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  1. Likewise, I almost sold mine but gave it a bit more time and now it's my main player. They feel really nice and my Precision is quite light as well.
  2. 2 hours on and I've agreed a trade with another forum member for my Jazz bass - Basschat wins
  3. Something surprised me and not something that I had intended it for was adding a Behringer compressor sustainer. It added a bit of vintage, slightly overdriven bite to the sound to the sound of my Precision. It was about £18 on Amazon. YMMV of course, I may have just got lucky with the combination of pickups, strings, etc
  4. As a test I've listed my Jazz bass here, Facebook (first time for me) and Bumtree. Once Ebay do their sell for £1 then I'll fire it on there and see how I get on. After a couple of hours I've already had a trade offer on Bumtree but not what I am looking for
  5. I prefer to use BC as it feels more trustworthy to me as it's a community of likeminded people. There seem to be a lot more manners and keeping things above board. Having said that, about 90% of what I have sold has been through Ebay on their sell anything for £1 listings, maybe 4% Bumtree and the remainder here I find that the prices on BC are higher than what I would expect so I feel that I have to raise my price to match - is that why things hang around for a while? I would never quote listings but there are a few members in particular who price their items really high. Conversely there are a few basses that have been sitting for a while that seem really good value but are collection only. A bass located Birmingham with collection only may as well be located on the moon for me.
  6. I read something years ago that you can copyright a name in China even if it exists elsewhere in the world so if someone had copyrighted the Squier name in China before Fender then had the MIC Squiers would have to have been called something else.
  7. Before I go into the details I have to say that I absolutely love this bass. It's my first US Fender and every bit as good as I'd hoped it would be. There are no rough edges, no lumpy bits and it feels amazing to hold and play. Unfortunately I am having real difficulty getting used to the offset body shape - having played many Stingrays, Precisions and a Sterling I'm just used to the rounder shape of those basses and I can't get comfortable with it. 5 minutes into the gig and I'm fidgeting trying to get it to the same position that I like to hold the aforementioned basses but it ain't happening so it's up for trade only at the moment. The reason being is that it is only 2 months old and I'm not ready to drop a lot of money on a bass as new as this one is by selling it. Condition wise, apart from some very light bucklerash, which is so light I reckon it would polish out and can't be picked up by the camera, it is in A1 immaculate condition. As is the case it came with. When I first got it, the case and bits and bobs went back into the shipping box and have been stored so everything is there and pristine. The neck is great - I have carpal tunnel so anything too slim would cause my left hand to cramp up. The neck on this has a nice Jazz bass profile (officially a modern C) as I struggle on the Geddy Lee neck and most Ibanez basses. It's really smooth having a satin finished underside, no rough edges on the frets and generally really well made. The headstock and the fretboard are both gloss finish. I personally love the finish on Fender maple fretboards. I think that the body is 1 piece as I can't see a join anywhere. Either that or they've been really good in the choice of woods used. The pickups have a proper Jazz bass growl to them. I prefer to have both volumes on full and use the treble on my preamp to bring back the mids and it really sounds amazing. I have added genuine Fender chrome covers as, having carpal tunnel, I like to be able to focus my playing in one area as I have a tendency to wander and this helps me. I have also added a Hipshot Xtender and Chromes flats - both of which I will be removing and returning to stock as they will be transferred to my next bass. I weighed it using the on and off the scales method, first me then me and bass. I did it twice - first time 9lbs 6oz and the second time 10lbs 4 oz so I'll go with the second one as it's the heavier of the two. I'd guess that it'd be a bit lighter without the chrome covers. It doesn't surprise me as most Jazzes I've owned have been in the 10lbs to 10.5lbs range yet it doesn't feel overly heavy when I have my comfy neoprene strap on and have been happy to do full wedding gigs with it (apart from the fidgeting). Before I go into trades, anything that I would consider must be in perfect condition as I hate relics, dings, dongs, chips, chops, plops and so on. I am really looking for a Fender American Profession Precision but will consider other models including Player, Vintera & Performer series. I might consider other basses but they must have the rounder Precision bass shape rather than the offset Jazz shape and I'd prefer 4 strings but might consider the right 5 string such as a ceramic pickup SR5. I like colours as well - the brighter the better but I'm not a fan of sunburst and definitely not tort of any description. Also fretted only. There is a very small chance that I would accept a cash sale but I would be looking for top dollar given the age and condition of the bass And now, the porn:
  8. That is a seriously special bass. As a lover of Precisions, Warmoth and purple that ticks all the boxes for me
  9. You always have really nice basses for sale - Thankfully I have no money at the moment at least until I get around to putting my Jazz up for sale
  10. I have 3 of the Extreme ones - 2 of the older in black and 1 of the new grey. They are both still in pristine condition and are used to store and take my basses to gigs. I think as long as you are careful, don't throw the bass into it and don't force the zips then they should last at least 15-20 years. My oldest one is 10 years old.
  11. Yeah that was him - Lemmy "Tupak" Kilminster
  12. I think he may have been an automotive painter
  13. A rapper whom I'd never heard of until he was gunned down. I've had a look and Tupak is in there as well.
  14. Absolutely love these. I've decided to put my Jazz bass up for sale at the weekend so I'll see how it goes I love single coil Precisions but really love the pink Paisley and blue Flower versions
  15. I'm with you on this one - I see the Doobies like Genesis or Fleetwood Mac. Completely different bands and would they have lasted as long had they stayed doing what they had been with the original lineups? On a related issue, Whitney Houston and the Notorious B.I.G. are to rock and roll as what the Pope is to Islam. Yes they had talent but really?
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