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  1. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Stingray's. It was always a dream bass for me that I promised myself I would buy if I ever got signed. A lot of my bass hero's from the 80's played them so it was something I aspired to getting. Got signed, got an advance and went down to The Bass Centre in Wapping and ordered a gorgeous Teal 3EQ Stingray with maple neck. I was so excited to finally get one but it arrived at rehearsals and it sounded absolutely terrible. Clanky, thin and simply diabolical. It wouldn't stay in tune either and after speaking to Strings and Things, they agreed the wood on the neck was too soft and they replaced it free of charge. It still didn't fix the horrible sound and I ended up sticking with a lovely '77 Precision. I eventually sold the Stingray and gave up the idea. About 10 years later, I decided to give it another go and got myself a natural 3EQ Stingray with maple neck. It was a lovely bass but super heavy and again, as much as I tried, I just couldn't get it to work for me tonally and I sold it. I then tried again a few years later and this time I got a lovely 2EQ Teal Stingray with maple neck from Tom1946 and for the first time ever, I actually got it to work a little more for me tonally. It still wasn't perfect but it was acceptable but as I was playing in a 50's rock n roll band, it was redundant to my Precision and I sold it back to Tom. Now move forward a few years and a new band which is a sort of stripped back acoustic thing and I am now playing fretless. I got myself a beautiful natural 3EQ Stingray with Pau Ferro board and this for me is where its really working. I'm playing little melodies and bass runs and it works fantastic. I don't have the clank or the thin tone but that nasal Stingray sound is still there and really adds to the tonal dynamics. If fact its a really warm sounding bass. It doesn't have as much mwah as my fretless Jazz or Precision but it plays beautifully and does have its own personality. One thing I have found is I tend to play all along the areas where you pluck and perhaps more so nearer the neck. When I play my Jazz, I tend to rest my thumb on the neck pickup. When I play my Precision I rest my thumb on the pickups or rest my thumb on the E string close to the neck and when I play the Stingray, I'm flicking between resting my thumb on the E string by the neck or at the other end on the pickup. So I'm really happy that I have finally settled with a Stingray and made it work, even if its for fretless.
  2. I've been nicknamed Tigger as I tend to bop up and down. Less so now I only play fretless but still somewhat bouncing up and down.
  3. I have a beautiful 2013 3EQ Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray SR4 fretless in Natural with a gorgeous Pau Ferro fretless neck. I'm after a Fender Tony Franklin fretless Precision in either Sunburst or Black. Would anyone be interested in doing a swap? Would also consider selling. Based in Camberley in Surrey.
  4. I've pretty much played Jazz all my playing days, I've always gravitated towards them. I do love a P-Bass and do have one that I play, I just seem to be more comfortable and suit playing a Jazz way more.
  5. Not at the moment as I need to sort a new head first but thank you so much for thinking of me and notifying me 👍
  6. I tend to agree, I felt the song was being murdered somewhat, it certainly lacked finesse and subtlety.
  7. I've not really used pedals in my 35 years of playing, only a chorus now and again. The last few years I have been playing fretless exclusively and the band I play in allows and requires me to take a more lead role. So to enhance my tone and add some personality into the bass parts, I decided to experiment with some pedals. I started out with a Behringer Octave, Behringer Chorus, Behringer Reverb and Behringer BD121. They were all about £20 each and apart from the Reverb, they were all superb and I got a lot of great feedback about my tone and playing. The Chorus and Octave especially were very very good and I even considered keeping the Octave pedal as it does a slightly different thing to the now Boss OC-5 that I have. The BD121 was also pretty good but I found I had no use for it and never really used it. I have now replaced them all with a Boss OC-5 Octave, a TC Electronic Corona Chorus and added a TC Electronic Flanger. The main differences are the quality of the output. The sounds are just a lot cleaner, sharper and polished. The Octave tracks a lot better as well but overall, there really isn't a huge difference and for £20 per Behringer pedal, they are excellent quality. They never let me down in the years or so I used them.
  8. I don't actually mind or care what other people are playing because at the end of the day, if they are out playing music and being creative and if that's all they can afford or it works for them or they are happy playing it then crack on. However, similar to Lozz196's comment on Page 1, I do have my own standards that I set myself. I've played for 35 years, had quite a bit of success and got to a standard of musicianship that I feel justifies me spending a certain amount of money or at least, treating myself to certain grade of instrument. Plus, having been pro, semi pro and a weekend warrior, I'm out there using the instrument rather than it sitting in my house looking pretty. I don't like expensive boutique basses and there is a limit on what I will spend but if I am going to buy a bass, then chances are its a Fender Jazz or Precision so it will be a US model or a US signature/re-issue. If its a Stingray then it will be a US model, a Warwick will be a German model. Saying that, a lot of my good basses I've bought second hand, be it my AVRI 75 Jazz bass, US Standard Precision and Jazz and all my Stingrays. My current good bass, a Stingray SR4 fretless was also secondhand. I also prefer Japanese Fender's and would sooner play one of them over a dearer US Fender. So I have my own personal standard that I feel I can justify owning but what others play then I couldn't care less.
  9. I hope they start making the custom necks again soon, I really fancy a fretless neck for my Jazz or possibly Stingray.
  10. Too late now but I have a Warwick Gnome and been perfectly happy with it. Even used it as my main amp a few times. Not sure if it's the best but it does the job very well and it's very loud.
  11. For sale is a new set of Ernie Ball Flatwould Cobolt Strings 45, 65, 80, 100. I bought them brand new this week for £37 from Amazon, popped on my Stingray for about an hour but not for me. Please note these have been cut to fit a Stingray, I can measure the length of each string if considering for another bass. Would like £24 which includes UK postage.
  12. They sure are 😍 When I was out gigging in the late 80's, there were two other bands out gigging from the same area, one bassist had a Jack bass and the other bassist had the headless Washburn Status bass. Loved them both.
  13. What about a trade for a re-issue Michael J Fox Back To The Future Gilet.... short scale obviously 😁
  14. Currently listening to one of my favourite albums ever, Marillion's Clutching At Straws.
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