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  1. This little Ant amp is now top of my list 😊 Dear Ashdown, do you fancy a swap for my Ashdown Mibass 550 😁😁
  2. Hmmm looks very interesting. On my watch list for sure as a back up. Much smaller than lugging my Ashdown M550 around.
  3. I can remember songs that I learned to play 20 - 30 years ago but then I have an amazing memory for some very weird reason. People comment to me, "how do you remember that?" but it just goes in and stays in. However, things like phone numbers, car reg. plates and even pin numbers I can struggle to remember. No idea why.
  4. To be honest, I was also the same with Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock. A lot less accessible than say The Colour of Spring. I Believe In You however is for me, one of their best songs ever.
  5. Ok cool, I promise, you wont be disappointed 😊
  6. You've not listened to The Colour of Spring yet? Wow, a magnificent masterpiece, you really need to ASAP.
  7. I think on The Colour of Spring, Danny Thompson plays a lot of the double bass parts.
  8. We play 50s and 60s Rock n Roll and didn't play Mustang Sally but got asked to learn it for an 80th birthday once. So we did and it went down well and decided to include it in the set for following gigs and it went down an absolute storm. We now make a thing of it and pull people up on stage to either sing the backing vocals or even the lead if they know it. It's a fun song that everyone knows and joins in on.
  9. Love Talk Talk and Colour of Spring is one of my fav albums ever.
  10. There's definitely no craic in Camberley unless you count the 5 squirrel's having their own party this morning in my garden 😁
  11. Anyone have one of the Japanese Fender 51 Precision Reissue's they want to part with?
  12. Only 68 in 2019 which is quite a drop from the 119 I did in 2018. This was down to a line up change and consciously cutting back as we were struggling to maintain the workload and enjoy it still. For 2020 we have set a limit of no more than 40 gigs a year and we are booked up with 33 so far and a few more still to confirm.
  13. Thanks for the review and info on the Elf. I'm looking to get one or the TC BAM200 as my back up amp this year.
  14. Well, this year I will be 50 and my 32nd year of gigging having starting in 1988 at the age of 18. Last year I did around 90 gigs and the year before 119 so I clearly still love it. This year we have consciously cut back to only 40 as it was taking over our lives and finding that the quality was dropping and we were getting burnt out. Still, 40 in a year is still 3 gigs a month. It is important to share the load, to try and make life as easy as possible, have as much fun as possible with the right people and have a positive attitude. It's also important to remain flexible and open minded and make changes if something is not working. Even more so as you get older and as they say, when something is no longer fun, then it's time to make a change or stop.
  15. I only want one bass to finish my collection, a Fender 51 Precision Reissue. That's all I need and I'm done
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