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  1. New Adjustable ramp 12 years ago:
  2. I know he’s pretty full with work, but Shuker’s finishing is absolutely stunning. Flips, crackles, sparkles, wet look glass finishes and even practically invisible matt finishes. He’s a talented chap, not just one of the best luthiers out there, he even goes as far as designing his own top notch electronics when needed too.
  3. Good luck, hopefully something simple! IIRC it’s a pretty repairable amp too.
  4. It could be that an input ribbon cable / connector inside has worked loose which has happened to me in the past (on the right hand power amp module).
  5. If in stereo / dual mode, (with the balance set to middle) nothing comes out of one of the outputs, then there’s a fault somewhere.
  6. There's something about that song. I think I've told this story before - but once it came on the radio whilst I was at work, driving. I had to stop the car to listen to it, so intently. A very moving experience and I couldn't stop thinking about my Dad. - When I next spoke to him, I had to tell him all about my experience. He said that we used to listen to that song when I was very little! - Though, it was The Rhinestone Cowboy I insisted on sing over and over and over as a toddler, much to the exhaustion of my parents!
  7. I’m not really sure how to answer this, but I’m a “cerebral listener “ for want of a better description. I guess those who know me, also know that I am slightly (understatement) obsessed with how things work and understanding how things work. What this tends to mean is that I listen to anything, often in great detail if it “hits the spot”. An analytical listener, with an open mind about genres. Given my job, having eclectic music tastes should be a benefit. Good music is good, even if it’s not your thing
  8. If anyone is interested, my columns in Bass Player Magazine over the last year have covered different pickup types and on-board electronics.
  9. A coil tap switch divides the two "halves" of a humbucker so that just one half, or 'single coil' is outputted. A phase switch flips the pickup polarity, so that when it is combined with another pickup, the inherent cancellations and summing of frequencies creates a different sound. Brian May's Red Special guitar is certainly a great demonstration of a vast array of phase configurations. Active on/off is essentially a bypass switch that takes any active electronics out of the signal path.
  10. David Gilmour and Eric Clapton are just two names that spring to mind immediately when I think of guitarists who use some sort of preamplifier or active EQ shaping in their guitars.
  11. If it’s any help, my first columns that I wrote for Bass Player Magazine cover the basics of various types of effect pedals. I covered the above, though I only had a page per effect. You can find nearly all of my articles on the guitar world website too. Hope they are helpful
  12. 5 looks like my Shuker after I helped redesign the lower horn that Jon uses on his basses now (series two onwards)
  13. I really appreciate the update, thank you so much! Good to know that it appears to work all ok! I don't need a wireless system... but... lol GAS!!!
  14. True Story Number One: Many years ago, with not a sign of a single grey hair, I was allowed free reign in the UK's premier bass emporium to choose a new bass. I had interest free credit, disposable income (whatever that is lol) and a hunger for something that I would play for many years. On offer, the very finest bass retail had to offer, including vintage and classic. £3000 for example would buy a whole lot of bass back then. The bass that I bought that day and played solidly for the next, I don't know, 15 years? Sells for max £450 secondhand here. It was my very first six string too. True Story Number Two: Not sure how many years ago, I went to a local music store to pick a new acoustic guitar. Like bass, I've been playing guitars (and as equally obsessional about them) since the age of 8(-ish). I know the staff in the store and, well, they hatched a plan of "blind testing" for me to find out what it was I was looking for. In the blind test, on sound and playability I kept coming back to the same guitar, which, is still in my possession today, it's so good. When I finally lifted the blindfold, as it were, I'd been playing Martins, Taylors, Ovation, and other high end brands, but the guitar I walked away with, which was just lush in comparison was shop floor priced at £500.
  15. Is this a quote from my NHS patient records? 🤣
  16. Whilst I am here, has anyone done real-world latency tests on wireless units to verify what the manufacturers say? (I'd be more than happy to do the tests, I just don't have the systems to check!)
  17. The G10S uses a TRS plug so it can charge in its base. Active basses use a TRS socket to switch on the active circuit when a lead is inserted. The two methods are incompatible and thus to make it work, you need to use a mono 1/4" adaptor or "mono to mono" extension lead. I've not tried it myself, but this is my understanding of electronics.
  18. Yes, don't get me wrong, I can do it manually yahda yahda, and there are the benefits of that, but for the piece of work I do which usually needs it, I don't get paid enough to warrant the time for manual editing. Well, there's a balance to be had, I still care about the overall quality.
  19. In fairness, stock plugins (I use Logic and Mainstage etc) are very good and are more than capable at getting amazing results.. but GAS... lol, you know me only too well! It turned I. To a career path after all ha ha! Sometimes a plug-in or suite of comes along and just makes sense or makes my life so much easier. MAutoAlign fixes problems with phasing when recording multiple instruments (like a whole drum kit) - which is brilliant as it saves me so much time. So, I mean, I like plugins that speed up my workflow ha ha! Or sound epic immediately (Scheps Omni sounds SO good for bass). I’ll try not to make your wallet wince and stop typing now
  20. I’ve got the CLA signature set, except the Mixdown plug-in. For some things they’re brilliant but I do sometimes reach for Toontrack’s EZMix and the artist packs for creative mixing. I’m also part of the UnitedPlugins fam’ and there’s some really good tools available from them too. MAutoAlign is one of my favourites utilities right now and the Fire Suite mastering plugins add a nice dimension too.
  21. I’ve bought a few Waves plugins recently, including the scheps omni channel, which is sooooo good! Can’t believe it was 20 odd quid considering the list of producers that have endorsed and created patches for it!
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