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  1. Yep, definitely Roto's, 100% sure. They were recommended to me by OBBM and I then purchased them through Amazon and fitted them myself.
  2. I have a gorgeous Fender Precision which has a maple high gloss fretless neck. So to not chew up the neck, my string choices are pretty limited. I'm currently using Rotosound 77 Jazz Flatwounds which I do like as they are low tension like rounds, feel nice to play and sound very good, I wound say warm and round. However I would like to try something different. Are there any string that are low tension like rounds or my Rotosound flats, brighter and closer tonally to rounds but still smooth like flats as to not chew up my maple gloss fretless neck?
  3. Thanks Hellzero. I managed to get the EBS working ok but the Boss OC-5 just seems superior and the tracking looks amazing. That video review was also very impressive. I'm going to take the EBS pedal back for a refund and get the OC-5 when they become available again.
  4. Yep, very good, proper, accomplished musicianship and no silly faces or look at me playing 1000's of notes per second, just great playing and a good piece of music. Nice MarkBass rig as well.
  5. Thank you @Velarian, helped me as well 👍
  6. I've been using an octave pedal for the last 6 months and using it to some good effect. I'm new to using one and started out with the Behringer Ultra Octaver which has been pretty good for £20. I use it to beef up single low notes as well as creating that typical octave sound when playing high melodies and runs. Some of the effect is to create a big full bass sound when playing single low notes or a more cello type sound and style for the mid to higher stuff. The band I'm in is acoustic guitar and vocals and a percussive drummer so it works really well filling the bottom end and creating the melody. I play a fretless active Stingray and I also have a chorus pedal and compressor/limiter pedal. So I thought it was time to invest in a decent Octave pedal as it's a major part of my sound and the band sound and after lots of research I settled on the EBS Blue Label Octabass. The good news is it's pretty easy to use and has quite a nice sound to it. However I'm not overly impressed with the tracking and its causing me some big headaches. If I set it to track low, it's fine and copes well with a low G on the E string and even the open E. Mid register is ok also, for example A on the D string but as soon as I start playing high A's or even high E's on the G string it all starts to become a mess. If I then choose to set it to track high notes, it copes with the high and mid register notes really well but as soon as I play the lower notes, for example a B on the A string or a G on the E string, the tracking goes a bit AWOL. I decided to compare it back to back with my cheap Behringer Octave pedal and despite the EBS sounding a lot better tonally, there wasn't a huge difference in tracking performance between the two pedals. I'm beginning to wonder if the answer is to run two Octave pedals, one set and activated for playing low notes and then another set up and activated when I play the mid and higher stuff. Seems a bit of a compromise though. Any advice or tips or is this just how it is with Octave pedals.
  7. Oooh good spot sir, a 600W Gnome will be very interesting. I love my 300 i Pro so very interested in a 600W model to perhaps become my main head. Will be interesting to see if it has any additional features or changes. Would be nice if they made it in the original black colour.
  8. I wasn't born until June 1970 but if I was then I'd be listening to this,
  9. For me Grunge was music from bands originating from Seatle. No different to Motown being music that originated from Detroit. The grunge scene then opened up a wider spectrum of guitar based rock bands who got lumped in with the grunge bands from Seatle, for example Stone Temple Pilots, Live, Smashing Pumpkins etc. These other bands were not Grunge bands but as they fitted and sounded similar, media/listeners lumped them together.
  10. My Christmas present to me was an Ashdown Studio 8 practise amp. Absolutely brilliant little combo and just perfect for me to practise at home.
  11. Enjoy the Warwick Gnome Nick, they are brilliant little amps and so loud. I absolutely love mine.
  12. I love that Lagrene bass, obviously been defretted but its just gorgeous.
  13. That is gorgeous. I get my fretless Stingray with pau ferro board back from my luthier tomorrow. I so can't wait. May I ask how much this cost to have done and how long it took? I'm not sure if I like the Pau Ferro board on mine and have been considering getting a Status neck but this may be another option.
  14. Nice collection Nick I'm the other way around, I tend to buy when I'm gigging more and then let stuff go when I'm not. I'm pretty sorted now with only 3 basses, all fretless but I have a lovely and expensive Stingray Fretless with Pau Ferro board that I've not gigged yet. However, if I don't get on with it then I'll sell it and try something else, perhaps a Tony Franklin Fretless Precision or a Warwick Streamer fretless.
  15. This is the thing, I really want to try before committing £100 to an Ebow and then finding its a huge ball ache. As for our guitarist, he can't do it, he's playing acoustic guitar, singing, using a harmoniser live to record layers of backing vocals and controlling the strings via a laptop using foot pedals. He's quite busy already lol
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