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  1. Steve Browning

    Mud on TOTP 2 P Bass Puzzlement...

    Blimey, that's some resurrection!!
  2. Steve Browning


    Ah, so you to understand why the first name of the band is 'Experimental' - we all play the wrong song at different times! There is some recording and I think Simon is trying to wrestle it into some form of coherent shape so it'll probably never be seen again! I'll post something when it surfaces. So pleased with the basses. The Lindy Fralin pickups are a revelation.
  3. Steve Browning

    Rory Gallagher And Gerry McAvoy

    GM was using Stramp amplifiers at the time. A German make I believe. Rory's amp looks as though it may also be a Stramp. Seemingly our Ange has a thing for curly hair!
  4. Steve Browning

    Intermusic B120 - What is it?

    I had one. The rear door was opened using the same type of key that train guards carried to open doors on a train (funnily enough). Used mine with an HH 2x15 and then an old Ampeg 2x15. I didn't have it for too long but I remember it performing well without any issue. I don't remember it too well and suspect it was a little under-powered. I have a feeling it made way for an Acoustic 220.
  5. Steve Browning

    Rory Gallagher And Gerry McAvoy

    Certainly recently Brendan (O'Neill) has been making notes with a view to a book himself. I hope that sees the light of day.
  6. Steve Browning

    Feedback for Paddy109

    Answered a wanted ad from Paddy. Price agreed by return and payment within 5 minutes. Perfect transaction. Deal with absolute confidence.
  7. Steve Browning


    That's right, the Beehive. The band is Simon and myself and two Beehive stalwarts in Rob Beckinsale (Gtr, Keys, Vox) and Dave Kitching (drums).
  8. Steve Browning


    Hi. Hope the bass is giving good service? I'm actually there on Friday. The guy who built the basses (Simon) is in that band too so he'll hear them in anger for the first time too.
  9. Steve Browning

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    Rory Gallagher's Live IN Europe '71 is a wonderful example of a live album. You're almost sweating yourself by the end!
  10. Steve Browning

    Precision advice - don't read if you hate P basses

    Really nice JV Precision in the For Sale. Superb instruments and likely to appreciate too!!
  11. Steve Browning

    Precision advice - don't read if you hate P basses

    Actually, he's miles from you. For some reason I always think you're in Swindon!!
  12. Steve Browning

    Precision advice - don't read if you hate P basses

    If you are a Jazz player I would be looking for a B profile neck (between a Jazz and a standard Precision). These necks were prevalent between 1966 to 1973. A 66 would be well outside the budget but a later one could sneak in under your limit. These basses are seriously good value in that they are nice and light (later 70's basses are famous for weighing a ton) and have proper tort plates. If I were you, I'd be looking for a Fender Japan 70s reissue or I would go down the Limelight route. I have dealt with Mark and he's a great guy and he's not so far from you. Maple is certainly brighter than rosewood so a B profile maple neck/board would be my recommendation.
  13. Steve Browning


    I will have to work on that. Possible gig being recorded on Friday.
  14. Steve Browning


    They had their first outing on Saturday night and I was just blown away by them. The closest I can get is to say it was almost as though I been playing with the handbrake on up until now. The pickups are amazing, loads of clarity and punch right across the frequencies, thunderous lows and wonderfully articulate highs. These things are just awesome basses.
  15. Steve Browning

    How quiet can they be? (500+ watt amps)

    How about a small mixer and feed both basses out of that into the single amp. At bedroom volume you only want to recognise the notes I would imagine. Negates the need for the expense of the second amp at all.