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  1. I have the same bass. It really is amazing.
  2. I have the same bass in natural and asked Paul the same question as the dots had been moved. Mine is factory. These are special basses with real character.
  3. What is it with JVs and Essex. Recently picked up an amazing JV jazz from around the corner from you. This is lovely and at £600, fantastic value.
  4. I will never sell mine. Have a bump for a great bass. Hard to beat for 500 quid.
  5. Quality basses these. I have two. Hard to think of a better made instrument under £500.
  6. And a good price. The j pu isn’t too shabby either. 😀
  7. david1711


    Mark designs and commissions great instruments. I bought a Neutrino 6 stringer on a whim a few years ago and although it got smashed up big time in transit I managed to fix it sufficiently for home practice and its a joy to play. GLWYS
  8. Yamaha SA 1100 guitar. Made in Japan in the 90s.** £500 incl posting to mainland UK. All works as it should. Some dings and scuffing to top of the headstock and some fretwear in first position. White binding has yellowed a bit. See photos. There is one of these currently for sale on Gumtree for £1k so price set for quick sale. Includes tatty hard case which will protect the guitar in transit. Thanks for looking. David ** A fellow basschatter has alerted me to the possibility that this was made in Taiwan as while it has a label saying made in Japan inside the f hole it doesn’t say it on the back of the headstock. Unfortunately the serial number doesn’t appear to shed any light either as it follows no Yamaha known numbering scheme that I can see, although this is not too unusual, apparently. That said, there are a few SA1100s for sale around the world atm, none have made in Japan on the back of the headstock either and all are considerably more expensive than mine. So grab a bargain!
  9. 8lb so under 4kg according to my scales. I knew someone would pick me up on that. Sorry. Lazy eh. This is on hold for now but it’s beautiful twin fretless is still around😉
  10. Yamaha TRB Series I 5 string fretted for sale. Made in Japan, 34 in scale, 19mm spacing. 45mm at nut. Weight 8 lbs/4 kg. Active adjustable mid and total output internally. A few small dings and light scratching and one larger bash as photographed. Some moderate fretwear. Damaged hardcase included. Collection preferred. Postage would be extra at cost. Thanks for looking. David
  11. I don’t know. It certainly has a lovely swirl. ON HOLD
  12. Thanks! Yamaha quality is undeniable. I have 7. I am only selling this because I can’t do it justice and have too many and I don’t see the point consigning basses to the loft. Factoring in the brand new TI flats which are wonderful, I would have thought this now represents excellent value for a series 1 TRB in good condition?
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