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  1. Black Schaller Bass Tuners for 4 a side right hand fitment. Includes bushings. Excellent condition with just one minor blemish. Will post hole centres in a mo....... Top hole centres 20mm. Bottom hole (pardon me) centres 17mm. Top to bottom hole centres 35mm. £50 posted..
  2. For sale used flat wound strings taken off a standard 34” scale 4 in a line Fender with plenty of silk / winding. Ive checked and can’t find a definite answer but think these are GHS flats. They have black silks and as much as I researched I couldn’t get a definite on the make. Great condition. £15 posted.
  3. Up for sale is this rather immaculate high mass Gotoh 201b-4 bass bridge in chrome. Standard fender fit, 5 hole, 4 string. Came off an immaculate Jag bass. Selling because I upgraded to a kickass 3D. £25 posted.
  4. For sale, immaculate fender threaded saddle bridge. 5 hole, 4 string. Immaculate. I knew I had another and this one is defo from a Japanese Jaguar bass but is used on Mex deluxe and some US models. £30 posted.
  5. Up for sale is an unused DSL black leather luxury 2.5” padded adjustable strap with red stitching. The strap has had strap locks on so the holes are a touch bigger than for standard buttons. Excellent immaculate unused strap..... £15 posted.
  6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223754822705 It’s a MIJ Jaguar bass deluxe in good condition with upgrades but £1,595??? USA Jags can be snagged for less.......
  7. I had to do the same Marc. I bought 3 saddles which cost me £24 plus postage and then they weren’t a perfect match..... It’s odd as I think I’ve got 2 of these bridges but can’t find the other one......
  8. Ok - how about £10 posted? Set of 105-45 Rotosound used flats. Look newish today me. I think £15 posted is reasonable but could be wrong. Cheers
  9. Warman P bass pickup taken from a Fender bass. Good condition, fully working, long fly leads and 8.42kOhm output. Nice warm P bass pickup. With springs and screws. £10 posted.
  10. £20 posted..... Up for sale, a slightly rare Fender threaded saddle vintage bridge from either a Jap Jag or Mex deluxe Fender - I cant remember which as I’ve got a bag of bits which I’m selling the best of......Great condition and I know from previous experience that these can be tricky to find but of course that’s only when you need one......
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