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  1. 24 hours late but I saw Robert Cray at Oxford New Theatre last night. Great gig. The guy has a very fine voice and his guitar playing is just sublime. Great band, too.
  2. I don't think that can be right. If that is so, then it's possible for a 175 to sound exactly like a Les Paul. If we are saying the material has no effect then how does construction? The pickup has no idea it's attached to a large hollow body, any more than it knows it's attached to a solid lump of wood (or mahogany/maple sandwich).
  3. Waterlooville, which is near Portsmouth, on the South coast.
  4. That's not a huge distance. If you want, we could find a rehearsal place roughly half way between us.
  5. Acoustically, certainly, but I am only really thinking aloud here. If the body makes no difference then, amplified, would not all three sound the same because (as far as the pickup is concerned) they are the same? Not trying to be argumentative but just trying to understand how it all works.
  6. Just seen this thread. I am, indeed, a long time Mesa user. That's very much down to the quality of the gear itself. The TT-800s have just finished a two week UK tour and been excellent throughout. The combination of the Subway heads and cabs has proved to be a continuation of my original Bass400/Diesel set up. Where are you @Smiles? You're welcome to try my rig out if it's feasible.
  7. I completely understand this. However, how does this work in the context of a Les Paul, 335 and big bodied 175, all with the same pickups, controls etc. They don't appear to sound the same but maybe there's something else at play.
  8. We could have our first round of Basschat gazumping!
  9. I hate to be THAT person, but what's the weight please?
  10. Just finished a tour as part of the Pompatus Of Love, backing Steve Miller guitarist Greg Douglass. This was a live Facebook broadcast. Small but enthusiastic crowd. https://www.facebook.com/GRATEFULDEADBOOKS/videos/508190320946793
  11. Thank you. It was good to see you.
  12. All I can say is that I am 10 days into a tour and the TT-800s are performing and sounding wonderful. I don't perceive any difference in sound between any of the Mesa rigs I've had (whether full valve or hybrid). As ever, it's horses for courses.
  13. Another one ... Brighton's finest, the Desperate Dan Band around 1985. My last non-Boogie rig. Peavey 1820 cab (great at lows and tops but notes in the middle just disappeared) and Acoustic 220. That Marshall combo was 18 watts and produced the best guitar sound I've ever heard.
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