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  1. Jazz is such a broad church. Some I love, some I hate. Kind of Blue for example is the perfect 1am soundtrack whereas beaches Brew is a difficult album to digest at any hour of the day.
  2. I don’t think anyone under 30 uses Facebook …
  3. Too commercialised. The early stuff was pretty good but the experimental pineapple remixes are just wrong.
  4. Sorry but that would include Tom Waits one of the best songwriters and lyricists ever…
  5. There is also over-saturation and record company pressure to repeat the same format to get the same sales figures. I like Pizza occasionally but don’t want to eat it 3 times a day, sit on a bus with all the passengers wearing Pizza T-Shirts, read endless articles praising Pizza, listen to radio hacks proclaiming the magnificence of Pizza then find the next Pizza is basically the same as the one before and on it goes!
  6. iSometimes it’s over exposure that kills any enjoyment of a band. I finally started to appreciate Nirvana a few years ago. At the time I liked them in the same way I liked Mudhoney or The Pixies and then came Nevermind. If Debaser was playing whilst I bought my groceries, Radio DJs warbled on to Carol from Romford over the closing bars, Every one on the Tube was wearing the T Shirt, The tabloids were using lyrics as headline puns etc then I doubt if I could have listened to The Pixies for a decade either. Edit: I now like Nirvana, I wonder if “more than words” did for Extreme what “sex on fire” did for Kings of Leon?
  7. led zeppelin - never liked plant’s voice and some of the lyrics are awful.
  8. goodbye pork pie hat - charles mingus
  9. well i guess if it sounds like a strat rather than a les paul there is a (definitive?) answer out there…
  10. has anyone ever put strat pickups in the correct position on a les paul with a strat tremelo bridge? that would be worth listening to.
  11. Which is a good answer. There have been so many variations on a theme it’s pretty difficult to find a definitive answer. A reissued telecaster bass is probably the closest thing to the original unless you have very deep pockets.
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