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Stephen Houghton

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  1. Sandberg California JM :SOLD 12/10/2017

    Love these basses, really regret letting my Sandberg go, it destroyed my Fender Jazz, tone and playability wise. Great price as well, if you still have this in a few months which i very much doubt i would snatch this one up, GLWTS!
  2. If it hasnt gone give me a shout I will have it
  3. Fretless Jazz 4 Nordstrand p/ups. Gold h/w. B&B neck.

    Nice looking bass bump
  4. Stingray 5 SOLD SR5 MusicMan Ernie Ball

    Hi This used to be mine, would you take a Mint 4 string three EQ EB Stingray as trade against it, plus some cash? Remember we spoke and you said you would get in touch if you ever sold it, it was made on my birthday and I regret selling it. Cheers Steve
  5. Any trades on these?
  6. Sold * Please Delete.

    I will have this if you still have it? No reply to PM yet Cheers Steve
  7. Sold * Please Delete.

    PM'd you
  8. SOLD: Sadowsky MV4

    Very nice bass! GAS coming on, I need to sell stuff quick
  9. GONE! Fender American Deluxe Precision 2013 £900

    Got a mint condition off white (aged) EBMM Stingray, would do a straight swop if you were interested? Comes with original black pickguard. Loving the cab by the way, best cab I have ever bought Cheers, Steve I am down your end in a week or so, so if interested get in soon, as I wont be down for a few months after that.
  10. A Thousand Years Of Light (MIJ Mustang with pick)

    Nice, love the build and the guitars, very trippy and like the way the drums kick in, builds nicely then kicks into a new vibe altogether. Sounds good to me
  11. The Wood Demons - first release

    Really like it, reminds me of my free festival days, very psychedelic. Got an Hawkwind kinda vibe on some of the tracks, nice work. Steve
  12. Another track from our forthcoming E.P. B.L.W.B.

    Cheers Dad thanks for the feedback, its much appreciated. Stephen
  13. Brandon Lee Webb Band Second track from our forthcoming E.P. Have a listen and let us know what you guys n gals think, feedback really appreciated. Recorded in a home studio setup, I play in the band but this was recorded before I was a member, we play it the same with a few tweeks from me. Cheers! [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3YHPpKF224"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3YHPpKF224[/url]
  14. SOLD Markbass 115P Traveler!

  15. Phil Jones Bass M300 **TRADED**

    These are amazing quality and sound great. They are built like tanks and will last for ever. I have one of these so know what they are, love mine.