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  1. Steve Browning

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    I could mention (again) the gig where the guy in the audience died but that was more his worse gig.
  2. Steve Browning

    Palladino discusses THAT bass line

    Now that was a place. No disrespect to the specialist shops but a warehouse of bass stuff on a single floor was something to behold.
  3. Steve Browning

    Fender Japan PB57US in CAR - £600

    Thank you Tim. Hope you're enjoying the sunburst.
  4. Steve Browning

    Feedback for Brother Jones

    Sold a Japanese Fender Precision to Tim. Lightning quick deal. Money paid over without any hassle and a very nice cup of tea and a chat when I delievered the bass to his house. Lovely guy and a real pleasure to deal with. It doesn't get much better than that.
  5. Steve Browning

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    1978. I'm playing a my college band. A cross between Dr Feelgood and The Clash. My car has been totalled in a crash but a friend can lend me his Mini van. It's cold (and very snowy), the car heater doesn't work. As I get to the gig the back fills up with smoke and the engine overheats. We push the car about 400 yards to the gig and play to people who couldn't have carted less. We're keen and confident so we had agreed to play for a whip-round. 65p. 16p each. I am reduced to trying to shovel snow into the radiator to try and get some water into the system to drive home. I fail.
  6. Steve Browning

    Feedback for roger

    Sold a Japanese Precision to Roger. Plenty of communication and he drove a good 90 minutes to come and check out the bass. A;ll good, very pleasant chap and duly handed over the right sized wad of notes for the bass. Lovely chap and an entirely hassle-free sale. Enjoy that bass!! Steve
  7. Steve Browning

    SOLD Fender Japan PB75US

    Replied. Steve
  8. Steve Browning

    SOLD Fender Japan PB75US

    This has been my main gigging bass for a while. A lovely, lightweight Japanese P bass. It has a Kent Armstrong Vintage pickup, Gotoh 203 bridge, CTS pots and cloth wire. Bass Doc tort scratchplate and a gorgeous B profile neck which is 42mm at the nut. The usual superb build quality you get from Japan, in alder. Collection preferred (from Portsmouth) but I am happy to drive (surprisingly far) to hand this over.
  9. Steve Browning

    Lack of US made guitars in the UK in the 50s and 60s

  10. Steve Browning

    Lack of US made guitars in the UK in the 50s and 60s

    When did the Bells catalogue first appear? Far more onanism inducing than any Health & Efficiency!!
  11. I should be so lucky! I'll get me coat.
  12. Steve Browning

    Intonation and Tuning SNAFU

    What do you call a banjo at the bottom of the sea ................. a start!!
  13. As I have said in another ad, I have a couple of new basses incoming and I am finally giving up on maple fingerboards. This is a 2011 MIM Classic 50's Precision in 2 tone sunburst. It weighs a very respectable 9 lb exactly on the scales. It's in excellent condition and is a really good instrument. I would prefer to hand over in person (the bass is in Portsmouth) but I am also happy to drive a reasonable distance if that helps. That way, you get to try it and I don't have to argue with any courier customer service operative.
  14. Steve Browning

    Fender Japan PB57US in CAR - £600

    Two reasons for this sale. I have got two custom made basses incoming and, despite trying, I just don't really get on with maple boards. This is a 2004 CIJ 57 reissue in a gorgeous candy apple red. It's 8lbs 12oz on the scales so a very nice comfortable weight. Build quality is the usual Japanese high standard and it has plenty of punch. Stunning looking bass in the flesh and it has been upgraded with a wiring loom from KiOgon. Much prefer to hand over in person and would be prepared to travel a bit to do that (I have driven over 2 hours in the past) and also has the advantage of try before you buy and no couriers!!
  15. Steve Browning

    FS: '73 Precision Fretless maple board **SOLD**

    Note the smiley in my post. It is very admirable and very much in the spirit of what I try to think of this forum. So, all of you folk PM'ing, take a look at mine and make an offer!!