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  1. Up for sale is my immaculate 2017 Fender Special Run FSR, made in Japan, walnut finish jazz bass benefitting from recent Seymour Duncan quarter pounders, set up and new elite strings. The bass is pretty much immaculate except a few scratches on the scratch plate (but then that’s what it’s there for). It’s from a limited Fender Special Run series echoing the walnut basses of the 60s but with the body actually being made from light ash, neck from maple with rosewood fretboard. The hardware is all smoked chrome finish and the finish is stained / poly lacquered. It comes with all the tags, labels, truss wrench, fender strap and a very nice Fender deluxe thick padded gig bag (or a flight case if this gets an offer before my P bass). The bass weighs in around 4kg and is 38mm at the nut. The mods were carried out by the previous owner and the SD quarter pounders sound fantastic. The bass plays, looks and sounds fantastic. It’s got no nicks or dings anywhere on the body, neck or headstock so hasn’t seen much action. Only selling coz I took a bass in a trade and the preamp is knackered so I’ve got some large repair bills. Based in Chester so can deliver or meet up within 75 miles or so or will post anywhere - £35 insured in the UK, £50 Europe. Thanks for looking.
  2. I’m in Chester. If anyone wanted it collecting and then meet up - for a bit of diesel money - then I could help out........within reason..... I have a van too!
  3. As for the DPDT as a series / parallel switch well it’s got me beaten.....
  4. This is what I have using the existing pull / push volume control as an active / passive bypass...
  5. Must stop using stumped - it’s coz the cricket is on.....
  6. I’ve decided that I’d prefer the DPDT to use both coils as if they’re there I may as well use them so have abandoned my active / passive bypass use. That also means I’m stumped.
  7. Nope. That’s got me totally confused. The way the DPDT is used is totally different between the active / passive diagram (MM3 diagram 3) and the Kent diagram for using the DPDT as series / parallel switch. I must be nearly there but I just can’t fathom it. For instance I’ve lost the switch cable in my diagram and can’t decide between preamp in and out relating to the DPDT switch.😗😗😗
  8. Thanks for that. I’ve got those diagrams but combining the wiring for type 1 DPDT (figure 1a) with the 3rd diagram on the MM3 wiring is doing me in. Ive sketched out a diagram using a push pull volume pot as an active bypass but now trying to sketch out using it as a DPDT series / parallel switch is what has stumped me.....
  9. My head hurts now. I maybe need to keep it simple.... Ive got different diagrams all confusing me now.....brain fuzz....
  10. Thanks for that. Could I use a DPDT switch to use the humbucking capability so I can have parallel / series switching? I’m starting to understand but I have to draw it at least 5 times before I get it.....and I know - all I’m doing is connecting a TRS jack, a battery clip and a volume control. It’s pathetic but my brain starts to go fuzzy..... Thanks
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