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  1. Indeed.. I never liked any of the massive 80’s bands. I just found Wham, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran etc to be ridiculous. A slightly podgy bloke and his mates from Essex or whatever dressed up like a wardrobe malfunction on the set of Dynasty WTF was that all about? Yet they certainly had a winning formula and some catchy songs that are still loved today so what do I know.
  2. My 2ps worth. If you recruited for and will be promoting yourself as an 80’s band then play just 80’s music. That’s what people coming to see you will want to hear. I also think if you stick to a simple formula and do it well then the band has a good chance of being successful. I agree with the previous comments there is nothing more tragic than a random covers band trying to master every genre and era. On a personal note I would rather hear a band playing music I loathe very well than the odd song I like played badly.
  3. I think we’re about the same age with similar experiences of trying to find budget instruments in the ‘80s. Not only were the instruments cheap and nasty but the outlets to buy them were severely limited. No internet and a small selection of second hand shops that stocked instruments alongside other brick-a-brac made finding a decent cheap bass tricky. I don’t think I have played anything in recent years that a couple of hours worth of setup wouldn’t sort out to be playable if not loveable. Nowadays it would boil down to a bit of brand snobbery, aesthetics as well knowing that for a little more cash there is a better quality instrument that can be bought quickly and researched from the comfort of your home (online reviews, you tube demos etc), It’s the same with cars. There are loads of cheap models out there now that are more reliable than top makes back in the 80’s but feel cheap and nasty and are utterly bland to drive. Why bother unless you have to?
  4. Seeing as there are a fair few Clapton nominations should really include JJ Cale and Freddie King.
  5. Thanks all got it sorted…
  6. Cheers had a search but didn’t find anything- lots of jack cassidy bass threads though
  7. I have nearly completed a new project but am having issues with the output jack. I get sound from the pickups but only when the lead is partially inserted into the jack. The body of the bass is an ‘83 Fender Elite and has a hole that will accommodate a barrel type jack usually seen on semi-acoustic instruments. Can anyone confirm how to identify the R, T and S on these barrel type jacks as I can only think I have soldered incorrectly? Stereo jack with EMG active Pickups. Note the EMG Pickup wires to jack have been soldered (clip removed). Cheers
  8. EMG PX as described with good communication throughout. Cheers
  9. Currently I have Kelly Joe Phelps playing in the background and thinking these articles should really be titled “Who is the most well known electric lead guitarist of all time”
  10. The first time Clapton heard Hendrix play Killing Floor Blues he was so awestruck he had to leave the stage... but I know what you mean.
  11. Sadly never saw them live but did get to see The Mission and Fields of the Nephilim several times..
  12. I had a Sterling Ray34 that I really liked and having recently tried a Lakland PJ am very tempted..(bit over my budget to date though).
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