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  1. Mykesbass

    How important is the band name for you?

    Not a band name, but I'm sure someone on here had the tag line "your dad would like us" - anyone own up to this classic?
  2. Mykesbass

    Amp Videos online

    Serious question, would a looped signal (basically a recording) interact with the amp in exactly the same way as the live signal?
  3. Mykesbass

    How often have you needed a backup amp?

    Twice in the ten or so years I have been back gigging. First time, total failure of an early Yamaha class D job, ended up playing quietly through a Peavey guitar amp to get through the set. Second time, just a week ago, was on a small tour and the IEC from my main amp got cleared up, probably by the PA guys. Problem is, it is a Fender Pro 800, with an unusual, high power IEC, not the standard. Didn't have a spare IEC but did have my Carvin as a back up (oh, and then went and bought a Genzler so had a back up to the back up - my excuse and I'm sticking to it) ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  4. Mykesbass

    Genzler / TKS Rig

    No, but have just bought the Genzler and it sounds great through my two Purple Chili 112s. Played it in some good size rooms. And got to hear two other bass players playing through it, very, very happy with it.
  5. Mykesbass

    Amp Videos online

    Between Ed Friedland "a guy who was referred to as the Bass Whisperer" and Dood you should have most things covered. Both do sensible reviews that show what the amp, and not they can do. Problem with amps, as I found in Bass Direct, is that they also depend so much on cabs and rooms, so will be even harder to judge no matter how good the video.
  6. Mykesbass

    When you accidentally invent the fuzz bass solo

    Now him and Phil Baugh on stage together would have been interesting!
  7. Mykesbass

    REM at the BBC last night

    Must check this out, and dig a few of their CDs out of my collection.
  8. Mykesbass

    Tour Starts on Monday!

    So, fully recovered now. Made a small loss ( not including loss of earnings) but had the best experience - playing to a paying audience who are actually there and want to listen to you! We have also picked up some really nice dates for next year, so job done! Thanks for the responses to the thread, nice to have the support of fellow bass players (especially when you are on a bill with a bass virtuoso)! Just got to put that Fender amp up for sale now ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. Mykesbass

    Tour Starts on Monday!

    Got a young guy called Sam.
  10. Mykesbass

    Tour Starts on Monday!

    Something happened with the booking at Corn Exchange. Got moved about 10 days ago. To be honest, this place is probably better for us.
  11. Mykesbass

    Tour Starts on Monday!

    Last night, in a very damp Stamford, but cool venue, the Voodoo Lounge. Gratuitous rig photo, including Shuker bass, and @obbm cables all round, plus the Genzler that sounded great at the Bullingdon last night.
  12. Mykesbass


    Yes, seems that way. Sometimes think about taking a guitar, as there are sometimes not as many of them!
  13. Mykesbass

    Genzler Magellan 350

    On tour, and was passing Leamington Spa, so naturally had to take a look in Bass Direct. Ended up totally smitten by the Genzler in the shop. Today it got its first outing at the Bullingdon, Oxford. FMOB - it's a little beauty. Clear, articulate, trouser flapping, deep but clear. Go and get one NOW!!
  14. Mykesbass

    Tour Starts on Monday!

    Penultimate night tonight, Bullingdon, Oxford.
  15. Mykesbass

    Tour Starts on Monday!

    So is driving into the centre! Expecting a traffic violation ticket to be waiting for me when I get home! The gig was in an access between 10AM and 4 PM only road which we had to drive in ๐Ÿคจ