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  1. I think he got it spot on. As a purveyor of specialist magazines I hear you have no equal 😂
  2. They do sound different tho, you should note.. bit more woody and a bit more thumpy. That’s why I had the unusual pickup built - it’s a very focused sound and helps the thin line punch through
  3. Very much a one off - the builder doesn’t build any more - you’d have to go to a luthier and request one from scratch
  4. It may seem heavy on paper at 14kg ish - but the k10.2 is actually very luggable due to its shape, compactness, and handy carrying bag/cover. I find it easier to shift about than some cabs I’ve had which have been lighter...
  5. I’ve never had a problem with volume with the 10.2 Its always been enough
  6. Had a spare so obliged you with a laff on York’s post
  7. I thought the girl on the left had some good Pyong in her technique, but that spot of Yang from the girl on the right was suspect at best. Joking aside, I was really enjoying it until the slap started. Stupid slap.
  8. You as well, huh? I miss the Madeira and Walnut ones the most
  9. “I blame you for the moonlit sky” How on earth can I influence the lunar cycle and adequate clear skies? “And the dream that died with the eagles flights” Unless I forcefully made the 70’s US Superband get on a jet and fly off, then no. And no, satellites do not sleep. They may go into a standby mode retaining an element of “being on” but actually sleeping? Nope.
  10. “He’s got a brand new car, looks like it’s really poor It’s got a fake wood dashboard... board.. board...”
  11. “He’s got a brand new car. Looks like a Jaguar. It’s got a CD player” Nope. On many occasions when I did have a brand new car it wasn’t a Jaguar. There were a few occasions when it had a CD player. However, on the occasion I did have a brand new Jaguar, a black XF I hasten to add, it didn’t have a CD Player. It had a hard drive system that allowed connection by USB or Bluetooth to allow files to be copied over for playing later.
  12. Mapex Drum Throne - Saddle top double braced - £50 (can be posted) Tama Iron Cobra HP900 Bass Pedal - Includes case - £100 (can be posted) Tama Fast Clamps MC69 - £20 each (can be posted) Tama Fast Clamp MC61 - £10 (can be posted) Tama Superstar Hyperdrive Maple Shell (White) 5 piece shell kit - £500 (can't be posted - PM me to work out collection or delivery) Mapex Armory Cymbal Stands (x3) - £120 (Possibly posted - but again PM me) Tama Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand - £120 (can be posted) Tama Star Snare Stand - £75 (can be posted) Remo Practise Pad and Stand - £50 (can be posted) Meinl Byzance 20" Sand Ride - £250 (can be posted) Meinl Classics Custom 18" Dark Crash - £75 (can be posted) Meinl Classics Custom 14" Dark Hi-Hat set - £100 (can be posted) No Trades. If you want the whole kit (everything listed), you can have it for £1200 but it would need to be collected, or I can deliver if you aren't too far off!
  13. I can deliver to the east of England/London/midlands area pretty easily, and also Yorks area as well
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