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  1. For others looking, Fender have a Mooer rebadged DI pedal - it's in a micro shell. It's active but the great thing is that there's some level controls AND an added (defeatable) 4x12 speaker simulator on board too. It actually has a little bump in the lows around 100hz and no roll off, so works very well for bass too. In fact almost too well! https://www.thomann.de/gb/mooer_micro_di.htm?glp=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwzeqVBhAoEiwAOrEmzfKk99X_YfB_i9LQceiuq1_vwRQUxOnNqnNTk7bTofV9KVnbvYQHWRoC1cEQAvD_BwE
  2. I recently reviewed the Sequis Motherload Elemental recently in Bass Gear Magazine. Here it is: https://www.bassgearmag.com/bassic-review-sequis-motherload-elemental/
  3. Here's my full review and video of the OMEC Teleport Audio Interface Pedal for Bass Gear Magazine! https://www.bassgearmag.com/bassic-review-omec-teleport-audio-interface-pedal/
  4. My full review and video of the Trondheim Audio SkarBassOne Pedal in Bass Gear Magazine! https://www.bassgearmag.com/bassic-review-trondheim-audio-skarbassone-pedal/
  5. My full review and video for the Overwater Progress Series IV Standard 5-String Bass https://www.bassgearmag.com/bassic-review-overwater-progress-series-iv-standard-5-string-bass/ I recently heard that a gentleman based in the US bought the actual bass, based on my review, sold sight-unseen!
  6. and for me JD's Magic tour. As a teen I'd get home from school and play the entire set along to VHS start to finish. I learned how to play bass watching that video intently! ❤️
  7. Yes, lovely basses! I recently picked up a 1980 Tokai. It does need a little bit of attention but I already know it's a corking bass, cheap!
  8. Here's a few I've seen over the years: Chad Boston does a bunch of stuff: https://www.gearbyceba.com/line6-family-international/helix-sun-shield-splash-guards-int Get someone to 3D print a little cover: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272238438718 Using your pedal board over as a shield: https://imgur.com/a6FJ1He
  9. Right, sorry it has taken a while to get back to this one. I've nearly finished all the cosmetic stuff today and will post some pictures later. The bass will need a full service and set up including the ole "washers and graphite grease" job on the truss rod. But other than that, it's turning out to be another corker!! I might end up playing it more than my 76 P! (Maybe not ha ha!)
  10. Ahhhh ha ha ha!!! Rookie error!!! Yes I’ve posted the wrong image haven’t I!! The keys are for a right handed bass as standard but as noted they can be disassembled and made lefty, though I’ve never needed to do so on any of my basses with these keys. Thank you and good spot!!
  11. The EMG GZR P pickup is SOOOOO good!! 
    Just dropped on one my Tokai and it sounds superb!

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    2. NancyJohnson


      I put a PJ set into my Hamer.  Yup, they're great pickups, but they're even better if you dispense with the EMG pots that come as part of the installation kit.

    3. Dood


      What didn't you like about them? - CTS or Alpha instead then @NancyJohnson

    4. NancyJohnson


      I think it was the taper, the pots didn't do the pickups justice.  I eventually pulled the passive circuit and put a John East unit...then it really came alive.

  12. https://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/wilkinson-wjbl200-machine-heads-tuners-for-fender-jazz-precision-bass/ Set of four tuners for right handed bass, bushings and lots of screws to suit! Ideal for upgrades and self-builds. Throw me a few pounds for shipping or drop in and collect. I think these may be brand new, save for one edge that has been rubbed on one key, but won't show up when loaded in to an instrument.
  13. I've not watched the video yet, but you should absolutely post it in the reviews section for others to check out should they be looking for one of these to buy.
  14. Coincidentally, I was listening to A Night At The Opera this morning, with my ears firmly placed dead centre between my big ole studio monitors. There's some superb musicianship and incredible song writing on that album. The small details are all there. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  15. Thank you! I'll check it out! I treated myself to 32C-VIP and the AVA Mastering EQ for £9 from Harrison Consoles yesterday - VIP is brilliant, works well with Waves Clarity Vx https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/302-Harrison-Consoles Izotope Elements 9 Suite is only £20 and I grabbed Ground Control by Ginger Audio and Youlean Loudness Meter for free whilst I was there. All of these have proved super useful already!
  16. @Lfalex v1.1 Just posting for interest, my Shuker 7 string single cut uses a similar construction method. I have a 7 piece laminate neck which continues all the way in to the body just short of the bridge. So really it's neither a neck-through or a bolt-on!
  17. He'd said in interview that in his early teens he started to take music very seriously, he was influenced by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, but also The Beatles. He practiced bass often at school. In Queen, John was in to funk and according to Roger Taylor really liked Yes, to the point that Roger Taylor thought John's music tastes were "b ll cks" and "too proggy" for his tastes. John preferred McCartney's solo work versus Lennon's output.
  18. I've not checked the notation in this video, but a great opportunity to hear just bass and drums. What a rhythm section!
  19. There are so many good tracks in this thread! I saw Polyphia get a mention so I'm going to throw in this one: I love everything by David Maxim Micic. DAMAR
  20. Fatigued strings can create tuning issues even if they have been boiled.
  21. One of the key issues with boiling strings is that although you may have given them a good wash and returned some temporary brightness back, what you can not undo is metal fatigue. The strings are always being stretched. This has a number of issues including weakening them and loosening the windings. Of course, naturally, loose windings can allow contamination in as well as dulling the sound of the string, even creating wolf or odd overtones and rattles (which can sometimes appear on specific fretted notes). So whereas it's a temporary fix and certainly would seem a good way of recycling the string and saving money, the nature of it can not stand in the way of inevitability. #triedandtested
  22. I've recently switched to XT's on my Strat as well as over-hauling the electronics and the whole guitar is better in every way. Those strings have definitely been a positive move.
  23. I'm currently not gigging, but yes, certainly pre-covid I was earning a considerable percentage of my income from performing. Currently my focus is in teaching and producing video and written content freelance for two major bass mags. I'll be back on the gigging horse when I get a new band together.
  24. One of my students has a CV 60's precision. It sounds really good and almost had me getting one for a bit of a project. I appreciate this doesn't help, but I needed up buying a slightly (and naturally) roadworn "law suit era" Tokai Hard Puncher instead. Ash body and, sat next to my "real" precision, there's not much between them. In some ways the Tokai from Japan is better made. That said, there is something special about my 76 precision, it just sounds big and deeper yet retains that top end and midrange clarity we want to hear from a good P. Anyway, I like the CV 60's, my student's bass is a good example and plays really nicely.
  25. Dood

    EBS Valve Drive DI

    It's a thumbs up from me too!
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