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  1. If you grew up anywhere near a guitar in the 1960's and 1970's, you'll have heard the riff to House of the Rising Sun. Everyone learned it, most didn't play it properly, but we all paid homage. RIP Hilton Valentine, thanks for the riff of a lifetime
  2. Bought a Squier electrics book from Mickey, in great condition and packaged really well, all the elements of someone that cares about what they do Thanks Mickey, appreciated
  3. MIke sold me an SR500, he was kind enough to hold on to it for a bit until I had the ackers together, bless him. Straight deal all the way, came really well packaged too, you can tell when someone cares about what they do Thanks for a nice playing instrument Mike, good price too All the best Tom
  4. Bought yet another loom from John, it really does make changing the electrics an easy job, everything as it should be, thanks again John !
  5. Purchased some patch leads from Sean, everything went as smooth as you like, deal with confidence Thanks Sean Tom
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