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  1. Hi, I would like to get a maple fretless neck made for my natural Fender Precision bass. The idea is so it's a replica of Sting's fretless maple Fender Precision as seen in the pictures. Apart from Jon Shuker, are there any other options available to me? I'm in the south so a bit of a trek to head up to Shuker although I would if it's the best option. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. For sale is my mk1 Fender Precision Mike Dirnt bass in super rare yellow. I am so reluctant to sell this bass as its so beautiful and the most gorgeous bass I have ever owned but it really isn't getting used. It just sits at home looking pretty. As standard it comes with a Badass II bridge and Fender custom 59 split coil pickups which sound incredible. Open the treble full and you get that amazing punky Precision clank and roll it back and you get a nice, deep, thumpy Motown tone. The bass is in mint condition and as new and is beautifully set up. I am in Camberley in Surrey and any trial is welcome. I would like £700 and happy to ship at buyers cost.
  3. Clarky, keep us posted on how you get on with the MojoMojo please. I'm really interested in this pedal now and it would be good to hear your thoughts before taking the plunge myself.
  4. I've had the exact same with our guitarist when I used a Smoothound and my G30. Our guitarist has a G30 also and we are on different channels.
  5. I have the HA5500 and these amps are wonderful. I bought one when they first came out in the late 90's and have bought another in the last year and it is truly amazing. So much versatility with the contour filters are brilliant. Someone will get a great amp head and at a great price. Good luck with the sale.
  6. I have one of these and its the best cab I have ever owned. Can you believe its a one hand lift and is actually lighter than a single MarkBass NY112. I love mine although I might be selling mine at some point. Good luck with the sale, I can't see this hanging around for long.
  7. I literally just came here to say exactly the same. Also an unlined Fretless American standard Jazz and Precision.
  8. That's the one and fretless as well 😀 Yep, will post pictures the day I get it I promise 😊
  9. I was told my Limelight will be ready in 12 - 16 weeks. This Monday is 12 weeks so I guess anytime now I might get the call 😁😁 I don't think I've been so excited about getting a bass. Just so itching to see it 😊
  10. I've got a right mixed bag at the moment. Hartke amp, Epifani cab and Fender basses so America for those items. I then have an Ashdown valve amp, cab and back up amp head so good old British. I then have two Kala Uku basses so American for them. I love my main rig but if I do replace it then I'll probably go Ashdown.
  11. I'd like to see Sting's Fretless Precision with the maple board.
  12. Line 6 G30 here and it's been brilliant. Feels a little cheap but they are not expensive so can't expect everything. Only issue I ever had is our two guitarists use them as well but one of them is an older version. Sometimes, if he is standing near my receiver which is on top of my amp it cuts mine out so must be some interference thing. We've tried changing all my channels but it still does it. Looking at the manual it does say something about older models may cause interference. Apart from that it has been brilliant and about 150 gigs so far I'm very happy.
  13. Most of my gigs are clubs and some pubs so a RM should be fine. The prices look great as well. I'd probably look to get two 12's and the RM 500. I do like the look of the Fender Rumble 800HD and the Fender Rumble 2x10 700w cab. Just thinking the two 12's might have more headroom and fill the room better. The 2x10 might be a bit thin. All of this is assumption of course.
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