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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I've been after one of these for ages PM'd
  3. I took a couple of pictures last night to show that there is a wee bit of the paint chipped away where I have made the neck pocket larger on the bottom of the body. I could be touched up by a paint pen or similar if it bothered you enough. This also means that the neck protrudes by about 1-2mm over the bottom of the neck pocket
  4. I tried a few preamps before getting my Tonebone Bassbone. Absolutely amazing sound from this that's it's nigh on impossible to sound bad regardless of what the controls are set to
  5. I had an LH1000 and it is possible to overdrive the preamp valve. I used a Tesla ECC803 (I think) and coupled with a Precision running EMGs at 18v I could get the valve to overdrive quite easily - even though it isn't meant to be able to do this. Absolutely incredible sound through Laney Nexus 4x10 & 1x15 cabs
  6. Personally, if I have had a bass that is an absolute looker but I haven't gelled with it I will take pictures, list it for sale then put it back in its case or bag an don't look at it again. There's nothing that will make you think twice about selling it than pulling the bass back out again for a play or a look. Then you look at the pictures months or years after you sold it and think, bugger - even though it was the right thing to do at the time. Some examples:
  7. I've sold my EBMM Stingray and Fender Player Precision in favour of 2 HB Jazzes. I just fancied doing a bit of simple modding plus I enjoy trying different things. My £140 JB75 has £400 of EMGs and preamp and £150 of HIpshot Ultralite tuners plus a Fender High Mass Bridge. My £88 JB20 has a set of Tonerider pickups, £50 Sixstringsupplies solderless wiring harness and Hipshot Licenced ultralites. The basses are solid and a good basis for doing stuff to them. I'm in the process of working out what to do next. Those BZ-6000 NT basses look like incredible quality https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_bz_6000_nt.htm
  8. yes that's standard tuning. I find this to be very helpful, just work out what tension you want to start with on each string and find the closest match to each string https://www.daddario.com/globalassets/pdfs/accessories/tension_chart_13934.pdf
  9. Apart from the specific balanced tension sets that D'addario make - I found that the perfect set using single strings is 45, 60, 80, 110 and although it's slightly lower tension I use a 135 B when the need arises
  10. I had the 2x10" version of this which was the 7210SM which would make this a 715SM. I think the name refers to what's in it, in your case 7 band EQ, 15inch speaker and the SM preamp I used mine with a full size 4x10" and, as mentioned previously, the combos are slimmer than the cabs so it looks fine from the front but a little odd from the back. It was heavy but together with the cab it was really loud. I was a young lad of about 19 so the weight wasn't an issue and it looked very manly to be standing in front of it 😛
  11. In fact, I've changed my mind - I'm also selling the set of Tonerider pickups that I bought for this project. They were fitted to a solderless wiring loom so I haven't cut the wires, they are the full length that you would get when buying them new. £30 posted to mainland UK So if you bought everything that I am selling, all that you'd need to finish the bass once you'd moved the bridge slightly would be a wiring loom or a set of pots etc, tuners and your choice of strings
  12. I've always wanted a maple fretless precision so late last year I decided to put one together. I literally built it, put the strings on it then put it away in a gig bag. I'm unlikely to use it but I want to use the pickups for something else so am offering it either as body on its own, neck on its own or I could do a deal for both. The pictures make the body look lighter than it is - it's a lovely dark burgundy colour and really suits the black scratchplate. I had to widen the neck pocket to fit the neck but with my limited wood working skills only widened it on one side. This means that you will need to move the bridge slightly to get everything to line up straight but i am sure that it will be no problem to one of the skilled members of the forum. Included with the body will be the scratchplate with screws (screw holes for a finger rest), bridge and Schaller style strap lock buttons ( I can fit regular ones if you'd prefer). I think that the body is basswood. You will also notice that a few of the screw holes don't line up with the original screw holes which isn't really an issue once the scratchplate is fitted. The maple fretless neck, having had zero use has no marks on the fingerboard itself. There is a mark right at the point where the neck meets the headstock that looks like the lacquer ran slightly and creased the finish. There is a dull spot next to this too but it's on the back so not noticable when playing. It is also drilled for standard MIM Fender tuners and has a 2 string string tree fitted. The width of the heel at it's widest before it rounds off at the end is 63mm and the nut is 38mm. If you need any more pictures of anything specific then let me know and I can take some more. I am looking for £65 posted for the neck and £65 posted for the body to mainland UK but could do a deal on both if bought together. I can post anywhere but would need to check the cost first.
  13. I think the current prices of the BB102x series basses reflect just how good they are - they are currently selling pretty close to the original new prices. I don't like the current models visually and wouldn't hesitate to get myself another BB1025 if I was looking for a 5 string
  14. Sold my Desert Gold Stingray to Ean - absolute pleasure to deal with and I wouldn't be averse to having first refusal on his Amber Spector Euro 4 LX Top man and a credit to this fine forum
  15. I've played whatever was appropriate for the band I was in at the time (and sometimes not appropriate to "stick it to the man") This has consisted of 4, 5, 6, 8 & 12 strings - fretted and fretless, solid bodied, acoustic and semi acoustic I play mainly 4s now as it suits the band I am in with a Hipshot Xtender for the few songs I need a low D or B but wouldn't hesitate in getting a 5 or 6er if the need arose
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