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  1. Just received a bombproof-packed package from Mick, everything smooth/easy/effortless/no hassle/no worries/highly recommended in other words deal with confidence! Thanks again Mick!
  2. just received a package from Frank, safely packed, great communication, no worries here, great seller, deal with confidence. Thanks again Frank!
  3. just received a bass from Nick, packed as a tank, great communication, highly recommended! gracias señor!
  4. FJB 78 we all love them, after all it’s top quality brand :))
  5. I've sent an email with the link to this thread to a friend who knows Hans-Peter, the owner of Warwick, maybe he has some info... Long shot, but still, fingers crossed.. or just try contacting Hans-Peter through Warwick's contact list..
  6. i’m with the Gamba player on this one, photos please :))
  7. i second that... and would also be nice to see the back of the headstock, something written there? any chance of putting some frets in it, if you’re the maker or have contact with him/her/them? cheers
  8. did a quick search but couldn’t really find who’s making these Maa’s, do you have some info? also what trades would you consider? cheers
  9. just as i thought, even better with Tort, yummy, emergency family meeting...
  10. ...are we there yet? it’s been hard trying not to order major-brand straplocks these past few weeks knowing there are tattooed oranges lost somewhere in the future.. btw, x3 4 me, cheers
  11. I have to get me one of these BassTech cats, where did you get yours? glwts
  12. “got my Shuker SC from Mr.Burns-bass and it is spectacular” bump... glwys
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