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  1. I'm very much this as well and I tend to find that I make up my own lyrics accidentally as I'm not really listening to them. I like them to be there but they just enhance the melody. In most cases they create an image or story in my head which may possibly be way off the mark but I'm drawn more to the emotion and feel that any of the words. In the summer, one night listening to a whole bunch of song with our singer and another musician friend. We each took turns to play a song and then we said what we thought it was about, the mood and imagery we got and what the singer was singing about. Quite remarkable the different interpritations. Now and again though, I do like some good lyrics but I tend to be drawn in to ones telling a story or about travelling. I find most other lyrics are self-absorbed pretentious rubbish and I personally don't care if the singer is having a bad day or is gonna dance the night away and wake up in bed with you the next day 🤣😂 These for example I thought were great lyrics but then musically it's more beautiful.
  2. Just another update on mine as Mark dropped me an email last week. He is still waiting for the unlined fretless neck to arrive. The whole CITES thing has also been causing a delay but it gets lifted at the end on November. So you never know, I may get it by Christmas which would make a nice present 😊
  3. I've got Rotosound 77 flats, 40 - 100 and I find the tension too much for me. I like strings to have a lower tension closer to round. Can anyone recommend something with a lower tension to the Rotosounds?
  4. I've had a few but again, not because of the bassist they are after but because of the bass itself. 1. Lakland DJ4 - Bought this because it was supposed to be a great Jazz bass and it was ok but I didn't get on with it so sold it quickly. 2. Lakland Duck Dunn - Bought because its was supposed to be a good Precision and it was but I never got on with it tonally. 3. Fender Mike Dirnt - Bought because it was yellow and looked like a 51 Precision. Amazing bass but the neck was too chunky and it was a very heavy bass. I sold it as I ended up not playing it but it was an amazing bass.
  5. I grew up in the late 70's and early 80's and having two older sisters, my house was full of great bassists such as Sting (The Police), Pino (Paul Young), John Taylor (Duran Duran), Paul Webb (Talk Talk), Derek Forbes (Simple Minds), Mark King (Level 42), Gary Garry Beers (Inxs) however the person to actually make me pick up the bass was Adam Clayton of U2. It was nothing to do with his bass playing, it was from simply seeing him at Live Aid in 85 and thinking I want to look like that cool dude
  6. Just want to say a massive thanks to you all for your input and for listening to my ramblings. Some great advice and it has been a massive help, getting me thinking about a lot of things and certainly thinking about some things that I had not considered. Where I am right now is to get through 2020 doing the gigs we have, reviewing how I feel about what I am doing musically and if I want to continue into 2021. I am suspecting not as I think a lot of you have banged the nail on the head by pointing out that a change would be a good thing, maybe even with a break but certainly a change musically would be good. It would of been 3 years and close to 250 gigs so not a bad run. I will certainly be taking up the double bass and see how that grabs me as well. I will also make the most of some time back and enjoy some track days and perhaps look at other interests, perhaps some travel. I will also look at what I want to do next musically. In fact I know what I would like to do but its an area that is totally alien to me, not that it worries me but I need to see what the possibilities are. Thanks again guys, has been a great thread and I really appreciate being able to talk to you all and for you all for listening.
  7. Thanks bud and sounds like your situation is where I was 20 years ago. If you want any advise, whilst you are still young, make the most of it but make sure you keep enjoying it and capture those memories. Keep chasing that dream though, we are dead if we have no dreams and I can honestly say, all my dreams have come true, just takes hard work and sacrifice but its possible. Be persistent, ruthless but realistic. Good luck to you as well.
  8. Cheers Chris, that's really handy to know as it did cross my mind when pondering what to do.
  9. I've noticed a total lack of gas over the last 3 months as well. I used to drive my wife mad looking and wanted new basses all the time but something has clicked and now my current 3 basses are perfectly good enough and tick all the boxes. Its even to the point of looking at it sensibly and convincing myself I don't need any other basses.
  10. Yes, this is what's on the cards, to offload some of the admin stuff to other band members. Its just getting them to be more proactive. As for the unloading, its just my bass gear (2 x basses, speaker, amp, bag) plus one of the 15" PA speakers, desk, speaker stands, mics and multicore bag. Its just the loading the car up, driving to the venue, unloading, setting the gear up, doing the gig, packing it all down, loading the car, getting home about 1am and unlading the car. Just getting a bit tiring but I'm planning on offloading some of it to other band members. The singer does have the other PA speakers and the box of all the leads and cables.
  11. The double bass is definitely a go, especially now that my Kala SUB bass will sell over the weekend. Kind of know what double bass to go for unless a good second hand one pops up but either way, a double bass will be incoming shortly. You've actually got me excited about it from simply saying, "The sound of each note, and the effort to make them not sound crap". I love the sound anyway but having to focus, concentrate and develop the actual technique I'm really excited about.
  12. Quite possibly, I do sometimes think I'm a 50 year old male doing this (even though I don't look it) and feel quite conscious and uncomfortable at this situation but then I look around at other bands and they generally much older. We are actually a young band in terms of our ages but yes, maybe approaching 50 is having a negative affect. I hated hitting 30 and felt very aware of that milestone but totally loved hitting my 40's. Maybe hitting 50 is having a similar vibe to when I was hitting my 30's. There's certainly something not right in the mix though because I don't feel 50 in terms of physically, nor do I look it and I'm know as a bit of a joker, never taking anything too seriously. Maybe it is the music, the lack of being challenged and the work load that has zapped my passion and motivation for what I'm doing. Maybe less gigs and taking up double bass will be the start of something new.
  13. My other hobbies are track days but because I have been so busy for the last two years, I've not had the time to go and do any. Plus, I was so absorbed in music, I didn't have the energy to start thinking about getting the car set up to track again. However, next year, I will be getting out and doing some track days. Its quite weird but doing track days is very much like playing in a band. You usually go with some mates, staying in a hotel the night before having a few drinks and something to eat. Usually some banter and chatting about cars etc. This is not too dissimilar to going on tour and gigging with a band and hanging out between sets etc. Then on the day you do the track day, talking about all things related like how to take certain corners, how the car is handling, how its going. Very similar to talking about how the gig is going, the songs, performing etc. At the end of the day you pack up like you do at the end of a gig.
  14. Originals is mostly what I have always done and had my success in although the covers band I am doing is a different type of success. From 1988 to 2012 I was in originals bands. Then I did some original studio projects in 2012 onwards including my own solo stuff and then in 2017 I joined my first cover band which is where I am right now. I certainly do miss the creativity, be it the song writing or bass line creating. There is certainly an enormous buzz and satisfaction in crafting an original piece of music and seeing it take on a life of its own. I don't mind the originals stuff, its fun to play although very easy and it feels soulless. It feels like playing by numbers and a disconnect compared to playing your own bass lines. There's no emotional connection unlike playing your own music. Its just a totally different mindset playing in an originals band compared to a covers band, especially one that primarily plays clubs.
  15. Absolutely not selling my gear. I have the best basses and rig I have had in 32 years of playing so its all staying. Apart from the Kala SUB bass which is going towards funding the double bass ..wink, wink .. 😁
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