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  1. My favourite (by an artist hated by so many on here it gives me even greater joy 😎)
  2. Do you have a link please so we can share. Thanks.
  3. Well seeing as it is the 1st December...
  4. That's great. And congrats on the 6 Music play.
  5. Ooh, yes. Forgot this. Absolute classic 👍🏼
  6. 1 A band. 2 Some gigs.
  7. Not quite as good as our playlist, but here's an interesting one for anyone who watched Lover's Rock on Sunday: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4nDhPQw0qRaEBcJXWB85ND?si=FVXQqk7YQp-pBd4VBU8ZWw
  8. Could ask if you are not going to 'refresh' the track then is there any reason (technology improvements aside) to re-record 40 years down the line?
  9. Another one for Nahre Sol. Wow, what talent. All great musicians. Thanks for posting.
  10. What?! No point in discussing this any further, I'm going to 'off topic' where at least you expect this level of nonsense.
  11. Must admit, I'm firmly in the sceptical camp. I need a fully scientific experiment to test every variable in a fully blind test before I'll agree that wood has anything but the most miniscule effect on tone.
  12. The usual (B)alder(d)ash again 😎
  13. Pretty sure Bass Direct have UK exclusive.
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