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  1. Delberthot

    Leave it out or store it?

    It will eventually get dusty and need a good clean. My main gigging bass gets cleaned once a year because it lives in its bag when I'm not using it I always thought that the strings would go dead quicker if left out but that could also be complete cobblers There;s also less chance of it getting damaged if it's kept in it's case/bag
  2. Delberthot

    Dunlop steel or Ernie Ball cobalt flats?

    If you're using superbright stainless steel strings have you thought about nickel plated strings? YMMV but I found my usual D'addario Chromes absolutely dreadful on my Sterling so switched to EXL165s a couple of years ago and love them. They're not too bright and retain their sound for a good while before going dead. Bright s/steel strings to flats might be too big a jump in sound if you're used to the bright zing of them
  3. Delberthot

    Tuning to suit the guitarist

    When I had to change from a 5 to a 4 due to back issues I was having at the time I still actually needed a 5 string but adapted what I played so that I could still play it on a 4. I have a Hipshot double stop as I need D & B, sometimes on the same song, so I sat at home and worked out how I could make the change mid song so now it comes naturally to flick between the three tunings during songs. I use a 110 E string so that it doesn't get too floppy when I drop the E to B
  4. Delberthot

    overwater overload

    It was more in response to NickA's post about listing things on the forum - I'd prefer to sell here but Mr Hall forces us to sell Rickenbackers elsewhere. There are quite a few of us on the forum who own them but can't offer them here
  5. Delberthot

    overwater overload

    I try to list everything I have on the forum unless it's a Rickenbacker in which case I had no option but to list it on fleabay. Pain in the bum really as Basschat also allows you the option of trades but Egay is sale only
  6. Delberthot

    NCD Laney N410

    I see these ones have LaVoce drivers, that's a name I've not come across before. I had one of the older versions with the steel grill and Celestion neo drivers and it was the best 4x10" I'd ever played through. Absolutely rock solid cabs but also relatively light considering what they are
  7. Delberthot

    Another couple of Dekos on eBay

    Just found another one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/White-Active-Passive-Electric-Bass-Guitar-In-Black/264229987700?hash=item3d8555a574:g:B6MAAOSwZrtcglEM "There are a couple of small couple of marks on the back of the bass as shown in the last photo."
  8. I like the first one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Status-S2-Classic-Trace-Elliot-Custom-Electric-Bass-Guitar/292997899532?hash=item443809250c:g:5cMAAOSwndBcglk0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Status-S2-Classic-4-String-Electric-Bass-Guitar/292997896728?hash=item4438091a18:g:Dl8AAOSwHSVcglfX
  9. Delberthot

    playing to tracks, and pitch / tuning

    This is what I use: http://onlinetonegenerator.com/pitch-shifter.html Especially handy if you have to learn a song in a different key to the original or if you are learning Footloose which isn't quite Bb but should be in A and has probably been sped up from the original
  10. and Black Sabbath's Iron Man had nothing to do with removing creases from clothing
  11. Delberthot

    Exoctica? pah! gimme a p bass

    This reminds me of a story that I made up recently about the found of Shitenbacker, Johnny "Potatoes & Gravy" Ball, and the massive ruccus he had with Bobby Crapman, creator of the Crapman Schtick. It revolved around Crapman calling Ball's ancestors a bunch of stinking cowards with Ball's response being "Vive las Vagas, le bain est don le Cuisine" or words to that effect. Once resolved it did allow them to create a crossover instrument, the Shiteycrappenbacker but it was a complete mess so never took off. The pudding dispenser would jam and randomly send chilled dairy products into the crowd. When asked years later what became of the few that were sold, Crapman's reposnse was "how did you get in my house?"
  12. I the past we've been asked for Always by Bon Jovi despite it also being about infidelity. The song is actually about the fact that he'll never see her again because of what he did
  13. I think this model is normally used for MIM Fenders. The BT1 is the Musicman model. I didn't realise that Sterling were using this model of tuner as well
  14. Delberthot

    Just bought fake D'addario strings or not ?

    The packaging looks real from what I can see. As long as when you do open them the ball ends are the correct colours then you will, or should know, for definite then. In fact it shows the correct colours on the bag that holds the strings
  15. Delberthot

    Neck with no strings on.

    Just be careful to use the correct allen key as they can round very easily