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  1. Well one guy REALLY doesn't like Roger or his work Really hard to decide with such a wide range of opinions on this RSD ME series... had a sniff at Basstalk thread where Mr.S shares his thoughts and gives a bit of feedback as well. But can't really risk getting one online as there's no guarantee it'll be one of the latest ones that are supposed to be better and have better QC?
  2. Thinking of getting a RSD Chinese Hybrid 5... any recent buyers, any news of better QC, any good reviews? Cheers
  3. i have a SR special 5 that i got from a fellow BCer, i love it, great instrument! i used to have a preEB SR4 that i couldn’t get along with, but this one is not going anywhere. GLWYS
  4. So i feel like changing the PU on my 70’s Ibanez Lawsuit defretted Jazz. Thinking of stuff i haven’t tried... Aguilar, Lollar, Lindy Fralin? Or should i go original old Fender (a 74 pair on sale as we speak)? Did anybody have all of this, any thoughts on how they compare? Or should i just leave it as it is? I’m not on a quest for a certain sound so any comments helpful, thanks!
  5. seems Senor Binky got this years ago, any chance it's still with you? @binky_bass any chance of a photo for late guests?
  6. Lovely, too bad it’s UK sale only...
  7. Thanks for the info! I think it’s the E model, it looks like 4 knobs and a grey switch on the photo and no battery compartment on the back. Waiting for a tryout date, fingers crossed..
  8. very nice indeed! iResist btw, has this sickness been classified by the WHO by now? symptoms: ownership of too many P’s and a constant lust for more
  9. Hi, i’m thinking of getting a second hand 5005, there’s one near me at 950euro. I don’t know the year it was built, but wanted to ask if there’s been many mods in this model since it’s inception and if there’s points to watch out for or years to avoid? Thanks
  10. a friend of mine got divorced because of his “side activities” - gigs... married the same lady again 3 years later... divorce no.2 followed, they’ve been settling the estate for last 2 years...
  11. exactly, and i’m pretty sure my back will miss it in a few years..
  12. had this for a while, super light and comfy with extra upper register accessibility, a bit adventurous visually and sonically though..
  13. Never owned or played 18” until recently, any love out there for these huge things in the 12orless” world? They don’t come up so much used and they seem to be out of Thomann’s catalogue, are they still being made? I picked one up a couple of weeks ago (90’s USA Ampeg, roadworn but working flawlessly, cost 100 including gas) and i’m loving it. I don’t mind the weight and size yet as i’m using it at home only ATM and it sounds great, even at low volume for the midnight noodle it has plenty of super silent and super deep fatness So my question for all the experienced 18”ers: do this 18” hold it’s own live or is a 10 or 12” on top a must? I know my back will say no, but i hope the sound will make it worth it... or will i start hating it after the first gig?
  14. Just received a package from this gent, a transaction smooth and simple as it gets, AAAA+, highly recommended, deal with confidence etc. Thanks again Dave!
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