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  1. See I told you. Send me the tape
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. https://www.basschat.co.uk/search/?q=speakon&quick=1&search_in=titles any use?
  4. I had a 450 paired with a 406 narrow bought from Kingfisher in 1977 I think. Kept it till the early 90s and foolishly sold it in the 90s. Biggest selling mistake I ever made, Absolutely crackin amps.
  5. Mark King doing a great job on bass [an eb3]
  6. beautifull, I used realy want one of these back in the day
  7. I have one of these and I have played it more in the last 6 months than any other bass I own. they are great. GLWTS
  8. Phil Jones Speaker lead Speakon to Speakon, 4 x4mm cable and 4 prin PJB connectors. These are silly money normally grab a bargain
  9. 1metre [just over] speakon speaker lead Van Damm cable 4 core x 4mm Neutrik 4 core speakon plug each end,
  10. Another great purchase from Nik. Epihone T Bird, great condition, plays really well. Fitted with Elite detroit series flats which feel great. He even included a strap and some straplocks. A fine Gentleman. Thanks, and thanks for dropping of to Chi Mike my preferred courier point.😁
  11. I know the owner, he is a good guy. He has had lots of .'BIG RIGS' including ampeg and the big PJB. Cant comment on price
  12. Hi Nick How about £180 delivered to a mutual friend?
  13. M500 and a 8b cab since 2011. Awesome. I should never have sold the M500 Now using 2 c4 light very happy
  14. 41.5 mm width about 21mm depth at the nut i bought 1 last year and its virtually the only bass I play. Its just right.
  15. Im using 2 PJB C4 lightweight with [this week] aBlackstar Unity 700 amp. Very light and portable Reheasal with a drummer playing normally, 1 cab, plenty loud enough. Gig with 2 cabs pretty loud as long as you dont want an 8x10
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