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  1. Some interesting stuff. Bernie Marsden and Steeleye Span?
  2. Rhonda Smith and Yolanda Charles ... and what was the last bit again?
  3. I think I'd be quite tempted by that mini SVT stack. Not sure what's it's called but it's the smaller head and 2x10 cab. Probably a good sound for indoors and a bit quirky too. I've quite fancied one just for the look. Years ago I had the Marshall mini stack - a head and two 1 x 10 cabs. Think it was 30 watts or so. Not a great sound but looked fun.
  4. What do you want it for? Another house amp or for rehearsing/gigging? That might inform recommendations.
  5. Agreed. That decal, especially, looks very poor.
  6. The M-Pulse got it because it's the more powerful head and powered my stage rig. The Walkabout is mainly my recording/rehearsal amp. The eq sections are near identical of course.
  7. If we're widening the net then M-Pulse 600 with Walkabout a hair's breadth behind.
  8. Really can't wait (I have actually ordered a pair of them).
  9. It would appear the bass belongs(ed) to the original bass player (the current one was a percussionist in the band at the time). This current guy is a leftie.
  10. I was more intrigued by the case. Did he really tour his bass in that?
  11. I see the word usually so there is no 100% certainty. That is true for Thomann but may not be for every EU business. After 1/1/21 we are not an EU country either, which could make it interesting.
  12. Not necessarily (the usual answer of the tax professional). A supplier will charge local tax if they're registered for VAT locally - in all likelihood, in this scenario, if they have exceeded the distance selling threshold. What happens to ours after Brexit might be interesting.
  13. No, that won't happen because of the transit documentation that accompanies the goods. I can absolutely promise you that.
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