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  1. I had a six month wait for some saddles for a Japanese Fender when I had my shop. Fortunately the owner had contacted Fender directly and knew it wasn't me messing him about. Was still pretty embarrassing.
  2. No, you're OK, that's new - only me that reposts things on here 😎
  3. Single cut, exotic wood, 6 strings, enough electronics to sort out the next moon landing. You'll soon be falling back in love with Fender! or this little beauty...
  4. Came across this from Twitter - different from my usual stuff, but love the two voices.
  5. OK, probably a far healthier, more realistic suggestion than mine!
  6. Looking great. All you need now is for gigs to start happening again and smoking to be allowed in pubs to get some incredible patina on it
  7. You can't keep a great track down @molan - little bit of a conversation on this one and Althea & Donna a couple of months back. Always good to hear again though.
  8. +1 No tuner, check the bass every 3/6 months, never needs doing.
  9. Betamax was quite a popular format for audio and lasted longer than you might imagine. There is a good chance mastering studios will still have a way of playing these.
  10. The one I didn't like was in a highly respected bass specialist, well set up and nothing wrong with the strings. It was bland and boring. Why can't people accept that some of us have tried, and not liked a brand of which they are fans? For the record, on the guitar front, I have never played a a real PRS that has felt good, whereas I have played a couple of great SE models.
  11. No, not quite as strong a reaction as @4000, but the one I tried I'd have been disappointed with at a tenth of the price. Bland, uninspiring, nothing that hinted at any pedigree.
  12. Yes, was very sad when I saw this, especially having just heard him last weekend on Radcliffe & Maconie, and with a new album out. My nephew played trumpet for him a couple of times, and Toots appeared on his band's album. He's going to be very upset when he hears.
  13. Played a secondhand one in Bass Gear a few years back - bland and boring, and not a patch on my Shuker which new had cost me about a third of the 2nd hand price of the F Bass.
  14. To get better stuff (or get rid of valve stuff which was lovely but impracticle).
  15. Such a simple bass line to copy, but the thought process to come up with it, and then to get the feel right, that's where the mastery is at! Sly & Robbie with Grace Jones.
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