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  1. Bridgehouse

    Elwray Basses - Need people for passaround.

    I travel a lot so getting it Notts or Leicester way is very easy
  2. Bridgehouse

    Elwray Basses - Need people for passaround.

    I’m based near Peterborough so close to Leicester/Notts
  3. Bridgehouse

    Ear meow meow? Really?

    Nine inches??
  4. Bridgehouse

    Elwray Basses - Need people for passaround.

    @Marcoelwray - I've got some big Jam sessions in future months - 24th November, 16/17 Feb 2019 - each with 30-40 musicians at and we typically play and record 20+ numbers (with vid as well) if we could time it for one of these sessions then I could take it along and get a good number of players to have a go and pass on their thoughts?
  5. Bridgehouse

    El Cheapo Fretless

    Having dived firmly into the fretless pool, surfaced, had a paddle, done some front crawl, a bit of backstroke, and decided my breast stroke needs a lot of work on it - and having not drowned, but managed to stay afloat, tread water, and even make it to the side without incident or losing my trunks.... I think I'd like to get an el cheapo fretless for taking out and about for the more, um, tasty venues.... Broadly I'd like lined, or at least side line markers (which the shuker has and I'm fine with that) and I think relatively lightweight. I do like oddball, semi hollow and other weirdness as well, mind.. Suggestions?
  6. Hahahar! It’s very different to the pf20 - like it a lot
  7. Funny, I just got a ctm15 from @Bigwan and it’s pretty much silent compared to the pf20!!
  8. The hum adds some authenticity to that 60s tube sound for me.. course, it’s not to everyone’s taste
  9. Mine arrived same day... odd
  10. Bridgehouse

    Impending NBD

    I, for one, am really pleased this story has had a (more than) happy ending. So much so, I've even broken my own self-imposed posting break to say as much. Most chuffed for you mate.
  11. I'm clearly winding everyone up on here today. Time for a break. 

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    2. SpondonBassed


      ...just back from Off Topic and I could see no locked topics.

      You weren't trying hard enough.  Heeheehee

    3. Bridgehouse


      I gave up before I posted something I would later show my mates down the pub

    4. Chiliwailer


      I just read the OT, can’t see why your comments would have upset,  well put I thought. Had similar feelings myself though when in OT, ain’t got the stomach for it most days! 

  12. Bridgehouse

    Bass sawn in half & taped together

    Oh my quote had nothing to do with him - I saw "What if I..." and heard "Why don't you.." and made up an amusing (not) quip about youtube persona in general. You credit me with far more intelligence than I have.
  13. Bridgehouse

    Bass sawn in half & taped together

    It was a hashed quote from Why Don’t You - an 80s kids programme
  14. Bridgehouse

    Bass sawn in half & taped together

    Or, Why don't I... just switch off this laptop set, go out and do something less boring instead. Sitting at home, watching Youtube, turn it off, it makes you crude.. Why don't I.... etc.
  15. Bridgehouse

    P bass, and why I love it!!

    I hum loudest even with a P bass... I really need to shower more often.