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  1. Exactly what @Maude says. Any boost will be very short lived. Have you ever played anything else? 6 string, keys? Might be worth switching around, noodling on something different to get your mojo back. Or mess around with some recording software. Just let music take you somewhere else for a while, hopefully you'll get back on track soon enough. Good luck!
  2. LaBella Deep Talkin Original 1954 fiive string 52 - 128 They feel crazy stiff if I've been playing my roundwounds on my Jazz Bass, but soon feel great once I get used to them.
  3. Vaguely familiar. Sunsplash did get used a lot - not always directly linked to the festival. Here's a listing on BFI - unfortunately they have no information but at least it's proof you are not just dreaming it! Oh, and as for Sly and Robbie, relax and enjoy. It isn't meant to be overwhelming 😎
  4. Shallow I know, but when I was looking for my main bass two in the running were G&L and Lakland. Headstock and Bridge meant I went no further down either route (although I see G&L have now improved).
  5. Fascinating to hear all the different styles on here. This is so close to early 60s RnB/British Blues with the guitar riff.
  6. Pretty sure it is the Alton Ellis version that is the original. All of them are great though 👍🏾
  7. I remember the Marshall rep telling me he had to sort out a shop that advertised the entire Marshall range at silly low prices in one of the magazines. Went in to the shop, looked around and they had virtually none of what they had advertised. Gave them an ultimatum, order everything you have advertised or lose the dealership.
  8. Saw this when I had my shop for a short time. The kickback discount meant I could buy a Gibson Les Paul from one of the big retailers for less than I could buy from the distributor. Funnily enough I didn't stock Gibson!
  9. I believe he's quite complimentary about your work
  10. I know there is possibly more hate than love on here for Dylan, but he has followed up the extraordinary epic 'Murder Most Foul' with an absolute corker of an album, Rough and Rowdy Ways. Enjoy or mock to your heart's delight!
  11. Wow, 2.41 to the drop! This is what Stewart Copeland and Honey Dijon were talking about in Copeland's recent documentary (around 2.20 on this clip)
  12. Do security at the Louvre know about this?
  13. Cracking track (I'm just useless with titles)!
  14. Is it an Ernest Ranglin track (can't remember the title)?
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