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Steve Browning

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  1. "Hired Gun" A Must See on Netflix

    Just finished watching it. Aside from the bassists (who else) I'm not sure I've seen so much over-playing in my entire life.
  2. Nice one Thomann

    Given your thread on work pi$$ing you off then this can be seen as nice things happening to nice people being somewhat borne out.
  3. 1959 Precision Bass (refin)- on hold

    I think I may have just 'donated'.
  4. Anyone recommend a good place for a refinish?

    Simon Law at SVL Guitars. He's in Winchester and was Robben Ford's tech, he is currently Pete Townsend's.
  5. Might be!! So I gather. Even in my day it was all the old R'n'B stuff although we did start to introduce some of the SF Sorrow material.
  6. The Pretty Things were at their peak between 1989 to 1995 imho. I think my gig actually been to would have to be the Sensational Alex Harvey Band at Portsmouth Guildhall, don't recall the year.
  7. Bass Cab Multi-tasking

    He Hartley felt a thing.
  8. Bass Cab Multi-tasking

    I had a Mesa Boogie RR 2x18 that stopped the UK from lifting off into the air.
  9. Mods: My feedback is missing... has it gone for good?

    What were the other 512 results?
  10. Live bands compress bass - since when?!

    John Deacon's bass rack with Dbx compressor. That will be late 70's I reckon. http://www.geocities.co.jp/Broadway-Guitar/1391/bass-rack-unit.html
  11. Rotosound Jazz 77's

    Agree completely. I am a dedicated Rotosound user (and, to declare an interest) endorsee. I love the tone and consistency of the strings. As you say, a home grown product (and we were both born in the same year!!).
  12. Queen, until the synths appeared or maybe Dr Feelgood until Gyp Mayo left.
  13. Mocha.......

    http://www.normansrareguitars.com/product.php?productid=5987&cat=199&page=1 Rather a nice maple neck at Norm's in LA (not Littlehampton)
  14. Bath, Mustangs and looking daft

    I have a recollection of the (tall) bass player in Cockney Rebel using a Mustang on TOTP for Come Up And Make Me Smile. That looked ok.
  15. The most musically talented musician of all time

    I think Bach. I remember hearing he could improvise entire fugues which means playing stanzas forward, backwards, upside down etc (the stanza, not the performer!!). As for contemporary musician, I haven't much of an idea really.