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  1. Celestion. Sorry, can't be more specific. The company are still active, so might be worth popping them an email if you need more details.
  2. I had a friend bashing away late at night on her keyboard with headphones on. She heard a neighbour knocking on a wall and started to get cross that they were doing this late at night. After it went on for a bit longer she took her headphones off to discover they hadn't been plugged in 😄
  3. Talk to your neighbours. Tell them what to expect, let them know it won't be late, or long hours. I'd imagine your bass will be the hardest one for them to cope with - at least with the piano they'll hear a bit of a tune. So do anything you can do to keep your volume down as much as possible (headphones, unplugged), and tell them that you are doing this. You are allowed to make some noise, and as long as you are being considerate they really shouldn't mind.
  4. Average White Band - Person to Person (most listened to over time) Bill WIthers Live at the Carnegie Hall (most listened to recently) John Mayer Trio Try is a great call @Crawford13 as is Sinatra at the Sands @EssentialTension
  5. Spandau Ballet (yes, I know it is dance, but it had to have often very specific music written for it). And, whilst on a classical tangent, Renaissance.
  6. Very early 80's Santana at the Royal Albert Hall. Endless back to audience, down on one knee noodling. At one point, the whole band except drums and three percussionists left the stage. These 4 raised th eroof for five minutes. When Carlos came back out my mate looked at me and said it isn't going to get any better now is it? I agreed, and off we went. Live Aid - really wasn't bothered with the finale mob singalong, decided getting on the tube before the rest of Wembley made a lot more sense.
  7. Noooo! That's the best bit (especially the last four words).
  8. Ah, but which piece of information does a vegan with a degree from Oxford/Cambridge with a pre-CBS Fender tell you first?
  9. Mungo Jerry's In the Summertime should be obsolete by now - 'if her daddy's rich, take her out for a meal. If her daddy's poor then do what you feel. Plus of course - 'have a drink, have a drive'.
  10. Sad news today, we've lost another Reggae great, U Roy.
  11. It says Morris on the door, the GPO owned it before... Bit of a buy one get one free with this one.
  12. And Mary of the Fourth Form would now be Mary of Year 10.
  13. Mix tapes are still very much a thing albeit in name only.
  14. What's the best metal for spoons? What's the best spoon for metal?
  15. This, to me, is a genuinely sad reflection. I must have been lucky not to have encountered this.
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