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  1. I run a PF500 through a Barefaced 210 and it's the best sounding rig I've had in 35 years of playing. It's just epic.
  2. The band was called Inter and the song was called Happy Ending. I've found John Peel playing it on YouTube 😁 I've also found our second John Peel session from 1999 that somebody has put together and uploaded.
  3. My band did two Peel Sessions and one of our singles was John Peel's favourite song of 1997. I'll have to try and get the two sessions uploaded onto YouTube if would seem 😁
  4. I love everything Dua Lipa has done, just something about her music that works for me. I've only heard the first album but my wife says it's because it has a melancholic vibe and rising/falling chord patterns which I'm a sucker for. Love the bass playing on the Pomplamoose version as well.
  5. So, I think as guests arrive then Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings Then as I'm about to be toasted then my own piece of music, The Sound of Ghosts - Hear it in the Silence, Then as guests leave then The Doors - Riders on the Storm
  6. Lovely basses but I'm afraid there is one missing. You have basically Fender basses and they have either a P Pickups, J Pickups and humbucker but you don't have a Telecaster bass 😁
  7. 01 Ever played a gig sitting down? Yes, I was once in a band that did all their gigs sitting down. I hated it and we even went on tour supporting Paul Weller and had to do 3 nights at The Roundhouse sitting down. It was horrendous 😀😀 02 Ever gigged on a different instrument? Not really, but did a bit of drums once on a song or two. 03 Ever shared a stage with a musical hero of yours? I don't think so but maybe. 04 Any fan ever had a tatoo of your band's logo? Not that I am aware of but certainly knew of posters on girls walls of us, being stalked and getting fan mail each week. 05 Ever signed an autograph in a dressing room? Yep. 06 Ever cried on stage? I don't think so. 07 Ever worn a hat on stage? Yep, for comedy value and for what I thought at the time was fashion πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 08 Ever gigged with a band you hadn't met before the gig? Yes, Earl Jackson and a video shoot with ELO for a charity song. 09 Ever been in a relationship with a fellow band member? Nope. 10 Ever played in different bands on the same day? Yep for a BBC Children in Need charity gig a few years back. 11 Ever had anything thrown at you while playing? Yes. 12 Ever crashed on the way to the gig? Nope. 13 Ever left a band over the choice of set list? Nope. 14 Ever slept in the venue despite it not being a hotel? Nope. 15 Ever been supported by a band clearly better than you? Great question and I would say yes. 16 Ever played a gig suffering from some debilitating medical condition? I don't think so. 17 Ever been in a band where the guitarist was your favourite bandmate? Yes, but only once but now we are no longer friends so maybe just a bit delayed πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ 18 Ever played in the grounds of a stately home? I think so. 19 Ever injured yourself on stage? Yes, nothing major but just cuts, bruises and blood. 20 Ever been told that your bass isn't loud enough? Yes or what's more common is, "oh, you were much louder tonight than normal, it sounded much better with you being louder" πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  8. Our gig this Saturday for a 50th birthday party has been cancelled but they hope to do it in October now. The following weekends gig which is a 60th birthday party has also been cancelled but hopes to be held later in the year. Also have a wedding the week after that but no news yet and expecting the club gig the week after that to be cancelled. The rest of April is quiet but May is busy but can't see any of those gigs going ahead either.
  9. I think we need to wait for what the government decide over the next few days and then go from there. You may have no option but not play or it might be deemed irresponsible to play and you make the decision to pull out. Things should be clearer early next week.
  10. Tonight's gig is a 60th birthday party in a hall and is still on. Next Saturday is a 50th party to 170 people in a club. I can see it being cancelled but by the club and not the organiser. The Saturday after that is another 60th birthday party so who knows.
  11. I've not even listened to the Aja album or for that matter any other albums. I have listened to the track FM which I loved. I think it's called FM but maybe it's called No Static. Anyway, I liked it. Can't stand The Beatles or The Stones in fact a lot of music leaves me cold and doesn't tickle the twins. Foo Fighters I like a bit, some tracks are great but most are dull.
  12. Now Sold. Many thanks to all those who showed interest.
  13. Thank you, it sure is a superb bass and sad to see it go. The condition is spotless 😊
  14. My Limelight 1960's Fender Jazz stack knob fretless arrived and is it simply amazing. I wasn't expecting it to play this good. It is so comfortable and sounds wonderful but the way it plays is incredible. Probably the nicest bass I have ever played.
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