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  1. Just for the hell of it I saw something shiny and new I haven't had one of those before What was I thinking buying that 25th Rickenbacker / Stingray /Precision when I know I don't get on with them Why do I have £10,000 of basses when I can get what I need from something that cost £80, a new set of pickups and a proper set up I need a 5 string 6 string 8 string 12 string now I need a 4 string Ooh Shiny And so on The revolving door of bass gear began one night in 2007 playing in a Black Sabbath tribute when I realised that my GK 800RB and Trace 1x15" weren't loud enough. They both went along with the Stingray 5 string and defretted Trace T-Bass 5 string and now here I am 150+ basses, 60+ amps and 40+ cabs later
  2. I use a Fender Rumble 15 at home for practicing and it's more than capable for home volumes plus it looks cool with the cloth grill
  3. I always felt like I had to turn up my PF500 an awful lot to get a decent giggable volume from it. My one conked out a couple of times so it was returned. It wasn't one of the original batch either so I was surprised given that the issue was meant to have been fixed by then My GK MB500 was an excellent amp and it got close enough to the 700RB in terms of sound given the difference in weight. It wouldn't quite get that GK growl but it did get close and at the the time the MB500 and One10 combined were lighter than the 700Rb was so that was good enough for me.
  4. It's a 2103X. I always remember seeing the v-type combo they did using this speaker configuration on the back of Bassist magazine - the 1225V
  5. I always have Chromes on one of my basses and I love the growl. I've never been a fan of the thuddy flatwound tone, it's all about the growl and the smoothness under the fingers for me. If you want rounds with a feel similar to flats then again D'addario EXL nickels. When I wanted to try something other than flats, EXLs were the string that everyone told me were the smoothest feeling rounds and they were right
  6. I've just built my first proper pedal board using a Thomann Spaceship 40 and HB Powerplant. It's perfect for all of my pedals and means that I only need to plug an IEC cable in when I get to a gig. Unfortunately my Bassbone is 15v centre positive and 400mA and I can't find anything reasonably priced to power it. My thinking being that it would be nice to have two IEC sockets at the edge of the pedalboard to plug in at gigs rather than having to get the supplied power supply out of my bag every time I gigged, plus it would look neater. I was thinking about getting something like this to slot underneath the pedalboard but don't know if this is going to be good enough or if it's cheap rubbish, noisy etc. Does anyone have any recommendations? I know that there are 2 Cioks power supplies that can do both 9v & 15v but they're a bit pricey and it's just the 15v I am interested in. I also know that I can run it at 18v albeit with a slightly shorter life span (18 years as opposed to 20) but I'd rather run it at 15v After more searching I've discovered these but are they any good? https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-DC5x3-Multi-Power-Supply/art-GIT0047652-000#rating-area https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-LEF-330-Mini-Power-II/art-GIT0049531-000 Or should I just go for something like this: https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Palmer-PWT-12-Mk2-Power-Bar/art-GIT0045578-000 Incidentally the pedals I'd be powering are nearly all TC ones - Nether Octaver, Tube Pilot Overdrive (States 400mA), 3rd Dimension Chorus, Blood moon Phaser & PolyTune Noir Mini plus a Behringer CS400 plus the Bassbone
  7. One last bump before I pack it away and keep it as my winter project. If it's not gone by Sunday night then I will withdraw it
  8. Delberthot


    That's normal with pretty much every pickup - is there a reason that you need the pickup so high? Would it not be better to drop the pickup until you get the sustain back? If the pickup is so close to the strings would you be able to fit anything between them? Or have I picked this up wrong 🤔
  9. Every gig ever "I used to play in a band, you know" really? How does flip off sound?
  10. Bronze strings are fine if you only play acoustically but I always change them whenever I buy an acoustic as they make that horrible slidey squeaky noise. The last one I had I fitted a set of D'addario Chromes
  11. As always I used D'addario EXL165-5 strings on both my BB425 & 1025 and never found them dull. The Prosteels can be very bright and snappy due to the fact that they are stainless steel v nickel but I wouldn't say that there's a gigantic difference between them
  12. I love Behringer pedals as well - the combination of my £300 Radial Tonebone Bassbone and £17 CS400 give me my ideal sound. in fact if I ever went back to having a normal bass amp and cab the CS400 is the only pedal I'd keep a hold of
  13. I find that D'addarios are smoother across the board. When i made the switch from flats to rounds I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that their EXL nickels were about the smoothest nickel plated string that you could get. Their stainless steel strings are also really smooth for a SS string as well. I find that I can jump from their flats to nickels to SS and they all feel really good and not rough like some of the strings I've used in the past. I like my strings to have the same tension and D'addario are about the only company that publish their tensions so I always check them before buying to make sure I am going to get the same tension regardless of what type I use when changing basses
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