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  1. Up for sale is my Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI / bass preamp. Legendary stuff from Tech 21, featuring level, blend, treble,bass, drive & presence controls for some very perky tones indeed! Has input / parallel input, 1/4” out and car out. Battery or mains powered. I haven’t got the original tin, instructions nor an adaptor..... A great pedal but I just can’t help myself, I’m after a Geddy Lee YYZ pedal instead..... Thanks for looking.
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  3. £275 including UK shipping. Would take a squier VM 70s in trade. Up for sale is my immaculate RMI Boomslang bass. Featuring 21 frets, arctic white paint with matching headstock, wilkinson hardware with high mass bridge and with a £190 upgrade of the pickups to Aguilar hot series (the ones with the 6mm poles). The bass is immaculate condition with not a single mark on it, is very light at 3.5kg and has has a dual action truss rod so you can really fine tune the neck relief for some very low action. It also has a very nice satin neck so not at all sticky and in fact very slick and fast. It's had new strings and a pro set up so plays and sounds great. RMI is Ramsay Musical Instruments and was founded by guitar builder Mark Ramsay. He now builds custom high end bespoke basses so it's no surprise that this jazz style bass belies its price. This one was designed, styled and set up in the UK but built in Korea. It's very very good for the price. Hard case included. Shipping is extra. Only up for sale as I just got a CIJ Geddy Lee jazz. Thanks for looking. Pics to follow.
  4. Up for sale is a badass II bridge in chrome with slotted saddles. It’s got some surface corrosion which won’t polish out but is in good used condition. I think £65 is fair but I guess I’ll soon find out! Thanks for looking
  5. Well I may as well add my joy to this thread. 2005 limited edition blue boy 4003.....and it’s gorgeous....
  6. I’d rather not as I’ll get in big trouble. I’ve just bought a blue boy rickenbacker so need to make some room (and win back some points with Mrs O).
  7. Up for sale is my 1995 Crafted in Japan Fender Jazz 1962 Reissue in Olympic white with matching headstock. It looks amazing and plays great. Everything is working perfectly, truss rod turns freely, pickups, bridge and electrics are original. This was originally a fotoflame finish but, as is their way, the finish cracked badly so it’s been stripped back and professionally refinished in nitrocellulose Olympic white. The headstock has been finished in matching white and the decal, although replaced, has no visible outline. It’s had a full set up too with fret level, crown and polish, lemon oil treatment, relief, intonation and action set so it plays very well. It’s had an after market 4 ply 62 tort reissue pickguard and some new rotosound rounds fitted too. So it’s 25 years old, a Japanese crafted 62 reissue and it plays and looks new! I have a case and if this sells before my Yamaha then it comes in a very good semi rigid foam case. If the Yamaha goes first then it has comes in a decent gig bag. I’d take a part trade where cash is my way. If there was a Squier vintage mod or classic vibe 70s jazz out there then that would be perfect. Thanks for looking. Better photos on their way tomorrow.
  8. This used to be mine and it is utterly immaculate. It’s got no dings or dents and truly belies its age. I’d class it as the best condition bass I’ve ever owned barring new basses.
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