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  1. When mine arrives I will do an A/B comparison with my M-Pulse 600 into the Subway cabs.
  2. All makes perfect sense. If you're happy with the risk I hereby volunteer to (at least) collect any sunburst pre-EB Stingray fretless you may happen to buy. 🙂
  3. What happens in the (unlikely) event of damage? Why not just go and get the thing yourself?
  4. True. I wondered the value of the post after making iit.That said, a 97 page thread is not going to have a high percentage of useful content.
  5. I think that the longer the thread, the less likely it is to be read (or searched). Any speaker related thread is going full of 'my set up is best' 'buy Barefaced' and the like. I wonder if there's any worth in identifying our experts (Phil Starr and Bill Fitzmaurice come to mind) who have the qualification to answer such questions from a technical standpoint. Everything else is the opinion of people with different ears/experiences. No idea how that would work but you could build up a compendium of useful 'articles' with the opinions of those who have a more objective standpoint. Everyone wants to help. I get that but some can help more!
  6. This is all sounding a bit "Jimmy Page was 25 when he wrote Stairway, but I could play it when I was 17" about it.
  7. I'd be livid that they've added that Jazz pick up though. 🙂
  8. I my case, because I trust Boogie gear. I took a £3k punt in 1988 that has paid off handsomely as I have kept pretty much the same rig while others have paid out (possibly) more chopping and changing over the course of that time.
  9. This was exactly my experience. When I first got my Bass 400 I didn't get it immediately. I even went back to my Orange heads for a while. I started again and it took me a little while to understand how the tone circuit works. Well worth the perseverance I assure you.
  10. Actually, and in all seriousness, can folk who make amps that are rack'able please put a parallel input on the back? It can be a right pain to get to an input on the front if there's other stuff in the rack.
  11. I didn't mean to imply you had. Funnily enough, all my Boogie amps have been the very ones you don't list as exceptions. I am looking forward to getting the TT even more now. Now if you could speed up my amp to Anderton's, that would be great. 🙂
  12. I don't find the guy's playing style too helpful either. He doesn't demo the gear in the style I play.
  13. You'll see from my signature that I still have a Walkabout and a pair of M-Pulse 600's. I am probably not able to give a great comparison. That's because the Walkabout hasn't ever been used as a standalone amp, always in the combo. The physics of that (the down-firing radiator etc) mean I would be loathe to give a definitive view. Having said that, I love the sound of that combo so I'm perfectly happy with that. I went from a B400 to a 400+ (for the sake of clarity, I had both the 400 and 400+ - the latter had gone when this was taken) and then the M-Pulse. Aside from the fact I found the 400+ a little more detailed that the 400 I have found that the 'core' sound of them is pretty much the same. I describe it as a sort of Boogie dna (agedhorse may think that as idiotic). Every amp I have heard has had it. My decision to go for the TT as opposed to a WD was very much down to those extra valves and fact that they had made a conscious decision to replicate the B400 tone stack. I'm very old fashioned in terms of the sound I want (I tell engineers to give me Bohemian Rhapsody). I fell in love with the sound of my B400 and 2x15s in 1988 and have not ever changed (other than to buy lighter Boogie stuff). The picture shows that journey and comes from a session in a rehearsal studio when I took the two rigs in for a comparison. My ears didn't really detect any great difference between the two 'big' rigs. There are obvious differences (graphic eq and parametric) but that basic sound was there. I believe that the TT is going to carry that journey on without any marked change in the sound. I will do the same when the TT arrives and hope that I'm right.
  14. Just heard that my amp will arrive on 30th September!! That's a couple of weeks late for a proposed tour. That said, that could equally not happen anyway.
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