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  1. Whoever gets this will have a lovely bass. If you do choose to strip it, use a heat gun on the lower setting and the fotoflame will peel away from the wood. It literally is like a photo so peels away under heat rather than melting. Don’t go at it with high heat otherwise the wood under will get charred. Then sand flat if needed then use grain filler, sanding sealer before primer and finishing coats. Also remember to flat the sanding sealer and primer prior to top coat. The one I did didn’t have good enough wood to just stain / lacquer. I guess the wood aesthetics aren’t overly important when adding a photo of a flamed top to it!
  2. The decal application is absolute class. Fender really should adopt those techniques.....
  3. Up for sale is my superb and almost immaculate 2003 Crafted in Japan Fender Jaguar guitar in Olympic white with matching headstock. It’s a fantastic looking, playing and sounding guitar and has had some recent refurbishment to return it to its former glory. It has a very Johnny Marr Jaguar look about it with the twin single coils and white pick guard. It has the traditional threaded bridge saddles with an added buzz stop fitted to existing holes in the tail piece to provide a greater break angle between the bridge and tail which gets rid of the normal bridge buzz without losing the Jaguar jangle. The tremolo fits snugly so doesn’t flap about either! It’s got the original pickups and pots and is a high quality guitar - as all Japanese Fenders are. The wiring is standard on it so it has rhythm / lead switch and volume / tone wheels for the rhythm circuit on the upper control plate. The lead switch enables the lower switches to be deployed which are front pickup on / off, bridge pickup on / off and mid cut. That just leaves the master volume and tone which are again for the lead circuit. All in all lots of tonal options and of course options to rewire it given the different way in which US Jaguars and the Johnny Marr signature are wired. The guitar has just been professionally refurbished with a strip back to the wood, grain fill, nitrocellulose prime and nitrocellulose Olympic white refinish including headstock face being painted to match. The decal was custom-made by guitardecals.co.uk and no decal lines are visible in the lacquer. The body really is immaculate, paint is glass smooth and it’s an outstanding guitar now. It’s also had a fret level, crown and polish, fretboard lemon oil treatment, relief set, action and intonation set so it now plays and sounds fantastic. The buzz stop keeps it in tune too as it stops the floating bridge from rocking. Being nearly 20 years old it has got some minor dings on the back of the neck but they’re barely noticeable when playing. There are also some minor rust spots on the tail piece, bridge and tremolo arm but very minor surface spots. It comes with a good solid vintage hard case which is in pretty good nick. Finally it can be delivered by insured courier or I can meet up within 50 miles of Chester. I could deliver it within 50 miles or it can be viewed / tried in Kelsall. I would prefer a straight sale but would consider a trade for any Fender with 4 strings or maybe even any 4 stringer really - depends what’s out there..... Thanks for looking.
  4. Up for sale including postage is a pickup from a USA Highway precision bass. Reads 11.17 kOhms. It’s got slightly corroded pole pieces but not too bad. I managed to insert the pictures in the middle of the text so sorry about that....... not too bad.
  5. I bought a bass off eBay and when it arrived it seemed to have a dead pickup. I checked the wiring and all seemed ok but imagine my surprise when whilst having a cursory glance the dead pickup it appeared to have been stripped of its copper! And the bass was supposed to be fully functional.... Anyway I can’t think of any use for it so am having a clear out. As it needs a rewind - or rather a wind - then it’s free to a good home. I think it’s 93mm wide but can’t remember whether it was bridge or neck.....
  6. £650 for a sale but trades welcome Up for sale is my fantastic playing and sounding USA made PRS Mira S2 in the best colour combo of antique white with black pick guard. Its a superb guitar but too good for a sausage fingered bass player like me. It’s armed with twin humbucking pickups with 3 way switching, coil tap push / pull for a myriad tonal options and comes with locking tuners for tuning stability (why don’t all guitars have them?) It has recently had a set up and restring with 10s and comes with a deluxe PRS padded gig bag. It has all case tags with it too and just has 2 dings which have been level filled with antique white paint. I’ll post it safely (double boxed) anywhere. It can be viewed / tried / collected from near Chester. I can also deliver or meet up within 70 miles of Chester. Trades wise, any 4 string USA Fender bass or maybe a 70s reissue Japanese Fender Jazz (that would be very nice) or I’ll consider anything bassy. Thanks for looking. Heres some extra blurb; With a voice that's familiar and captivating, the vintage-inspired S2 Mira is a guitar you won't want to put down. An all-mahog body and asymmetrical, beveled top give the S2 Mira much of its explosive tone. The output is not super high, but it can be overdriven into well-rounded, organic rock tones without sacrificing punch or clarity. The bridge pickup is rich with some sparkle and substantial but tight low end, while the neck pickup is a little darker, providing great balance and vintage tones. Features / Specifications Body & Bridge: Body Wood: Asymmetric Beveled Thin Mahogany Colour/Finish: Antique White Number of Frets: 22 Scale Length: 25" Neck Wood: Mahogany Fretboard Wood: Rosewood Neck Shape: Pattern Regular Fretboard Inlays: Dots Truss Rod Cover: Mira Treble Pickup: S2 Mira Treble Bass Pickup: S2 Mira Bass Pickup Switching: Volume and Push/Pull Tone Control with 3-Way Blade Pickup Switch Tuners: PRS S2 Locking Tuners Hardware Type: Nickel
  7. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233334860152 Be quick.......
  8. North West Guitars don't do rewinds so I’ll be off to House of Tone tomorrow......
  9. I live in the next village. If anyone is interested I could collect and then post it for you......
  10. Thanks for that. Unfortunately they’ve got a 2 week backlog but I may end up using them if it can’t be done quicker elsewhere. Thanks
  11. Well that would be great as they’re just up the road.....
  12. Ah thanks. I’ve bought loads of bits off them but didn’t know they did rewinds.
  13. I’ve got a humbucker pickup with one dead coil so was wondering if anyone can recommend any pickup rewind or repair services in the Cheshire area. I know it’s a broken wire but I can’t repair it - not with sausage fingers and Mr Magoo’s vision...... Thanks
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