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  1. Okay.. I'm gonna keep the brown one . £999 for the black hamburger bass , which is great for metal and fast pick playing 😼
  2. I just logged in here . Again . Straight away , it's here . When pressing the 'close ' button it doesn't shut down the page. it goes straight to the marketing site . Annoying
  3. If I was still playing in bands and not had so many basses, I would have this . Looks very "metal" 😸👍
  4. Okay . This is getting weirder by the minute . I was just browsing on another forum and no problem . As soon as I came here, I saw the bell noting me of additional comments . Then all of a sudden, the same page appears and my iPad was getting redirected to that site . It seems that basschat have got it from somewhere .
  5. Thanks ped😺 I firgot for a moment , that maybe I should have posted this in site issues ? Yes it's my home broadband . In a way , it could happen on any site I was browsing on, but it just happened to be Basschat 😸 all the best
  6. Just spoke to Vodafone . Basically , whenever you press "agree " or "allow" then 3rd party companies can contact you in this way . Vodafone have placed a bar on this so that I don't get any nasty bill surprises if I accidentally pressed a button . no probs with Vodafone . Great service . I now have to go into my browser and delete : history/ cash cookies . I suppose it's a heads up if anyone else has experienced this 😼
  7. ..Dear Vodafone customer you have been selected for chance to get rewards: -Apple iPhone XS - Samsung galaxy s9 - £200Aldi Gift card Atrention , number of rewards are limited. press ok to continue ! Ip: i managed to take a screenshot of the page . It came from :eu.mostpreciouscard.world Bizarrely , I was on my iPad and not iPhone . I will contact Vodafone shortly Has anyone else received this ?
  8. Wow! Thanks very much Pete 😺👍. Very good of you. Thanks for the kind words. Tbh, I'm not sure if I should keep that one . The market can be slow , so I may change my mind . 😼
  9. Oops! Tbh I wasn't 100% sure that I wanted to sell them separately .Having said that , I have just entered the prices now. Thanks
  10. I Steinberger£999i am in a strange situation at the moment , where I'm no longer playing and holding onto nostalgia . After moving into a smaller flat , I guess I have to be ruthless and ask myself " do I really need all of these basses ?" How many hands have you got ?" The basses I am keeping are the jack Daniels , the Washburn status , the fretless vester which is a copy of a Warwick and an actual Warwick which I bought here from a great basschatter in August last year. Anyway , I have here the Steinberger XM3 not so common as the XM2 which is a rarity in itself A few bits of wear and tear obviously for a 30+ year vintage instrument . It comes with original gig bag which has seen bettter days tbh , plus a brand new gig bag purchased from amazon a couple of months ago. Also slighly tattered envelope and paraphernalia . One thing to note : It eats batteries and should be looked at by a tech . Socket or wiring issue ?? comes with additional brand new tiger gig bag , purchased all the way from the amazon. The other bass Custom fretless 4 string made by Mybass of this parish. 2 piece mahogany main body wood that was off a very old piece of furniture. American black walnut top . A five piece maple / Wenge neck. Macassar ebony fretboard The control guard may be Macassar , but peter is not 100% sure on this. Controls are vol/vol/ tone. Although headless , the tuning system uses standard string single ball ends . A bit like the Steinberger tuning system but it fits normal strings and not headless . There are Seymour Duncan humbuckers. There are 2 strap holders allowing 2 strap place options . Scale length is 34" with a double octave neck . nut width is a tad over 1.5"/39.3mm.It has 3mm side dit's starting at low F . There are 6 wood chipped screws holding the neck solidly in place. The neck leans more towards a p bass size than a jazz bass. The body and neck have an oil finish (try oil on body). This bass is very light in weight and has a great sound . The action is light to the touch . although pictured with 3 strings , I have a new set available . Just haven't had time . They're dadarrio. comes with excellent paddded Rockbag gig bag. Trade wise? Maybe a green Yamaha attitude , which means that I've trimmed one bass. or anything Moog , as I have just got a grandmother . Now for the pictures. Pm me with offers I'm based in Parkstone Dorset Dont wanna post, but if you arrange your own courier ..😼 More pics to come
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