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  1. https://www.gotaukulele.com/2015/05/something-fishy-fishing-line-as-ukulele.html ok, so it turns out it is d0-able!
  2. It's happening again! I've just tried posting twice on the https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/341025-have-you-ever-purchased-your-old-bass-back/#comment-3741713 thread - and although my browser has gone through the motions, nothing has appeared. I've checked with a different browser (logged out) and no post to be seen! WIERD! I'm going to leave it for a bit then try to post again using a different browser. Just thought I'd flag it up.
  3. Awww thank you Pete! - The maple board PB70 basses are also rather lush!!
  4. Tons of extra info here: http://www.deaky.net/indexE.html You'll need the plectrums too: http://www.deaky.net/bass/pickE.html If you can find any out there!
  5. I'm not sure I need to post anything here at all describing the HX Effects as the threads about how awesome HX is are numerous here and around the internet. I have had the Line 6 Helix LT and more recently the HX Effects for long enough to say that I love them both. I am a huge fan. I bought the HX with the intention of downsizing and consolidating my set up in to a lazy one-box-schlepp from the car. However I have anguished as I really do like the LT more. Just over the last day or so I've started trying out a different way to set up my LT and something "clicked" in my head, so LT stays, HX is on the way! Pick up a nearly new HX Effects in original box (with manuals etc) for a very reasonable price. Mainland insured shipping included. I'm sure it's under a year old!
  6. I have a Tech 21 MIDI Moose, boxed and pretty much as new condition: http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/effects/midimoose.html That you can have for £80 - Tested it earlier on and it works a treat! I also have a Boss FC50 (Otherwise known as GFC-50)" https://www.roland.com/us/products/gfc-50/ Which looks a little battle scarred but nothing you'd notice on stage. £50 Note the other connections available on the boards as they do have extended functionality as well as just program changes on your favourite effects units, keyboards, myths, drum machines what have you. Shipping, well, I would like £6 to go towards insured shipping.
  7. Wow! Helix LT is back with vengeance, I think my HX Effects will go up for sale with some other kit tomorrow!

    1. LukeFRC


      where was it?

    2. Kev


      Hit me up with a price if you do Dood...

    3. Dood


      PM'd you Kev


      Advertised in the marketplace!

  8. EAST ANGLIAN BASS BASH discussion here: 


    PLEASE get involved!!

    1. Daz39


      Does everyone who turns up have to play only Flat?

      *I'll get me coat*

  9. (EMG Active) PJ for my 4 stringers mostly and for everything else I favour dual-rail pickups, specifically the EMG DC Active models in J bass positions.
  10. I love the deluxe, it's my all time fave drive pedal now I reckon. It just works very well with my own particular set up (though I maybe approach my drive in a different way, maybe not ha ha!) Oh and there's the new little babe sat here in a box that I will be talking to the Guitar Interactive studio soon. So you know what that means! (Oh and you can't ask me now as I've not been up to opening the box yet.) Erik is a great guy, I really like his style of playing and his reviews are making great viewing. Dan
  11. Good for you. I hope that you get what you are owed.
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