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  1. the peavey has a black widow speaker, renowned for being loud. made in the USA too.
  2. Actually, they didn't even bother to ask if I was the first owner or if it was under warranty. They simply stated that they were too busy to do repairs but would fit a new neck. It is surprising that a bolt on neck has to be individually fitted by them and is not interchangeable Such a shame as it is a beautiful instrument.
  3. Yes, I have been in touch with Andy and he has very kindly offered to help.
  4. Well, it no is no worse than before adjustment. Gonna try a lighter gauge set of strings and then decide weather to have the rod replaced or not. What bothers me most is the fact that Marusczyk won't repair it, they will only change the neck (at my cost). My bass is a special with the headstock wood grain matching the body and PUP covers, it is unlikely they will be able to give a convincing match. The guy I bought it from won't respond to messages, surprise surprise.
  5. any one had a problem with their truss rod? Mine has just snapped. Never in over 35 years of playing has this happened to me until now.
  6. Yes, Adrian says to send it back for replacing the neck at my cost (presumably), the problem is that my bass is a special with a burled maple top, pickup covers and matching headstock. I think that at the end the the day a repair may be the best option if I want the headstock to match the rest of the bass. Gutted about this. Who is Andy? Do you have contact details please?
  7. just had a better look at it and it has actually snapped!
  8. Well. it has just happened to me too. I bought a used Elwood l5a last year and only recently tried to set it up as the action was very high. Initially the truss rod was loose with no tension. I managed to get it to bite but the neck bow stayed unchanged (I left it a day between half turns and even slackened the strings). Admittedly it was a bit tight to turn but now it is spinning freely again. Such a shame as it is /was a beautiful bass. I don't know what to do about this. What would be cheaper/better, a repair or a new neck?
  9. Has anyone here converted a 5 string bass from a low b to a high c? Just wondering about any pitfalls after stringing.
  10. The new BOSS Katana 1 x 10 should be ideal for home practice. It has a 1 watt mode, headphone socket and more than enough effects to keep you entertained. Seems to be reasonably priced too.
  11. Just out of interest, do you notice any fan noise when using the amp at household volume levels? I am thinking about getting the Katana Bass later in the year but a noisy fan would be a deal breaker.
  12. Spector Euro 4 LX. Beautiful shape, great sound with the TonePump gain dialled down. Wonderful playability.
  13. apparently it has an octave, don't know about a pitch shifter. It has a flat mode for use with a pedal board or preamp.
  14. Seems like the 1 x 10 also has a tweeter and both combos are Bi-Amped . Doesn't say if they are fan cooled or passive.
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