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  1. I just want to quickly thank Paul for his help in securing this fabulous instrument. An absolute gent. All the best , Mark.
  2. Good Afternoon, I have sent you a pm. cheers
  3. MNY

    Steely Dan - Peg

    Excellent, thank you for posting.
  4. I watched the David Crosby documentary just this morning. Very interesting and incredibly sad at the same time, I saw him in Manchester a couple of years ago with his phenomenal band and the whole concert was simply amazing even though I knew very few of the songs he played.
  5. I am really referring to players who are involved in the production of albums in the studio. I was out walking yesterday listening to Jimmy Johnson playing with Lee Ritenour and I thought of the golden age of GRP in the 80’s. A label which spawned many a good album featuring some of the best session players around including many of the aforementioned individuals. It got me thinking about the new wave of players. Not really knowing many, I wondered who was getting the work, although it seems that it could well be a case of the work having drastically dried up amidst a rapidly changing music scene.
  6. Likewise, he is a fabulous player. I’ve checked out loads of his stuff.
  7. Indeed it is, thanks for pointing this out. I have seen another version where Sam Wilkes plays effectively the same line with some further embellishments. I have also seen a brilliant French bassist called Emeline Fougerie who plays along to the track and absolutely kills it.
  8. I recently bought a Vigier Passion 5 string from them. I exchanged a few emails with Mark prior to driving down from the NW. He was courteous and helpful. When I arrived at the shop he wasn’t there however his colleagues were also helpful and the purchase went smoothly. When I unpacked the bass at home later in the day, I found that there was a fairly expensive boxed Aguilar pedal in one of the gig bag pockets. I phoned the shop to explain and asked if they could arrange for it to be collected, only to be asked in a subsequent phone call to post it back to them, something which I duly did. However this required a non essential visit to Asda where my local post office is located. I did let the shop know by email that I had sent the pedal back (RRP £200) and got a brief thanks which is fair enough but no offer of covering the postage cost which would have been a nice gesture , after all I am pretty sure some folk may have been tempted to say nothing and keep the pedal. Good job I believe in karma I guess, and being totally honest the thought of keeping it never entered my head. I must also add that I would happily buy from them again, their selection of instruments and gear is as good as I’ve seen in a long time, perhaps since the hey day of the Bass Centre Wapping.
  9. You’re welcome. His playing on the Knower track ‘Hangin On’ is wonderful. I think he also plays on one of the more recent Chaka Khan albums. A similar player with a more jazzy approach is Nick Campbell.
  10. I think they might be Andrew Gouche protégés, I know Bubby certainly is. I will check out Ethan Farmer this morning ,thanks. One for you if you haven’t heard him is Matthew Ramsay, who plays with Shaun Martin from Snarky Puppy.
  11. No not far off at although they are not session players per se, but as other posters have mentioned it may be that the face of music has transitioned to a point that session players/studio musicians are no longer relevant. Both players are good suggestions though as both are world class musicians who play music rooted in jazz, funk and fusion.
  12. With a definite leaning towards jazz based styles including funk and fusion, I have been used to listening to players like Chuck Rainey, Abe Laboriel, Nathan East, Marcus Miller, Jimmy Johnson, Will Lee,Jimmy Haslip and UK based players like Pino, Randy Hope Taylor, Julian Crampton and Laurence Cottle. I am really interested to hear who you all feel the new wave of studio players are, especially as I could really do with some new music to track down and hopefully enjoy, and just because I am interested to see how music is changing. Let’s face it most of the players on my list are in the 60’s and 70’s now so there must be some younger bassists around. I can only think of one off the top of my head Sharay Reed,. Happy to hear from you if you want to discuss studio bass players old and new. Cheers,
  13. I am not 100% sure but the drummer might be a guy called Dylan Elise who has posted loads of street busking vids previously. He has some serious chops. His is also a highly rated seasoned touring pro.
  14. Thank you very much. I will have a good mooch for some of their music. Keep posting your suggestions please and I will see what I can dredge up from the memory banks. 😀
  15. Great rhythm section on this. Being that I’m actually a drummer in disguise as a bassist, I was drawn to the drums on this, very much my style, grooving ghost notes, although this guy is obviously top class. Some very nice bass as well. Great shout!
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