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  1. The best way is to get a spare truss nut, chop it into “collars” of 1/8”, hollow out the thread and use in front of the truss nut....... Worked an absolute treat on a Jap P I had.
  2. Karl Ive sent a PM but there is a potential fix you could try. Remove the truss nut and add a washer or two before putting the truss nut back on. It usually adds more adjustment to get the forward bow out. If it doesn’t quite work, add another washer - it should help and almost solve it completely. Cheers Vin
  3. Added trades. I’d gladly add cash for a Rick 4003 or 4003s. Same for a US 50s precision in trans white. I’d also trade for a Geddy Lee Jazz (mex would be cash my way, jap straight trade, US cash your way).
  4. Up for sale is my near immaculate Mark 1 1990s Made in Japan Yamaha TRB4 Jazz Bass 4 string with a one piece ash body in a really rare natural finish with a new gotoh high mass bridge and upgraded brand new John East uni pre 5 pot 3 band active/ passive preamp. Controls are volume, balance, bass / treble, Mid / mid frequency select and passive tone. The passive tone works in both active and passive mode so this has huge tonal versatility. It has 24 frets, double cut away, sculpted body and gold hardware. The neck finish is satin so no stickiness here! The condition is amazing for a 25 year old bass and these are incredible basses. These are pretty rare and particularly so in a natural stained finish. It has gold hardware which, unusually, is unmarked, high mass gold gotoh bridge and benefits from a recent set up with minor fret level, fret crown, fret polish and rosewood board oil treatment. Relief, action and intonation were set and it plays and sounds amazing. It’s got a new set of rotosound 45-105 round wounds on. Comes with a decent foam semi rigid case. Based in Chester but can only ship now due to social distancing. I might add that if anyone has a Jetglo Rickenbacker 4003 lurking in their cupboard then I'd gladly add cash for a trade. I’d also trade for a Geddy Lee Jazz; mex, jap or USA. Or indeed a US 50s precision in trans white. Specs are; Ash body 24 frets 34” scale 6 bolt neck John East preamp Nut 1½” 19mm string spacing at the bridge Neck 2½” at 24th fret Weight 8 pounds Controls: Vol, Balance, Bass / treble, Mid / mid frequency select, passive tone. Thanks for looking.
  5. Seymour Duncan STC 2p active preamp in brand new condition. Comes in original box with pots, knobs, instructions etc. Its a 3 pot set up; volume with push / pull slap contour, pickup blend and stacked bass / treble. Has black knobs with it, all fitting instructions and a barrel jack. Bought for a project that didn’t happen.
  6. Brand new black badass III string through bridge with grooved and normal saddles in original packaging. Imported recently but didn’t arrive before I sold the bass it was going on. School boy error but I don’t need it now.
  7. Trades added. Looking for a Geddy Lee Jazz either US, jazz or MIM. Also want a black Ricky 4001 or 4003. Cash balance from me.
  8. Marcus Miller Sire V3 2nd Generation 4 String Jazz Bass in gloss black with Rosewood fretboard in mint condition with spare tort pickguard and upgraded Fender high mass bridge. With a Indonesian mahogany body, Canadian hard maple neck, gloss black finish, rosewood fretboard with rolled edges, 20 frets, Marcus Miller J revolution pickups, Marcus Miller heritage 3 band active preamp with active bypass and with an upgraded bridge this really is an outstanding bass for the money. It plays better than many Mex and some USA Fenders I’ve played. The preamp is really intuitive and the controls are volume / tone, blend, treble, mid / mid frequency and bass. It’s also got active bypass with passive tone control so really has as many tonal options that you could wish for. It’s in mint condition and comes with a decent stagg gig bag. Collection from Kelsall near Chester or will post insured with UPS.
  9. Dropped to £15. Can’t find a make on this pickup but it’s a 51 style P bass single coil 8.12k ohm pup with big 1/4” pole pieces that came off a project bass. Did sound fat and thumpy just as it should when installed. Don’t think it’s Seymour Duncan so could be custom. Measurements on the last pic. Thanks for looking.
  10. Up for grabs is an unusual custom made single ply cream pickguard for Fender Precision basses but with reverse pickup rout and 4 holes. Came off a USA 80s Fender Precision Bass so neck cutout is standard. The rest of the pickguard is standard size / shape and it’s 13 holes. £10 plus postage.
  11. Hi. Yep I think they are the same. Mine's sold although you can get a decent replica for not a lot of money on eBay. Here's the link; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323897704558 Cheers. Vin
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