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  1. I guess I ought to see what I can do!! Both sound awesome!
  2. Thank you It's pleasingly capable of way more as I've only scratched the surface with this video. Definitely feels like there's big tone in there to play with. Just waiting for that 410 to break in a bit
  3. Thank you!! Yes, I also see it as taking all the elements from the HD and TD models (The TD650 having been in my top 5-ish amplifiers for many, many years) and then adding useful extra features. I'm a huge fan of multiple bands of semi- or even full parametric EQ, so the minute I was told about the 802 I was interested in giving it a spin!
  4. I’m actually framing that message. After a very rubbish year, that request made me very happy.
  5. I've had to keep quiet about this one, but, this: For months now I have been chatting with EBS who asked me specifically to do a video to mark the release. And here's my first one ^^^ - Expect a full review from the usually place in the near future.
  6. What is interesting about adding more strings is that scale patterns actually make more sense. When you have enough strings you can see how shapes repeat in each position. Going back to four string made even more sense because of it. The funny thing is that I have been playing 6 strings for so many years, I actually am more likely to get confused playing a four string which is "missing" strings! A little mental adjustment and I am back in the zone!
  7. I LOVE mash-ups. I started enjoying Wax Audio's produce many years ago, but right now Bill McClintock is doing some top level 'tampering'!! I will quite happily listen to albums worth of quality mashing! Actually, as a guilty pleasure, two pop songs I didn't particularly like hacked together has made one fo my favourite mash-ups ever. Freelance Hellraiser's "A Stroke Of Genius" Bill McClintock's PLAYLIST can be found here:
  8. Thank you @bassfan ! I’ve two full reviews now available @cord.scott and am also happy to answer any questions about the amp. If you “do” Facebook, there’s a Bergantino user group too. I’m gearing up to record some more videos in which the B|Amp will feature soon, too!
  9. And I still think it’s a lovely lil amp these days too!
  10. Does the first one have a lacquered Maple fretboard and the second have Rosewood?
  11. Once again a super smooth and enjoyable transaction with Mike! A good natter on the phone to boot lifted my spirits whilst we're in lockdown too. What a gentleman! Enjoy the bass fella!
  12. I use these with my Helix when I'm messing around with IRs, though interestingly I don't use cab sims / miked-up cabs live at all. https://redwirez.com/products/bigbox-bass
  13. Reading those response curves was how I was creating "cabinet sims" 20+ years ago, long before Speaker IR's became so widely used as they are now. I still have my 24 band digital graphic that probably has a whole bunch of curves programmed in to simulate as close to as I could given what I had to work with! Sure, it was nothing new - but I suppose it was new to me as I started including distortion in to my bass sound.
  14. Please may I have seven more follows on my (new) YouTube page so I can finally get past 100 subscribers?


    This is my own page, which is rather empty as all of my gear reviews are hosted on the Guitar Interactive Magazine website and YouTube channel @GuitarInteractiveMag

    So, mine is a bit empty. I'm starting from the ground up and need your help :)❤️ 

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      Yessssssssss! I’ve been composing music for my channel!

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      Done :) 

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      Thank you Teebs :) Cheers!!

  15. Bill McClintock is my favourite “masher”. I’ve grabbed pretty much all of his downloads- and not only are they cleverly crafted, the actual audio quality of the tracks are top notch. Recently he recorded a ‘behind the scenes’ video for one of his more simpler mashups and you’d be surprised at how much detail he goes in to when creating those catchy and pleasing to the ear mash ups. Outstanding work. The OP is a good one, but there’s even better to be had from Bill’s library!
  16. I only want to get to 100 so I can finally have a dedicated URL for my page! So, thank you, I really appreciate that Andy
  17. I've given you all a sub if you could kindly follow me back
  18. The Fender Rumble 500 is no longer listed on the Fender website, but the suggestion from the specifications elsewhere is that 4 Ohms could well be its minimum load.
  19. The Fender Rumble 800 HD will do down to 2 Ohms load
  20. Whilst we're here, there's always the "should I run a 4 ohm cabinet to get all the watts from my amplifier or would I be loud enough with an 8 ohm cabinet". Comparing two like-for-like cabinets with the same sensitivity, the difference in volume between an 8 ohm and a 4 ohm version will easily be cancelled out by nudging the volume control on your amplifier. I really cant imagine it would be a problem with either unless your 8 ohm cabinet also has a much lower sensitivity as well.
  21. Well, the first thing to look at is the impedance "rating" of the amplifier. The lowest impedance value the amplifier will happily play ball with. Now, if the Fender Rumble you speak of can handle a 2 Ohm load reliably, then yes four 8 Ohm cabinets can be attached. Impedance calculations are well documented on BC, but in this case, two 8 Ohm cabinets would give you a four Ohm load - and four 8 Ohm cabinets would present a 2 Ohm load to the amplifier. So, the take away from this is to know what load the amplifier can happily run at. if it says 4 Ohms, then you can go higher but wise not to go lower. More and more manufacturers are offering amplifiers that "do" 2 Ohms, but as always read the manual in case the unit you are wanting to use specifies 4 Ohms minimum instead.
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