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  1. I play in a blues/funk band and we took the decision to avoid bars altogether. There are a couple we do but we play blues clubs in the UK. In mainland Europe we do play bars but that is such a different experience. I would be with you on this. A case of 'with age comes wisdom'.
  2. The oldest musical possession I have is my late father's 1937 Selmer Balanced Action tenor sax. I justify including it because I can get a scale of C major out of it!
  3. The 55 hour last deadline passed without incident as many predicted. Rather like Scott Devine searching for air fares, I would only ever look at educational material in incognito mode (should I decide to start). As mentioned, I only have a desktop with no mic or camera so that is never going to be an issue. The assurance of the BC collective was most gratefully received.
  4. Thanks all. I didn't know merely opening an email would do it. I have always known about attachments and never open them. I will take that on board. I should add I don't think I open them as such, the first line or two are visible. I opened this for the first time to copy the text (oops!!). I have F-Secure running on my pc and it scans regularly and works in real time so I am pretty confident I am as protected as I can be.
  5. Ok, thank you. I will do exactly that.
  6. Here's the email. For the record, I only have desktop and there is no mic/video connected (I don't even own such things) so my impression is that it's an attempted scam. Whats up! I'm actually a dude who currently possesses the access to your own system. I also have entire admission to your user account. We've also been keeping an eye on you for a few months now. If you are not familiar with this, I am about to make it clear. Computer virus provides me with complete access and {the total control of your notebook computer or perhaps any other device. Which means I'm able to see all sorts of things on the computer, turn on the cam & audio recording, without you knowing about this. Almost forgot, I do have your entire contact list plus your whole messages. And, how come your ant-virus could not identify spyware? To be honest, response is reasonably simple: My trojans uses the drivers, I renew the validations pretty much every four hrs to make sure that your anti virus continues to be silent. I produced a video showing how you take care of your self in one part of the screen, and the video you observed on the other side. With only single mouse click, I could mail the following footage to any or all your emails and social networking buddies. As well as i'll put up access to your own electronic mail letters. If you desire to protect yourself from that, forward me the total of $500 to my bitcoin wallet address (in the event that you have no clue the right way to accomplish this, just simply search: "Buy Bitcoin"). My personal bitcoin address (BTC Wallet) is: 3EmY35qvGqyTBwoA4V7riyBtniJG9WMFWp Soon after acquiring my payment, I most certainly will get rid of it and you won't ever hear from me back again. Now i am allowing you 55 hrs . (even more than A couple of days) o cover everything. I got a reminder placed on this note, and so it works when you are going to find it. Filing a complaint anywhere will not seem sensible considering that this letter simply cannot be tracked just like my btc address. I do not make mistakes. But in case if i'll identify that you've talked about the current communication with another individual, the vid ?s going to be instantly shared. Best regards!
  7. I have had a nice email from a .ru email address telling me I've been hacked. I tend to think of such things more as scams as opposed to anything more sinister but I would be grateful for any advice from those who know about this stuff. I have an external drive I can copy all my data to and I'm not fussed about being in any way embarrassed by any great 'reveals' although I can't think of anything on the pc that would actually do that (a pic or two of me with a perm maybe!!). Any advice gratefully received.
  8. I am sure I have seen Tommy Shannon using two of those, each atop and 2x18 + 2x10 cab.
  9. I have 6 of these. All my basses are Precision shaped and these cases hold them without them moving around inside. https://www.skbcases.com/music/products/proddetail.php?f=&id=23&o=&offset=&c=84&s=75 The lifetime guarantee is a huge sales plus to me.
  10. On a recent tour in Germany, the handle on one of my SKB cases parted company with the case itself. SKB offer a lifetime guarantee and so a quick email to SKB and another handle was dispatched straight away. I emailed two days ago and the handle duly arrived (from Germany) today and is safely installed on the case. Brilliant service and provided without any quibble whatsoever.
  11. I am presuming that backline etc was hired in.
  12. We're in mainland Europe regularly and it always has been.
  13. I understand (it's in very early planning) that we're likely to be festivals with some gigs around that area) so detail is very sketchy. It was more about the logistics and practicalities that made me think. Thanks for the advice so far.
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