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  1. I'm going to play my old record again here. If you don't need to sell it then don't. Take it from someone who has done as you intend. I have at least two basses (3, probably) that I seriously wish I still had and couldn't even think of affording to buy another one (and it wouldn't be the original one anyway). IN a couple of years time you'll kick yourself.
  2. Session? Valve job? Stewart Ward will go ballistic if he ever reads that. No man on Earth hates valves more than he does. I also had a Session bass amp but I had the 1x15. Even Stewart admits they weren't great but made it because he pretty much had to offer a bass amp. Session are rekindled and he also makes excellent cables as well as amps.
  3. I have two UK built basses - using bits from all over the world. Rotosound are UK of course.
  4. I am the same. Hate the look and feel of a Jazz body.
  5. I have never played an Aerodyne Jazz but have owned Aerodyne Precisions. Maybe worth investigating those. The Jazz nut width is narrower and so you may want to look for a Pbass with a Jazz neck.
  6. Persevere. I would presume you are using the 'side to side' method of vibrato, as string players do on their instruments? That is how string players (and vocalists) manage their intonation.
  7. Bruce Foxton started out with an Ibanez.
  8. It does sound exotic. I was disappointed not to see herds of wilderbeest sweeping majestically across the plains. Still, it was Torquay.
  9. The WEM look is very Pink Floyd, of course.
  10. Sure a higher powered Little Bastard would be a Bastard?
  11. Tell him to ditch the hat and playing on tables!! 🙂
  12. Naturally, I would suggest the Mesa Subway series. However, they are not immediately available and so I won't make that recommendation. I would be very inclined to look at a Berg 2x12. @rumblefish has one of these and it sounds really good. Truckloads of depth and a wonderfully balanced sound. I have a Mesa 2x12 on order thanks to that cab.
  13. I've played at many a Boogaloo do, including this very venue. Monica and her team organise things very well and the food there is very good. Every day finishes with a blues jam and the bands that are appearing are encouraged to participate. Maybe take a bass and have a play. Tell Monica it would be much better with Teed Up among the bands playing!!
  14. Just bought a very handy pedal from Gareth. As before, a dead easy transaction with loads of communication and prompt delivery. Cheers again, Gareth. An entirely great and trustworthy chap.
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