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  1. Mykesbass

    Dedication for you

    Rehearsing on your partner's birthday - now that's dedication/sheer stupidity 😟
  2. Mykesbass

    How was your gig last night?

    There is when it's not directly on your way home!!
  3. Mykesbass

    How was your gig last night?

    So as well as Monday night's experience, we were also asked to support Erja Lyytinen at the very charming Bridport Electric Palace last night. Fabulous setting, nice roomy stage, great sound engineer, and about 200 people who, unlike on Monday, where there were a good number of our friends attending, had no idea who we were. Such a thrill getting a great response from this type of audience. It is so different playing original material to a paying audience than playing covers in a pub. I'm finding it so rewarding, and thrilled to think people actually genuinely like us! Oh, and amazingly, one guy came to both gigs. Big downer at the end, blooming road closure an the A31 - had to follow a diversion through Poole (oh, and had to go back to the day job today) 😕
  4. Mykesbass

    Are 7 beats as good as 8?

    Coincidence that this has come up as a topic. Now this might seem a complete de-rail, but stick with me. 6 Music are playing a track by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. I took notice as, as a regular 6 Music listener it sounded way outside of the station's usual choice. Last night the DJ called them Pig times 7 which prompted me into trying to say the full name. Guess what? It is really easy. Scans perfectly over a count of four. Probably working exactly the same as your 7 over 8. Go on, give it a try!
  5. Mykesbass

    MySpace loses 50million tracks.

    That was my reaction - who would have tracks (or any content) only on MySpace? Better change my user name before I start getting some of the blame 😄
  6. At £1500 if you are looking for a fairly standard finish you may be in or close to Shuker pricing. I absolutely love mine (5 string fretless T style) and of course his most famous customer is JJ Burnel who has a signature P from Jon.
  7. Mykesbass

    How was your gig last night?

    Monday night gig - the Komedia, Brighton, opening for Finnish blues artist Erja Lyytinen - played a 45 minute set, nearly all originals - just one cover that works really well as a medley with one of our own. Band played brilliantly, amazing response from a pretty reasonable cold, wet Monday night crowd, and the three brand new songs fitted perfectly with the older material. All in all, an absolute corker of a gig!
  8. Mykesbass

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Not a fan of the Beatles, but he has come up with some wonderful bass lines and his playing has been hugely influential on much rock and pop that has followed. @HazBeen I know someone who met him and came away with the complete opposite experience. Like all of us, he probably has good and bad days!
  9. Very sad sign of the times.
  10. West Country Basschatters, I need your help. My band has another small tour coming up in November but it looks like we might have a problem around the Bude Festival. We are booked in on the Sunday, but the Italian band we will be touring with are on the Saturday bill. I'm looking for contacts for a pub gig for the Saturday night (we do an original set for the festival, but do two one hour sets mixing blues covers and originals for pubs). Needs to be between 1 and 2 hours from Bude as we are transporting the Italians and need to be back there for the Sunday. Happy to reciprocate with Sussex contacts if anyone can help out. Thanks.
  11. Mykesbass

    Rhiannon Giddens - Wayfaring Stranger

    Stunning artist, love her work.
  12. Fabulous old school solid state 1200 watt (at 2 ohms) bass head. Amazing valve like levels of grunt, plenty of low end but no mud. Ran this on a three band tour with the other bass players sharing it so got to hear it being played, and it sounded wonderful. I believe they have some link with the legendary Thunderfunk amps, but do not know the exact history. If anyone does know please feel free to post or PM, thanks. My gigging for the next year means I don't have the luxury of taking a large, very heavy (24kg) amp with me, so I'm back on Class d. Comes with ABS flight case (with a few scars, but nothing serious). https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157705845245321
  13. Mykesbass

    Another Nice Couple of Gigs

    My band (Lee Ainley's Blues Storm) have been asked to do a second night (having already been booked for our "home" gig in Brighton, supporting Erja Lyytinen, a stunning Finnish slide guitarist/singer. We will also be off to Dorset to open for her in Bridport. If anyone fancies either, Monday 18th, Komedia, Brighton, and Tuesday 19th, Electric Palace, Bridport.
  14. Mykesbass

    Does anyone actually use their B string?

    Yes. Use the open B in two of our original songs, and use a low D a lot. Also, as with @chaypup I use it a lot for finger position especially for E, F and F#.
  15. Mykesbass

    Favourite bass colour

    Love all the vintage Fender/car colours - Fiesta Red, Seafoam Green etc. Something about the shades that really do it for me. Voted blue as there are a couple of those that I really like.