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  1. Just thought I'd give an update of the new setup of my bass .. I got a call from one of the other technicians on weds. He advised me my bass was ready to collect. I picked up on Thursday . Different Tech, but it was him who worked on my bass. Very nice chap . He explained a lot , and we chatted . I now have fretless bass tuned down to B-E-A-D and it's great . Feels easy and comfy to play . I had sellers remorse after selling my Schecter Stiletto elite 5 many moons ago. I bought that on my first visit to soundcontrol being a bit extravagant at the time . Tbh, I didn't feel comfortable playing a 5 string in a live situation except rehearsals . I'm liking the fact that seeing as I'm not in a band situation anymore , I have ample time to explore both tunings I currently have . Not bothered about the half fretted idea. That's in the past . This bass feels great , it has to be said . Thanks for all of your input
  2. Wow! That tuning sounds wacky . Sounds very ..low and floppy 🤤. Thankfully I don't do the band thing anymore , so I can just mess around as and when . I went for the standard downtime of B-E-A-D as. Used to have a 5 string . I never had time to feel confident using it in a live situation due to being to energetic to the crowd etc. I also have ...a bass whammy 🤤
  3. Thanks @Hellzero Yes , that does sound like a good price now ( it could have been more ) , as you and @Stub Mandrel have pointed out what goes into such a project. Having my other fretless ( vester custom shop Warwick thumb copy) tuned in standard E-A-D-G it means I have a use for both fretless basses now ,and wiill just use the fretted and fretless basses as a they are intended to be used. Cheers
  4. Thanks for that @Stub Mandrel yes , you have given me an excellent explanation which makes sense . Not a big deal in the scheme of things What did cross my mind on occasion, was if I got a deferred bass neck and put a few frets on that . That is something that I’m no longer thinking of . I’m not a fan of the almost recent Ibanez idea of their take on a hybrid neck so to speak . Maybe in the future they may do something like what I was thinking of. Anyway, it was a passing fad I guess as I tend to use synths more these days . I just had a couple of mad days and it’ll probably be forgotten and basses will gather dust again .) cheers
  5. Delurkimg to give my experience today with guitar tech .Also to ask your thoughts . Not sure if guitar techs are mainly miserable bar stewards , but I handed over my headless fretless over to a tech today who grunted a lot and didn't want to converse at all . It could be me being too bouncy and friendly while he was servicing a guitar and he had to see a customer l didn't interrupt him and waited patiently to be seen to. Anyway putting that to one side, I have a nice bass which was made by a great Basschaer , but being similar to a kubicki the tuning pegs were getting stiff and I thought it would be best to get it set up . The setup I fancied was B-E-A-D . Should be a straightforward job for a tech . As I have a few basses and 2 fretless basses , I thought of getting 7 frets on the lower notes of the neck. Tech said " no ! It would need x y z done etc. I can possibky send it off to somebody but you're talking around £350." we both agreed that it was extortionate for what it was, so I just went for a basic reset.. I supplied him with DR strings for Down Tuning . He did ask me what kind of set up. Tbh , I didn't understand what he meant. on the iquotation it says "silver guitar service Bass" £40 . No problem with that . I have seen various topics / videos of half fretted basses . I was under the impression that You could get a bass fretted from fretless . Maybe a half fret board is more tricky . If I was living / working in London like I did in my previous life , I'd be in Denmark street to see graham Noden or similar. Anyway, is what I wanted too much cost and hassle ?
  6. Times are hard , but I think that if you uploaded more pics you'd get more interest . Good luck with the sale ..
  7. Chvches use moogs . Not sure if you can get moog apps for windows .. on Mac , the moog apps work on GarageBand . Just a thought ..
  8. Interesting regarding grunge in general .. The one band I thought was the best and never saw unfortunately was Alice in Chains . Nirvana to me were overhyped where they were played to death . Their videos running constantly , and multiple singles from the nevrrmind album released on a par with def leppard and their mega commercial success . I have a few nirvana albums ,but do not play them and haven't done so in years. Pearl jam did nothing for me , except a couple of tracks " The vocalist just sounds less than cheerful and very samey. A bit like Paul Rogers ( sorry , only my opinion ) Soundgarden ; I purchased their ultra mega video and thought it was just dated sounding crap . Thankfully it only cost me £3. I had the flower 12" . A 12" with come together and big dumb sex . Okay for a few spins . The screaming life and fopp eps are good ..except rock not pop or something . As for the rest , louder than love and badmotorfinger are their best imho . Superunknown to me is patchy. Some of the tracks sounded like they were too stoned to be bothered imho. And should not have been on the album . I saw them a few times . Some good some boring . The last time at Hyde park supporting sabbath . They played the superunknown album in its entirety . Not much talking to the audience . It just seemed like a job to them. Should have done badmotorfinger instead as the last few tracks they played were not really into getting the crowd going. Wouldve like to have seen tad , as I like " touch me I'm sick " For me , grunge was about poor production and arttitude , but not everyone's cup of tea ..
  9. I've recorded this ,so will probably watch over the weekend . Thanks for the reminder . Was never a huge nirvana fan tbh , but thought I'd share a couple of experiences .. Back in ( '91?) before never mind album was out 4 of us saw them at the Astoria . Hole were supporting , so we went to the bar. The thing here to remember , is that 2 of my friends were heavily into them and grunge in general , and I was stuck in metal . My other friend is ufo and metal etc. so, myself and the other friend bought tickets on the night on a whim, after coming out of the angel pub up the road . W were all in the balcony with a table . My metal friend hated them . Sound wasn't great . Just loud and pearcy where we were . The other 2 liked them . I was indifferent as I never had anything , although grandma take me home was embedded in my brain . They do like a chorus .. Saw them at the Kilburn national as an added date a couple of years later and they were amazing . Apparently the grunge bands performances could vary on any given night . Apologies for the ramble ..
  10. Let's get the ball rolling: what artists do you listen to that have the sound you are after? Are you talking synth effects units to use with your bass? Are you doing home recording ,and want to buy synths but not sure which ones to get? Are you looking for apps for your pc/mac/ipad etc?
  11. In a nutshell , I'm happy with my setup and dodged a bullet by not being swayed by getting something I more or less already have . I could or maybe should have started another thread , but in a way my last post more or less finishes this one . Some things are easier to explain in person rather than typing 😸
  12. After using the dfam, grandmother and minitaur for a while now , I finally realised that I don't need the sound studio after all . I know I said that above .. When I finally setup the correct positioning of the dfam on a homemade stand , I was able to connect the various patch cables a lot easier . This meant there was no need for a euro rack stand. The mixer I have is adequate . If I were to get the studio bundle , it would have been the mother 32 , and not the harmonicon. The harmonicon doesn't appeal to me . The mother 32 has more sockets for patch cables and looked easier to programme than the grandmother initially . Having said that and after looking at various you tube vids, it seems like I've now got the hang of using the dfam and grandmother together and I'm not missing out on anything really . Apart from a few more sockets on the mother 32. Now I see there is an updated release of the sound studio for ..£2,000 approx with harmonicon/dfam / mother 32 Not for me ! There have been 2 sellers on eBay selling the moog sound studio for £850 . ( dfam and grandmother ) pretty much mint condition . I did for a moment or 2 think about buying them and selling my dfam ( which means that I would have the moog bundle for approx £400 Having said all of that , I think that I can live without the kiddie posters and cartoon cutouts and stick with what I've got. I am wondering why moog have released this latest version of the sound bundle so soon . Poor sales??
  13. I preferred Louie Louie Louie , and so you win again 😸👍
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