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  1. Thanks for the response. Most of the song is the root-5-octave-9, with a flat 9 on the V. I'm basically struggling to find the shape consistently across th ethree chords. I'll definitely work on the light touch. I know (especially on the right hand) that I have always been very physical, and I also know this is wrong!
  2. That's one of the issues I'm seeing - I change between the two as I change position!
  3. Ah, just watched - wrong hand. Nice exercise and I will use it for the right hand but my main issue is with left hand speed and dexterity (and finger choice). Thanks all the same for posting.
  4. Sorry, too many words in the OP that I no longer recognise...
  5. Ran a shop for a short time. The one that struck me most was getting in 3 of the entry level Yamaha basses (RBX170 from memory). All were OK set up wise, nothing bad about any of them. But one just played and so much nicer than the other two. Wasn't just me - the guy that worked with me tried them out and independently came to the same conclusion.
  6. Having played mainly Blues, Blues Rock, Rock & Roll and Americana for the last few years I finally (after lockdown) have the chance to play one of the musical forms I really love - Disco. Problem is, one song in particular has highlighted my sloppy/non-existant left hand technique - Moloko, Sing it Back. Does anyone have any good exercises to raise my left hand speed and dexterity? And any suggestions on how I should be fretting this particular song would also be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. There was a lot of controversy over Cort's move to Indonesia. http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/891184.html
  8. Ah yes, bit of a hike. Was only asking as I end up doing some long trips (including Essex), but nowhere near Chester.
  9. I know Mike is in Essex, where do you need it delivered?
  10. I've been using Royal Mail and Parcelforce for non bass related stuff (also not insurable) and have found them as good, if not better, than a host of others, including UPS.
  11. Unboxed UPS won't take it (nor will a few others). Read the small print and you will find very few couriers will insure against damage (only loss/theft), and not to the value of your fabulous Zoot.
  12. Trouble with this, if you do gig, is that the bass is in the wrong position when you switch to standing.
  13. The signals should all be part of the stage show - but then perhaps that's not the point of a church band.
  14. Might have a new project post lockdown, so nailing some disco/dance music: Boogie Oogie Oogie, Street Life, Groove Is In The Heart, Sing it Back for starters 🤩
  15. Don't get me started! As a former music shop owner I have a real problem with the concept that once something has spent a nanosecond hung up on the shop wall it becomes ex-demo, and yet everyone loves the idea of being able to try new stuff out. Funnily enough I dien't last very long in that game - it would have been fine without the punters 🤔
  16. One of the originators of the small kit was Sonor. I remember them being popular with Jazz drummers when I was a kid (and sounding great). No idea how good their current mini offering (the Martini) is, but probably worth considering with their history.
  17. Was going to say similar - listen to tracks where the bass drops in/out and hear the difference it makes.
  18. Trucking/driving is another biggie. Willin' - Little Feat The Weight - The Band Truckin' - Grateful Dead Radar Love - Golden Earring Loads more, but funnily enough, I've got to go on a long drive for work
  19. Night Nurse one of the greatest of all time - not greatest Reggae, just greatest.
  20. Ah, the greenest of all music - always recycling 😄
  21. Marcia Griffiths 'I Shal Sing'. On the radio this morning - nice early transition from Ska into a later style.
  22. Great news? I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't approve of this development. A tiny number of companies delivering vast quantities of cheap goods is not my idea of great news.
  23. Late 70s early 80s US import 12s were great. 33.3 and only pressed on one side. Stupidly expensive though. Great content too, if like me you like full on cheesy disco!
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