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  1. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    Two things to mention; 1) I found my iPhone 5s box which still has my earphones in unused. What I did this morning was use them , but wth the AKG headphones over them . Brilliant sound , I kid you not 2) this morning , I received 3 new cables . Very quick. 1 was a bit stiff coming out , but they are all good. Splendid . Tomorrow , I will change over to the new AKG headphones ( I only bought them for the lost cord previously ) The present ones are gonna be used for backup
  2. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    Thanks for that Louis . I was thinking of getting a pair of them. Are they noise reducing ? Just saw them. They look good
  3. Vinyl . What are your favourite.albums you cannot buy on any other format?

    [quote name='KevB' timestamp='1460799079' post='3028806'] Edgar Froese album here for all of 42p : http://www.mp3va.com/edgar-froese-macula-transfer-r103218 [/quote] Thanks kev . It maybe the remix( not so good version) I'll have to check it out
  4. Today is apparently Record store day or something, and I have a couple of albums 12'" Singles unavailable in any other format. Ones that I wish were available to purchase now in cd / download etc, My faves : tangerine dream 70-80 box set. Edgar froese - macular trancefer Swamp terrorists -she is guilty
  5. Flea's National Anthem at Lakers vs. Jazz

    [quote name='ras52' timestamp='1460747899' post='3028522'] You cannot be serious. [/quote]
  6. Flea's National Anthem at Lakers vs. Jazz

    Star mangled banner! Truly awful. Was he on drugs ?The first one was better, but still pony. He looks like John McEnroe in that one also,imho
  7. Which bass(es) do you like to gig with?

    If I was still gigging , the Washburn status would be the 'go to ' bass.
  8. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    Yes please
  9. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    Storm troopers of death easy listening / mood music
  10. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    Mmm.. Not quite Haven't heard anything by them , but they seem to be around for years .
  11. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1460715306' post='3028062'] Sounds like you're getting a bit Moody [/quote] My sister loves them;) too bland for me ( sorry). S.o. D first album is what I could' do with.
  12. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    Bawling babies ! The main reason for noise cancelling / reducing headphones IMHO
  13. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    Ordered another cable £6.95. Only because I didn't realise the other cables have to come from Hong Kong . Doh! Tired and slightly hungover . This cable comes from Norwich , so I may not have to wait that long .
  14. AKG Headphones , and those detachable cords

    Lost yet another cord last night . Must've fell out of my pocket . Annoyed this morning , as I had to listen to people constantly sniffing on the train . So, I managed to find a shop on eBay that sells them and ordered 2. Should get them by weds . Will let you know , how it goes when I get them . Love AKG headphones . The exclusive cord fitting is annoying tho'