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  1. Well , I forgot about it . Lots going on . Sorry . ive pm'd you ,and a previous person who has emailed me . Haven't pushed it , as I do think of keeping it ..
  2. I'd be amazed if it wasn't satch tbh. Maybe something off of the time machine album ?
  3. I have the fretless version . Great bass!
  4. Strange the way the world has changed so much in a relatively short time growing up I used to love football and heavy metal . Metal was always seen as the underdog of music and often ridiculed . I remember reading shoot magazine , and the subject of shirt sponsorship before it got to where it is now . Now you have Metallica ( metallicorp ) , and maiden who are absolutely massive . Great bands no complaints . I always knew maiden would be massive since seeing them at the marquee , music machine etc sane with Metallica . But tbh , never knew these bands would be this big , and metal in general . Having said all that , I'm bored of football now and refuse to pay to watch it ,especially with the likes of saddo berhanino/ sanchez and a lot more mercenaries who get paid way too much and decide if they can be bothered to play or not . Plus you have the managers who lose the dressing room..you get the picture .. Fair play to stevie tho who is living the dream , and doing his bit for the club ..
  5. Being a semi novice recording wise, I'm curious of the novation launchpad mini, which can be used on iPad and Mac . Not wanting to shell out full price, I just purchased the mark 2 version for £38.09 instead of £68. One of the reasons for this is because the mk 3 version has just been released .my thinking is that if I get on with the mk 2, I'll try and get a similar deal this time next year ...
  6. Yeah, I can't remember the song titles , but love the first track The rest is not my bag , but he is an awesome player
  7. I bought the album years ago. it's roscoe beck . He has his own range of signature fenders iirc.Haven't played it for years . if you don't get anymore replies I could check the cd cover over the weekend
  8. Thanks bass assassin . If there was a way of swapping that unit with a steinberger one I would . The steinberger ones come up on ebay a lot of the time ,but I have a feeling that if I got one it wouldn't fit . I'm wondering if I took it to a tech, whether it would be expensive to repair and would it be a permanent fix in a good way, or whether they may dissemble it and spray lubricant and I'd have same problem further down the line.Its not my main bass , but it is the lightest .
  9. Keep a lookout for apps next week . Thanksgiving and Black Friday .. in the meantime I'm after a 3 seater leather sofa.
  10. 👍 I notice you have good speaker wire there also . Looks like qed. 79 strand ( apologies for wearing the anorak 😼)
  11. Nice bass😼 I don't think yours has the Kubicki style wheels tho? It may be relevant , or may not . glad I've given you ideas 😹
  12. Thanks for that Bassbod. I'll look into it when I'm feeling brave😼
  13. There's nothing to say really , as the posts above and below sum everything up you have managed to stand back and assess what's right for you . Enjoy the time off Lozz and at least you know now that you will feel better doing things on your terns , whatever you decide what to to and how you're doing it . all the best 😼
  14. Howdy! I have a nice custom made fretless purchased from a basschatter and all was good until the tuners couldn't turn anymore and I could not get the bass back to standard tuning . I sprayed some dw40 to no avail the a string snapped . I'm wondering if it's best to give it in to a repairers or is it something like a washer could be needed? The tuning system is more like a kubicki with the ' wheels' by the bridge but steinberger type tuners also,. please advise if you can Thanks
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