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  1. Just did a service station meet for an amp from Andy, as smooth as you like. Everything you could ask for from a BC'er, thanks Andy, well met CHeers Tom
  2. Bought some strings from Nick, everything you'd expect from a solid basschatter, deal with confidence Thanks Nick !
  3. Bought a cab from Tim. He went the extra mile with communication and packing, couldn't ask for more Thanks Tim, a pleasure
  4. Just checked his discography, he recorded 43 No 1 singles, what a career
  5. We all do gigs that after a while just blend one into the other, but last night was an evening I'll never forget. The band has set up and were relaxing in a side room when the drummer looked through the window and shot out of his chair like a rocket. We all followed him to the front door and met Clem Cattini and his wife, Clem was the drummer of the Tornados, the group that recorded Telestar, one of the sound tracks of my childhood Clem was the complete gentleman, he signed the drummer's Ludwig drum and talked with us for ages. Clem recorded Shaking All Over, No milk today (Hermans Hermits), early Kinks tracks and dozens of other famous songs in the 60's. He introduced John Lennon to BIlly Fury when the Beatles were the Silver Beatles, the list goes on and on. It was his birthday the day before, so we sang happy birthday for him, he looked genuinely pleased. At the end of the night Clem thanked us for playing and said how much he enjoyed the band, I'll never forget how friendly he is how he just talked with us all as if he was one of the gang. He's written a book about his career which I've ordered this morning God bless you Clem, thank you for a memorable evening which I'll never forget
  6. Johann's UL 310 came my way, he made the whole thing easy and straightforward, thanks Johann
  7. Hi all This flight case is surplus to requirements at the moment, I also need the space ! It used to house an Allen and Health PA 12 mixer. It's 464 mm between rack mounting screw centres across the case. The price is £25.00 collected from South Essex, I sometimes go to the E17 area as well. I'm happy to courier if the buyer meets the cost Thanks for reading
  8. Dear all I'm having a little clear out, going out the door is a white xbox 360 120gb + white controller + old monitor + leads, all yours for £15.00 collected. I'm happy to send by courier if someone wants to make the arrangements. I'll also send pictures if someone is really interested Thanks for reading
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