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  1. A semi-build with shades of P

    Will do. There will be a lot of posting about wood stain and tru oil first I reckon, and then lots about pickups. I will get there tho
  2. A semi-build with shades of P

    Oh don't worry - I know it's a rabbit hole In some ways, I think I'd prefer a shorter sustain on a semi - one of the reasons for looking at a wood or nut material saddle was to shorten sustain. Maybe. Or maybe not. Either way, I'm just going to have a play about. First priority is decent weight and balance, finding a decent pickup to match and getting the basics sorted. Then I'll think about messing about with needle files
  3. A semi-build with shades of P

    I think a lot of it is the language to be honest. Brass is more twangy (hence brass saddles being a good thing on a Telecaster) and steel can be more "metallic" - but depending on the strings, twangy or metallic could mean either are "brighter" At the end of the day you have to pick a combo that works for what you want to hear. I'm actually most interested in the effects of the different materials on sustain..
  4. Cheap bass upgrades now sounds monster

    CTS pots and a switchcraft jack make a huge difference I find..
  5. A semi-build with shades of P

    You know, I have no idea - it will be an experiment! I know the steel saddles are a bit brighter - I wonder if a wood or nut material saddle might be a bit more "acoustic" - thought it would be good to try on a semi-acoustic build. I'm sure there's some science here but I don't know
  6. A semi-build with shades of P

    Yep. I'm tempted to fashion some custom saddles for the kickass. Not sure what yet. Maybe rosewood. Maybe ebony. Maybe even nut material.
  7. A semi-build with shades of P

    Yes, ultralight tuners and a slightly heavier bridge I think.. I will assess balance as I go. As it will be a gigging bass then balance on the strap is very important.
  8. So I just quit the band I started six years ago...

    Ah but one of the reasons I enjoy being in a band is the creative input. I don't think I could cope with a dreary band
  9. So I just quit the band I started six years ago...

    This is very true. Kinda all sounds a bit soulless tho doesn't it?
  10. So I just quit the band I started six years ago...

    I've always thought, with an originals band, writing decent bass lines is more important than technical prowess.
  11. So I just quit the band I started six years ago...

    Nobody here would bother joining if the singer "wasn't interested in what the bass was doing" In fact, why is he bothering to recruit at all?
  12. Amp choice help

    Well I'm glad you have been a stuck record cos I totally missed these and they do look rather tasty... I'm off for a proper read up now.
  13. Amp choice help

    5 piece. Drums, bass, guitar, keys and singer who usually plays acoustic - so yeah. For monitoring it should be fine. I notice the 350 has an aux in (not FX return) - is it's volume controlled by the master volume?
  14. A semi-build with shades of P

    Yeah - it is - doesn't mark quite as easily!
  15. A semi-build with shades of P

    Obeche is another wood for lightness - I did a telecaster out of it which came out about 6lbs Just over 8lbs is about my limit for comfort..