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  1. Bought some bridges from Nick. Package arrived intact in just two days, the bridges were as I expected, what's not to like ? Thanks Nick !
  2. Bought a Beach Boys book from Daryl, hassle free deal really. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks Daryl !
  3. Met Marc at Swindon down the M4 for a car park exchange. Never fails to draw stares from other people ! I traded my RW jazz for Marc's RW precision. We were both happy with the deal, no hassle at all, it doesn't get any easier than this. Had a nice chat with Marc too, he's a lovely fella. No trouble at all in recommending Marc to BC, credit to the forum Thanks Marc, hope you enjoy the jazz Tom
  4. Just purchased a walkabout head from John. It was sent by courier and I have to say ... first class packaging, the amp was very well bubble wrapped, then placed in a box with paper padding all around it. Couldn't have done it better myself. On top of that, I paid for the amp and John had it collected by the courier the same day, so really quick as well. Thanks John, it was a pleasure
  5. Tennis elbow is the term given to prolonged inflamation of tendons local to their insertion just above the elbow. The tendons become inflamed, (often through over -use) then become stuck in one stage of the inflammation process, never fully healing. I have known of one case that didn't respond to frictions or the forearm cuff, but was resolved by acupuncture Best wishes for a full recovery
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