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  1. Anyone here own my ole Tobias Pro 6? 

    1. LukeFRC


      I can confirm it it's not me

    2. Dood


      Actually, I was able to look up on my emails where it went originally- and yes it did go to a fine basschatter!

    3. Rich


      My Pro 6 went to a BCer too... or at least he was at one time... hasn't been here since 06/10/2013.

  2. Oooh Dark Theme looks great @ped!

    1. ped


      Cheers buddy! Oh, hang on... where have you gone?? Too dark in here! 👻

  3. I love the thumbnails in the Marketplace post titles ... Gonna make it even more difficult for my wallet to keep hold of it's contents! 😍

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gareth Hughes

      Gareth Hughes

      Agreed. It was such a wonderful surprise today - that thing I didn't know I wanted but now I'm so happy that it's here. I may actually be irrationally happy about this.

    3. Machines


      I'd like to be able to toggle them, personally. I think they look messy in the mobile view.

    4. ped


      You can - button top right :)

  4. Thank you for your congratulations, congratulating me on my congratulations given to BreadBin who kindly congratulated me on the award I attained, which he also received for congratulating me.
  5. Maybe I'll get extra for congratulating you on your congratulating me.
  6. One of my all time favourite bass reviews was a Mayones - and not even an expensive offering either. Great basses, would have one immediately if I had the spare cash.
  7. I’m actually waiting to do a review of the @Bergantino Audio Forté HP as well as the NXT and NXV cabinets when they ship to our distributor. I’ll also ask to do B|Amp MK 2 as well. I adore my B|Amp MK1 and can help answer questions about Forté. Anything I can’t answer, I’ll call Jim himself
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