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  1. I found screws that were about 30mm but with a head small enough to fit inside the schaller strap pins and I put superglue on the threads before I screw them in. I've never had one move yet
  2. Been using D'addario EXL165 nickels for a few years now but have just bought myself a set of Prosteels to try for a change
  3. The first blurry picture gives the impression that there are frets but I think the second one shows that it is a lined fretless, I think 🤔
  4. Best P pickups I've ever used were Lollars in both single coil '51 and split varieties and if I ever got myself another precision then It'd be the only choice for me to get another one
  5. After last night's gig I was looking for a DI & eq pedal that had a midrange control and by sheer chance spotted a Radial Bassbone Tonebone for £151 being sold by Amazon. It was one of those anomalies that Amazon have in their pricing from time to time so I couldn't say no to that - should be here next week Went back in this morning and they're back up to £299
  6. Is trying a bass with a thinner neck at a gig an option? Just in case you have the work done to your basses and they still give you grief
  7. I started accidentally in 1987 as me and my best mate at the time were going to enter a talent contest miming to The Springstein song Dancing in the Dark and another mate suggested that I borrow his acoustic to complete the look. I was really into Queen back then so tried to play bits just using open strings and found that I could pick up bits and pieces so for my 12th birthday was given a junior sized acoustic but realised that I loved the look of John Deacon's Red Precision that he used in the One Vision video. That Christmas I was given the choice of an electric guitar or bass. Everyone wanted me to get the guitar but me being incredibly stubborn decided to get the bass. Similar to one of the basses above, it was a Marlin Slammer, and for all intents and purposes was the double of said Precision used by John Deacon. £99 out of the Littlewoods catalogue. I had to get an amp so having completely no idea stumbled into my local music shop which would become my home for the next 10 years and my dad bought me a Squier 15w guitar amp with the finishing touch being a yellow curly cable like Brian May's This served me well until I saw the picture of John Deacon's maple fretless on the gatefold sleeve of Live Killers and took a large rough file to the fretboard. Needless to say the bass ended up in the skip a couple of months later to be replaced by a fantastic second hand Riverhead Jupiter for the princely sum of £199 in Sound Control in Glasgow
  8. Save the slap for the Youtube videos 😅 Seriously though, I've never had any really reason to use it yet according to Youtube, everything has to and indeed must be slapped. I'm with Ped on this. A wee slap or pop here and there can add something new to a song but continuous slap sounds like someone pushing a drum kit down a flight of stairs
  9. At least it's in the UK so you won't get stung with import tacks
  10. I've been playing in wedding bands since 1995. I've only just added in a Behringer BDI21 as I stopped using my Wireless which had its own DI out. I've gone back to a passive Jazz bass with two volume controls so started using my Korg DT10 to both mute the signal and tune. My Behringer BEQ700 is there to add some mids as I play with both volumes up full. I've been on the effects merry-go-round for years and eventually go back to using nothing. What I have is out of necessity rather than buying things for the sake of it. Start out using one effect/processor at a time. If you think that you need to add anything after this point then add another one. If you buy a whole pile of effects then you'll either go nuts trying to get them all working at the same time or sell them on again without using them.
  11. At least it shouldn't suffer from neck dive with about 3 feet of the body behind the bridge
  12. Anything with "tort" shouldn't be allowed to be listed at all but instead burnt in some sort of ceremonial ceremony of some description. Seriously though, without keyboard spamming, you should use as many words as you can in the title. This encourages more people to look at the listing as they know exactly what it is. Brand, model, year (if possible), colour, number of strings, country of origin and fretted/fretless should be in the title
  13. I've only ever favoured 1 bass at a time so at the moment I am making sure that I have bonded properly with my Geddy Jazz before putting my Sterling up for sale. At one point years ago I owned 7 basses at one time but I will only ever play 1 at a gig so the other 6 were sold Maybe something to do with the 140 odd basses I've owned over the years making it easier to sell them every time
  14. There's a bit in the Proclaimer's "500 Miles" where there is a stop for 2 bars before we go into the final choruses so I use it to add in whatever tunes I've been listening to or just for the hell of it. They range from Popeye to Enter Sandman but last night I decided to play a section of the big run on the Chili's "Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky" The look on our singer's face was priceless. I don't think she knew what to make of it so I'll be having a think about next week's musical interlude. There was another band I used to dep with and part of a medley they did was Sex Machine by James Brown. One night the drummer came in with a slightly different pattern to normal so I ended up playing What is Hip
  15. A few years ago I received a 1979 Rickenbacker 4000 in a gig bag with a burst zip and a couple of bits of brown tape holding it in
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