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  1. In June this year I Decided that I simply must have a new Fender Player Series Precision bass after reading all of the reviews and listening to the clips on Youtube etc. I got it and wasn't disappointed. It's easily the best Precision that I have ever played. I cannot find a single flaw on it and it feels incredible. The colour is really vivid and really goes well with the Pau Ferro fretboard. So why am I selling it? Much as I love it, it's just not the bass for me. I still love the gnarly Musicman and Jazz bass tones and have decided to keep what I have and sell this on. It is absolutely immaculate. There isn't a single mark on it anywhere, which isn't surprising as I only played 1 and a half gigs with it. I did keep it for a couple of months just to make sure that I wasn't going to regret selling it but it's just not going to be used. Included with the bass, as can be seen in the pictures, is all of the associated Fender literature, an aftermarket pearloid effect scratchplate and thumb rest which I never had the chance to fit. It comes complete with an aftermarket bridge cover and has been fitted with a custom set of D'addario Chromes with gauges 45, 60, 80, 110 as I have always found that they are the most balanced flatwound string gauge. It is also fitted with generic Schaller style strap lock button thingies and I will be including the strap parts. I've been using these for years and find them just as good as the originals. All in all around £90 of parts included. It will be shipped in its original Fender box which will be inside another box and all carefully packaged. I am looking for around £540 plus postage, which to mainland UK will be around £35ish. It's an absolutely stunning bass and the pictures have all been taken in natural light with no photoshoppery whatsoever The weight according to my scales is 8.6lbs or 3.9kgs
  2. I met him a few times around 1990 and he had a nice Warwick Thumb NT5.
  3. In 1989 it could have been James Finnegan but it doesn't look like him in the picture. It was around then I think that he stopped working with them and started with Stiltskin
  4. I play sitting on the couch with the bridge end of the body resting on the couch for some reason. I like to sit back and relax when I am playing in the house
  5. My Harley Benton JB-75, albeit with retrofitted Fender pickups, has ousted my EBMM Musicman Sterling, Fender Geddy Lee Jazz and soon to go Fender Player Precision. I was going to get another but those J&D basses at DV247 have mighty similar headstocks and come in nicer colours so I could be going for one of those next. I don't believe that there is anything that can be defined purely as a beginner instrument. I've had 140+ basses and could have chosen something costing thousands but chose a £140 bass instead as my main player.
  6. My recollection was that the Slammer was the straight P bass copy and the sidewinder was a PJ and that they were available at the same time. I think that there was a later Sidewinder with a sort of double J pickup at the bridge. My Slammer was bought in 1987 and binned in 1990 thanks in part to the peeling chrome, the dodgy defret I did after seeing John Deacon with a maple fretless on the gatefold sleeve of "Live Killers", trying to change the headstock to the '51-57 shape and chipping the paint off the body. Bad as it was, it got me started
  7. There isn't the same investment in bands anymore - record companies want an instant return, Cowell needs a new boat so they have to deliver immediately or they're gone. They don't get the same chance to develop their skills as songwriters and artists. I love Queen and can listen to most of what they recorded but it took 4 albums before they were ready to deliver A Day at the Races. Don't get me wrong, I love the first 4 albums, but this was to me the point where they started to deliver their best work. It's the throwaway culture that also happens to include pop music. The stuff that is in the charts now will be forgotten about in maybe 6 months. Plus, as has been mentioned before, pop music isn't aimed at us. It was when we were spotty teenagers but not now. The charts seem to be full or songs that sound like nursery rhymes with words repeated ad nausem, a bit of rap and random noises. Has anyone else noticed that there is a trend again for singers to sound like they are from Jamaica? I remember that period in the 90s where every black artist had dreads and claimed to be from Kingston Jamaica despite actually hailing from Croydon.
  8. What Warwick is it that you have? If you could PM me some details and pics please I'll have a look. 👍
  9. It took me ages to figure out where I'd seen a similar headstock before then it came to me while browsing the classifieds. Musicman Bongo
  10. How exactly could a guitar be unsafe unless that was the special edition with the hidden bear trap and headstock that shoots poisoned darts at the audience?
  11. As said before, it depends on the brand of flats and the sound that you are after. I play with quite a bright, percussive sound and I couldn't get it right with the stock D'addario rounds so changed to a set of D'addario flats which are quite bright and middy. I am very happy with the sound I have now. The only bass I have ever owned that sounded dreadful with flats with my MM Sterling and that was using Chromes as well. It sounded dead boxy and crap and I could not coax a decent sound from it at all and ended up using EXL roundwounds on it.
  12. The most disappointing basses I ever owned were a Warwick Thumb NT5 and a Modulus Flea bass. Both regarded as great basses and am sure that they are in the right hands but I thought that they were terrible in terms of playability and sound. Conversely my Harley Benton Jazz is worth virtually nothing second hand but is one of, if not the best sounding and playing jazz bass I have ever owned
  13. This is taking brand snobbery to a new level - Forget about removing the Squier decal, let's just cut the whole section of the headstock off 😂
  14. The PJ pickups still look comically large against the smaller body The smaller, original sized pickups look more natural. It's like the bass version of this:
  15. A third thing being that there are so many nice basses for sale at decent prices on the forum, and if any of the other sellers are like me, then they are waiting to sell their bass before buying another on the forum.
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