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  1. Isn't 7 irrelevant on a bass players forum?
  2. Couldn't resist. Bought. Thanks for the heads up. Now just have to figure out which end to blow into!
  3. I have the 1937 Selmer Balanced Action that I inherited from my Dad. I can get a scale of C major out of it but nothing else. He bought it from new and it was his only tenor until he died in 2011.
  4. One of the SVL Reserve basses. Had them just a year now and they are simply perfect (for me).
  5. I'm no expert but I might be tempted to strip the bridge and use Duraglit (if they still actually make it, of course). Or Brasso. Get it quick before the panic buying starts!! https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/255655669
  6. You would have owned it after me. I took it into Andy's for them to sell. I had it from about 1987 to 91.
  7. I bet Pino's dead miffed he let his go for such a paltry sum.
  8. https://www.guitarbroker.com/product/1979-musicman-stingray-fretless-bass/ 10/10 for effort!!
  9. My band added a single Alto 12" sub to our (15") tops and the improvement in sound was very marked. I even DI the bass now so we can have a lower sound level on stage. Going through the PA are vox, guitar, bass and keys. Very happy with the sound. We use the DSP 15 setting even though ours are the older version. Quite a weighty beast (even though active) but adds enormously to the sound.
  10. You can try Stewart himself at Award-Session - https://award-session.com/index.php
  11. Great band. They kind of split into two with Joe Jackson taking the drummer and bass player into his band and the singer (Mark Andrews) forming Mark Andrews and the Gents who produced a debut album which was much better than Look Sharp IMHO. Clive Bates (guitar) has always been my favourite unknown guitarist.
  12. My bills are paid courtesy of my job as the EMEA VAT Manager for a multinational merchandising company. Been involved in VAT for about 37 years less a few years when I was doing the touring thing.
  13. https://www.andybaxterbass.com/collections/bass-guitars/products/1966-fender-precision-bass-blonde-slab-body It's back
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