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  1. I've been using my QSC K12.2 and Radial Tonebone pedal for nearly a year now and still loving it. I have mine on a pa stand now and it sits behind our PA so doesn't look unsightly from the front. It means that I can adjust the volume to suit the gig and leave the preamp as is. I've also managed to get my guitarist in to this as well and he's gone from a big, heavy Blackstar combo to a Helix and Headrush
  2. I always thought that the Starcaster range was the bottom of the bottom of the range, below the Affinity range for Littlewoods catalogue and Argos etc
  3. I've got it - they're replacing the entire bass range with the Bass V - you'll never play a Fender the same way again because the top 5 frets are missing
  4. At least you wouldn't have any trouble with neck dive 👍
  5. Sting also plays almost exclusively with thumb and index finger. I think that the only time I've seen him play with two fingers is for When The World Is Running Down live
  6. The serial number does indeed date it to December 2012 and made in the China factory although part of me thinks that it could have belonged to a roadie in the past going by the first part of the serial number
  7. Looks like an Epiphone to me. I bought a Gibson TRC for my one as well. I think that if you were going to pass a copy off as the real thing then you'd be trying to find a Gibson copy rather than an Epiphone simply due to them being worth more
  8. At that price I'd want it a bit lighter than 6kgs - surely that must include the weight of the case?
  9. I think that there's definitely something in it. I wonder how much more work Steve Moore got by "being at the wrong gig"
  10. Most of the time when I've fitted ultralites I've had this issue. My solution was to cut a piece of paper to the same width as the bushing , tape one end to it and then wrap it around until it became sufficiently thick to fill the gap. The ultralites use a screw on fitting for the bushing but if you can get enough wraps around it, it should hold or maybe just touch of superglue to hold it in place if it doesn't. Just enough to hold it but that you could also take it back off easily enough if you needed to
  11. I had a couple of these & the matching 2x15" and they are incredible cabs. 45kgs each if I remember correctly but fit a decent set of wheels are they are a breeze to move around.
  12. I remember trying one of these out a few years ago and being really impressed with it. Really nice to play
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