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  1. I've got to go for that. Clutched my raffle ticket hopefully at the bash!! PM incoming.
  2. Oh how I longed for one of these many years ago. I played through one once and it was a wonderful experience.
  3. I saw James Morrison last night (Bournemouth Pavilion). Superb singer and songwriter. I used to play one of his songs many years ago. He was great but the sound was very poor (the bass player could have been playing anything, as hardly a single note was decipherable). The worst thing (and this is the second time I have seen him this year) is trhat his band has absolutely no groove and no joy in playing at all. Blimey, if I was in that band ..................
  4. Excellent result from an excellent day. The very definition of win:win.
  5. Love my SVL Steve Brownings! 🙂
  6. Love mine. Light, built like tanks and sound awesome. GLWTS.
  7. And you got Tony Levin to model it!!
  8. If it was home only, I'd go with the reissue Portaflex. I think these are 100w and sound just as great as they look.
  9. A Bass 400 and not a 400+ but you get the idea.
  10. The Casio clock I presume.
  11. Well a phone call should give you an idea. Eko was good enough for John Deacon.
  12. Spoke with my chum last night and rewinding is certainly an option. All sorts of possibilities
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