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  1. I shipped a Gibson Bass to Greg, he paid upfront with no hassle at all and was good with communication and kept me informed of what was happening all through the process, I was a bit nervous shipping a bass to Poland, but Greg arranged pickup and it all went well, bass arrived safe as I always pack bomb proof. Wouldn't hesitate to do a deal in the future, great guy to deal with, doesn't mess around and a very nice guy in the process. Deal in confidence. Cheers Greg
  2. Cheers will give you a shout around Wednesday
  3. Oh that's very tempting I am near Leigh just down the road, I am busy until the middle of next week but wouldn't mind coming having a look if its still about then.
  4. Where in Cheshire are you I am very interested? Also what is the finish on this, is it matt, gloss etc
  5. This is a YouTube video with those pickups
  6. Go on, Go on, Go on, Go on, Go on, Go on, GO ON 🙂
  7. Where are you based? 🙂 Doh just seen it at the top of post, where about's in South Wales
  8. Mine arrived they are exactly the same as the ones on the link, but with a different emblem on, work fine 🙂
  9. Noooooooooooooooooooooo sell it me 🙂
  10. Hi Thanks for the offer but I have too many amps already 😊 Cheers Steve
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