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  1. If its covers then for me it should be three things that need to be covered, the vocals, the feel and the hooks. How you get to that is kind of up to the musicians and does not need to be an exact copy of the original note for note. If you take the song "My Girl" for example. As long as the bass riff on the intro and middle part is there, the guitar riff is there, the vocals are correct and it generally feels like the original in terms of tempo, groove style then that's good enough. The guitar, drums and bass don't need to be exact but as long as the basics are covered (vocals, feel and hooks) then that's all that matters. I've attached our version of "My Girl" as an example. You can tell what song it is and its pretty close but there is no way any of us are playing it note for note like the original. I'm no James Jamerson on this but I'm playing as close as possible to what works. My Girl.wav
  2. My motto is when something is no longer enjoyable then its either time to make a change or to walk away. The reason's why it not enjoyable any more can be many a thing, be it your own mentality, the fire is no longer in your belly, its stale , you've just had enough or the people are tossers, the music is crap, the musicians are not very good, the situation is tonic or something else. The key is to recognize this and either change it or walk away, doing nothing is not going make things any better and you will just waste time and get more worked up and stressed about the situation.
  3. My band plays 50s and 60s Rock n Roll and we have a handful of paid gigs up to the end of the year. We are looking for a competent drummer who might want to earn a little bit of extra money. We are based in Surrey/Hampshire and all easy going. We are serious about what we do and do need you to be fairly competent but you dont need to be amazing, just solid. If any basschatters can help or fancy seeing if their own drummer wants a little bit of extra money then please get in touch. Please note, this position is only up to the end of the year but more dep work may be available in 2020.
  4. I have one of these and it is amazing. Such a lively warm sound and they look so cool. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Yep, same. The Precision is currently having a maple fretless neck being made for it like Sting's 70's Precision 😁
  6. Colour is so over-rated, au naturale please 😁
  7. Had a great afternoon in the company of Nik, chatting all things music, bass gear, playing styles and if truth be known, we could of happily gone on all day and all night. Nik is a fabulous guy and thoroughly interesting and one of Basschats good guys. We played through all the various amps I currently have and the intention was for Nik to just buy my Epifani UL310 but in the end he also walked away with my Hartke HA5500 amp. Mark is a great guy to deal with and I can see why he is so liked and popular here. Thanks again and looking forward to catching up with you again soon.
  8. If a bass becomes a working bass then I'm not precious about it. If it gets beaten up on tour etc. then so be it. It's all part of the history of the bass and a bit of mojo is good for me. I'm pretty much settled now on my basses and down to just four. In 30 years of playing I've tried many basses but I always come back to a Fender Jazz or Precision. They just work for me. I have a Fender AVRI 75 Jazz, a Fender 66 RI Jazz, a Fender FSR 70's Precision which is having a maple fretless neck made for it and incoming I have a fretless Limelight 1960 Jazz. All of them are tool and will get heavy use. I couldn't be happier.
  9. I have a Hartke HA5500 amp and its superb, so much variety and possibilities with the high and low pass filters, tube pre amp and 11 band EQ. Mine is also up for sale on here as currently itching the Ampeg itch.
  10. I have slimmed my collection down from 7 to 3 but I do have a 4th on it's way. My main working bass is a Fender AVRI 75 Jazz bass in natural. My backup is a Fender 66 reissue Jazz. It used to be my working bass and has seen 30 years worth of gigs, recordings etc. and is very beaten up. Occasionally I will switch between playing either as they are both great basses. My 3rd bass is a Fender FSR 70's Precision bass in natural. Its fantastic but not needed so it is currently having a fretless maple neck made for it and will be a replica of Stings fretless maple Precision. The 4th bass is a Limelight 1960 fretless Fender Jazz bass. When both these fretless basses arrive, they will become my main working basses. As for ever needing a backup then yes, rarely but has been called upon a few times. The last time was in January this year when the Jack socket on my Jazz failed so I had to switch to my Precision.
  11. Linus27

    Show us your rig!

    So, can we all just agree that I have the best looking rigs here on Basschat 😁😎 The rig on the left is an Ashdown CTM-15 and Ashdown MiBass 1x10. It’s just my practice rig for home but sounds absolutely amazing. The rig on the right is an Ampeg PF500 and Barefaced Two10. I only got the Barefaced the other week and the Ampeg today so not gigged it yet but in the kitchen today it sounded awesome. Three gigs next week so hoping it delivers. The two basses are a Fender American Vintage Reissue 75 Jazz and a Fender FSR 70’s Reissue Precision. The Precision is off to Shuker tomorrow to have a fretless maple neck made for it 😁 Anyway, so love my two little rigs πŸ₯°
  12. Thank you. I actually thought Maplin had gone under but apparently not 😊
  13. Looking to get one of those silver flight cases to keep an amplifier in to transport to gigs. Looking to get one with the removable foam inserts so I can adjust them to fit around the amp head. Anyone got any recommendations on where to buy one from?
  14. NOW SOLD For sale is my Hartke HA5500 amp. It is in perfect working order and comes with a Stagg case. This is an amazing amp that is 500 watts and mega loud. It has the option of a tube and solid state pre-amp that can be blended as well. Along with a 10 band graphic EQ, it also has a low pass and high pass contour filter. To be honest, I never used the EQ and just used these contour dials. I also printed out a copy of the manual which I will include. Very sad to see this go as it's the best sounding amp I have owned but I'm down grading my gear. I am based in Camberley in Surrey and would like Β£160. I am happy to courier at buyers cost but it is pretty heavy.
  15. I spoke to Derek about his setting that he used with his MXR when I interviewed him but he refused to tell me what they were. I can't remember exactly what he said but he made some joke about giving away all his secrets 🀣
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