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  1. It was more the healthy finances I was pointing out. I've no beef with charities if they are run well and fairly. The latter is not the case here.
  2. They are a registered charity with income over £1m above their expenditure last year. https://www.oscr.org.uk/about-charities/search-the-register/charity-details?number=18377
  3. The Nordstrand pickups are great. Would love a pair of the Big Singles in a Jazz bass. Now we need to start a tuba section for you
  4. I'm probably one of the more left leaning members on here, and very anti-patriotic, but buying from local shops and local companies seems the right thing to do, especially if they make good stuff!
  5. I play a Shuker bass (which has a Nordstrand pickup) and Purple Chili cabs (which have Chinese Celestion drivers). Did try a Bassics amp but it didn't do it for me, and in my opinion, looks completely ridiculous 😕. I use OBBM cables, but again, non British parts, and my guitar amp is an old Award Session.
  6. Under all that kit and make up there's probably a young dep!
  7. Yes, weight certainly isn't everything. My bass is heavier than the previous one which I found uncomfortable on gigs, but this one is fine. A lot to say for a nicely balanced bass.
  8. Do you think this could ever be done as a real experiment? Asked this before seeing your later post, but would still be interested in your opinion of whether a valid experiment could be set up.
  9. There's a really authoritative thread from way back by @51m0n on here somewhere. Hopefully he'll know where it's hidden all these years later!
  10. Went to IoW a few years back, luckily I was working so had back stage access, and in and out via artist entrance (which still had sniffer dogs checking everyone 😮). Was so glad I could get away quickly - it was horrific. Crammed with not particularly chilled, friendly festival types,.Sound bleed coming in to the big tent from the Radio 1 Introducing stage only a few metres away, noise from a huge bungie ride, and the bar/club directly opposite, all of which could be heard onstage. Just glad I wasn't playing. Loved Bishopstock - blues festival that only had 10,000 capacity and one main stage.
  11. Thanks, hard work keeping up with Cort's model range!
  12. Isn't that a GB74 rather than just 4? Looks very similar to the 75 I had. Great basses, I only sold mine as I wanted a Precision (but did get a cheaper GB54JJ as a back up 😎).
  13. Lots of great stuff from Mr Z, but I love the way he delivers this: Idiot wind Blowing through the buttons of our coats Blowing through the letters that we wrote Idiot wind Blowing through the dust upon our shelves We're idiots, babe It's a wonder we can even feed ourselves
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