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  1. My SB2 is shod with thomastic. I tried my newly aquired SB1 with flats that were on the bass and in the end changed to rounds. Theres soomething nicely aggressive about the sound with rounds.
  2. nice Ped. Just changed mine from flats [guessing rotos] to dadario rounds to see what its like. I have one P on rounds, two on jazz flats and one on trubass. Love em all. are they period correct knobs? The ones on mine look like they came off a radio
  3. You found one then
  4. Hot covers make great covers. Ive used them for ages.
  5. I kow the guitards who have them and they really love them. I had no idea they were so expensive.
  6. If you can, put at least two labels on the outer packaging. Sellotape them on .Write or stick a small label the words "Sender" then your house number and post code on the parcel. Put other labels on or in the inner packaging. Include one that gives your sender setails if its not printed on the label. A lot of parcels get lost just because the address label gets lost or damaged. The easier you make it for the courier to identify your parcel the more likely it will get delivered. Courier wages are poor, make sure your parcel is as handling friendly as possible. Expose handles etc. Put yourself in the position of the driver and make it as easy as possible for him to handle your parcel. hopefully it reduces the risk of him chucking your parcel over the fence.
  7. bumnote

    Show us your rig!

    The reason I posed the question in the first place is I have effectively the same cab set up as you have [total load 2 ohm impedance] but havent run it with the the phil jones D400 because the spec on the amp says 4ohms minimum. The best bet for you is to phone whoever is the markbass distributor and ask them what would happen if you connected your amp to a 2 ohm load. Then you would have hopefully the definitive answer
  8. bumnote

    Show us your rig!

    If you connect 2 x 4 ohm cabs up, you will get a total impedance of 2 ohms. This wont affect the speakers, but could well potentially damage the amp, depending on the spec of the amp.
  9. bumnote

    Show us your rig!

    Ta I have an 8b and 2 C4s and i was considering how to use them all at once
  10. bumnote

    Show us your rig!

    so you are presenting 2 ohms to the amp. what model is that Im not familiar with the mb range thanks
  11. bumnote

    Show us your rig!

    Im not sure if those are 6bs or 8bs, which would give you an imppedance of 3 ohms or 2 ohms depending Does the amp deal with those ok?
  12. Great Voice. Every pro needs a p bass
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