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  1. SOLD and on its way to its new home.
  2. Sale pending to a nice chap called Ash!
  3. Being as it's the anniversary today of Garbage's 2.0 album, (which is excellent), I've just grabbed Envy Of None's album - which sounds like it's going to be right up my street.
  4. To be honest I could really use the cash, but I will have a think.
  5. Yes, brilliant amps, I love mine too, which incidentally I bought from a shop after I did that very review linked above, I was so impressed!
  6. I pride myself on a good set up It's fair to say that they are cracking basses stock and this one is particularly good. I wouldn't be upset about welcoming it back in to the fold.
  7. I often teach this bass line: I can cover quite a lot of theory and lessons about songwriting with just.one.note. The coolest bass line doesn't have to have a million notes. I'd even argue that the bass is doing exactly what it should be doing in When Doves Cry by Prince. That said, I love my prog and just one song of many comes to mind that just grabs my ears in the most delicious way, Thoughts Pt II by Spock's Beard. The bass sound and solo is GNARLY!
  8. That’s a very, very good answer! You’ve definitely been paying attention! ❤️🥰 However, my go to choice is: Chameleon Flip Paint, the rich colour changing paint that alters as light hits it. Just some of my basses.
  9. I’ll let everyone else answer what my favourite finish colour is. If you don’t know, you’ve not been here long enough yet
  10. Yes, I do recall and if you do choose to sell, please be in touch with me first. It’s a PB70-US non-export CIJ bass.( I.e. they weren’t supposed to be sold outside Japan as they easily rivalled the specifications of the US Fenders). However, it was a special order as they had stopped making the BLK version before I got in touch. This model had a mirrored scratch plate that mine actually came with, that I replaced with an era correct black plate as well as the other Deacon mods and the set up I did on the bass. The non-export PB70-US is an Alder body and has the gotoh OEM tuning keys and US “spec” pickups. The export versions were usually basswood bodies I believe and often had the smaller tuning key plates and generic P pickups. I have the CIJ catalogue somewhere specifying these details. 40mm nut. Finally, I sourced this model from Japan and the outlet put in a special order with Fender Japan to make it for me. That level of service just blew me away.
  11. Gonna need that on a T-Shirt before too long ha ha!
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