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  1. So, I’m after some advice but I’m also not quite sure what I am asking for so hopefully my ramblings make some sense. I’ve been very fortunate to have had an incredible musical career with many highs which is still happening today with my current band. It has spanned some 30 years and I do consider myself to be very lucky. As we are all aware, music is an amazing language and an emotional experience and can bring so much happiness to people on so many levels. For me though, it has always been about me, taking what I want, chasing my dreams and achieving them but I feel that I would like to give something back. Even more so now since there is nothing more I can achieve musically I am aware that there are those who have not been so fortunate due to circumstance out of their control, for example born with a disability, through an illness or personal circumstances etc. They’ve not been given the opportunities that I have or been in a position to chase their dreams and I feel that perhaps, I might be able to offer some of my experience, skills, time and knowledge to perhaps enrich or enhance their lives. I have 30 years of musical experience, primarily as a bassist but also as a performer and songwriter. I can also tinker on the piano, drums and guitar to a degree but I feel that I can offer something back. This is where I am now stuck though. Where, what, how do I go about doing this? I’ve seen things like music therapy where children and adults with learning difficulties interact with musical instruments and sounds to help with their learning and development. I’ve also seen an organisation that helps refugee children get involved with musical instruments and eventually put on some kind of end of year concert. I am sure however that there are other things, organisations, workshops, groups that offer similar things. The main thing for me is to get involved, even if it’s purely a support role. I’m not looking at full time either, or a career change but purely voluntary, even if it’s just one or two days a month. So its something I am thinking about that may never come to anything but if anyone can offer any advice, know where to look or who to approach then I am all ears. Someone suggested citizens advice might be able to help so I will be looking at that at some point.
  2. Linus27

    Singing While Playing

    Yep, neither can I and its my favorite song and I so want to be able to join in on backing vocals I've now got to learn It Takes Two which is a right pain. The bass line is easy but the timing of the vocals is crazy hard.
  3. Linus27

    New Crazy 8 cab build from UK

    Thanks Silvia and of course Jack. Slightly concerned about the projection comment as a lot of the gigs I use this setup for I do not go through a PA so I will need projection to fill a room or even more if playing outside. Great video as well, killer band and great bass playing, totally nailed it.
  4. Linus27

    New Crazy 8 cab build from UK

    Thread resurrection 😁 I'm looking at getting a Crazy 8 and some small head (maybe the Trace Elliot Elf) for my acoustic setup. I play a Kala UBass with 3 vocals, 2 acoustic guitars, drums using hot rods and brushes on either a snare only or a stripped down kit. I'm currently using a Fender Rumble v3 100 watt combo which is ok but I would like something a bit more focused tonally and smaller than the Rumble combo that has a 12" speaker. I'm doing about 30 gigs a year using this setup, anything from pubs, festivals, fete's and various shows so its getting a fair bit of use. The blurb says it's great for double bass and as the UBass is not so dissimilar, it might just give me what I'm after. So has anyone used a UBass with a Crazy 8? Any thoughts or advise?
  5. I have one of these and they are amazing basses. Plus Nick is a top fella. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Linus27


    I run a LM3 and 2 x NY112 cabs. A single NY112 cab on its own just didn't cut it volume wise for me. We play 50s and 60s rock n roll with drums and two guitars but nothing is heavily overdriven and loud but a single cab just didn't cut through unfortunately. As for my thoughts on the LM3 and NY112 cabs then so far they have been a brilliant setup and a reliable workhorse. Not sure its the best available but its either sounded good or brilliant so no complaints. If it all exploded tomorrow then I really wouldn't know what to get to replace it and would probably just buy the same. As they say, if it ain't broke then don't try and fix it.
  7. Linus27

    Trace Elliot Elf head

    Something like the Elf is perfect for me as I am looking for as small and lightweight as possible for my acoustic setup that I use my Kala Uke bass with. I'm currently using a Fender Rumble v3 100w combo which is great but still pretty chunky with a 12" speaker. We've played in all manner of places with this setup like schools, railway stations, shops, high streets, fete's etc. so something as lightweight, small and portable would really suit me. The Elf with a 10" speaker might do the trick or maybe a 2x8 speaker if funds allow. The GALLIEN KRUEGER MB 110 Bass Combo is my other option.
  8. Linus27

    Dave Grohl - Play

    I like Dave Grohl, he seems like a thoroughly nice chap. Foo Fighters are a great band although I find I like the singles and one for two other tracks but not enough to buy a full album. Enjoyed this video, really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Linus27

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Well this year I have 111 gigs booked and no doubt a few more will be added so my 5 basses and 1 Uke bass get a lot of use. I do tend to stick with two main basses, either my 75 AVRI Jazz and my Mike Dirnt Precision and then my 70 FSR Precision as my on stage back up. Just occasionally though I might play something different as the main like the Stingray, 66 RI Jazz or even the 70 FSR Precision, just to give them some use and as a bit of variety.
  10. Linus27

    TC Electronic BG250 208 for double bass?

    I've heard the Gallien Krueger MB combos are very good for double bass and acoustic bass. I am looking at the MB110 for my Uke bass. Phil Jones Bass Cub is on my list but worried is will be too small and may get a little lost volume wise.
  11. Linus27

    Lets talk about Musicman

    Excellent, thank you for sharing.
  12. Linus27

    Lets talk about Musicman

    Something I was thinking about today was why did Pino stop playing Musicman and move over to Fender? Did he fall out with Ernie Ball or did Fender offer him big bucks and a sig madel? He played a Stingray on so many albums I believe (Oleta Adams, Tears for Fears, Paul Young, Go West etc.) and the Stingray is not so far removed from a Fender. If it was the whole fretless thing, then he could of just played a fretted Stingray. Interested to know why.
  13. Linus27

    Fame at last

    Congrats, that's such a great story.
  14. I am in exactly the same boat. I play 50s and 60s rock and roll with some Motown, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Beach Boys etc. so very distinct bass lines and our drummer literally makes the drums up or changes them every gig. Its so bloody annoying. I even said to two of the band last night it's like playing with the Maiah Carey of drums, rather than voice w*%&k*^g over a song, he's drum w*%$k*^g over everything. So he doesn't play the right drums, makes them up, forgets where he is in a song and then blames it on everyone else saying the singer sung it wrong, the guitarist played it wrong or the Bass line is wrong. He's always late as well.
  15. Linus27

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    😂😂 I've given it to my daughter so it's no longer mine. I guess I could take it off my list which would mean I have one less bass and an excuse to buy another 😁 I feel forced GAS coming on 😂😂