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  1. Well... just got it repaired . Falling in love with this all over again . Oh 🦌
  2. Nice bass. Apparently way better than the spirit range . Like this a lot . Must resist ... glwts . Won't be here long
  3. Lovely colour and cat . Glwts😼
  4. Yeah, that gig at the o2 was really good . Well thought out stageshow .
  5. I was offered a free tkt from a friend of mine , who lives in London . Not living in Twickenham anymore I declined . Then there is the south worst train strike . I saw maiden at twix a few years ago . They played a blinder, but the sound was worse than dreadful . i saw Metallica at the o2 a couple of years ago and I assume it's more or less the same set . I'm too old and unbothered about outdoor gigs now . I was thinking of seeing rammstein when they will probably play Twickenham or Wembley . Yes I know they have announced the Milton Keynes one for now , but this tour is gonna last till 2021 . Don't think I'll bother though and await the dvd from this tour . As for metallicorp , I think they've run out of ideas and have seen them at their peak . Another garage days album? 🙀
  6. The bear rocks 100.3 Edmonton used to be good imho listening to seanna Jefferson / Jess Jackson around 7.3opm our time (Canadian lunchtime ) crazy Canadian humour . Think billy talent / nickleback/ Volbeat etc I liked the nutters phoning up. Lots of adverts . They have a good website . However, around 2015 I heart radio amalgamated it with other stations and it is unable to be heard outside Canada . Annoying . I'll be lurking to see what others suggest ..
  7. Thank you Matbard . Headless are always marmite type basses. Having said that , they seem to have gone through a resurgence with the metal guys these days . These are also great basses for keeping friendly with the drummer in small venues 😼
  8. I have the fretless version of this , which is great . Couldn't find the fretted version , and ended up getting a fretted Warwick when I had funds . Nice bass . Glwts
  9. This bass rocks on so many levels and Nik is a great guy to do business with wont be around long . Have a bump,😼
  10. I still have my Washburn status from 1988. Apologies for the long ramble : It had a very bright ,twangy modern sound which I loved. When I was playing in a blues band back in the mid '90s the band members preferred the sound of my Hohner cricket bat bass. I played in various bands and used the Washburn status as my main bass. However, getting a bit carried away at 1 band rehearsal I banged the bass enthusiastically damaging the active circuitry . I had it looked at a few times, before a guitar tech in Denmark st gave me a choice of replacing the active circuitry . Or ( if the pickups were powerful enough to work without 9v battery ) , just remove the circuitry and the volume and tone pedals are redundant . i went for the latter . Playing in my last 2 bands ( classic rock covers ) the band members preferred the less bright sound . The guitar tech did say that in the '80s there was a trend to make active basses as a fashion and some were better without the active circuitry . While I think that the Washburn sounds very similar to my Steinberger , the band members hated the twangy tone . They are great and very versatile basses . I think it would be best to keep it and get the active circuitry put back in . Hope this helps .
  11. contains all original ,and slightly tatty paraphernalia & original gig bag, will give extra gig bag bought back from the amazon . This vintage bass is a great bass for fast picking style ..and metal😼 There is a slight wiring issue which may be from the replacement jack at the time . This causes the bass to eat batteries very quickly .Easy fix for someone technically minded. The stickers on the battery cover will be removed if required . I have too many bases and only 2 hands , so something has to go.
  12. Looks like a guitar amp, but is in fact a comfy stool that also comes in handy for storing your effects pedals and strings. I have 2 , but am restructuring my flat, so haven't room really for both The knob is missing from the side , but it locks anyway . Has a carrying handle as well. Cost a lot when released but now discontinued . Collection from Parkstone . 😼
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