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  1. Case in point being Mike & the Mechanics, where live three of them share this duty, and do it well.
  2. Yes, these guys made the trip worthwhile. Really enjoyed their set and bought the CD. Surprised you didn't notice, it was, to my ears, a textbook example that there is so much more to playing even these simplest of lines than hitting all the right notes.
  3. Think it is deliberate - need to listen again as this was on in the car, but sounds like it was going to a semitone down, then sliding up to the right note.
  4. Burning Spear Social Living played tonight by Bobby Gillespie on 6Music. Slightly odd bass line (odd as in unusual and interesting)! http://youtu.be/kiHMvpQWCTI
  5. Nice. Cort make excellent basses - got a 5 string jazz that I really enjoy. Much advice on here about playing fivers. I did it by starting off playing around the 5th fret. All seemed to fall into place after that (makes playing in F, EB and D an absolute breeze).
  6. Very sophisticated. Looks great.
  7. And the vast majority of customers.
  8. One of the higher end SR series (1600 possibly) has Nordstrand pickups and they sounded great on a clip I heard. Made me gas for one, but the necks don't suit me.
  9. Wunjo in Denmark Street. Lovely people, and some interesting basses.
  10. Al di Meola - try the albums Elegant Gypsy and Splendido Hotel.
  11. Over £500 for a new one, so yes, well worth getting a tech to look at it. If it is not viable a decent tech will tell you before spending much of your money.
  12. Approach this in the right way and none of your band mates should have any problem with this. As BRX says, getting the right sounds for the songs is a very important part of rehearsing.
  13. Pretty sure @BigRedXhas the answers for this.
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