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  1. Using the on and off the scales method It's coming in at 9.8lbs or 4.445kgs which was about the same as my Musicman Sterling
  2. For sale now is my fantastic Squier Classic Vibe 50s Precision bass which hasn't even left the house since I bought it in January. In fact it hasn't been out of it's gig bag since February I've had a few single coil precisions from Japanese Fender reissues to a couple I had made by Warmoth and this is right up there with those. It feels really good quality which isn't as surprising as it used to be but personally this is good enough to have a Fender logo on it Although this bass didn't originally come with one, I am going to include a Fender gig bag (there's a small tear in the fabric but it doesn't go all the way through to the bass itself - plus it's a freebie!) and genuine "Fendet" strap which matches the bass perfectly (Another freebie!). I have also just set the bass up with a brand new set of D'addario EXL165 strings. I have the original box and packaging so can courier this bass to your address. Postage will be £22 for Parcelforce Express 24 or £34 for UPS for non-remote parts of mainland UK. I am more than happy to meet up somewhere within a reasonable distance and you're also welcome to collect it from me
  3. Do you mean that the compliance is different rather than the tension? A string of the same gauge on the same bass tuned to the same pitch is going to be the same tension. if you change the core size or shape, wrap wire material, number of wraps etc then that could affect the compliance but it would still be the same tension as long as the above remain the same. Changing the scale length would change the tension as well as a few other things.
  4. Unless something changed when Fender switched manufacturers, the D'addario EXL165 and Fender 7250M at one time were pretty much the same string - I used to use both of them at the same time on different basses as the Fenders were also made by D'addario. They're exactly the same gauge, core etc. the only difference was the colour of the ball ends
  5. I made myself a balanced set of Chromes years ago using single strings but I used 45, 60, 80 and a 110 for the E. I drop my E to D for a few songs so I preferred it for that reason. I've been using 45, 65, 85, 105 gauge strings for so many years that those are what I prefer, regardless that they're not exactly balanced - they just all feel right to me. Anything lighter or heavier just feels wrong
  6. HB3 tuners now sold - BT3 available on it's own for £70 posted to mainland UK
  7. What I meant was anything bearing a Precision logo that was made/licensed/whatever by Fender
  8. Thansk but I'd rather keep them for sale as a set otherwise I'd be relying on having someone who either already had a BT3 looking for 3 matching tuners or someone with a single HB3 looking for the other 3
  9. If we're talking looks then for me it's the body shape regardless of what pickup(s) it has but if we're talking sound then it's the original single coil or the split pickup. If we're being pedantic then technically it's anything made by Fender or Squier that has the name "precision" on the headstock irrespective of what shape, pickups etc it has.
  10. These were fitted to the Vintera Precision I had. They were literally fitted then I decided to sell the bass so they've seen exactly zero action. They're for pre-CBS Fenders and some of the vintage models such as the Vintera etc. They are exact drop ins for the original tuners. The ferrules and screws are unused as I had used the ones already on the bass. Looking for £125 ONO posted to mainland UK **** HB3 tuners now sold - BT3 Xtender still available - £70 posted to mainland UK ****
  11. Technically I only have one bass that I use. My backup would only be brought out if my bass failed in any way so it lives in it's gig bag going from gig to gig never getting used. It only exists as a just in case as I wouldn't want to be left in the lurch hundreds of miles from home where I keep my spare parts. The other reason I only use one bass is that it's taken me narly a year to get it the way that I want it and I couldn't go through that again with multiple basses that may only see a few gigs each year. Plus, the way that I looked at it logically was that just say for arguments sake I have 50 gigs this year. 1 bass does all 50. If I had 2 then theoretically they'd do 25 each. The more basses I have then the lower the return on the investment I would get - there wouldn't be any point in me having a £1000 bass that only made me £400 in gigs. So the short answer is that I only have 1 gigging bass
  12. I was just using this one yesterday morning. first time I'd come across it but it's pretty quick. It's a simple copy and paste, click a couple of buttons then download it to your PC in jig time
  13. I just realised as I was checking my gear before tonnight's gig that I've had this 7 months and not actually taken any proper pictures of it. I could've put it in about a dozen different threads but chose this one as the settee is brand new last week. It's a chambered alder with mahogany top Warmoth dinky jazz body finished in satin taos turquoise. Fender bridge, EMGs with 2 band EQ, 18v, Hipshot Ultralites with Xtender on the E and Status graphite jazz neck with no front markers. I had thought about going down the garish sparkly route as I have once or twice before but decided on something completely different this time
  14. I think that you're all missing the point which is that Ed Sheerhan is terrible.
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