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  1. After 2 mins and 12 seconds I couldn't watch any more . Two annoying Vacuous "men". The guy with the hat loves himself in the style of Jamie Oliver and the guy with the ' man bun'? looks like that food expert from Essex It has the effect of reality tv, where I switch tv off or over straight away. That was painful and annoying .
  2. With the power of computers , I still have the history . will eventually get round to printing and framing these..
  3. Speaking of autographs and meeting people ( again ), I met Alice Cooper when he was signing copies of his constrictor album .He was a miserable bar steward . His band were great . Alice didn't look at anyone and just looked at the desk the whole time . It wasn't until years later the penny dropped ( this was all pre internet) At the Wembley arena gig the previous Friday , the noose was too tight on him and he nearly died apparently. i was wandering around hmv in oxford street on a Friday evening I'm the 90s and I was standing behind him . Just then barriers went up and he was doing a signing session. I didn't bother as I expected him to be rude . Shame really . I just caught him on an off day .. Bob Calvert on the other hand was a top bloke πŸ˜ΌπŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. Great story about Ozzy . Keep the Motorhead stuff though ..especially the excellent space ritual 😼
  5. Can't go wrong with maiden . I had the original soundhouse tapes ep I sent off for back in the day . Back in 2015/ 16 I was on hard times and sold for about £385.00 I didn't realise that there are forgeries of I met the buyer in a cafe Nero in Baker Street . We had the iPhone torches out 😹I met Jim Marshall at the Wembley music fayre back in the 90's . He signed a poster for us . It was damaged over time. Oh well..
  6. I was talking to a friend a couple of times about his concert tickets . I never kept many myself really , but did say he's got a good collection and it may be worth a lot . Seems like I was wrong . I would say though that anything signed by Kurt cobhain or cliff Burton would still be worth a lot tho.
  7. I have a Charlotte and the harlots t shirt which is now my painting top when st hunger came out , I thought that it's time to get rid of some of their rare stuff. So I sold a white label 12" of jump in the fire which I purchased for £1.20 on a stall in Camden market . I queued up in shades in 85 and got the band to sign it, plus the hell on earth tour poster . Lars was puzzled . I sold both of those for about a grand . I scanned before selling so I still have memories . The poster was quite worn . The master of puppets and helloween tour posters are staying tho 😹
  8. I had regrets about dumping my old metal tour t shirts from over the years . I did that years before eBay , so not so sad I guess. Probably the daftest thing I did was washing my Metallica ride the lightning sweat shirt which was signed by Lars in the duke of Cornwall pub next to the hammy o where him and James were . πŸ™€πŸ˜Ή
  9. Radio station coming through my faulty active pickups from my Washburn status bass in band rehearsal . Odd, but also amusing .
  10. While having a thorough clear out , I looked at a few concert tickets I stumbled across . Out of curiosity , I looked in flea bay , and realised that in a lot of cases original stubs from big names are just sitting there , with no bidders . not outrageously priced either . Same with your programmes , although iron maiden fans are always interested . When times were hard a few years back, the most money I made from tour programmes was the AC/DC highway to hell tour, and motley Crue theatre of pain tour . of course autographed stuff by legendary figures would be worth more . A lot in some cases. Not sure about autographed basses .. Anyway , your thoughts ..
  11. Going through my collection , I'm getting too many duplicates by the same artist . what do you prefer ?
  12. Totally gutted . Favourite ever drummer . Percussionist and all round genius RIP 😿
  13. Howdy! I need to concentrate and get myself back into the right frame of mind and actually make proper use of the stuff that I have. After moving into a smaller flat and coming to terms with health issues that make me not want to do anything , I'm beginning to declutter my mind and stuff in flat. I have recorded bits on sound cloud ( Mellowcat ) , but struggle to find out how to actually record anything properly and they become demos. Gear: I have all the gear and no idea ..imac / Mac mini / bass/ moog Grandmother not used much and various bass effects . I use reason 10 and before Xmas treated myself to launchpad mini 2 which includes Ableton live lite . I was thinking of paying for online lessons for reason and Ableton live . I was looking last night at the reed website and they have a sale on until March . I have an old Roland sp202 sampler and dr 202 drum machine . I love the launchpad and blocswave apps at the moment what are your thoughts ? Thanks
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