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  1. Have a bump from me for a fellow DR bass cab owner!
  2. Up for sale is a compact 2 x 10 bass cab by USA cab maker DR Bass. This has 2 x 10" ceramic eminence beta 250w drivers in (these are the older green label drivers) with a crossover and an Eminence APT tweeter controllable by a variable attenuator. Cab is 21" wide x 18.5" high and, with ceramic drivers on board, weighs exactly 20kg. Tolex is in great condition and drivers are working fine. These cabs are all hand made and engineered in the US and I’m not sure why they’re not so well known. This one is a compact and punchy 500w cab and although a few years old it’s in perfect condition. Here’s a link to DR bass cabs; https://drbasscabs.com/about-us-ezp-2.html I got it off the forum not too long back but unfortunately it had a cracked, faulty attenuator and a damaged tweeter so I replaced both with like for like spec parts (maybe better as the tweeter is eminence APT80). Looking for £150. Can deliver or meet up within 50 miles or so or willing to wrap it up and ship it. Thanks for looking.
  3. Would this fella do the job https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184877319367 I'm chasing Gear4Music and Webb in Taiwan in search of a plug in 240v version of the original kit.....
  4. I was only checking in regularly to see if a sudden miracle had happened and somebody had a toroidal transformer for my amp.....
  5. Apparently, and I've only learned this knowledge recently, the step down refers to the input voltage. So in goes 240v and it gets stepped down to 110v.
  6. As an avid Eden fan and having bought an Eden amp needing some surgery I found out that Marshall have sold the Eden brand and UK stock to Gear4Music. Not quite sure what to make of that.......
  7. Thanks Matt. I'm beginning to think that is best. Just waiting on Eden who are now owned by Gear4Music to get back to me to see if there's any UK stock and then it'll be a step down transformer. To be honest it'll be easier and cheaper that way as, although handy, I'd not trust myself wiring in a replacement xformer. Cheers. Vin
  8. Thanks for the link and advice. Which one from RS though? There's 8 pages of toroidal xformers.....
  9. Here's a picture or two of my innards....
  10. I just got through to the service department at Marshall who said that Eden made different transformers (not multi tap) for different countries so I'd need either a UK voltage transformer or a step down transformer. Still haven't got it to have a peep yet though......
  11. Thank you Frank. I’ll open it up when it arrives and post some pics. Thanks very much for your advice.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I’d seen ex site transformers but wasn’t sure they’d be ok. Ta
  13. He reckoned he’d been in touch with Marshall USA and they’d said it couldn’t be modified but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t know what they were taking about.....
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