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  1. Nearside and offside - only got that concept a couple of years back and I'm 57!
  2. Same with top and bottom strings.
  3. Great programme. Really liked the way Sam Fender presented it, as someone newly discovering the band. Open and honest - very refreshing. Oh, and I must have blinked, as I was looking out for you
  4. Can't you just turn comments off o Facebook? My last job, part of the application procedure for developers (I wasn't) was a series of written questions. On the cover page it said do not answer question 4. Knowing now what a kn0b the guy was who ran the company and wrote the questions I'd run a mile from anyone advertising for band members in this manner.
  5. Heard this on 6 Music just now - I know that the whole Lover's Rock cover version is not always thought to be the most credible art form, but I was struck by how tasteful the whole arrangement was - very mellow. Marcia Griffiths, The First Time Ever I saw Your Face.
  6. Great cabs - I have a pair and love them (non-tweeter version). GLWTS
  7. I'll have a closer listen ( heard in the car this morning), but sure there were a couple of nice 'not the usual' passing notes. Will come back with some specific changes, but thanks both for the replies.
  8. In the deep recesses of my mind I do have some music theory knowledge, but hearing the track below made me realise I could really do with a refresher, as my note choice as a bass player has probably been a bit lacking. Anyone got any pointers as to improving note choice, with this lovely track as an example of what I would love to achieve? Thanks.
  9. I dunno. Pretty similar, just go around hitting different things...
  10. I'm a bit of a traditionalist with my own basses, but love the quirkiness of those, especially the Emerald Frost.
  11. Depends what you are complaining about. Fully support The Snuts for this one:
  12. Just need to add Young Hearts Run Free 🤔
  13. Ronnie Lane, Joe Osborne, Bob Babbitt. Two great session players and one top songwriter/player/singer. Ronnie's tone on The Poacher is wonderful (now someone is going to come along and tell me he wasn't playing bass on that track which is very possible)!
  14. Double check this - to there is sale of goods act that gives you additional rights way beyond a shop warranty.
  15. Shuker bass UK Purple Chilli cabs UK but Celestion drivers probably Chinese. Carvin amp USA More than buying British I like supporting smaller companies if I can. Happily all my gear fits all the other important criteria.
  16. Picato? Pretty sure they make the strings that many others re-brand. Used to be manufactured in Wales, and owned by String & Things.
  17. Pretty much the case for all the more esoteric brands.
  18. Case in point being Mike & the Mechanics, where live three of them share this duty, and do it well.
  19. Yes, these guys made the trip worthwhile. Really enjoyed their set and bought the CD. Surprised you didn't notice, it was, to my ears, a textbook example that there is so much more to playing even these simplest of lines than hitting all the right notes.
  20. Think it is deliberate - need to listen again as this was on in the car, but sounds like it was going to a semitone down, then sliding up to the right note.
  21. Burning Spear Social Living played tonight by Bobby Gillespie on 6Music. Slightly odd bass line (odd as in unusual and interesting)! http://youtu.be/kiHMvpQWCTI
  22. Nice. Cort make excellent basses - got a 5 string jazz that I really enjoy. Much advice on here about playing fivers. I did it by starting off playing around the 5th fret. All seemed to fall into place after that (makes playing in F, EB and D an absolute breeze).
  23. Very sophisticated. Looks great.
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