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  1. Delurking to say , great job ! I'm getting to grips with GarageBand at last , and it has a lot of benefits .
  2. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner , and thanks for your help . I thought it best to give an update . Since lockdown started , I decided to pull my finger out and get on with things I have actually started to record efforts of my bass ideas in my head, combined with various keyboard apps on my iPad and believe it or not , upload to soundcloud πŸ™€πŸ˜Έyes really . There is a way to go obviously , but I am surprised by likes and reposts of my efforts . I think the way I was apprehensive towards recording , was like when I was starting out to learn songs on the bass when I as frightened of making mistakes and just played the notes and too nervous to fill and elaborate if that makes sense . The good thing which I should have realised earlier , was that if you make a mistake home recording , there are no frowns or pressure and that you can just scrap that file and open another one . Hope that makes sense . I will tackle reason at some stage properly . Same with Ableton live . At the moment, I'll try myself rather than course . I think sometimes you have to be in the mood also . Yesterday for example , I just recorded a few 2 minute efforts , and before that I wouldn't do anything for days. I had to move my equipment into the living room due to neighbour / noise issues so it as staring me in the face . I had no choice , but to get a grip and record something 😹 Anyway, I'll leave it there . Thanks again for your help and input πŸ‘
  3. Legend . 400 children also . RIP 😿
  4. Seems fine . The only thing really , what cost is postage ?
  5. Have you checked their feedback ?
  6. Is this joey jordisons new band? slipknot were never the same once he left . This is really good 😼
  7. Cabin fever specialist , which is a work from home position. The pay is Β£317.42 from universal credit . This payment may be stopped at any time if you do not stick to the set guidelines . The position is also required to go above and beyond the stated contract at any time . This includes justification by logging into a journal many times a week . My coach changes every so often at random times , often at short / no notice . This happens when you are expecting phone interviews ,which is arranged by them . The first payment is 6 weeks after you join .You must also attend their specialist offices on demand ., If you have a medical condition , then your contract is not automatically terminated , but you have to get fit notes from your doctor to justify your condition . If you have over 30 years working experience in various large companies and you have had less than a few months and years off due to recuperation , it is not taken into account . This position is not a permanent role , but could lead to a suitable part time position if I go to the lcwra group and also attend the interviews mentioned above .
  8. I thought for a moment that I may have been useful, as my playing often resembles les Dawson . I played a couple of my early gigs in the '90s with a keyboard player .The amount of plugs and wires everywhere was a serious breach of health and safety . Like drummers , keyboard players are gold dust . Having said all of that, if my keyboard friend was doing the set lists we had back then , he told me he could do it all on a laptop . The last time I saw Edgar Froese at the Astoria , I noticed the virtual stuff on his Mac laptop back in 2007 .
  9. Mmm.. flotsam and jetsam blowing megadeth totally off at the hammy o ( Jason was with them then ) . Dave mustaine was mumbling . Megadeth seemed to take a few breaks and mustaine had a couple of costume changes symphony x blowing off dream theatre at Wembley arena in 2007. Never saw or heard of them before , but they rocked and owned the stage . stan Webb blowing off John May all at hammy o sometime in this millennium All I can remember about Mayall was that he looked a bit like jimmy saville in appearance trying to be cool in tracksuit bottoms . Very arrogant ,although mick Taylor played one good song as a special guest iirc . M..OD supporting Suicidal tendencies at the Astoria on a Sunday afternoon . I ended up buying billy Milano a Coca Cola . Glenn Hughes blowing Jack Bruce off at a truly miserable gig at shepherd 's bush in this millennium . It was a gig that Michael shenker was supposed to headline but pulled out , leaving a half empty crowd Frank Marino was pretty good , Glenn Hughes was excellent , and Jack bruce looked like a used car salesman struggling for business. The encore? ..Eleanor Rigby. WTF!?! Anthrax better than iron maiden Wembley arena, persistence of time tour. Wembley arena
  10. Have a stingray against the machine bump 🐠
  11. I stumbled across this today . An old episode that's probably been discussed here already after it was originally shown a few years back . anyone else see this ? wow !πŸ™€
  12. Wow! So many similarities with my own experiences ( the Hondo/ bass mags / trying the various techniques etc). tho I'm not as good. For me , after finding out that I could actually play a few songs , and was ready to join a band , I wasted a very long time being stupid by trying the slap pop and tap , hammer ons etc . A total waste of time for me . I was working long hours , drinking loads, socialising etc . After leaving my first band , I placed an ad in loot magazine . One guitarist I saw knew that I was neglecting the basics while concentrating on the flashy stuff . " f **k stu Hamm !" Was the turning point for me to see a teacher . I learned a lot in a few months . Time, money and a long trek on the underground meant I couldn't keep it up . Mr. Teacher let me use his fretless wal , and I didn't seem to be too bad on it . I always took my usual bass along , but he just asked me to use the wal now and again . I was a very naive person who played too many notes , because o thought that you had to follow the guitarist as well as drums . ( well I was trying to do everything metal 😹) much older and relaxed I just play what I want , either finger ,thumb or pick but don't try all that flashy stuff anymore . I think playing in a relaxed way helps me a lot .
  13. After 2 mins and 12 seconds I couldn't watch any more . Two annoying Vacuous "men". The guy with the hat loves himself in the style of Jamie Oliver and the guy with the ' man bun'? looks like that food expert from Essex It has the effect of reality tv, where I switch tv off or over straight away. That was painful and annoying .
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