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  1. @D'Addario UK have been doing a recycling scheme for many years. Not only do you earn points for buying D'Addario strings in the first place that can be used towards discounts off future purchases via the D'Addario Player's Circle, but I believe you also earn points from recycling those very strings too!
  2. It's worth noting that luthiers like Sei, Overwater, Shuker etc will build an instrument with absolutely any neck profile your heart desires. Folk may hate the profile of my Shuker's but it's not indicative of the feel of his other basses. To put it another way, when it comes to a luthier who can customise to that granularity, it's probably worth having an idea what profile you might like to have rather than going to another luthier who may only do standard carves. That said, there's obviously an advantage in taking that "unknown territory" out of the equation by going to another luthier who tells you what you're going to have. The P bass I would like made will have the same profile as my '76 I own. There's another BCer who has done the same, having had his 78 (I think) P bass used as a template for his Shuker. Certainly my inspiration for following suit!
  3. I'm very pleased to hear it! - I've been talking to Jon for a long while about a sister for my custom headless six string. We've been working on ideas for an updated version of my everyday workhorse for a while now! It's essentially a Series II Elite, but completely custom. The new version will have a different body shape. That said, one day I will have Jon build me a P bass to go with my vintage Fender. That one will have to wait! If you need any help with Shuker options, I'd be happy to help too.
  4. As a job, I've had the pleasure of most basses on the market at some point. Shuker's attention to detail is insane for the money. I've flipped a lot of basses over the years, but the Shuker's are still very much here and my go to basses. So much so, I can't wait to spec my next.
  5. Your gear sounds different if the speaker cabinets are flat on the floor firing in to your legs. One of the best things you can do , especially on a tight stage, is to angle the cabinets to face your ears or raise them up closer to your ears.
  6. The Dingwall D-Bird. I've only tried the very first pre-release prototype, but even that was incredibly well behaved in the balance department, even before hearing how good it sounded too.
  7. I am an independent (freelancing) music gear video reviewer and demonstrator. If you own or know of a brand who are looking to have video footage produced for social media, drop me a line. I’d be interested in working with you.

    Maybe you are a shop wanting to show off basses for sale, or are a small company producing pedals, a massive worldwide brand wanting quality media by someone who knows what they are talking about or simply want a company introduction video; let’s have a chat.

    I’m also working on producing voice over media as I have a studio set up here too.

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      Birthday 06/01/1918

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      The last 3 years have aged me considerably, it's only these last few months I feel I've started getting younger again. Long story! ") - Thank you for the PM :) :)

  8. CAR , maple board, white pick guard! YUM! Especially when its a slightly darker CAR. Candy Cola is lovely too. There's a red that Dingwall do too (I'll find a pic) which is really rich, Rich. Really rich lol..
  9. I'd have taken the covers off and run home with it immediately. I'd have maybe liked a little more mid honk in the pickups for a more pronounced mwah, but I just reached for my amp EQ anyway, The tone and build quality of these basses is very good.
  10. I’ve video reviews of both the J bass (fretless) and P bass coming. I really liked the P!
  11. I understand. Good luck in your search, If I come up with any ideas I'll ping you a message. I can't really help with the generic types as I have small ear canals and find that anything but moulded simply won't fit properly, are uncomfortable and even just drop out. That said, I liked the filters made by Etymotic Research used in the ER style ear protection years ago. I'm not sure if they are still as good as they used to be. My current moulded plugs are made by 64 Audio with interchangeable filters and I also have a set of the ones advertised above too. Interestingly they are both very different in their resulting sound due to their attenuation methods.
  12. Looking at this picture alone without the video, I can immediately tell that what is going on here is a little more complex than the OP, as the guitarist is shaping the signal before it gets pushed in to a drive section. Distortion changes tone a huge amount. I can see that the player is cutting the lows to tighten up the saturation sound and boosting the mids, not unlike the eq curve of a tube screamer (but clean) - You could also treat the 6 band EQ pedal as if it were an onboard active preamp, shaping the sound of the guitar, like that of the active Stingray mentioned. Maybe the speaker cabinet they are using has a fair amount of natural mids in it and thus pulling the mids out in the ten band will smooth things over a little. Great for reproducing the sound of a guitar in a mix. I'm not familiar with the MK V Mesa, but I wonder if the tone stack is passive and thus will definitely react differently to that of the active filters of the ten band which can boost and cut more aggressively.
  13. OOOOPS! God, I should put my glasses on, I missed this bit . Apologies. You are a busy musician though, aren't you? I feel sure you'd be able to talk to someone. 👍👍
  14. Hey Jakester, If you can get on this scheme, this will be the best £40 (£30) you'll ever spend on hearing protection* https://www.helpmusicians.org.uk/health-welfare/musicians-hearing-health-scheme I have heard that the criteria for getting them is flexible if you can demonstrate that you do a lot of work in music.
  15. Yes that is very true. I even wrote in a bass player magazine column recently not to ever use one IEM in and one out.
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