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  1. Thing is, are they any good? I would imagine you can’t go wrong with a hand made UK built bass for less than a Mex Fender. I’ve owned some zoot cabs and they were really good but his basses???
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Interesting. I had read that 2 bands were bigger sounding but good to hear they’re preferred weapon of choice here. I’ll put my toolbox away then!!
  4. Considering converting a 2007 2 band USA MM stingray into 3 band. Just wondering - as a non stingray expert - what people think. Is it worth the hassle? Are 3 bands better than 2 bands? Should I just keep it original and wait for a 3 band to come up?
  5. Hi. Did this sell and is it 2 or 3 band? Thanks
  6. A good point, well delivered! Skills - yes. Memory - no chance...... I would take photos, remove and keep the old harness just in case. As an aside I’m also thinking of upgrading the preamp as it only has treble / bass boost (or cut). It’s s bit all or nothing. I’d rather have a nice boost / cut preamp with centre decent. Maybe..... Again I’d keep the old preamp with photos.....
  7. £850 plus postage, can deliver within 75 miles of Chester or meet up or can be collected. Possible trades or partial trades with cash my way (I can’t add cash to any trade). Anything with 4 strings but I favour Jap and US Fenders. Up for sale is my 2014 made in USA Gibson ES339 Memphis studio semi acoustic / hollow bodied guitar in ebony. It is the twin humbucker version with vintage super 57 bridge and 57 classic pups, comes with custom Gibson case, gold warranty card and certificate of authenticity. It is in excellent condition with only 2 very minor surface marks on the lower bout and it plays brilliantly having had a fret level, crown, dress, polish and set up not long ago. Currently strung with Ernie Ball 10s it is a wonderful playing and even better looking guitar but, alas, as a sausage fingered bass player it needs an owner with skills to match its looks and quality - not a jumped up 4 string busker (me).... Will ship it very safely, probably double boxed to keep it safe. Can be viewed, played or collected near Chester. I can always deliver it or meet up within a 75 mile radius of Chester. Open to offers I picked this blurb up from Gibson; New for 2014 - the compact ES-339 Studio has classic f-holes, two Humbuckers and a GREAT price. Features: • Super 57 pickup (bridge), 57 Classic pickup (neck) • TonePros AVR2 bridge • Orange Drop Capacitor • Nickel Hardware • Grover tuners • Gig Bag Thanks for looking.
  8. Some used flatwound strings taken from a 34” scale jazz bass. Purple silks, not cut long enough for through body stringing. Offers? £15 posted? As I don’t know the brand so I don’t know what they’re worth, I’ll just let someone decide if they want them and make an offer. Cheeky, insulting offers considered.
  9. Going back to the pots then, the allparts one was 500k top and bottom, logarithmic. Is that right?
  10. That’s absolutely clear now. Thanks so much for your time and effort there. I’m guessing the tone side of the stacked pot really just follows the convention of the diagram for the passive system above? Thanks very much
  11. I can certainly follow the diagram but I’m going to have to spend some time looking at the new diagram and notes for it to sink in. Thanks....
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