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  1. Gail with the golden hair - the handsome family
  2. Damn right, I’ve got the blues - Buddy Guy
  3. I wouldn’t mind playing bass in the bad seeds.
  4. I heard it through the grapevine - Marvin Gaye
  5. Pearls before swine - Corrosion of conformity
  6. I’m not sure why you feel so aggrieved? You asked what the purpose of a broker like Parcel2Go was and got a response. They are convenient and can offer a cheaper service. The pitfalls are you have another link in the chain when things go wrong and they have a somewhat nefarious system of insurance against damages and loss. If you operate a small business sending hundreds or even thousands of parcels each year the cheaper cost and convenience of multiple couriers at the click of the button will probably offset the setbacks and costs associated with missing and damaged parcels and insurance is probably not worth taking. For your average punter don’t use them if the loss or damage is more than you are prepared to put up with. I don’t think Kev was insulting you. I have no idea what consumer rights are in Belgium and he was only trying to explain the set up here in the UK he understood them.
  7. This. And when you carefully go through the excluded items list for what is not covered by the insurance it’s pretty much everything. They will still happily take the insurance money though. I no longer send/receive anything I am not prepared to take a hit on. Fine if your contract for the goods is via a reputable seller who will compensate you and use their own considerable weight to get their money back from the courier/broker but hopeless for your average mug.
  8. This and with the multitude of apps available for each of the various couriers out there it’s a “single pane of glass” solution. The disadvantage as explained is if there is a problem with delivery it’s another link in the chain towards resolution. Don’t think Kev is being patronising l just think something is being lost in the message. A pitfall of most electronic communication.
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