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  1. That was me taking the photos - I'll lend you my camera tonight 😊
  2. Fabulous gig last night supporting a visiting Italian rock/blues artist Eliana Cargnelutti. Played the new venue that our regular rehearsal studio in Worthing has opened, The Factory Live. Well worth checking out. Doing it all again tonight at the 1865 Southampton. Here's a pic of Eliana with her fabulous bass player Simone Serafin in action.
  3. Yes, T&Cs always have line up subject to change. Bit harsh for you @police squad but I'd imagine it would be impossible to put these events on without this caveat.
  4. Not my favourite album of theirs by a long way, but that vocal performance is sublime.
  5. Loving the bass playing in that first track @lowdown - the groove feels/sounds so much like an electric bass. What a player!
  6. Wow, great find. Museum condition! Fabulous bass, well done.
  7. Saw their show at (I think) the Lyric, Hammersmith when I was in the sixth form, so yes, blast from the distant past! Just seen it was Riverside Studios Hammersmith, May 1980 - the week of my 16th birthday!!
  8. Not a great example - the only clip available, but the album is available on Spotify - I found it very reminiscent of this:
  9. Do go along to Webby's jam even if you aren't ready to join in. I helped him set this up many years back. It was always a very supportive atmosphere and it is a great way to network and meet other players of all abilities. Will Hessey is a good call. @pete.young do you know a guy Mick someone also in Felixstowe - he used to teach at The Guitar Shop when I had it, but I can't remember his surname. Few years ago now, mind you.
  10. Just that I worked (and am still friends) with the guy who put the whole thing together. If it was them they have no need to blush, they were great musicians.
  11. Were they part of a Brit-Funk outfit Midnight Express?
  12. This might come across as a bit mean, but it isn't meant that way, as I've always enjoyed your musical postings, and so have followed quite a lot of your other threads. It seems to me that you have found it hard to find what you want to do ever since I've been on Basschat. Are you too hard to please? Are you unable to compromise? This latest oufit did seem to have promise, but yes, the original stuff you posted did need some work. Can you try and take on a leadership/mentor role with these guys. Tell them they have great potential but need to work a lot harder? Good luck!
  13. Nica thought, but nah! They like them.
  14. Six posts and no Sweet Home Alabama yet - what's with you guys? 😀
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