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  1. Bridgehouse

    How amazing is this?

    Yeah, fair enough.. band managers then 😂
  2. Bridgehouse

    78 P bass pickup

    Sounds good - Bare Knuckle do something similar too, and worth asking Oil City as well
  3. Bridgehouse

    How amazing is this?

    Come on now you lot - you’re acting like drummers.
  4. Bridgehouse

    78 P bass pickup

    And I would expect to pay well under £100 for a good one - more like £70-80 so well in line with an off the shelf. I have a 74P and could measure it if you want a guide figure to aim for with a winder
  5. Bridgehouse

    78 P bass pickup

    Pick one of our best U.K. pickup winders and ask them to do you one which will match what a 78 P would have had - most guys will have done enough rewinds to do a really good copy. I can supply recommendations if that would help.
  6. Lol - moment of truth later when I try it out..
  7. Dunno - I’m in Lincs so will need to have a look. I’m more than happy to arrange with anyone who would want to try it for a meet up tho..
  8. Bridgehouse

    first build

    Time to use internet fu to see what I can find...
  9. Bridgehouse

    first build

    You know what - I fancy doing an SG body with a mudbucker split P combo now...
  10. Me too mate! Lovely pickup - can’t wait to give it a try later on. It’s an East harness as well so high quality tone and volume pots.
  11. Bridgehouse

    first build

    You still got that?
  12. Noted @The Guitar Weasel Found some screws and some foam with a couple of springs. Fitted just perfectly. Popped on the back cover and so that leaves just the string tree (still in the post!) to fit. I will set it up and set Pickup height later on this evening and give an initial report. I have a plan for sound samples but you might have to be a touch more patient with this.. Doesn’t look too shabby huh?
  13. I must have some somewhere and some screws - I’ve not looked yet but something will pop up in one of the many drawers
  14. Bridgehouse

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    Torx or go home