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  1. My dream bass is one of these but with an unlined fretless Ebony board and Bartolini pickups. So basically a US Fender Jazz or Precision in Sherwood Green with an unlined Ebony fretless neck and Bartolini pickups. Thankfully all within reach and about £2k from the Fender Mod shop. I would just need to source the pickups and unlined fretless neck.
  2. Absolutely stunning, I bet you can't wait to play it, it looks amazing 😍
  3. I have one also and can vouch they are lovely instrument. They are really well made, come with a very high quality stand which I believe is a bespoke Tama or other drum manufacturer product and a really good padded carry case. They sound Double Bass...ish but not quite but that sort of thing. Strings make a really big difference so you may need to experiment. Well worth it in my opinion.
  4. I had the LaBella Black Nylon Tapewound strings on a few of my fretless basses and I absolutely loved them. I've moved on to Rotosound Swing 66 Nickel Rounds now but I'd happily have them again.
  5. That's a bit like me when I went to Andertons and tried the Fender Vintera II Telecaster Bass. I played it through an Orange Crush 100 watt 15" combo and I was blown away by the sound and the adjustability of the EQ. I'd never tried any Orange amps or combo's before and the sound I was hearing was amazing. I wondered how heavy this little combo was so I went to pick it up and as I lifted my arm, its just stretched and the combo stayed exactly still on the ground 🤣 That was the end of that idea. 54Lbs was a bit much to have as a lightweight portable combo 🤣
  6. All I know of they is that they came as a 10", 12" and 15" speaker option, sounded pretty good but are heavy.
  7. I'd also go for a Telecaster like this.
  8. This is simple little number but beautiful all the same.
  9. After nearly 40 years of playing, I've come to the conclusion that a good old passive Fender Jazz or Precision is what suits me best. My favourite's are Japanese Fender's because of the gloss neck but they are also the most comfortable to play in my hands. My Mexican FSR 70's Precision is sublime and the best Jazz I ever played was the Mexican 70's Classic. The best sounding Precision I've played is the Mexican Mike Dirnt and I've had two identical AVRI75 Jazz basses and one was incredible and played itself and the other was as dull as dish water and far from anything special. My first ever Stingray was an absolute dog, my second was nothing special and mega heavy and my third was really nice but my recent fretless SR4 was easily the best Stingray I've owned.
  10. Thanks for posting, will be keeping an eye on both of their amps.
  11. You are welcome, I'll dig out some more for you as well in a bit.
  12. It just sounds to me like a really good vintage P-Bass, with the tone set mid-way so there's just a bit of clank and bite but still some warmth in the overall tone. My 77 P-Bass I had sounded exactly the same. I'm also going to say he's probably using rounds but I could be wrong.
  13. Mine would probably be my 2008 US Fender Precision and my fretless Warwick Streamer Jazzman.
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