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  1. "needs a bit of cleaning" 😏 Looks like the neck is (was) a lovely piece of wood, and the aging on the finish of the body is lovely, but can't help with any information.
  2. So sorry to hear this @Lozz196 Wishing you the best of health for the future.
  3. Very cool stuff. Will see if I can get to the Brighton gig. Thanks for posting.
  4. Yes, get where you are coming from Kev.
  5. Rumer? Or did you mean a drummer 😎
  6. Followed by Young Hearts Run Free. Getting back to politics, the Americans can be as bad, with Regan not having a clue about Born in the USA.
  7. Yes, I'm a sucker for nice arrangements. Probably due to having played (rhythm guitar) in a big band for many years, and growing up with Sinatra LPs on frequent rotation!
  8. Just heard this on 6 Music - might be a bit MoR for some, but I love it. Horns are fabulous - way better than Jools Holland's arrangements, and the harmonica solo soars above evreything beautifully. Nice end to an horrendous drive home on the A27!
  9. Way too young to be too old to join a band!! As to how to get back, networking. Jams, open mics, gigs. Get to know people, let them know you are looking. Good luck, and enjoy the ride (55, toured for first time last year).
  10. Going to see my old band tonight - mixed feelings...

    1. Teebs


      How did it go?

    2. Mykesbass


      Not as good, naturally, but OK. Felt sorry for bass player (who is a mate) who was really nervous knowing I was there!!

  11. Hmm, interesting new musical project in its formative stage...

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      But of course @Mykesbass would be too young to remember them....

    3. Teebs


      I reckon it's a gothic interpretation of Steps œuvre.

      Think this:





    4. Mykesbass


      @Marc S I'm flattered - altogether now, "Chanson d'amour...rat ta tat ta da"

  12. Just sold an amp to Gavin - very easy transaction, great guy to deal with. Thanks.
  13. A bad gig I had a couple of times is where someone who loved us from our pub gigs booked us for a party. Our mix of Dylan, Creedance and Neil Young never went down very well at multi-generation family get togethers!
  14. Just a touch over 6' if I can straighten up!
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