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  1. This has just popped up on Ebay so I've decided to take a chance and have ordered one
  2. I'll be 32 years playing come Christmas this year and although I did a bit of reading on double bass when I was in my teens I know nothing of chords, keys etc. I just play what is right and have never worried about not knowing certain things. It's never held me back or prevented me from participating. Also, I have never been in a scenario where I have been required to slap other than doing the hammer-on pops in We Are Family. Oh, there you go, I do know a type of style technique thingy if "hammer-on pops" is actually a thing
  3. I was going to withdraw this last weekend but decided to let it run until this Sunday 21st as the Ebay auction is about to run to the end of the first free listing period. If it's not sold by then I will be keeping it and getting myself a fretless neck as I imagine a fretless Geddy Jazz would be quite a beast ( and no the Geddy neck will not be for sale )
  4. I was told that I was asking too much for my Geddy Lee Jazz bass because it was "really old". That's the first time I've ever heard of someone being put off a bass, especially a Fender, because of its age, it's usually a case of older = better/vintage/rare for most people So everyone trying to flog their 60s Precisions at the moment, they're all overpriced cos they're really, really old
  5. I've been looking for one as well and spotted this on Aliexpress but despite the low price I'm not sure if I want to take the chance
  6. I give up a lot of weekends to gig and it has to be worth it for me - I don't expect a huge wage for every gig but there's a value attached to giving up my weekends, especially like a lot of us who also work full time jobs during the week. I can understand why some people prefer to be in the studio or recording at home but personally I love gigging. It's where I get my enjoyment from and still a huge buzz after 30 years to get on stage and play.
  7. Jack had an emergency when his wireless receiver stopped working - swift payment and great comms meant that I was able to get the one I was selling straight out to him in time for a gig at the weekend.
  8. Someone on Ebay has just asked me for more pictures so I thought I may as well add them here as well
  9. The perfect bass for playing "Play that Funky Music"
  10. I have used 4, 5, 6 and on one occasion an 8 string at a wedding. Fretted, fretless, solid body, electroacoustic & semi-acoustic. I've used a fretless Yamaha TRB6, A Modulus Flea bass, Rickenbacker 4000, whatever I happened to have at the time. 99% of the time no one will notice what you have as long as it fits in with the sound of the band. I'd turn up to a corporate gig with a Warwick Bootsy Collins Space Bass if someone let me borrow theirs. Nothing is out of bounds as far as I'm concerned as long as it has 4 or more strings.
  11. I'm needing to take a break form the forum for a bit as I'm suffering from bass overload and people who don't respond to PMs but before I disappear for a bit I'd like to sell this bass. So I am offering it for a limited time for £660 posted to mainland UK (excluding outlying areas etc that would attract a premium) The trade value is still £750.
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