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  1. Linus27

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    I enjoyed it but it wasn't a patch on the drums episode. I felt it missed too many key things out, had no real direction and focused to much on bass as a frequency rather than an instrument and style. Herbie Flowers though, what a lovely guy and so humble.
  2. Linus27

    Fender 1995 USA Precision PJ

    So both knobs are volumes? So there's no tone control??
  3. Linus27

    Good Grunge Bass

    Also around the same sort of time you had bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Rage Against The Machine who are worth a listen.
  4. Linus27

    I have an artist endorsement deal

    Congratulations. So what does that actually mean. What do they do for you and what do you have to do for them?
  5. Linus27

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Yeah, I found the Ringo thing very interesting. Yep, totally agree about the snare thing as well, very pronounced. Oh, I loved the Motown bongo's lady, that part was brilliant.
  6. Linus27

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    Wish I could get that Precision sound out of mine, that is such a gorgeous tone when he plays finger style at the start.
  7. Linus27

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Totally loved the Stewart Copeland episode and I wanted it to be twice as long. For me, it only scratched the surface. Loved the 30 second drum playing that went through the changes from marching up to The Beatles. That was brilliant. Did anyone see the natural Fender Telecaster bass that was in front of Stewart when he was making the first bass drum pedal in his house Huge gas now, it was gorgeous
  8. Linus27

    Monster bass playing from Julian Crampton.

    He won't go far, he doesn't play a Precision 🤣🤣😂😂😂
  9. Linus27

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    And then in 6 months time you'll be saying that your amp doesn't cut through the mix and you want a cleaner tone and what pedal should you buy 🤣😂
  10. Linus27

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    I actually didn't mind the video, it was just one guys experience of his session life. The next person may well tell a totally difference story. What concerned me more was it looked like Scott was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms
  11. Linus27

    Top 10 jazz albums for a newbie

    Personally for me it would be, Miles Davis - A Kind of Blue John Coltrane - A Love Supreme Ray Brown - Soular Energy Ronnie Jordan - The Antidote Any Oscar Peterson album Any Count Basie album
  12. Linus27

    TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    Late to this party but that is an absolutely gorgeous sounding bass.
  13. Linus27

    The dream tone

    Ampeg PF20T
  14. Linus27

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    I think the only bass I have owned and really hated was a Status Shark. Bought it from the Bass Centre in Wapping and they very kindly took it back and I exchanged it for something else. I did also buy a brand new 2011 German Warwick Streamer LX and it was a lovely bass but at £1800, it was poorly made. The pickup fell out and the jack socket needed replacing all within a year. It was very light as well and felt like it was going to break at any moment. I think this also contributed to it sounding thin and gutless although it was a lovely tone, just very weak. I loved it but I was so disappointed, especially as it was £1800. In comparison, I borrowed an early 2000 Warwick Streamer and this was a totally different beast, big, fat, punchy and built like a tank.