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  1. So many great ones that work on different levels. I ended up going for Another Way to Die, as I love the way both that one, and then Skyfall captured the feel of some of the really early ones but brought their own new vibe too. Such a tough choice, great poll @hiram.k.hackenbacker
  2. Just bought a Digitech multifx from Pete. What a great guy to deal with. Many thanks Pete!
  3. Hi Pete, I'll take this if it is still available please. PM on its way.
  4. Yes, RBX 170. Great starter bass, but looks quite an old model. As @NJE says, not worth a great deal - £75 - £90. £100 - £120 with the amp.
  5. Meths is a very mild paint remover - probably won't affect a poly finish, but do take care if anyone is is thinking of using it on their bass.
  6. There's me thinking your record collection was depleted!
  7. In my rather dull day job I have an event company as a client. They hire lots of dance floors, stages and lighting for weddings directly to the wedding party. Is it not worth talking to the venue to see if you can offload the responsibility of the lighting - get the clients to pay for it from someone else? Or, offer lights as a seperate hire, then sub-hire them? These guys are fairly high end but just thought I'd add this to the mix.
  8. Come on, bank holiday madness - put some crazy trade deals this way - what have you got? Stunning amp if weight isn't a major issue to you.
  9. I'll be driving from Sheffield to Burgess Hill next Monday if that helps. Happy to take a break in Northampton.
  10. John Phillips of the Mamas & Papas. I was working on the release of his second ever solo album. Woke up in a horrible hotel in Minneapolis, put the TV on and his face filled the screen. Even without the sound on I just knew it was an In Memorium piece. Sad, as there was an incredible re-working of Claifornia Dreaming on the album which Charlie Gillet loved - now his was a shocking death 🙁
  11. Did one rehearsal with him, but was one of those situations where everyone had other priorities, so it didn't take off. Bump in to him at Riff Taff networking.
  12. Ooh, I raise you Pino and Steve Jordan with John Mayer, but then hey, this isn't a competition 😎
  13. Hey @Ned58 - I know your front man. May well see you around some time.
  14. Alternatively, it could be argued that Keith was indeed part of the rhythm section as a guitarist. It's not an exclusive club 😀
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