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  1. Bank transfer or cash is always a deal clincher for me esp with zero feedback sellers in the canaries......
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124449387928 Fender precision lyte. Made in Japan. I’m sure I paid £450 for my last one and not even that long ago......
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203182113101 Not claimed to be a resto project but any takers?
  4. vinorange

    Dubs Feedback.

    Ben just bought my USA G&L SB2. Prompt payment, great comms, basically a perfect sale, perfect gent and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks
  5. Ah ha. Yes absolutely. I'm building up my LOE (level of excitement) now just thinking about the new acquisition.
  6. I would if I knew what an NBD was
  7. It's so lovely that I decided to buy it........
  8. It sure is a great bass Haz but I decided on yet another change in direction and having run with the G&L and an AVRI 75 jazz I decided to put them both up for sale to fund the purchase of an original 70s jazz. Probably......
  9. Acquired off here not too long ago but I've decided to try to bust the bank for an original 70s jazz so if anyone fancies a trade with cash your way then message me. Up for sale is my 1995 G&L SB2 USA bass. It’s in incredible shape for 25 years old with only a few minor scuffs on the back. The front is excellent, neck is great and being jazz width (1.5” at the nut) it’s an easy play. It’s benefitted from a full pro set up with fret level, crown and polish, relief, action and intonation set and new strings. The SB2 is a precision / jazz hybrid with jazz style pickup in the bridge position and P bass style pickup in the neck position. It’s a very powerful bass too as the Magnetic Field Design pickups are very hot despite being passive. The controls have been modified with CTS pots to stacked volume / volume and tone as the original controls are just dual volume which don’t allow for rolling off the highs. The original loom comes with the bass should you want it as original. It comes in a decent but non original hard case. Bass weighs in at 4.4kg. Can socially distanced deliver, meet up or will ship (fully insured). Thanks for looking.
  10. Price reduction as these are only £28 new! Super cheap now at £15 shipped. It looks pretty unused to me.... Up for sale is a Gotoh 4 string 5 hole Fender fit 19mm string spacing bass bridge in chrome, model number I think is a 203B-4. Ignore the box - it contains a red herring with the model number....... Great condition. Unused by me as the bass I bought it for had an ashtray bridge cover and this didn't fit under it plus I then sold the bass! I'm sure I have some bridge screws somewhere too. It looks quite unused by the previous owner too. Thanks for looking
  11. I got the same story. Bidder pulled out so I asked if the seller is selling the bass as a genuine 1975 Fender Precision...... New message from: virtualpianoshop (227) Yes that's right Reply Your previous message Thanks for that. Just a further question; are you listing this as a genuine Fender Precision from 1975? Thanks
  12. The 1975 P bass is back on eBay, relisted. No reason yet for relisting...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164440924890
  13. Someone else’s account has been hacked as yesterday’s instruments, now removed, have reappeared on a new sellers accounts in the USA. Beware. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133542286555
  14. I had an 85 Fender P recently that had the cleanest unmarked neck you could wish for with barely any fret wear. I couldn’t believe it but they do come along...... Could be almost worth a 450 mile round trip......maybe...
  15. Up for sale as surplus to requirements is a Hipshot BT1 bass extender in Nickel in original box with instructions, bushing and screws. Perfect condition. £45 plus p&p.
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