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  1. then, if you were concerned, should you ever end up with batteries chucking out 1.2v instead, pop the 8th one back in
  2. I'm really touched Bless your heart. It will be fine, for sure. - though if you wanted to, there are such items out there as "dummy batteries" - essentially just a shell in which both terminals are just wired together - this allows you to essentially bypass one cell's worth of 'slot'. Just clip it in and you'll have 7 cells worth of output instead. Which based on your 10,3v reading earlier, will give you your 9v! I cant imagine they would be any more than about 99p each.
  3. 10.3! How very odd! That works out at about 1.3v per cell - I wouldn't worry about it - especially if you are reading that from an unloaded power supply on a standard multi-meter. Stick a couple of pedals on the pack and it will be negligible
  4. 2. It won’t last two years lol, it was just that I hadn’t used it much, but the eneloop batteries do retain their charge when not in use. 3. The more pedals you add, the more current is required. That of course affects how long the pack will last. Off the top of my head I can’t remember the capacity of the batteries as a set of eight, (Total amp/hours) - you’d then work out the consumption of each pedal and then be able to work out how long the pack should last. Me be someone can chime in because I’m marinading in Guinness right now 😂 4. Eneloop are amongst the best, but there’s a set I bought cheap that are actually very good. I’ll dig them out and find out what they are. Reviews say they perform well.
  5. 1. Rechargeable batteries on average can only muster 1.2v each, thus I use 8 to give me 9.6v output
  6. Well, the easiest way I can put it I suppose, is that some amplifiers when turned up seem to get very loud, but also harsh, fatiguing and lose the low end balls that were enjoyed at more reasonable levels. But, every SVT 2 Pro I've cranked up just seems to stay BIG past that threshold in volume. Depth, girth, whatever you wanna call it, in the studio it was like the amplifier was just stretching it's legs rather than running out of steam.
  7. I'm not sure if this Instagram image will share for everyone (even though I can see it). I was in the Guitar Interactive studio recently with this beast of an amplifier. I forgot how good these sound cranked up and allowed to breath! Doooood
  8. I have HUNDREDS of plectrums!!!! I chop and change between bass and guitar, I sometimes grab something different for my Guitalele! My favourites at the moment are D'Addario Duralin Precision (pointy!) .85mm, but I actually also love those Big Stubby 2mm plectrums for fast playing.
  9. Ha ha ha! Thank you Daz! I have been meaning to collate every single review in to one big BassChat post, but there's over 350 to dig through!
  10. Thank you!! he he! and Thank you again! I have to say that I recall doing this review and pondering if I could afford to buy one pretty much straight away. These models are a particularly nice bass guitar - and are still on my radar. I can only apologise for the high standards of instrument review. I do actually try to play down the 'playing' side of things in my reviews to focus on the tone of the instrument! Now, I'm looking at Cort basses again... You're going to hate the reviews we have going up of the two basses I'm just about to (rather, having to) send back to Cort!
  11. And: If you can hear the fan, your amplifier is way over-powered for your needs* 😁 *Yes I get it, lots of people use their gigging amp for practice too, hence the smiley.
  12. Like above, I've put together my own little convertors. This isn't the exact one I was looking for for you, but CPT make the ones I've bought. 9v pedal power to 5v mini USB for powering the likes of Zoom recorders or when I've needed a stable 9v from a 12v supply, they have always had what I needed. You may have to have a search outside of eBay, but I'd at least recommend these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272676355696
  13. I'm intrigued as I've always fancied a five string version of my Fender Power Jazz Bass Special. The specs are very similar, maybe not seen in other off the shelf instruments. The reverse P-J, the EMG active electronics, the 21 fret layout.. I think I wanna try one out!
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