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  1. Mykesbass

    Chas Hodges

    Because the Queen is a Gooner?!
  2. Mykesbass

    Chas Hodges

    With the possible exception of Snooker Loopy, they were way beyond novelty records. But yes, he'll certainly be remembered fondly by me.
  3. Mykesbass

    Palladino discusses THAT bass line

    And not a very accurate one at that 😯
  4. Mykesbass


    I'll just search your facebook posts then 😁 But yes, had those issues there before. Nothing crazy, just a little tingling on the lips - fairly innocuous for Kemptown on a Friday night!!
  5. Mykesbass


    Was this at the Ranelagh @phil.c60? If so, there's your answer!
  6. Mykesbass

    Cover Versions - Like the original or not

    He is one hell of a class act. I had the privilege of working with him back in about 88/89 when I was at a small independent record company. Unfortunately we had neither the budget, nor the know how to match his talent. Lovely guy too.
  7. Mykesbass

    MM USA SUB. Anyone know what's under the paint?

    Didn't they use basswood for these? I know they did for some of the high end, solid finish guitars like the Luke. Or is basswood another name for poplar?
  8. Mykesbass

    Fleetwood Mac (with Neil Finn)...

    Yes, but what drums! So nice to see someone of MF's ilk enjoying themselves so much.
  9. Mykesbass

    Bl**dy GAS !

    Got to ask, @MoJo, 7 Yamaha Bb414s, what's going on there?!
  10. Mykesbass

    Fender jazz bass cinema advert

    It really should have been a pearl finish Dean bass.
  11. Mykesbass

    US made super jazzes

    Again, if it doesn't have to be US, Shuker should be on your list to take a look at.
  12. Mykesbass

    Fender Jazz Shootout Conundrum

    From the few I tried I would agree with this - all the CVs I tried were noticeably superior to the VMs. I bought a VM as it was the style I wanted, but upgraded soon after. I think a CV would have stayed a lot longer.
  13. Mykesbass

    Cover Versions - Like the original or not

    Can't hear Dark Side without Dub Side playing in my head!
  14. Mykesbass

    Running a pair of 1x12"s...

    If you fancy trying a pair of Purple Chili cabs, mine are NOT for sale, but if you are near the south coast you are welcome to try them.
  15. Mykesbass

    Cover Versions - Like the original or not

    Heard the Beatles Dear Prudence on the radio - must say Souxsie did a much better version (runs for cover hoping Blue doesn't see this)