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  1. Wow, that's a step too far for me even as a proud MoR fan
  2. I don't think I have any sound that I don't like, just that I like it in certain ways. Two examples - Fuzz guitar. Not overdrive, but Fuzz. Overall, not a fan, but then it works so well on 'Summer Breeze' or Tony Peluso's solo on 'Goodbye to Love'. The other one is Tom Morello. Didn't like his tone until I heard it with Springsteen, where the clash of the two styles worked brilliantly.
  3. As others have already said, but in different words, one man's meat is another's murder. I wouldn't give Stagg or Vintage house room, but many on here certainly rate the latter. LTD/ESP is the one I don't understand. There are some very high quality, high priced LTD models, yet the ESP brand is kept minimal.
  4. This far in and nobody has suggested the obvious - a 5 string Stingray...
  5. Sport has a greatest (Ali of course). Music doesn't, and more importantly, doesn't need one.
  6. Wise choice if you ask me.
  7. Or Olivia Newton John/ELO
  8. Don Letts played these guys last night. Nice vibe. https://amjcollective.bandcamp.com/
  9. Two problems here. First, it isn't the only variable. The amount of variance in the player would probably be outside of the tolerances of a good scientific experiment. Secondly, 'evidences before their eyes' - remember the blue/gold - black/white dress a couple of years back? We don't all see things the same, perhaps we don't hear things the same, and get some bias in our hearing from what we see? To do this properly, the room would need to be atmospherically strable, a mechanical device used for plucking of the strings, and, most importantly, should be done blind. When someone does this I'll start paying attention.
  10. So why are you quoting a non-controlled, non-peer reviewed 'experiment'?
  11. My earlier post (don't know how to quote posts which in turn have quotes in them...) was more about the phenomenon NWOCR - brand new music by new bands calling themselves this, not RHCP or RATM.
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