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  1. I see the Gallery advertises both makes. Are they worthy a quick call or email? The only other thing I can say is that the Trickfish site appears to give some guidance about the type of sound for which the cab is suited.
  2. Can anyone else expand why Trickfish are decently made boxes and Barefaced are better designed? Note "because Alex says so" is not an answer I am expecting.
  3. I'm with you. I never listen to voicemails either. I just call the number that rang me back. I run voicemail, hold the phone away from me and delete after the minimum 3 seconds.
  4. Genuine question. How are they better designed and what has drawn you to that conclusion?
  5. I would think they must import into the UK as themselves and then sell within the UK.
  6. There is a ridiculous amount of paperwork to deal with, and Customs are being very pedantic on this point. They are also forking out the charges on your behalf so advancing a total stranger credit. Costs like these seem exorbitant but you would probably pay it willingly if you had to do it yourself. That's not to say some aren't taking advantage.
  7. Interesting. I will be very interested in the result.
  8. You were quick./ I decided it was daft almost immediately.
  9. It does seem a bit of a stretch that they facing ruin after so many years of operation. Hay seems in short supply now that the sun has gone in.
  10. I add about 25% to cover all the various costs. You're looking at about £640 on that I reckon.
  11. I wonder what Rog would be saying if he had to sort out the Who crew's visas and get the carnet done?
  12. We used to get a couple of little milk bottles with orange juice in. It was always a real triumph to nab one of those.
  13. I have a mate in a Who tribute band. Not my thing at all but you'd think they were the Who the extent to which he goes on. They are just copying and riding on the fame of the real band. There's money, but no merit in it whatsoever. Not the merit he thinks, anyway. I think there's been a thread before but my favourite tribute band name is By Jovi.
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