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  1. That is still stunning, I am in the middle of doing a VW T5 into a camper and its eating money, but if this doesnt go and I get the chance I will be all over this. Would you take a black MM Stingray with a few marks as trade?
  2. Cheers Karl feedback appreciated, I thought the lineup potential as its a first jam, not sorted arrangement or anything out as like I said its just a jam, but it felt good and there was a great vibe between everyone present 🙂
  3. Just joined these guys, this is the first get together with the full band and was taken second time through on a phone at the back of the room, I think this band has got some potential whats anyone's thoughts. No one has worked out there parts or anything properly and levels etc weren't sorted out, it was just a jam session really.
  4. Each to there own and all that, keeps it looking good for ever though 🙂
  5. Marcus Miller Sire V9 4 string bass in swamp ash with quilted maple top and translucent pick guard. 1st generation bass, 2 months old. Mint condition with a little bit of superficial wear to the pick guard. Beautiful sound, great action. Decent gig bag included in price. PRICE DROP £375 🤩 No trades cash only! Prefer pickup or meet halfway, based in Wigan. Thanks for looking 🙂
  6. For some reason cant see any pics? Take that back when i cut and pasted the link it has worked 🙂
  7. I shipped a Gibson Bass to Greg, he paid upfront with no hassle at all and was good with communication and kept me informed of what was happening all through the process, I was a bit nervous shipping a bass to Poland, but Greg arranged pickup and it all went well, bass arrived safe as I always pack bomb proof. Wouldn't hesitate to do a deal in the future, great guy to deal with, doesn't mess around and a very nice guy in the process. Deal in confidence. Cheers Greg
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