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  1. Colour co-ordinated my signature and avatar.

    Guess I need to get out more often.

    1. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Looks nice 👍 

  2. Then I will endeavour to remember to add some squish to my reviews! I'll take that as a tip - Indeed, I have a pedal here now that is on my review list for Bass Gear Magazine!
  3. @frusty It looks stunning as I remember! Do remember me should you decide to part with it! Thank you, I guess that's testament to my set up and build skills eh! Although, I agree, the bass was pretty amazing completely stock and it does pain me to think that I had to sell. Yes, I've done a couple of JD style P basses. I'm actually getting ready to do another black and gold soon. I have the hardware here, just waiting for the donor vintage P to arrive. It's not a Fender, but also not surprising, it's one of Japan's finest period copies. Thank you for the pictures, fantastic.
  4. The new owner is a really good guy and I see his posts quite a lot on Facebook, but it pains me as I put so much work in to that bass. It's a Dingwall one of a kind in many ways. The half Pickguard was my idea that I discussed with Sheldon Dingwall and received his blessing. The pickups in the bass weren't even available at the time too!
  5. I know a bass player who forgot his drummer once. I had to drive all the way back to collect him.
  6. And this lovely bass. There's a few more that I don't have pictures immediately available to me. It was a very sh*t year for the Dingwall's
  7. And this one... @Frusty, you still got this one?
  8. This one. It's possibly somewhere in a studio in SUFFOLK. I'd love to know where!
  9. One of my very early home videos... Things have progressed substantially since I was recording in a tiny back bedroom!!!! OUT OF FOOOOOOOOOOOCUS!!! GAHHHH!!!
  10. Gosh, it's a while since I reviewed one (Youtube) but from memory, if you set the blend to 100% wet (as expected), it does go squishy, but maybe not as much as some that sometimes go a bit too far for useful bass sounds. I really rate this compressor and kinda wish I hung on to the one I bought.
  11. Y'all know you're posting status updates instead of forum posts and PM's, right? 👇

  12. Can't see it myself.... /I'll get my coat 😀🤣😂 (and glasses!!!)
  13. I chose yes, but at the same time, I wouldn't be so daft to tell people not to use the "60 year old technology"... or to suggest that multi scale instruments are anything new ;o)
  14. I'll see how quickly I can get one to do a full review for Bass Gear Magazine
  15. It does look pretty delicious, yeah!
  16. Thank you! Yes I do! B|Amp is absolutely superb - and It alone has managed to distill several rack U's of kit I used to drag around in to a nice neat package. I agree with Chris_b, there is definitely an authority to the sound and I don't need to tweak much to get what I need. Forte is a great amp too and I am most definitely excited about getting my hands on Forte HD, the new B|Amp Mk2 and both the NXT and NXV cabinets for a full review at some point! I really can't think of a reason to give up this amp, it's superb.
  17. PLEASE subscribe to my YouTube channel too here: https://www.YouTube.com/DanVeallBassist
  18. My latest Bass Gear Magazine video review has just gone live!! Check out this beautiful Spector #Euro4LT #Bass ! Special thanks to Spector UK, Barnes & Mullins Ltd for letting us loose on this one - it inspired me to write this little tune, “The Spectator”. Hope you like it as much as I loved having the bass over. https://www.bassgearmag.com/bassic-review-spector-euro4-lt-bass/
  19. I video reviewed the Magni 210 - it is indeed essentially a Reidmar combo, for sure. Brilliant sound and does the EBS thing very well. If I were looking for a combo, given that my brand of choice doesn't make one, I'd probably be looking at this as an affordable option.
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