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  1. I ordered something a few months ago , and paid extra for postage . Package never arrived on the day it should have . On Saturday , I ordered some packing crates from Ryman . Again, I paid a bit extra for next day delivery that as today . Both times ...FedEx . ! If I knew Ryman used them , I would have waited for normal delivery and avoided . Lesson learned . Never again . Tomorrow I'll ask for refund of postage from Ryman . If not successful , A full refund . Ipad battery about to quit . Sane with iPhone due to crap websites Rant over
  2. I'm in similar reflective mood , which can be dangerous 😼 Havent gigged for years , and won't be doing so anymore . I 'm counting the amount of basses I have in my small flat ..Jack Daniels bass/ dean taxi bass/ Washburn status/ custom headless and fretless bass from my bass / Warwick corvette/ vester fretless Warwick copy . Total =6 I have the JD Bass and Dean Taxi Bass , as wall art . Hard to get hold of, but not hugely expensive in the scheme of things . Probably keep . The Washburn status is the bass that I have gigged with 99% of 5he time It has been made passive and sounds more rock than funk . I nearly sold the Warwick and headless , but decided against at last minute . So the dangerous bit ; I have been getting into recording short bursts of rubbish on GarageBand on bass ,,,plus Moog grandmother and Moog DFAM I haven't picked up the bass for sometime and thinking of having just one . I did think of getting rid of all basses and maybe getting a status bass and having done with it . Maybe a status bass and a status fretless to go with it Then again , I have a fretted / fretless brother and stepsister with my Warwick / vester combination . I miss the scheter 5 string ( I'm a 4 string player ) but when I was in 2 bands I never had time to master it due to concentrating more on rock poses ensuring I put on a show for the punters . I'm probably no help , but you can see a slippery slope can quite easily happen when you only have 1 pair of hands . Syths are also addictive ...and costly
  3. I saw them play a few blinding gigs also . This was around 2007 ( I think/ stand to be corrected ) when South Africa won the rugby World Cup .
  4. Dream thester Wembley arena . Supported by symphony x who were much better. One of the best support bands I've seen . Dream theatre seemed tired and going through the motions
  5. Yes, I saw DLR on the same tour at Hammy O . I got there late , but gave it about 20 mins and left . Very much like a bad pub band. Saw them on the three tours before that and completely different .
  6. My older brother went to see van Morrison at Hammersmith . He says van did a couple of songs and just walked off . My brother is still a fan of his and admits that Morrison is a cantankerous old bar steward but a genius in his opinion . My 2 bosses/ colleagues played van Morrison to death when I used to work with them . I heard all the stuff he recorded up until 1999. I hated most of it , although there was one song about Justin and a goldfish which was brilliant I saw a video of him and he was very good . From what I remember in the '80s in the press it was him , Dylan and mikes Davis who had reputations about how they treated their session musicians and fans ..
  7. I 've probably missed a few to mention here , but the immediate ones that spring to mind : Iron Maiden/ Anthrax Wembley arena on a Sunday night.Anthrax were really good and I'm a fan of theirs. Saw maiden many times, but after anthrax me and one of my friends got bored of them after about half an hour and had a couple of drinks in the bar and went home. Never thought maiden would be so poor live. Went to see janes addiction at the London Astoria . My friends raved about them, and they had the rehabitual album out. Imho they had flashes of good songs and awful ones. Anyway, as they were about the lights dimmed, Perry Farrell was carried to the stage wearing some sort of toga eating grapes. I left,as I didn't pay to watch frankie Howard . I got drunk in the angel pub up the road. Went to see Celtic frost at hammy o .Kreator support. Kreator were brilliant . The frost started brilliant with the most dry ice I've seen at a gig. I got bored after about half an hour due to a half empty venue and left. I saw them again and they were much better. Deep purple house of blue light tour Wembley arena . They were awful. Gillan had the flu I'd say and was moving the mic.away to cough randomly and continuously. Then there was warrior soul who headlined a gig in London ( probably Astoria ?) The frontman started lecturing us about politics . We left . Tosser. Mordred at the marquee ( a poor mans faith no more / chillis ) were awful at the marquee . The frontman with a painted face was an arrogant tool..Probabky the most annoying frontman on a par with Bono Soeaking of Bono : after paying almost £80 to see them at Twickenham on the vertigo tour I think. I only went because I lived in Twickenham at the time and my friend wanted to go .He ruined my night . Putting on rags and telling us we should all co exist . There were signs all around the venue to text now and make a difference . Coming from the multi millionaire who should've been assassinated for being the best Jimmy swaggert impersonator . The rant went on for about half an hour but was a traumatic experience . As for the chillis . I saw them at the marquee on the positive mental octopus tour and they were great . I purchaeed mother's milk and returned it . They were good at the town and county club and Astoria . Boring as sin at Wembley arena wearing just socks . Tthats enough to be getting on with ...
  8. I have the moog apps as well..😼 I'ts just better having a real one . Although pricey , they are not as astronomical in price than they were. Yeah , thankfully technology is giving us so many things we'd never have thought possible . Who would've thought you could play gigs with small amps the size of your hand ? Good to see we're not too old to keep up with what's going on ..😺
  9. It looks a bit complicated in places, but the you tube clips ive seen make it not as daunting as it could be . I think being bass players , we just tend to plug and play etc . Brlieve it or not , I'm going through a similar phase to yourself . I'm a couple of years older , but stopped gigging years ago. A couple of years ago , I got the moog grandmother after seeing it reviewed I found it daunting , and as it's a little on the large side I was struggling where to put it in my small flat . Problem solved during lockdown , and I'm slowly getting tangerine dream and klaus Schulz sounds . A couple of weeks ago , I saw a moog dfam and it was too hard to refuse on fleabay . I'm now contemplating off loading a couple of basses 🙀 Enjoy your new toy 😼
  10. There's lots going on there, and hours of fun . I looked at this on you tube , and there's an abundance of stuff on there. Now get a moog to go with it 😼
  11. Thankfully , even I have been using multiple tracks on GarageBand . I even manage to reduce the volume on the various tracks if needed . I even drag the track length of various bits here and there . Who would've thought ?😹 Recently , I actually started labelling what instrument is what on the various tracks . Still learning something new 😸 I hope this makes things clearer ..
  12. Thanks for this DAD 😼 you always reply sensibly it has to be said 😺 As it's a usb mixer , it seems to go straight into my Mac no problem . So basically ( best way to describe );, I plug my bass/ synths / bass effects into the various inputs and sound seems to go into GarageBand and off I go . I'm not brave enough to use a mic , although I do have a nice one from maplins . I'll look into your suggestions regarding aux etc . I was kind of wondering how I'd pan from left to right for example while actually recording bass at the same time . Sounds like a juggling act . What I have been doing so far, is just letting the noises I'm making go straight into GarageBand and just saving them into an iTunes file and uploading to sound cloud . That's too easy , but I'm missing out on cleaning up my act so to speak . Hope this explains things better 😼
  13. While I'm in the recording section , I thought it best to update 😼 I think that I'll purchase Logic around Christmas and treat myself to a present then . In the meantime , when I'm more enthused I'll try tackling reason when I'm in the mood . That way , all bases are covered . Thanks for your help
  14. Howdy! I'm getting more enthused recording on GarageBand since lockdown. All well and good . My mixer is a Behringer x1204 usb . I have 2 quesdtions that hopefully the cool folk here could advise . 1) How do I pan left and right ? I know how to twist the buttons left and right . That's about it . 2) How do I add effects that are built into the mixer ? I have bass effects pedals/ multi-storey etc but using the effects on 5he mixer may save hassle plus be more fun and inspiring to use . I know how to select the effects , but not how to record with them. I think that's enough to be thinking about for now, so I'll leave it there .. Thanks in advance
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