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  1. Point taken . Annoyed at the time , as the parcel was on the van in the morning. If I didn't check again later in the afternoon , then I wouldn't see that it couldn't be delivered. I should have had the parcel last Thursday . They charged me the cost for next day delivery ,which should have been thursday . What they could have done is offer to refund postage and I would have kept it . They haven't rectified anything really . As I say , I changed review and they were happy about that . I was too trigger happy with the posting here , as I was angry at the time . Thry still haven't refunded me , but I'm not in a panic about that . I see good and bad in all companies , and leave positive and negative feedback . I should have asked what you think of GAK , and listed my concerns . Hands held up. Then again, it's very sloppy but now forgotten ..
  2. Final update : I altered my wording on the trustpilot and Facebook reviews I received an email from GAK thanking me for that this afternoon . They also told me that despite them asking FedEx to return parcel , they will try to deliver today . They asked me to mention to the courier to please take it back to them . I did that this evening . If they offered to scrap the postage cost I may well have kept it, buit it's all done now and no hard feelings . Just waiting for refund and case is closed .
  3. Well I may have been a bit ott there . Having said that, I am laid back believe it or not . I did allow for the new year break , plus covid . The main things that annoyed me , were being charged for next day delivery . Then the actual day was changed when I got confirmation email . The thing that annoyed me today was in the morning , it was in the van with the driver but that changed late in the afternoon and I had a day wasted when I wanted to go out albeit for a short period . Anyway it's all behind me now . Everything varies with courier companies and shops in general . I maybe should have worded the topic differently . Avoid may have been too harsh . At the end of the day , it was only my experience
  4. Actually , I'm normally very chilled . Having said that , the caps lock did get stuck when I entered my username .๐Ÿ˜ธ I don't like the band RATM ( sorry , more caps )
  5. I received another apology from Dan . Alas , he seems to think that PayPal didn't list my full address . This of course wasted even more of my time , as I had to check in the PayPal app Full address is indeed listed . This tells me that it is the fault of whoever addressed the package at their end . FedEx? The GAK shop? He also told me that GAK use DHL and DPD also. He says he is going to respond to my review on trustpilot . No refund yet I wonder if he has seen my Facebook post ...
  6. Just had 2 emails from Dan apologising and advising me I want the product recalled .,He has just seen my Trustpilot review . I thanked him for having the decency to apologise , but advised him I would like a refund for the wasting of my time and lack of communication . I didn't quote led zep . I did tell him that gear for music are better and use DPD who imho are best of the bunch ..
  7. Last Tuesday I was interested in a cheap midi controller , which had to have a midi socket . The chap I spoke to Jack, was very helpful and rather than google everywhere for the best price I placed my order with them due to the help provided. Obviously we have New Year's Day etc but I paid ยฃ4.99 for postage and was told I would get it last Thursday . However the tracking reference from Fed Ex told me Monday , and then Today before 6pm . I checked at different times , and found that they could not deliver due to incorrect address. I wanted to go out this morning , but obviously couldn't . So, I saw red and left my feedback onto trustpilot . After 6/7 mins waiting , I got through and a refund is on its way to me . Bizarrely enough , I joined Amazon prime for a trial period due to various deliveries I have had . I could have got it free postage I normally use gear for music but their price was a little higher. They use DPD which for me seem to be the best of the delivery companiesHaving said that , I would have had the item last Thursday whoever I used..as long as it isn't GAK I got an excuse about Fed Ex being in a mess, and sorry . No communication whatsoever . just my experience .
  8. Good point about the piano Steve . One of the hardest instruments to learn . Speaking of dogs at gigs , I did play a bizarre gig with Fred the deaf dog in a pub in Fulham . ๐Ÿ• Lovely big placid dog . The pub was full of smoke high up into the ceiling . Alas, we were not Celtic frost , but a blues band called sponge fingers
  9. Coming from a large family, always working plus socialising I have done well initially to actually get as far as I have playing the bass . When I was around 15 mum managed to get me a bass ( hohner firewood precision copy ) from her freeman's catalogue . This was after a short attempt to play a lovely black les Paul copy . Thankfully she was allowed to change it. I phoned up an ad placed in sounds for lessons . " You don't need lessons for bass" . Um.. ok. It wasn't until I started learning tab from American guitar mags and meeting one of my best friends through work that I actually could play something remotely tuneful . My friend at the time was charging me ยฃ5 and he would play endless metal for hours after I fed him . If I as broke, I'd give him my ozzy albums that I had on cd . It was through him that I discovered Rudy sarzo hot licks video. He also got me to play my fist gig ever ( 30th birthday gig ) with him on guitar in front of 200 people in the centre of London . That got me auditioning for bands . Playing root notes , and frightened to stray too much in fear of sounding too much like les Dawson I was somewhat ltd . when stu hamm and slapping and tapping became popular , I spent too much time trying to do that ( unsuccessfully obviously) and one guitarist who was possibly going to be in a band with said " [email protected]@k stu hamm! Learn the basics" So I did , and started seeing a lovely bloke in tooting ( John hills) . I spent a few months with him , and learnt some theory and a bit of proper music . I day a bit ' every good boy deserves fudge ' etc . He helped me understand triads , scales properly etc . Plus he let me usd his WALfretless for brief periods . I ended up being in a few bands but got bored for a few years . Then after doing my 40th birthday gig on front of 70+ people got the urge again to join a band again . It took me a while to up my game when playing in a proper gigging pub band , and eventually I could play by ear a lot better . But with bands , they start off well and dissolve. Mainly due to ego or commitments . Im pleased to have played places such as the grey horse๐Ÿบ in Kingston albeit to shady managers and one man and his dog .๐Ÿ• I packed up playing in bands for good around 10 years ago. I have purchased more bassses in case I do gig , but may offload then although letting go is hard. Since noodling at home , I find bass a lot easier . I did have a five string but sold it as I was too nervous to use it live . I thought it more fun to jump around doing rock poses for entertainment rather than people watching me looking bored . I was going to get another 5 string but I have a bass whammy . I found 5 string not difficult to understand . Fretless.. the best neck I have on any bass is my vester custom series . I like the one that my bass sold me on here that he made . All that said, I have now finally got my finger out this year and am managing to record stuff on soundcloud. For years I was trying to use GarageBand on my old Mac mini , but tbh the Ram was not powerful enough and I had glitches everywhere . Plus I never had time to use it due to work and band commitments , Now I have a Moog grandmother which I need to get to grips with ., plus a better Mac with more storage etc. Apps are cool also . so, I'm still keeping a musical interest and it's good to see that everyone here still has . In my case age and time seem to have made a difference . I could have done a lot more with everything but I'm more or less happy with my lot . Just do what gives you enjoyment .
  10. It's the better one of the box sets imho . That's another thing ....everything is now in "coffee table " format . Don't start me off on the jigsaw puzzles ๐Ÿ„
  11. Happier new year ! I've recorded a fair amount of noise over the last few months .. The files have been saved , also saved on iTunes . Do i still need to keep files , or do I bin them ? Just wondering about space on Mac etc cheers
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