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  1. Would love this but need to sell my Limelight Jazz first
  2. My home practise rig is an Ashdown Mi550 and Mi10 cab and I use a passive Fender Precision fretless. Been using this for months and months and even up to 15mins before rehearsal yesterday. I even double checked everything was working as it was the first rehearsal for a new project and wanted to check the input level on the amp was set and the EQ was sounding half decent. Once I had, I packed the gear up and headed to the quiet acoustic rehearsal. Set up and plugged my tuner in and nothing. I thought ok, maybe battery so I changed my battery and still nothing. The tuner came on but no signal being received from the bass. So I tuned by ear and plugged the bass into the amp and again nothing. The input needle on the Ashdown amp was not moving. So lots of checking cables and trying different cables and still nothing. So we plugged the acoustic guitar in and it worked. Tried the bass again and nothing. Plugged another bass in and nothing. Changed the battery in this other bass as it was active and it worked. Throughout the night I kept trying my passive bass but still nothing, dead as a dodo. Got home after rehearsal, set the rig up with same bass to try and work out what was happening and it all worked as it has for months and months. To add more confusion, when I left rehearsal, my car wouldn't start. It has a start button and I just have the keys in my pocket and press the button and off it starts. Has worked everytime for years. Last night though when I went to start, it wouldn't and the info screen told me to hold the keys by the start button and press the button to start the car. I have never seen this before but it seemed to work. I have no idea what was going on but it was very odd, especially with the bass.
  3. Hahaha brilliant although not really accurate from my experience but still funny.
  4. Still available and price reduced to £750 which includes shipping in the UK. Would also consider trades for the following, Fender Precision American Vintage Reissue 62 or 57 in Sunburst or White with cash your way. Fender Precision American Standard 2008 onwards (high mass bridge, lightweight Hipshot tuners and knurled chrome flat-top controls) in Sunburst or White with Rosewood neck. Fender American Performer Precision.
  5. I wonder if Ampeg are going to release any other new products or update any of the existing Portaflex range, for example the PF50 Valve head or the PF350/500/800 amps. I love my PF500 amp, it sounds amazing through my Barefaced 210 and I'm very tempted to upgrade to a PF800 at some point.
  6. I'm a gigging bassist and my current lineup is, Fender Jazz 1975 American Vintage Reissue with rounds Fender Precision 1970's Fretless with flats Fender Jazz 1966 Japanese Reissue with rounds Limelight Jazz 1960 Fretless Stack Knob with rounds I would like to purchase a fretted Fender American Precision and I might sell my Limelight Jazz.
  7. A normal person would suggest selling one to make it 12 but you and I know that is the most ridiculous suggestion ever. We all know that you only sell a bass because you are replacing it with another, you don't just sell a bass right
  8. Technically you only need 2 basses, a Precision and a Jazz. However, you really need a Stingray as well. Then you'll have every tonal palette covered. Oh, wait, but if your Precision has flats for the whole Motown vibe, then you're going to need another Precision with rounds so you can do punk, grunge and rock tone. Actually, you need a Fender Telecaster bass as that has a humbucker pickup and will sound different to anything else. While you're at it, you need a fretless as well and you might as well get a fretless Precision, Jazz and Stingray. Have I mentioned short scale basses, oh no. Ok, so you will also need a short scale bass for when you are older and your neck and shoulders are buggered. So to summarize, you need 1 x Precision with Flats 1 x Precision with Rounds 1 x Precision Fretless 1 x Jazz with Rounds 1 x Jazz Fretless 1 x Stingray 1 x Stingray Fretless 1 x Telecaster bass 1 x Mustang Short Scale So the answer is 9, you need 9 basses. I've used logic, a little bit of science and maybe a little bit of bias 😂
  9. The top one (natural) is a Fender Jazz 1975 American Vintage Re-issue. The bottom one is basically an ESP 400 Series Jazz based on a Fender 1966 Jazz. They were made in the same factory as the Japanese Fender's so it could of come of the production line with a Fender logo, ESP logo or I believe a Tokai logo on the headstock. All the components are exactly the same as a Fender including the headstock shape, neck, bridge, tuners, fittings, control plate and fittings etc.
  10. Looks like I forgot to post pictures of my Limelight bass. Its a replica of a 1960 Fender Jazz Stack Knob Fretless in Sherwood Green.
  11. I love my Fender Amercan Vintage Reissue Jazz bass. Just feels great although not the best sounding Jazz I've played. That was the Fender Mexican 70's Reissue Jazz bass. I would love a 62 American Vintage Reissue Precision.
  12. Just to add, Tom is a fabulous guy and a true gent. Beautiful looking bass and I agree, in the best colour ever. Hi Tom - Sorry to hear about your stroke, hope you are on the mend and good luck with the sale. Take care of yourself buddy.
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