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  1. Im 75 this year gigging with 2 different bands and a weekly open mike night. I have lightweight gear and will carry on as long as I can but I can feel the bones creaking..
  2. Phil Jones BP 800 bought from Mark at Bass direct in August 2020 and for obvious reasons it hasnt been used much. It is pristine, looks as if its just out of the box.. All the techincal blurb is here. https://www.pjbworld.com/cms/index.php/product-bp-800/ This is a great amp very powerfull with all the usual PJB quality. This is one of the few class Ds that doesnt have a gig bag so I had one custom made with 50mm foam padding which cost £67 which I will include.
  3. ti thomastik Jazz Flats long scale new sealed in packet £40 posted
  4. Im glad you are still enjoying it. For whatever reason I just didnd bond with it.
  5. 2 volumes, one for each pickup, no tone control. Takes a bit of getting used to but you can coax some nice tones. Its almost my favourite bass.
  6. have you looked for a battery to replace the one thats knackered?
  7. I have been using Phil Jones stuff since 2011. [8b,6b,12B, 2xC4,. I have at times given them serious abuse and they have never let me down.
  8. Very Entertaining. Love the harmony guitars.
  9. Here we have a set of genuine New Rick tuners for the C series 4001 Bass. They are handed and include the spacers. I am told that the difference on these tuners and others in the 4000 range is the shaft diamer [.375 inches] Any queries please let me know. Mods please note PED said this advert is OK.
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