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  1. AllMusic Guide says he did.
  2. Looks like he's reading the part? Certainly enjoying himself! Great part played very nicely, thanks for posting.
  3. Bit of an unfair stereotype there, but I'll take it as the fun it was meant to be. Plenty of character in all music - guitar solo in Carpenters Goodbye to Love, America from West Side Story, Dionne Warwick's voice to name but three. Oh, and it was Guinness or 14.5% Shiraz (probably why I don't drink anymore ๐Ÿ˜€)
  4. If you get this moved to the build thread the folks there will have lots of great advice. Will need to ask a mod to move it for you. (I know some of them don't venture into general discussion).
  5. Don't worry - MoR is much maligned, but there's some wonderful music to be had in the genre. Bacharach & David, Dusty Springfield. Mind you, I am a sucker for arrangements, and it seems that's where all the best ones are.
  6. Doris Day, Karen Carpenter, Haircut 100 - you have some absolutely top drawer guilty pleasures, and I salute you for them ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  7. Hope it wasn't this one: Bought off Ebay as a project. I did a lot of restoration to it but ended up parting it out.
  8. I must admit, I preferred Farrow & Ball's earlier work.
  9. Some great sounds going on there. Almost like they are having a bit of a jam in places. Very cool.
  10. Trying to nail the feel. The rests are as critical as the notes to get it sounding right! I think it is the extended version I posted. Not really into soloing, just want to improve my playing and widen my repertoire during this downtime.
  11. Lovely track posted by Danny Baker on Twitter with Louis Johnson on bass. Very sad loss.
  12. Just thought I'd start pushing myself while there's all this time to spare. Giving this a go - great part, great feel. A long way to go but got the basics sorted.
  13. That colour isn't even listed on the Ibanez website, so possibly a special for a particular chain?
  14. Indeed, and totally awful in this setting!
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