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  1. 1 is especially important to me but partly due to the fact that I hate the mess that cables can cause so getting them to the back of the stage is a priority for me, plus it gets them out of the way from punters. If you use velcro wraps to keep your cables tidy then you can also use them to keep all of the cables together when you route them to the back of the stage. We have 3 monitors - the first one sits on top of the sub pointing towards the singer, the second one is beside the drummer and the third is my one which is positioned behind the sub so all out of the road. The only trip hazard we have really is the guitarist's pedalboard. The lights are also positioned behind us
  2. Delberthot

    Ken Smith and the 6 String Basses

    And Tony Hadley on bass
  3. Delberthot

    You can only have........

    I'm going to be the voice of reason and say that unless you've been called to a gig specifically to play a fretless or a particular bass then you need whatever bass you have at the time. Very few people in the audience will be able to tell or actually give a monkey's toss what you have unless you are either really bad or it sounds dreadful. Over the past 20 years I have played the following in wedding/function bands: Yamaha TRB6 II fretless Epiphone Thunderbirds Many Stingrays More Rickenbackers Various Precisions Jazz Basses, fretted and fretless Modulus Flea Warwick Thumb NT5 Various pieces of sh!t Loads of Bass Collections Trace T-Bass 5 string Assorted 4, 5, 6 & even an 8 string (I used a 12ver with a rock band) Well, you get the idea. my current 2 do everything I need and the Rick can get surprisingly funky. I take whatever bass I fancy using to the gig
  4. Delberthot

    Line 6 Variax Bass -strings

    I knew her brother, Franken
  5. We had that one night at a pub gig a few years ago - turns out that their friend was Michelle McManus who was out for the night. I detest these talent shows on telly with a passion so I was even more determined not to let her sing. Plus considering that we were a rock band bordering on punk I couldn't really imagine her singing Blitzkreig Bop
  6. Delberthot

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Pants pedal eh? Does that attach to the waistband to allow you to make changes on the fly? Sorry wrong thread
  7. Delberthot

    Pointless Topic

    I'm not so sure about the 70s and 80s as being the predominant decades for bass. Remember in the 90s we had the Chilis, Primus, Faith No More, Jamiroquai, Blur, Supergrass, Fugazi and many others which featured a lot of up front bass
  8. Delberthot

    A Conundrum

    This is exactly what I feel about the music that I play in my band. There's not a single song that I'd actively listen to but I enjoy playing them with the clear exception of Valerie which I'd happily never play again but they still want us to play it so it's only a couple of minutes out of what is usually a great gig
  9. Delberthot

    Best value strings?

    I've been using the 7250M strings which are the 45-105 gauge and they are for all intents and purposes D'addario EXL165s. They may or may not be exactly the same but are made by D'addario and have coloured (albeit different colours) ball ends.
  10. Delberthot

    A Conundrum

    If we were auditioning a new member and they told us that they hadn't learned the songs that we'd asked for then that would be the end of the audition. If it's a covers band then you will need to learn covers unless I am misunderstanding what you have said?
  11. Delberthot

    Abraham Laboriel on a fretless Wyn.

    I'm a fan of Abe Sr but I thought that the melody sounded out of tune a lot of the time and I had to stop listening. Shame because it's a really nice sounding bass
  12. Delberthot

    Interesting FRFR story..

    You could plug your bass into the input of the LS-2 and the output to the QSC. Preamp 1 would be in loop 1 and preamp 2 would be in loop 2. Set the mode to A<->B and you can go between the two. Alternatively go bass - preamp1 - preamp2 - QSC and switch them on and off as necessary. This may give you a completely different sound running them one after the other rather than 1 or the other despite one being off and the other being on
  13. Delberthot

    Interesting FRFR story..

    I have an EQ pedal so that I can both bring the level of the Sterling down to that of the Rickenbacker and be able to adjust the EQ keeping my main preamp pedal set on the one setting. I think that it would only be if I needed mild overdrive etc that I would need more than this but the EQ pedal does what I need and keeps it simple
  14. Delberthot

    Clarky's wall of shame

    Clarky bought my GK 500MB & Barefaced One10. Couldn't have been more straight forward. Nice easy transaction and money changed hands in return for goods 😀
  15. Delberthot

    Hipshot HB6 3/8" Licenced Tuner hole size

    I did replace them. I didn't have a round file the correct size so I used a drill bit wrapped in sandpaper to carefully enlarge the holes (by hand, not actually using a drill as that would have ended in tears). The nut that screws into the tuner on the D string does get very close to the truss rod cover but there is plenty of room to tighten it. The other thing is that the Rick headstock is on the absolute limit of thickness for actually being able to tighten the big top nut onto the tuner. In the end I screwed the tuner onto the headstock before I tightened the nut to make sure that the tuner was as tight against the back of the headstock as it could get. Weight wise it was only something like 93g of a difference but it did help to balance the neck out. I used the Y head tuners rather than the clover leaf ones as they were lighter. They're fitted to the 4004 models so I knew that they'd look ok. I used this seller and they arrived pretty quickly. The tuners are more satin than shiny chrome. Still contemplating getting a d-tuner