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  1. Combo with removable head?

    This is what I may do in the end but I was trying to kill two birds with one stone. I need to buy a back up head to my little mark 3, probably a Nano at about £350. I really want to get a practise combo for home use as I am gigging every weekend and dont want to keep setting up my little mark and ny112 and then pack it away again every week or every other day. If I could get a combo that could work as a practise amp, is good enough for acoustic gigs and has a removable head then its a winner but it may not just be possible. I may just need to buy the Nano for back up and a combo for practise and acoustic gigs and be done with it.
  2. Combo with removable head?

    Oooh, that looks very nice 😊
  3. Combo with removable head?

    I'm looking to buy a backup head to my Markbass Little Mark III, probably a Nano. It now appears that I might also need a combo for some acoustic gigs. Plus I would like one to have at home as a practise amp. I was thinking a Micromark as I've had one before and it was perfect as a practise amp and for acoustic gigs. Rather than buy a backup amp head and a combo, are there any decent combos that have a removable head that I can kill two birds with one stone?
  4. Quick neck relief question

    Thanks for all the input everyone. Thought I would add some more details in case you wanted to keep discussing. The bass went in for a re-string and setup and anything else that was needed. All that was required was some neck adjustment as it was bowing a little bit and saddle height adjustment. Upon collection I played the bass and it was fine with no buzzing. The buzzing only appeared the following night in the sound check at the gig I was playing. I did raise the saddles on each string a quarter turn which did improve things a little but some minor fret buzz was present and the reason for my first post. I tried the bass a few days after and some minor fret buzzing still. A week later, the buzzing has now gone completely so maybe the neck needed to settle some more but its all ok now. I did also try the credit card over the frets and they were flat so no high fret. Thanks for all your help everyone.
  5. Quick neck relief question

    Not sure about how much relief it has as not expert on this but it's only the 5th fret that's buzzing ever so slightly on a few strings. All the other frets are fine.
  6. Just got my bass back from my luthier who always does an amazing job. However, it's a newish bass and the strings are just buzzing ever so slightly on a few frets on each string. I could raise the strings via the bridge but I'm wondering if a little bit of neck relief via the truss rod is a better option. I don't want to start fiddling too much as the bass plays amazing but I would like to get rid of the fret buzz. I don't have time to take back to the luthier as always gigging and I would like to sort myself if possible as it's only minor. What do you think guys?
  7. What is it with headstock design?

    I like the Lakland and Stingray headstock. They are a much softer version of the Fender design. Fender is still my favourite, does what it says on the tin.
  8. Personally I wouldn't start swapping bits over and dissecting the Stingray. I would just buy the SUB as it will still sound ace and sound like a Stingray. You could even pimp it and get a Status neck.
  9. NBD x 2 Fendertastic

    No difference at all. Both have American Vintage pickups both are perfect. I'm not mega fussy about these things anyway but nothing seems wrong or ill fitting.
  10. NBD x 2 Fendertastic

    I paid £1060 for the Jazz and it was secondhand but is totally mint. I paid £880 for the Precision and it was brand new.
  11. NBD x 2 Fendertastic

    Here are my two new working basses. I had kind of given up playing in bands after doing it for around 25 years and had sold all my working basses but then an opportunity came up to join my friends band. They are a very busy, popular club band playing stuff from the 50s and 60s so I was in need of a couple of working basses. I've gone from doing zero gigs a year to about 60 a year. The first is a Fender Jazz American Vintage 75 Reissue and the second is a Fender Precision FSR 70's Reissue. Both are amazing to play and I love how they look similar. I'm not sure which one I'll use as my main bass as they are both lovely to play. I may move the Jazz on for personal reason so the Precision would get the nod but it would be a shame to separate them.
  12. I bought the 70's Precision at the weekend and it is gorgeous. I bought it as a back up to my Fender 75AV RI but its so nice I might use it as my main. It comes with Fender vintage pickups as well so sounds amazing.
  13. Road worn jazz bass? Sounds too thin!!

    As Lozz has said, the Jazz does sound thinner compared to the Precision, its just the way it is. It can also depend on what pickups you have in the Jazz. My 66 Jazz has Barts and sounds thinner than my 75 Jazz but sounds so sweet. The 75 has Fender 75 vintage pickups and sounds more rounded but less dynamics tonally.
  14. Ashdown and James Dean

    The guy that owns Ashdown is a car nut. He used to race in a black and gold Lotus 340R in the Lotus on Track series. I do track days with them and have spoken to him a few times on the forums and seen him race. Also sorted me out some nice discounts. So, not sure if they are named after James Deans cars but it wouldn't surprise me.
  15. Compressors - Do I need One?

    No, just a Markbass LMIII and 2 x Markbass N.Y. 112's. Previously to that I had an EBS Reidmar and their classic 112's.