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  1. Fantastic value for the money, I've no need for this but I'd love to try it anyway, GLWTS
  2. Thanks Merton, I'm looking for cabs with a vintage character, without the vintage weight. I'll keep an eye out for a gen 1 compact 15"
  3. Thanks Lozz, the earlier generation cabs had different speakers from the later generation cabs, I guess I'm asking for opinions about the difference in sound
  4. No doubt others here can explain this far more elequenlty than I, it's the difference between old school and ultra clear. I find the later generation cabs too hi -fi if that makes any sense ?
  5. As it says it the title really, I like the weight of barefaced cabs but find the mids of the later generation cabs too transparent for my tastes. Do the 1st generation cabs have less transparency in the mids ? I already have two 1x10's but would like some larger 8ohm cabs, so thinking around the earlier generations as a possibility ? Thanks BC
  6. Studiomaster Gold 16:2 mixing desk. For full disclosure, I bought it from this forum on the basis it was working, when it arrived I discovered it was a dud. I intended to get it fixed one day, but one day hasn't come around and I need the space. I was originally interested in this desk as it has four aux sends, which is pretty handy. £25.00 collected, I package it for a courier if someone wants to pay for the service Thanks for reading folks
  7. Hi there Here we have a Boss Micro BR 4 track recorder, it been used with scratches to the surface finish, but does what it should. Comes a a stand alone unit, you will been batteries or power supply and a memory card Now £33.00 posted to uk Thanks for reading
  8. Hi E sharp ! I remember it well, my P bass sounded great through your rig, while sounding thin through some of the well known class D amps there that day. Yours was the best sounding rig of the day for me, it sold me on the WT400 there and then. I'd certainly be keeping the WT400 if I didn't have a WT550, these amps sound fabulous, not at all surprised you still have yours, I won't be selling my WT550 for anything
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