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  1. Lovely bass, do you have a box to post it in if a courier collection could be arranged?
  2. Withdrawn, please close this thread. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for your comment. I hope so. It needs to be played and used by someone who can really do justice to it.
  4. Only recently acquired from Brian of this parish, I have decided to move this combo on purely as it’s way beyond what I require for playing in the house. The power and clarity are simply fabulous for something so light weight. It comes with a carrying case for transportation to and from gigs. For medium to quieter gigs in small halls and pubs this is probably all you would ever need. The sound is so clear and precise it’s scary and it seems to make you strive to play better as every note is sonorous and projects beautifully from the 10 inch speaker and 4 x 2.5 inch line array style neo drivers. Condition is absolutely immaculate. I would prefer a straight sale but I am also prepared to listen to trade offers for smaller lower powered combos of excellent repute with cash my way. They must be in top condition though as the Genzler looks almost new. Please note that I am not interested in selling the head and cabinet separately at this stage. I would rather not post this item. I travel for work so it should be possible to meet on the road somewhere whilst ensuring appropriate safety measures are respected. The amp can also be collected from my house which is two minutes from Haydock racecourse just off the M6. https://www.genzleramplification.com/shop/magellan-350-combo/ If you have any questions please ask. Thanks, Mark.
  5. I acquired this bass recently in a trade with Paul (The Bass Monkey), and it is without doubt the most exquisite I have owned. However I have decided that having something so good is not really sensible as I am not a bass player as such, and lovely though it is (and very easy to play) this stunning instrument is not going to get the use it deserves. I would prefer a straight sale but I am also happy to accept a lesser bass with cash my way. I am only really interested in Fender Jazz basses or similar. Please see the specs below and the replacement cost. There is only one of these basses in circulation as far as I am aware. As you can see the bass has had very little use. It was in immaculate condition when I received and it has been played by me for a few hours since. The action is medium and the bass sounds absolutely stunning, probably owing to the build quality which is frankly second to none, the excellent Nordstrand pickups and the wood choices. One of my own personal favourite features is the beautiful flamed roasted maple neck which gives the bass a very distinguished appearance. “Cobia V2 34 inch scale 21 fret Nickel silver frets One piece rippled ash body Roasted maple neck Rocklite fingerboard Nordstrand PJ blade pickups Passive electronics (vol, 4 way, tone) Hipshot kickass bridge Hipshot ultralite tuners Worn black / white finish Black / aluminium layered pickguard Aluminium control plate If that bass was ordered again today it would be in the £3000-£3500 range depending on the exact pieces of wood chosen.” Please drop me a line if you have any questions or if you want to hear how the bass sounds. I can send you a link to the Alpher site where there is a comprehensive video demonstrating the tonal qualities of the instrument. Thanks, Mark.
  6. Lovely tone, and equally lovely playing. GLWTS.
  7. 60 is the new 40 mate. Take care.
  8. He played it to pretty good effect on the Floy Joy album IIRC. An old work colleague of mine had a connection to him somehow, the company is based in the Sheffield area. I am guessing he is still knocking around by the sounds of it. I hope he is still playing although he could be in his 60’s now I reckon.
  9. MNY

    Vigier Porn!

    Glad you like the new bass Paul. Unfortunately for me the experiment with 5 strings didn’t work but I now have a stunning Alpher Bass which I am enjoying.Assuming I can afford a 4 string Vigier at some point I won’t hesitate as they are very special basses for sure.
  10. He was also in Simply Red for a while. Great bass player.
  11. I just want to quickly thank Paul for his help in securing this fabulous instrument. An absolute gent. All the best , Mark.
  12. Good Afternoon, I have sent you a pm. cheers
  13. MNY

    Steely Dan - Peg

    Excellent, thank you for posting.
  14. I watched the David Crosby documentary just this morning. Very interesting and incredibly sad at the same time, I saw him in Manchester a couple of years ago with his phenomenal band and the whole concert was simply amazing even though I knew very few of the songs he played.
  15. I am really referring to players who are involved in the production of albums in the studio. I was out walking yesterday listening to Jimmy Johnson playing with Lee Ritenour and I thought of the golden age of GRP in the 80’s. A label which spawned many a good album featuring some of the best session players around including many of the aforementioned individuals. It got me thinking about the new wave of players. Not really knowing many, I wondered who was getting the work, although it seems that it could well be a case of the work having drastically dried up amidst a rapidly changing music scene.
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