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  1. I'd take c). Genuinely good experience and a chance to build a following. You are close to breaking even and, if you travel together, quite possibly a good laugh (which may come in handy if you end up being together on the road a lot).
  2. I would echo the Boogie diesel 15 but confess I also had a good sound out of an Ampeg PF15, the flip top cab. Cheaper than the Boogie and even the right make!!
  3. First bass was a Columbus Jazz through a 50 Top head and Impact 2x15 cab. Don't remember much about it other than I transported it in an old Mini. The rear seat cushion had to come out.
  4. Believe it or not but this rig and the drums all went in a Transit Connect.
  5. Simple. Two. I didn't do this often but it was dead good fun.
  6. I'll save terrible gig stories for another thread. As for accommodation itself, two word. Ibis, Budget. I was on a tour and was bunking with the singer (whom I had only just met). The beds (in a twin room) were separated by about 6" if that (or so he assured me 😉 ) but that was ok. Less ok was the fact that the sink was in the room itself, the shower cubicle opened into the room and the only privacy was in the (tiny) toilet cubicle. In fairness, we were ok but I wouldn't want to go through that again if I had any say in the matter.
  7. This is the standard resource. http://www.21frets.com/
  8. That would put it around 1986 and too late to be a JV or the silver series that followed. http://www.squierwiki.com/Serial-Number-Tracking
  9. That reminds of the time when my new (then) Bass 400 and 2 x Diesel 2x15s were delivered to the shop and a guy tried a 335 through the entire rig. Let's just say it was impressive!! 🙂
  10. Great review Dave and reflects exactly my experience. I went from Bass 400 in 1988, through 400+ to M-Pulse and didn't really notice any change in the sound at all (through the same Mesa 2x15 Diesel cab). The Subway 15's, again, sound no different to my (snare drum battered) ears.
  11. Yup. Ultimately, nothing any of us says should influence what your ears tell you. Of course that (fact) renders this entire forum obsolete!!
  12. Yes. I have been very happy with the results of mine. Very versatile piece of kit and has (what I think of as) the Boogie 'dna'. There's a sound that I've always found in Boogie gear - and that I really like.
  13. I have been a 2x15 player pretty much my entire playing life. My comment was mainly tongue in cheek but I have always loved the sound. Current set up is a pair of 1x15s and they're simply awesome.
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