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  1. I have one of these and I have played it more in the last 6 months than any other bass I own. they are great. GLWTS
  2. Phil Jones Speaker lead Speakon to Speakon, 4 x4mm cable and 4 prin PJB connectors. These are silly money normally grab a bargain
  3. 1metre [just over] speakon speaker lead Van Damm cable 4 core x 4mm Neutrik 4 core speakon plug each end,
  4. Another great purchase from Nik. Epihone T Bird, great condition, plays really well. Fitted with Elite detroit series flats which feel great. He even included a strap and some straplocks. A fine Gentleman. Thanks, and thanks for dropping of to Chi Mike my preferred courier point.😁
  5. I know the owner, he is a good guy. He has had lots of .'BIG RIGS' including ampeg and the big PJB. Cant comment on price
  6. Hi Nick How about £180 delivered to a mutual friend?
  7. M500 and a 8b cab since 2011. Awesome. I should never have sold the M500 Now using 2 c4 light very happy
  8. 41.5 mm width about 21mm depth at the nut i bought 1 last year and its virtually the only bass I play. Its just right.
  9. Im using 2 PJB C4 lightweight with [this week] aBlackstar Unity 700 amp. Very light and portable Reheasal with a drummer playing normally, 1 cab, plenty loud enough. Gig with 2 cabs pretty loud as long as you dont want an 8x10
  10. I have a Line 6 G10 which I use at home, its a bit flimsy and i certainly wouldnt use it on stage, but its ok for practise. What I love about it is that if you forget to take the transmitter out it turns itself off after a few minutes, so when you pick up the bass a few hours later its still charged and you dont have a delay while you recharge it. What I dont like is as the battery deteriorates, you cant get a spare,so you have to buy a new transmitter, nearly £100, apart from the cost its not eco friendly to have an item with a finite and relatively short life which cant be repaired, I also have been using a stageclix wireless for some years, its tough as old boots, never let me down, and will recharge its transmitter when not in use. Its digital, works on 5.8thingumis, apparently latency is 1.5 and never had any sign of interference. It was about £350 I think. I changed the battery, cost me about £15
  11. Thats a reverse one as the cs64
  12. Mmm I hate clutter round my feet and the only thing it would give me is a mute switch and tuner.
  13. Yes the mini swiches look a bit flimsy but the same type of switch is on the Mesa D800 and two PJB amps I have had. Hopefully they should last.
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