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  1. How is this possible, EMG parts rant

    Frustrating eh. The pickups are rock solid, I’ve never had a failure, which of course I am happy about, because I’d be worried for how slow they’d be to help me if something did need looking at.
  2. Hartke Kilo! 1000w! - £400

    Can your imagine that!!!! Wow, epic!!
  3. How is this possible, EMG parts rant

    Great pickups. Non-existent CS in the UK, “can’t be bothered” attitude in the US. The ‘Artist Liasion’ guy doesn’t actually reply to messages or being tagged on social media to respond. CS in the UK has never responded to me, ever. I’ve been using EMGs on my basses for over 20 years. If i had the cash, i’d replace the lot. But I don’t so I’m stuck with them.
  4. More Shuker Porn

    It isn’t i’m afraid.
  5. Mark King 6 String

    Kalium are great but the cost of shipping and import costs are prohibiting.
  6. Mark King 6 String

    Newtone have been making my Fan Fret sets and I’ve been really happy with them.
  7. Mark King 6 String

    The B string if it were heavy enough gauge you’d be able to ‘try’ the theory out but nothing will be as good as the correct gauge for the job. I use a minimum of 182 for F# and i have a 190 to drop tune to E. D’Addario do a 170 gauge which of course will pair very well with their other sets. I’d recommend giving them a go. I’m just using the last of my Kaliums but after that I will be having Newtone Strings make these custom gauges for me. They are very good!
  8. Mark King 6 String

    It’s a lot of fun!
  9. I'm really liking Basschat V2.1! Or is it V3.0? Hmm!

    1. charic


      I'd say 3 :)

    2. dood


      V3. It is then! :) Either way, you’ve done an amazing job, all!

  10. I've just uploaded a new cover picture and avatar to match my Facebook pages!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. andybassdoyle


      Is it wrong of me to mourn the Dood predator?

    3. SpondonBassed


      Oh yeah, I hadn't noticed that had changed too.

      [Dons hard-hat and flak jacket]

    4. dood


      Maybe Dood predator is due for a makeover!!!

  11. Line 6 Helix.

    I think the FR800's will be a real winner. I've been very pleased with how the BB2 responds with a decent power amp. I've also been using my Bergantino B|Amp and HD cabinets with Helix whilst I get it set up with some really good results there too. I do really love the idea of having a pair of active cabinets with no need for a separate amplifier. I can't see why the FR800's wouldn't be a great sounding option. Alas my budget won't stretch so it'll be a pair of BB's and a clean flat amp for now.
  12. Mark King 6 String

    That's true!! Speaking of my 7, I've done dep gigs in the past where I'd stayed pretty much in the same position all night ha ha!! That was a waste of the other 19 frets!
  13. Mark King 6 String

    Yup, my 7 string is F# to C.
  14. Mark King 6 String

    I'll just leave this here and you and I can run away to the pub for a couple of hours
  15. Mark King 6 String

    I've actually no idea. Maybe the new band/project he's involved in is making use of the extra string?