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  1. @alibabu thanks, enjoy your holiday. Stay safe!
  2. 100% agree. Sorry don’t want to appear a smart derrière but I have been listening to Sixun, Ultramarine ,Stephane Huchard, etc etc for more than 20 years. They are incredible players, shame they are very ‘underground’. By the way if you are aware of a site where I can listen to a track called Karawak Sream by Sakesho, (written by Michel Alibo) I would be grateful. It doesn’t appear on YT. Cheers. Thanks again, the video is fabulous. Pretty sure he is playing in Karim Ziad’s band at this juncture. Mark.
  3. @steve-bbb thanks. I love Byron Miller’s playing on tracks like Brazilian Love Affair, and some of his later tunes with Larry Kimpel, (Life and Times being a great example).
  4. @Dad3353, you were definitely closer than me. It’s in 3/4. I managed to find a link to the score if you’re interested. My reading is pretty rubbish but it might help me work through the bass part which is tricky to say the least. https://www.nguyen-le.com/Site_Nu/Scores_files/Yhadik.pdf
  5. I don’t know if you would call it that, it’s the section that follows the opening which I count in 6. The opening salvo which I class as the verse I seem to be able to count in 4 if that makes sense.
  6. You may well be right. I count the verse as 4/4 and the chorus as a very fast 6, seems to work. Cheers, Mark.
  7. Sorry for the slight digression. Again this isn’t a rock tune but it is interesting in the sense of the ‘time feel’. I don’t know if anyone is familiar with an Algerian drummer called Karim Ziad? He played with Zawinul and is very highly rated. Being from Algeria he has a completely different type of feel. Most of the musicians on the attached track are of different ethnic origins and I find it fascinating to listen to their approach to time. Please let me know what you think the time sig is. The bass playing is pretty fantastic on this ,as is everything else I might add. For those who are interested the bass player is Michel Alibo, one of THE most incredible players I have ever come across. He plays in a French fusion band called Sixun.
  8. Manic depression is just 3/4, it has a waltz feel.
  9. Strictly speaking Kashmir is an example of a Hemiola where the drums are in 4/4 and other instrumentation is in 3/4 which creates a weird odd time feel as the instrumental cycles of three line up with the drums every 4 bars. Hope this makes sense.
  10. I saw The Headhunters in Leeds some years ago (minus HH) with TM Stevens on bass. He was ridiculous. One of the funkiest players I have ever come across. A total monster.
  11. Pretty cool, I don’t mind the jazz warblings. The rhythm section is definitely cooking! Nice one! Cheers.
  12. Great recommendations thank you. I have been studying and playing along to Kid Charlemagne for a few months now. I have got the nuts and bolts notes wise, but the feel is what you really have to work at. It’s very much Jameson inspired according to Chuck himself. Being primarily a groove drummer myself I love the concept of funk, the syncopation, the note choices, the repetition (sometimes), the ghosting etc etc. Cheers.
  13. If you like Vulfpeck, try Scary Pockets, Pomplamoose and Knower. (Sam Wilkes is just as monstrous as Joe Dart).
  14. I’m with you, been checking them our recently, thank you.
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