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  1. Steve Browning


    You could get a Tutmarc for your year.
  2. Steve Browning

    Sax therapy

    I keep thinking about this. My late dad was a saxophonist and inherited his wonderful 1937 Selmer Balanced Action tenor. It seems such a shame that it isn't being played.
  3. Steve Browning

    Good eggs on this forum

    Don't post a picture or you'll bring John Hall down on us!!
  4. Steve Browning

    Hanging out with a Rolling Stone

    Well Phil May did sing in the Diesel Band with John Coughlan!! I know that's not what you meant!!
  5. Steve Browning

    Hanging out with a Rolling Stone

    I was touring with the Pretty Things at the time Bill Wyman left and we teased Richard Taylor about asking for his old job back. I used the common shortened term of his name but it seems that it is not permitted. We weren't so formal in the band!!!
  6. Steve Browning

    In a bit of a dilemma!

    Don't part with the '73. It's the better bass and is appreciating. The road worn will never be worth anything like that. Not always a factor but worth bearing in mind.
  7. Steve Browning

    Danny Kirwan RIP

    It seems the ex Fleetwood Mac guitarist has died. http://bestclassicbands.com/fleetwood-mac-danny-kirwan-death-6-9-18/
  8. Steve Browning

    Feedback for Lozz196

    So did I!! Perfectly packaged and delivered very quickly. Thanks for a great deal, brilliantly conducted. Steve
  9. Steve Browning

    Best gear at gigs?

    I have semi-retired my old basses. That's mainly to try and stop them getting too beaten up (don't get me wrong, they have plenty of real mojo). I will use them now and again on single gigs. On the other hand, I have Japanese reissue basses for when I'm touring.
  10. Steve Browning

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Insurance scam. I read his notice on Wednesday afternoon so he was posting about the theft before it even happened!! Seriously, I hate to see anyone parted from their gear so I hope he gets it back shortly.
  11. Steve Browning

    Korg Pitchblack Mini - SOLD

  12. I see that someone is selling a pair of Hartke cabs that have a switch allowing them to be 4 or 8 ohms. How is this done and does this mean any (I am guessing) 8 ohm driver can be converted to 4 ohms (or some other value)?
  13. Steve Browning

    Cabs to consider TKS, Greenboy etc etc

    I am wondering if there is an FRFR solution? I don't suppose colouration is required, as in a bass guitar cab. You could have a single box solution rather than hoik an amp and cab around.
  14. Steve Browning

    What's up with the Mrs?

    I have a van that all my stuff lives in (covered by very reasonable insurance) so not a problem for me. Is there any of that stuff that can live in the back of the car? The speakers maybe?
  15. Steve Browning

    Valve amps and ported cabs

    Not sure I'd want to hear chocolate thunder!!