gigged a GK 1001RBII for 10 years comfortably, Then got a TC RH750 'cos lights, Then back to another 1001RBII after 2 years because I missed it, Then to an Aguilar TH500 because of YouTube, Then I bought back my first 1001RBII because I thought it had more "heft", and the TH500 sounded better through a friend's Aguilar cabs than my barefaced cab And now I REALLY miss the Tonehammer and have extreme gas for a TH700, as well as wanting to delve into ashdown's all tube offerings for warmth and heft 🤦‍♂️... It's never ending!
  15. I've watched this a few times, also a great help! I feel like C4 should employ him to make a full instructional video!
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