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  1. Do you nail it shut these days?
  2. There is a similar vaccine. In fact, the ones released so far are more effective. Flu is an RNA virus just like SARS-Cov-2, but so far flu seems to mutate quicker and more extremely. If anything Cov-2 is more like mumps or rubella which are also RNA viruses. Most RNA viruses mutate to be more transmissible but less deadly - flu tends to be the same but mutates in odd ways. We have vaccines. We have a strategy. At some point Cov-19 will become a background illness which kills a small number of people. The advances in treatment alone have brought the death rate down. However, when that will be is the unknown.
  3. I play with my thumb resting on the string below, so it doesn’t bother me - if anything I find the lack of contouring more of an issue
  4. Yeah, I kinda see the sunburst as “natural” I do like the blue and Orange ones as well tho
  5. I wanted a semi hollow 51P and it looks like nobody has ever produced one - so I did instead..
  6. It’s a partscaster... I spec’d a hollow body with a builder, got a modern P neck, added a Grainger bridge and knobs and popped an Oil City custom wound 51P pickup with dual coils so it humbucks. The finish is Danish Oil.
  7. Yamaha BEX4. Wanted one for ages. Can’t find a good ‘in for love nor money. Preferably natural. Gah.
  8. I am liking that “cut me garden gnome” vibe tho...
  9. Well, at least mine had no toilet references...
  10. Well, it’s pretty obvious to me from one listen through: Tying half a fire, fire the handle of your ball, But Toulouse is mine, he’s a wazzock from Nepal. And I’m numb from chews, got those twelfth century shoes. Don’t want Dave to call, don’t want his bristle down a tube, Trying to find some hum, and maybe crackers and some Brie And I’m numb from booze, got that health centre flooze. I’m not made of bone, so don’t be prepping in that hay, Cut me garden gnome, cos you don’t fear a wooden sleigh. Aint got nothing to chew, got those 20th century brews.
  11. I very much doubt the OP would want my version of the lyrics...
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