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  1. For the record, I don’t look like a Shuker Uberhorn.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. That'll teach you for either leaving your bass too close to the radiator or writing all that anti communist claptrap on the gulag wall
  4. Well, I look forward to the new Sandberg "Siberia" range then.
  5. Oh come on, are you seriously suggesting there are basschatters out there in bands making money?? Gerroutofit!
  6. Most people say I'm talking BS - there's no D in it, unless it stands for "drivel"
  7. Oh ok. Half a Fray Bentos Pie, a can of Cream Soda, and 5s 6d Better?
  8. I'll give you half a Fray Bentos pie and a can of Cream Soda if you'd endorse cross stitch as a relaxing hobby..?
  9. I’m really glad I asked now. So some people are worried some other people are recommending stuff based on some other people making that recommendation something they benefit from, but most people don’t realise that the people who are making the recommendation are making it based on the other people making that recommendation beneficial and thus it’s not very transparent?
  10. I know I've been AWOL for a bit - but can anyone explain to me what this thread is actually about? Last time I felt like this, I was half way through Twin Peaks
  11. Nothing controversial about that. I didn’t believe an instrument could be as good as an old pre-cbs fender for pure playability and tactile feel. But it seems one particular brand can be.
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