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  1. their customer service used to be really good but appears not to be what it was. However, the volume of emails received by some companies is so big, you will never get a response. Mrs Bumnote used to work for a multinational and they were 6weeks behind on regular emails last year. If it were me I would phone, much more difficult to dodge a phone call . Selectron (UK) Ltd Unit 17D Upper Field Road, Eurolink Industrial Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3UP. England, UK selectron-uk.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)1795 419460
  2. Nice, Im still waiting for Chi Mike to bring his down to the pub as i need the wax in my ears to be loosened.
  3. I just bought one of these and its really excellent. In the class d field Ive had a Phil jones D800 and a TC BH800 and this knock the spots of then, Geat tone and still very light.
  4. Thanks for sharing that Video, fascinating.
  5. I have had one of these for about 6 years. Dont be put off by the small speakers or small size. A very pokey cab and easy to move,
  6. I had a fender Bassman 100T for some years which I always used with a wireless. Never an issue although I always kept a cable relatively handy just in case.
  7. Bought a TC electronics BH800 amp from Dan arrived beautifully packed, even the couriers would have had a hard job to damage it. Quickly posted great deal thanks
  8. So I have a CIJ 60s reissue precision. It has threaded saddles as per the US ones, not the plain ones with a groove. I cant remember if the bridge is original or if I changed it. I bought some 6-32 unc which go in about a thread before they seize and when I bought some m3 they are too small. Any ideas?
  9. Still played at my local shadows club
  10. For those of us who are a certain age, -Jet Harris. One of the very early electric bassists who inspired me to make my first bass, and still be playing nearly 60 years later. Came up with some great bass lines probably derived from his double bass days, and helped to form the sound of the Shadows. All of these Rotosound endorsers have pushed the boundaries, I mean how can you not think of Mccartney, or Chris Squire, Graham Maby, the Ox etc but for me Jet was the first.
  11. Thats exactky what my Fender 4x10 cab was like.
  12. I have a stageclix and Ive always liked it. no drop outs, no change in tone, very sturdy and well built. Built in battery charger for the lipo battery and quite quick charging.. But it it went wrong. I had to send it back to amsterdam. it took ages and ages to get a quote for almost as much as a new one. So great when it worked but not so good if it goes wrong.
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