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  1. I have one. Underrated? Absolutely. Build quality, TRB electronics, the neck, the clarity of tone for 350 quid. Condition looks good as well.
  2. I have the 6 string version. Status quality undoubted.
  3. And me. With the bart upgrade this is a serious bargain.
  4. Plus they are worth every penny of £500 without the amazing refinishing!
  5. Bargain. I have one. Not sure you will find much better for the money.
  6. Is this the most underrated six string bass ever? Cheap as chips and has all the attributes of a top top bass. Flat thin neck, no neck dive, extremely light for a sixer, quality woods and craftsmanship you would expect from Status. This bass has been fitted with custom Magnetics pickups and preamp which new cost a more than the bass. For anyone not familiar with that company I recommend you check them out. I am blown away by the clarity and the different tones. Just sings.
  7. Just something about these that is hard to beat. Surprised still here as these usually get snapped up quickly.
  8. Amazing bass. I have the exact same. Can’t imagine selling it.
  9. I have the same bass. It really is amazing.
  10. I have the same bass in natural and asked Paul the same question as the dots had been moved. Mine is factory. These are special basses with real character.
  11. What is it with JVs and Essex. Recently picked up an amazing JV jazz from around the corner from you. This is lovely and at £600, fantastic value.
  12. I will never sell mine. Have a bump for a great bass. Hard to beat for 500 quid.
  13. Quality basses these. I have two. Hard to think of a better made instrument under £500.
  14. And a good price. The j pu isn’t too shabby either. 😀
  15. david1711


    Mark designs and commissions great instruments. I bought a Neutrino 6 stringer on a whim a few years ago and although it got smashed up big time in transit I managed to fix it sufficiently for home practice and its a joy to play. GLWYS
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