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Steve Browning

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  1. John Deacon Queen

    Interesting that, even allowing for the picture angle, those strings seem to be misaligned over the pole pieces on John's bass.
  2. Bars/ Pubs And The Inebriated Out Of Control Punters

    Good job you didn't play anything 'rousing'!
  3. Bassist Ad again

    Not sure I agree with the last sentence.
  4. Hercules GS523B Guitar Rack mod

    That's brilliant. Thank you.
  5. Favourite Movie Music

    Far From The Madding Crowd. Beautifully evocative soundtrack. Oh, the proper version with Julie Christie, Alan Bates and Peter Finch - not to mention an appearance by Dave Swarbrick.
  6. Precisions

    A quiet evening in watching the telly for my Precisions - ok, that's all my basses.
  7. Show us your sunbursts

    My sunbursts.
  8. Fretless Porn

    My 1975 natural and 1990 Japanese A/E.
  9. new price Fender PRECISION Aerodyne in rare blue

    I have had both a natural and CAR Pbass Aerodyne and they are superb basses. Nice and light and a joy to play. I suspect those pictures don't do the finish justice. They are very striking in the flesh with the tiger top looking awesome. Maybe worth noting that the top is also chamfered so it curves away from your arm (in case anyone thought it would cut into their arm/wrist when playing). GLWTS. Someone will get a wonderful bass.
  10. Hercules GS523B Guitar Rack mod

    That's useful Can you post a pic of the exact bit of the stand? I would like to do the mod myself but don't trust myself to just interpret what you've said.
  11. Recommend a mixer stand

    http://www.argos.co.uk/product/4137058 Perfect fit for our Alto LIve 1604 desk. Folds nice and flat too.
  12. DHGate/AliBaba - Anyone bought anything?

    I bought what was supposed to be a Gibson Custom Shop 57 reissue. I had a thought about selling them online and thought I should get one myself to be satisfied about what I was supplying. I paid into an escrow account (so that I could authorise payment if I was happy) and waited. The guitar arrived, cased in polystyrene. It was finished in a sparkle gold top finish and was clearly not what I thought. That said, it was a decent guitar with good punchy sound to it. I didn't ever authorise the payment and so it is probably still sitting there. I kept the guitar (it wasn't too bad as a Les Paul copy) but wouldn't bother again. Just glad I took the approach of buying first.
  13. Landlord can "get bands for free", oh no.

    The cynic in me thought the very same thing.
  14. Oooer - not for me

    I'm thinking neck dive.
  15. Markaudio linear array systems

    I fear I may be the guilty party here. The OP was about the offer of a demo of the Markaudio system and I jumped in enthusing about a similar (visually!!) system that seemed to great for its size and was intrigued by Bills rsponse. The concept of speaker placement is doubtless worthy of its own thread so sincere apologies if I lead things off at a slight tangent. Maybe a new thread on how to site a pa would be interesting, whether a single box or a system consisting of subs etc.