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  1. 93% off and I still can't afford it! Thank you so much for posting though!
  2. CoronaVirus Gear Sale? - How many of you are considering or are already selling bass gear because of financial losses incurred by not being able to work?

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    2. Lozz196


      As I left my gigging band at the start of the year I was intending on selling all that I don`t need anymore. Think the financial impact is gonna make me put that on hold, why advertise if no-ones got any dosh.

    3. Brook_fan


      Not because of work but because even when I was gigging at the local folk club I don’t need amplification (for my acoustic guitar).  Selling off some gear to fund some recording equipment.

    4. 3below


      How hard will it be to move kit on? Going to be some time before we get out on live gigs again. Strange times.

  3. I've not tried NinJam even though I have been a Reaper user for over 20 odd years. I've heard that KazamJam does something similar and may be worth taking a look at.
  4. Great idea! I have sub’d to all of you now! My own channel is woefully short of material as all of my video reviews appear on the page of the magazine that I work for. If you wish to follow me (because I am setting up my own video rig right now) I am here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWb_ePdvfjaGvPhM2Fzb4CA The Magazine is: https://www.youtube.com/user/iguitarmag and here’s a shortcut to (nearly) all of my bass videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgYvPDvHf3Y&list=PLF3285qKMRQac1DgPAJeHcX9Rl57CUILr
  5. @bassbiscuits! I said I wouldn't forget you! ^^^^^^^^
  6. I'll do more soon!
  7. And this was a pic from a reunion gig.
  8. Oh you’re gonna love this. I played lead guitar for many years in a band called “Sod’s Law”!!!
  9. I'm afraid I'm not part of that particular group so I'm unable to read it. Thank you though. And yeah, it has come at a time when I didn't think life could possibly get any more difficult. This last year has been a living hell. Anyone wanna buy all of my bass gear?
  10. I am amazed! I could never describe why I preferred not to use tapered strings and often found I would talk about intonation or "something up with tuning" high up the low strings. So, its not the intonation after all! Well, I guess I ought to get these tried out then!
  11. What was it, literally days ago I wrote how lucky I was to be able to be a professional musician?
  12. The foot switch is just brilliant! So simple yet SO effective. Its rechargeable too and will do 200 hours on one charge apparently!
  13. In fairness, I do have huge hands!! - Its definitely not a huge amp head though.
  14. Its only a quick vid, but it's a good place to start - I should have added that the 175hz control is very useful at adding punch, so I adjust that in conjunction with the 60Hz. They almost make up a double stack as there is some cross over between the two. (Hence why 2dB change actually has a much larger effect than a single control being moved the same amount.)
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