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  1. My favourite replacement Fender bridge. Yes please, PM sent.
  2. Steve Browning

    PA advice needed

    If that level of power works for you then it works fine.
  3. Steve Browning

    Auditioning New Band Members

    The OP says they have 30 minutes. I don't see more than two songs happening in that time, taking into account introductions etc.A longer time means more opportunity for more.
  4. Steve Browning

    Auditioning New Band Members

    I might be inclined to try and arrange the rehearsals over a couple of days rather than weeks. I only say that because the first two will be waiting for a while to learn the outcome. Can you not set up something for a single day, extend the rehearsal? Definitely keep them apart and a restricted time is a good plan to avoid any embarrassment. In the time suggested I would think you'd only be doing 2 songs (after introductions etc) but I'd give them the two songs but check the keys with each of them. You want to compare them with the same material.
  5. Steve Browning

    Feedback for bagsieblue

    Bought a pair of LED lights from Martyn. Rapid delivery and nuclear-proof packaging and plenty of comms too. Exactly what you want from a seller. Highly recommended.
  6. Steve Browning

    Band van hire woes

    I would suggest to check to make sure that you need to take everything you were taking. Does the venue have PA (it might have)? That might be teaching you to suck eggs but worth double checking that you are taking what you need. Not trying to be clever here, just practical in the circs.
  7. Steve Browning

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    To begin with, yes. I reckon he changed around the time of The Game LP. The bass on Crazy Little Thing is definitely the strings where the windings started after the bridge saddle. I would guess he moved onto Swing bass after then.
  8. Steve Browning

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    I was so expecting you to conclude with ' and there in the corner was none other than, John Deacon'.
  9. Steve Browning

    NAD Mesa Mpulse 600 & PH212

    Yes. The Boogie eq has always been a sensitive beast and the controls all interact too. Back in 1988, when I got my Bass 400, I actually stopped using it for a short while because I couldn't figure it out. After a while I decided to persevere and it paid off. It does take a while to get to grips with the way it all works but it soon becomes automatic - and very worthwhile. Whenever I read a thread where people say it didn't sound right I remember how long it took me to get to grips with it. I have always maintained (and still do) that any Boogie amp is capable of producing exactly the sound you want. Whether or not you can find it is down to you!!
  10. Steve Browning

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    I believe JD's strings were changed every 3 gigs. I remember reading it somewhere (according to Pete Hince, the tech) but have no idea where now.
  11. I have had similar service from DPD and even a picture of the parcel in the cupboard by the front door to show it was there. That's not to say others haven't had such a good service. It seems most of these firms are a bit hit and miss.
  12. Steve Browning

    FS FENDER Precision Bass MIJ RI 57

    Looking at those machine heads, I would think is the more desirable PB-57US. This means it has US hardware and the body is alder rather than basswood.
  13. Steve Browning

    Joining/starting/finding bands

    I believe that he's on the mend but I know no more than that. I'd got the impression he won't be featuring again.
  14. Steve Browning

    Joining/starting/finding bands

    Will do, Dave. Simon is away with Robben Ford soon and so we will be convening upon his return.