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  1. The DBS amps were immense. You wouldn't want to move them without a handtruck and a van, but they were worth the weight. Probably the last good bass amp Marshall ever made. Given that Marshall don't make any Marshall-branded bass gear anymore (they have the Eden brand for that), if they put the DBS preamp into a big-power class D head and sold it as an Eden/Marshall DBS, with the proper black and gold livery, they'd clean up. The Bass-State, on the other hand, were cheap practice amps and almost entirely unremarkable.
  2. You could always tell when the 'stars' were in town though based on the cars parked outside. I used to go over there on the Tube, and one day I remember seeing a big gold Rolls parked outside. Turned out the Rolls belonged to John Entwistle, and he was in there trying some stuff out. I was a bit starstruck and left him to it!
  3. Back in 2003 I scored an endorsement with Warwick via their old UK distributor. I guess a lot of their UK-based endorsers at the time had kinda gone below the radar, so they were looking for new blood, and the band I was in at the time were starting to make a few waves. So I scored the endorsement and promptly ordered a Streamer Jazzman for silly money (well under four figures), and, when I got it, it was... meh. Horrible huge thick neck too. So I told them it probably wouldn't work out, went back to playing my Sei and flogged the Streamer on eBay for £500 more than I paid for it.
  4. Never mind that. They've brought back the AFR. Played one back in the 90s. Lovely looking instrument, played and felt great, sounded kinda wimpy though. Maybe they've beefed it up a bit now.
  5. Surprised John Hall hasn't had a s**t-fit about it and threatened to sue Stuart Spector. He seems happy to go after anything that even vaguely resembles a Ric and isn't built in China. Nice bass though.
  6. It was good back when it was first on, playing 'proper' metal while Kerrang! played constant bad pop-punk on a loop. A whole channel playing what we used to only get three hours of on a Sunday night on Headbangers' Ball. They ended up basically becoming a carbon copy of Kerrang! in the end though, playing all the same drivel. And there's no need for two channels of that. No great loss. You want to watch metal videos? You have YouTube.
  7. Yes, back when I had access to custom sets of Elites, I played 35-55-80-105-130, so very light to very heavy. I don't have easy access to custom sets anymore, so I've reverted to a standard light-gauge 5-string set. It suited how I played at the time, and I still maintain that there's no reason that the same note needs to sound the same on each string - string-to-string balance is overrated.
  8. Been back and forth from LHR to EWR more times than I care to remember, and had a bass/basses with me on at least half of those occasions. Never been checked once, on either end. That doesn't mean you won't, but, in my experience, the likelihood is minimal. Maybe stuff a shabby-looking old gig bag in your case to bring it back in.
  9. I used to see Brian May and Anita Dobson with annoying regularity on Kingston high street back in the mid-90s. He was hard to miss and you could hear him coming because of his clogs.
  10. Yep. Part modern exotic wood singlecut, part rock'n'roll Thunderbird. All awesome.
  11. I met Stu and Derrick (drummer) back in the late 90s, when I was helping out on the technical side of a Sony commercial Jay Kay was shooting. Lovely blokes. Got some nice bass kudos going with Stu, talking about Jaco and Larry Graham. But JK was a knob. I knew it from the second he roared into the place, in his souped-up AMG Merc. The Sony guys brought him a Winnebago to use as a changing room (everyone else we'd had there, including Premiership footballers, were happy to change in the bogs), he'd only talk to my boss, not us other peons and generally came across as an arrogant, overly-entitled man-child.
  12. That's my old bass - Martin made it for me in 2011 but I had to sell it after moving house. And I want it back. So hands off, y'bastages.
  13. For me, Revelations are the best instruments available at the lower end of the market. Better than Squier, etc. They've done their homework, come up with cool designs, found a good factory to work with in China, and have the benefit of Entwistle's many, many years of experience. I remember loving the old Hohner Revelations back in the day, and I'm very glad they've made a comeback. My RBJ-67 5-string Jazz is a phenomenal instrument. Doesn't hurt that I only paid £300 for it.
  14. Speaking of picks, how about a very bored-looking Mark King playing with a pick, with Midge Ure?
  15. That's always the issue with Ibanez. They look great, play very well, have comfortable necks, aren't too heavy and... have bad electronics. Those Bartolini Mk1 pickups they put in everything are dreadful. The higher end ones that come with Nordstrands or Aguilars always sound 100% better. The best Ibby I ever played was a cheap-ish SR505 with a set of Delanos and an OBP-3 installed. The thing sounded massive, chunky with a Warwick-esque woody bite, nothing like the middly, twangy tone you hear from stock 505s.
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