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  1. But what is Smooth Jazz? Are Dave Gruisin, Eric Gale and Bob James Smooth? Is a track like Dexter Gordon's Guess I'll Hang my Tears Out to Dry Smooth ? I personally think it is all down to radio formatting. Jazz FM's Dinner Jazz anyone?😵
  2. Don't love it, but it was reactions like @Paul S that made me start this thread as there is so much good stuff out there:
  3. Don't know if George Melly ever did it on stage, but his Man, Woman, Bulldog party piece left nothing to the imagination.
  4. Oh and Siouxie Dear Prudence in the running for best.
  5. OK, for something completely different, Bing Crosby, Frank SInatra, Louis Armstrong - Got to be High Society. "Well you take some bass...now you're getting some place"
  6. You trying to merge this with my recent Off Topic post? 😀
  7. Being complimented by @Dood's former drummer at a jam, and making people dance.
  8. Not always. My Fender Pro 800 has an IEC C19. Proper pain when the PA company collected that one up at the end of a gig!
  9. I wonder if Oldfield is aware of this mistaken identity?! Interestingly, a quick Google to see if this has ever come up before shows a result for Robert Michael Oldfield Havers, Baron Havers QC who represented the Crown in the case against the Guildford Four.
  10. https://pastdaily.com/2013/12/27/mike-oldfield-concert-1973-nights-roundtable-concert-edition/
  11. Final Price Drop. Now £300 which has GOT to be a bargain!! Need to sell before impending move or it's going into storage 😔
  12. Ok, gets even more puzzling then. Bobby Sands had some musical background, wrote lyrics for a Christy Moore song, so what on earth is that picture all about?!
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