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  1. That bridge reminds me that I forgot to bolt the back gate.
  2. Price reduced to £300. Can post, meet up or ot can be collected in Bidston on the Wirral. Would consider a mex P bass in exchange with cash your way. Up for sale is my Ashdon Little Bastard LB30 all valve amp. It says 30 Watts but they're big boy valve watts meaning this could be gigged for smaller venues. Easily loud enough for a back line head and with DI out perfectly gigable for bigger venues too. Only selling as I've bought an Ashdon Little Stubby 30w instead. Perfect working order, immaculate condition. Id guess it's not been gigged. Controls are High / Low inputs, effects send / return, mid control with frequency shift, bass with frequency shift, treble with bright switch, master volume and mute. Runs at 4 or 8 ohms. Cab now sold. Socially distant collection preferred but can deliver or meet up within a 50 mile radius of Bidston on the Wirral. Cab is sold so just up for straight sale now. Thanks for looking.
  3. Up for sale is a handy little passive blend pedal from lazy bear pedals. These cost £27 new but offered as new in the original box for £15 posted. I used it to take my Rick stereo signal, pass the bass pickup through some compression, the treble pickup through some grit and then blend them back together prior to going into my amp. However I got bored and being one for instant gratification, now just go straight into the amp. Very handy pedal especially with the sweepable blend knob. Thanks for looking
  4. Up for sale is my Behringer BEQ700 7 band bass eq pedal in as new condition, in the original box with instructions. Bought for a stereo experiment for my Rick which I've abandoned! £22 new so up for £15 posted. Thanks for looking.
  5. Up for sale is my Behringer V- Tone BDI21 sansamp clone bass driver in as new condition, with instructions and in the original box It gives some fair sansampesque tones by modelling classic tube tones to snappy slap tones. Its got driver, treble, bass, level, presence and the all important blend control. I bought it to add some grit to a stereo set up for my Rick but have resorted to not running it on stereo. Photos to follow.
  6. Up for sale is my Boss Limiter Enhancer LMB3, a limiter / compressor and enhancer in very good condition with just a couple of small scuffs. Comes in the original box with all instructions. No adaptor but in full working order. Thanks for looking. Photos on their way....
  7. It’s just been re-listed by the same seller for the same buy it now price. Hope nobody gets bitten.
  8. Bank transfer or cash is always a deal clincher for me esp with zero feedback sellers in the canaries......
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124449387928 Fender precision lyte. Made in Japan. I’m sure I paid £450 for my last one and not even that long ago......
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203182113101 Not claimed to be a resto project but any takers?
  11. vinorange

    Dubs Feedback.

    Ben just bought my USA G&L SB2. Prompt payment, great comms, basically a perfect sale, perfect gent and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks
  12. Ah ha. Yes absolutely. I'm building up my LOE (level of excitement) now just thinking about the new acquisition.
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