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  1. Yes, they have been confessed to - you are not alone. But I think you're safe with this being an unpopular opinion 😆
  2. See, unpopular already! I almost agree with you Steve, but think her first hit, Saving all my Love was a better performance.
  3. What, all those Foreigners going around wanting to know what love is? (Great track btw).
  4. Only found out last week that Feeling Good (Nina Simone, Muse etc) was written by Tony Newley.
  5. Only wrong thread if you think not many people will agree with you. Personally I have no idea how popular/credible Pearl Jam are/were.
  6. If that's the playlist then feel free to invite me next time!
  7. Yes!! It was for posts like this that I started the thread!
  8. And wrote it the same day as Jolene. Pretty good day for her I'd say!
  9. I was working on a big show that the record company I worked for was recording/filming. Had a Brit School student with me doing work experience, so we went to watch the rehearsal. She said to me in the car on the way back to the office 'I didn't know Eric Clapton played guitar'.
  10. Heard a BBC6 Music presenter make a snarky comment about an act that has tended to get a lot of flack, so got me thinking, are there acts you feel are unfairly maligned, or, acts you feel get way more kudos than they deserve? Mine was the act in question - Simply Red. Great voice, great band, excellent songs, but possibly more hated than Oasis and Prog combined! I thought they were great back in the day, and still do! So, what's yours?
  11. Before they get to his peat briquettes.
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