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  1. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    Yeah, the latter smarts somewhat. I've decided that living with a cat now is a far safer bet financially.
  2. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    Bit like this! - a 1976 Aria Pro II - another bass I guess I shouldn't have parted with!!!! It was more F*nder than F*nder!
  3. If you check out @Nibody’s The Dood thread, you’ll see one of my P basses that had a 1992 ‘62RI neck.
  4. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    Awwww I forgot where that one ended up! That body is so resonant! Really lovely bass, kicking myself for having to sell! (John Deacon, by the way 👍)
  5. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    Thank you, that's kind of you to say! I'd love to be able to step it up and get more creative with them, maybe when budget allows!
  6. Many years ago, Iron Maiden played our favourite (sadly long since gone) local venue as The Nodding Donkeys. The venue was owned by Maiden "staff".
  7. Check out ChordBot on IOS and HookPad via your web browser as two other really cool tools for chord sequences. Mapping Total Harmony Pro kicks things up a gear if you want to get geeky. I have it on IOS.
  8. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    I have over 350 review videos in Guitar Interactive Magazine - which is a free mag every month delivered to your inbox (subscribe for free) . http://guitarinteractivemagazine.com - a lot of the video reviews are also shared on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/iguitarmag My own YouTube channel, I had planned to start working on but life has a habit of getting in the way. You can find it at http://www.YouTube.com/DanVeallBassist and I would really appreciate some subs. For those who like a tech read, I write every month for Bass Player Magazine in my own column called The Last Note. Anyone wanting video demos, voice overs or reviews recorded, well I can do that too and I'm freelance and well cheap inquire within, as they say.
  9. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    It's a beauty! I love it!!!!
  10. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    And here is current "Dood" from that very session recording the SH-1 review. It's a 1976 precision, Ash body and a very skinny slip of rosewood for the fretboard. I'm gonna have to agree, I'm in the "black pick guard" camp, even though my passion for natural P basses does stem from John Deacon's sunburst model that he stripped the finish off. He left the original tortie guard on it all the way up to the point of having the refinish in black with gold hardware around 1985. (Yes John did also have a second precision that he stripped the finish off too, which is often identified by having a silver Fender logo rather than the black "TV script" style logo of what became his "main" bass.
  11. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    This is my first natural P bass that I stupidly sold about 25 odd years ago and apparently lives in a studio in Suffolk somewhere. If anyone sees this bass, please let me know!! Note the pickups and the holes drilled near the E String.
  12. Dood

    NBD - The "Dood"

    I am genuinely touched! I've been having really rubbish day today and this has absolutely brightened it up. Yeah, still have a leaking sink and my To Do list is longer than my arm and I can't remember what free time feels like, but this.. THIS! has made my day
  13. I played a fairly large outdoor gig before lockdown where the hired "professional" PA company "mic'd" my cabinet. With an SM57, a good 15" away from the cabinet edge, off axis. I wished that they had DI'd, especially as I had clearly explained why the DI would be a better option. I forget the name of the PA company, maybe that's not a bad thing. Don't even get me started on their "IEM" mixes lol..
  14. That's a great spec' and pretty much what I would be asking for too! Congratulations, it's going to be a top notch bass!
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