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  1. It has just grown into a far larger, far more organised event that appeals to a very large demographic. So far I have watched Idles, Khruangbin, Roisin Murphy, Bonobo, St.Vincent,Big Thief, Billie Eillish and a bit of Leon Bridges.. something for everyone there. Its never going to be the same as the old days. I can remember wandering down to the local HMV about a week after the tickets were released, no one queuing and paid in cash. It’s just a very different festival. Still great that people are enjoying it and being exposed to music they may never otherwise listen to.
  2. Yep. I had a Stingray body made for me a while back and wanted it to be light. Basswood was out as I wanted a grain. I found a youtube video of someone trying to use the slurry method on Paulownia and he was having a total ‘mare. It is a very porous wood. I went for Ash in the end.
  3. there’s a ghost in my house - the fall
  4. Early JAMC gigs were chaotic and pretty decent. I last saw them at Brixton Academy and they seemed a bit bored an weary of the whole thing by then. I saw some of the Glastonbury set and they seemed underwhelming and dull. Other than Psychocandy which is still great the BRMC are probably the band the JAMC should have morphed into.
  5. Congratulations if you buy this. It’s one of the biggest bargains on here …
  6. never understand - the jesus and mary chain
  7. Yep that’s what I was thinking of when I asked. I liked most of St Vincent set as well.
  8. Fair enough. Visually I thought she was more of a cross between Robert Smith and a Manga comic character. Bearing in mind she is not a dancer and has to occupy a huge stage I thought it a clever bit of theatre but we all have different opinions.
  9. Just to confirm you are taking about Billie Eillish? I must have been watching someone else. Saw the first half of her set and although not my bag thought she was remarkable. Is that her brother with her alongside the drummer? If so hugely talented holding it all together and playing some pretty neat licks at the same time.
  10. Im not sure I really agree. There are a number of serious collectors who are really discerning in what they buy and spend serious money. There is also a lot of of amateur enthusiasts that like the mojo and aesthetic of older instruments but can’t afford the top end stuff. As these things become more scarce but still attract buyers then they will increase in value. Not sure if it’s indicative of a society in decline. Nostalgia is just another quirk of the human condition.
  11. Finally watched Khruangbin and now St Vincent. Some nice funky bass going on there.
  12. To be fair i get his drift. As a 50 plus Dad I should be outraged at the long haired hooligans and their decadent ways like all previous Dads since the days of Mozart. I feel cheated.
  13. This. Plus take a look back through the archives the line up was never that great. Some real gems - the rest a bit meh. From my memories of festival days Reading generally had a better lineup but Glastonbury was still always the better festival in terms of having a great time.
  14. I would think a plenty of these instruments won’t even get played. Just like old wines rarely get drunk. They have become another way of protecting cash value against inflation.
  15. sorry my spelling is not the best even when not using the [email protected] iphone keypad. these things are designed for toddlers fingers …
  16. Yea the second time I went I had a stall in one of the smaller fields. I can’t remember what it cost but it wasn’t particularly expensive. Most of the other vendors around me were small scale selling hippie tat. Fast forward to the mid 90’s and I thought of doing it again and even the less desirable pitches were really expensive and half the high street seemed to be setting up shop. Im sure it’s still an amazing experience but very different to the memories I have.
  17. Idles are one of the handful of bands around at the moment that if I were in my 20’s would be seeing live whenever possible. I haven’t seen any coverage of Khruangbin yet but they would also be on my must see list. In the years I went to Glastonbury the official numbers were less than 70000 (with gatecrashers probably more like 100000) and tickets were less than £40. I can’t see me going these days unless I win some sort of competition that includes helicopter travel and accommodation in an airstream with complimentary chief and sommelier!
  18. There is no way to rationalise the rare and collectibles market whether your talking about stamps, art, cars or guitars. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115437661270?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=IqtmysLhR2a&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=o8ireNu4Tim&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  19. heaven knows i’m miserable now - the smiths
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