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  1. Linus27

    The bass centre wapping!

    Yes, this is correct, the street is/was cobbled. You walked out of the tube and it was just a street with flats and maybe the odd business if that even. I only ever knew the Bass Centre to be downstairs. You walked in through the door which was on the street and straight ahead were some stairs but instead, you would turn right and go through the next door and then you were in the Bass Centre.
  2. Linus27

    The bass centre wapping!

    I loved The Bass Centre in Wapping. I used to visit all the time. When I signed my record deal in 1998, we negotiated a chunk of money for each band member to buy new gear. I got £5k and headed to The Bass Centre and got me my dream bass, a teal green Stingray. I was in heaven 😁 Plus a Hartke HA5500, Hartke XL410, Hartke XL115, Status Shark and some acoustic bass. Used to love going up there to nose at all the gorgeous basses and leave with a set of Elite Stadiums 😊
  3. Linus27

    Fingers and the audience

    That I don't think is remotely possible, not tonally at least. A players style yes but not tonally. Take the Jaco reference, if Jaco played the same part on a Stingray, Jazz, Precision and Thunderbird, the style and expression would be the same but they would all sound different tonally.
  4. Linus27

    Fingers and the audience

    No, so what was Miles Davis and is jazz, not Motown so you need a jazz bass and not a precision 😂😂
  5. Linus27

    Fingers and the audience

    1. "Whatever bass you play, you'll sound like you'' / ''It's all in the fingers'' For me I think its down to technique, approach, personality and this then comes out in your fingers, regardless of how you play. Some have a light touch, some dig in, some brush the strings etc. We all have our own style and this comes out in our playing. Another basschat member popped round my house to collect a bass once. We spent an hour or so talking and playing the various basses I own. One thing that came out of it was how I played. When the other person played one of my basses, I thought it sounded really good. Then when I played, it was very evident the difference in my style and technique. My notes were more balanced, even in volume, attack and sustain and generally a lot smoother. The other person, played with more urgency and attack. No way was better than the other and maybe tonally very similar but the output was evidently different. 2. "It doesn't matter what you play (gear wise), the audience won't be able to tell the difference" With the exception of musicians in the audience or music lovers, I think the overall package is more important. Did the band sound good, were they tight, were they entertaining, did I like them and feel engaged. Perhaps the only musician who will come under the spotlight more will be the singer because this is who the average punter is focusing on, the rest is as I say, did the music sound good, did they entertainment. They will go away thinking, the band were good, average or terrible. This can be down to the sound being poor, the band playing terrible or just not liking the music. The details of did the bass tone sound amazing, did the snare sound epic and the guitar solos make you cry are less critical with maybe the exception to the singer as the overall sound is the deciding factor. That's my thoughts on the subject
  6. Is that Nathan, Mark's brother on guitar?
  7. I'm happy with my basses, Fender Jazz AVRI 75, Fender CIJ 66 Jazz, Fender Mike Dirnt Precision, Musicman Stingray 2EQ and Kala Rumber UBass. I love my Fender Precision 70 FSR but I've not been able to get the sound I want from it yet but I think its more my rig than the bass. As for my rig, a MarkBass LMIII and 2 x NY112 cabs, I am not sure. I mean its ok, does a great job but doesn't blow me away and lacks dynamics. I think the head is fine but its the speakers that are letting me down so I am going to change these over, just not sure what for yet.
  8. Linus27

    Best bass in the world?

    For me its a Jazz bass and if I was going to be specific it would be my ESP 400 series 66 reissue Jazz which was made in the Japanese Fender factory, has exactly the same components, parts etc. as a Fender including the same headstock. I've tried buckets loads of other basses (Warwick's, Musicman, Status, Lakland, Ibanez etc.) and liked them but as an extension to me, what I feel most comfortable playing and always come back to, then its a simple Fender Jazz. It just feels right, fits me and works for me on every level.
  9. Linus27

    Playing fretless bass?

    Yep, I feel the same, love the feeling of playing with no frets, it's like being set free.
  10. Can this be used with the laptop battery?
  11. Linus27

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    I love Elites Stadium Stainless Steel Rounds 40 - 100. I've used them for about 25 years and despite trying others, I always come back to them. I was recently told that they are exactly the same as Rotosound Swing bass, made in the same factory so tempted to give them a try to compare.
  12. Linus27

    Its arrived ampeg pf20t

    I really want one of these, just love the look and the idea of some valves Let me know your thoughts when it arrives.
  13. Linus27

    Thoughts on TC Electronics Rigs

    Certainly a lot of respect for the MarkBass gear here but even more love for the TC gear. I think I have decided on the RH750 head as I just loved the Spectracomp and the other features but not sure on what cab to get yet. Maybe the sensible thing is to change my MarkBass cabs over first and see how the LM3 fairs and if still disappointing then change the head over to the RH750.
  14. Linus27

    Fender new V's Fender old

    Don't discount some of the special Mexico Fender's that are available if you wanted a quality instrument but to save some money. I have the 70s FSR Precision that is currently my backup and occasional main bass when I fancy a change from my Jazz and it is incredible and only around £750 new. https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/fender-2018-fsr-limited-edition-70s-precision-bass I have also had their Classic Series 70's Jazz that they released a few years back and its probably the nicest Jazz I have played and that includes the American Vintage Reissue 75 Jazz that I play as my main bass. Again, it is about £800 new and is brilliant. they also do a 60's version without the blocks and bindings. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/170606311150008--fender-classic-series-70s-jazz-bass-3-colour-sunburst-pf
  15. Linus27

    Just lovely bass playing

    I couldn't decide who I was enjoying listening to more, the drummer or the pianist. Both were totally amazing and had me captivated. I was loving the whole thing but could only stomach about 10 minutes until the scratching stuff got on my nerves.