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  1. Bit of a fan here too - have one of your 5 string P pickups in my Shuker, and am still trying to work out how to justify owning an Acinonyx - love the look and the video reviews I've seen. Good to see you on here.
  2. A little trick we used on my old band was to put an original in a 3 song medley. Worked really well.
  3. My last band transitioned from being a pub blues, blues/rock band into being an originals blues/rock band. The originals tended to blend well with the covers so we didn't have too much of a problem. I'd suggest trying a couple of others, but make sure they work really well with what you play either side of them. If one already goes down well there's no reason a couple more won't. But the opposite is also as important - ditch the ones that aren't working.
  4. Especially artists that sing and play an instrument!
  5. Bit of a problem in that you need to have some of the basics on place naturally - height, build, hair, colour before you can add the costume/styling. I have a friend who luckily has these in place for his Prince tribute. He is also an amazing guitarist and does a great job of replicating Prince's vocals.
  6. Had a similar one when I took Peter Green to see Fleetwood Mac, and Mick Fleetwood pointed him out to the crowd!
  7. ^ This. Everything @Bassassin says here is spot on. If you do like the thin neck then do look around for a higher level secondhand Ibby as there are bargains to be had. That's not to say the 300 is in anyway a poor choice.
  8. My mate from school was percussionist on the Pulse tour (and the one before that). He said the band had a great time on tour as they never got pestered in hotels or walking about town as very few people recognised them.
  9. Sometimes called IBMs, intense bearded men 😄
  10. Saw Jimmie Vaughan at Hammersmith Odeon a few years back and 'Robert Plant' from one of the top Zep tributes of the time was in the audience. The amount of attention he was getting in the Bar, Jimmie could have probably walked straight past unnoticed.
  11. Not usually a fan of quilts/flame tops but that is lovely. Like the headstock too.
  12. To me that equates as supportive. Need a certain strength of relationship for that to work.
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