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  1. I actually do like that but can't see how to select it. Can you let me know how please?
  2. This, to me, is what being in a band is all about.
  3. Ah but you have retained a signature that is more than the 3 lines the rest of us are permitted.
  4. A Retrovibe Stinger pre-amp. Decided to keep the stock pickup as a result.
  5. I recently bought a red one and am also mighty impressed with it (having also owned an old Stingray). One modification and it sounds just as I remember my old 'ray.
  6. You may want to edit your topic as Overwater are a long established brand and you refer to Overload, I believe.
  7. I don't really think that I could have given a young me any advice. Mainly because, at the time, student gear wasn't that great. Had there been a Squier I'd have bought that. Apart from a Fender from the outset (5 times the cost of my s/h Columbus) I didn't have any other option. Knowing now, I would have jotted down Merry Christmas and Bohemian Rhapsody before Nod and Freddy!!
  8. Maybe one more thing. You are replacing a Jazz. Have a look at a Fender Japan PB75-US. They are the same build quality etc but have the B profile neck which is between a Jazz and a '62 Precision.
  9. Fender Japan every time. Build quality is top notch. Personally I would change the pot etc for CTS and change the pickup but the instrument is a brilliant platform for such changes. Your cheapest option and the best value by far.
  10. I get the impression that you will be massively disappointed if you do read the thread. We tried 4 different cables and @rumblefish subsequently bought the same cable as I had, based on his experience that evening.
  11. No such data available. The test equipment was 4 ears. I described the results as we perceived them. The difference was clear to our collective lug'oles. No science was involved.
  12. ... and Felicitations Cake Creations. Jeez, Does this guy actually want a sale? Same issue for me. I had the Marshall version years ago and would love this but the distance doesn't justify it unhappily.
  13. Another Columbus Jazz starter here. Bizarrely, I have no memory of what became of it. I played it for about two years until I bought my first Precision. I can see from that invoice that I p/ex'd a Hondo bass (which was a Ric) but just no idea where that first bass went. Maybe my late Mum hid it in retaliation for the basses I used to try and hide from her (which never worked).
  14. $ods Law dictates that whichever decision you make will be wrong, so do as your gut tells you and just wait for the realisation that you were, indeed, wrong.
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