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  1. Whilst we're here, there's always the "should I run a 4 ohm cabinet to get all the watts from my amplifier or would I be loud enough with an 8 ohm cabinet". Comparing two like-for-like cabinets with the same sensitivity, the difference in volume between an 8 ohm and a 4 ohm version will easily be cancelled out by nudging the volume control on your amplifier. I really cant imagine it would be a problem with either unless your 8 ohm cabinet also has a much lower sensitivity as well.
  2. Well, the first thing to look at is the impedance "rating" of the amplifier. The lowest impedance value the amplifier will happily play ball with. Now, if the Fender Rumble you speak of can handle a 2 Ohm load reliably, then yes four 8 Ohm cabinets can be attached. Impedance calculations are well documented on BC, but in this case, two 8 Ohm cabinets would give you a four Ohm load - and four 8 Ohm cabinets would present a 2 Ohm load to the amplifier. So, the take away from this is to know what load the amplifier can happily run at. if it says 4 Ohms, then you can go higher but wise not to go lower. More and more manufacturers are offering amplifiers that "do" 2 Ohms, but as always read the manual in case the unit you are wanting to use specifies 4 Ohms minimum instead.
  3. Quick update - I appear to be minus the nice big hefty shipping box I had. This could present a problem with regard to shipping.
  4. For sale Status S2 classic headless with carbon neck from 2014 featuring Status 18v electronics and Humbucker pickups Status branded professional Hiscox case included. 34" Scale Strung with D’Addario NYXL strings (can take both standard strings and double ball end types) ~4Kg A beautiful and wonderfully playable example from Status. You’ll not be let down by this one. Due to the current isolation situation, collection is advised. However instrument will be passed over observing distancing. I do not wish to ship this instrument, however if you DO then this will be for you to arrange, making sure you are fully aware of the couriers T&C’s and insurance. The bass comes with a Hiscox hard shell case and will be properly packed.
  5. I was just about to list a bass for sale. I looked at the pictures with a heavy heart. So, I didn’t press the “post” button. I’m going to bed instead.

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    2. Bigwan


      Wish I had the reddies. Always fancied a Status 5... 

    3. Teebs


      Good luck with everything @Dood


    4. E sharp

      E sharp

      Didn't know you had one of those Dan

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  6. I'm due to "up the anti" with review videos soon, so I can only apologise to those who are once again struck down with GAS!! Yes, I have set up my own home studio!!! On the subject of the @Bergantino Audio B|Amp - Its is just a superb amplifier - it continues to be my favourite allrounder - and, given there's a new "Tube Tone" firmware update coming out very soon, meticulously modelled on a well known classic valve amplifier, the thing just keeps getting better and better. I love that it can easily copy those solid state "hifi" heads of the 80's. I love that it makes for an amazing FRFR amplifier. It has a great "studio channel" functionality - and finally, the drive and dynamics effects on board do a lovely valve amp sound!
  7. LT: I've never even thought about it, so I guess I don't miss what I never had The screen is easily configured at the touch of a button to see what is assigned to each button - and for me, I tend to use the same layout where possible for my patches, so the same type of effect, patch or snapshot appears on the same button.
  8. 93% off and I still can't afford it! Thank you so much for posting though!
  9. CoronaVirus Gear Sale? - How many of you are considering or are already selling bass gear because of financial losses incurred by not being able to work?

    1. mcnach


      Not yet, but it's a possibility. It's very likely that we'll struggle to gig with the frequency we used to, and I was already getting a little 'bored' with a lot of the gigs we used to do, so I'm rethinking my 'musical future', to spend more time writing and recording with others and less live stuff (certainly fewer projects), and switching my attention more to other activities that are more financially useful to me (computer based)... 

      I've already completely rearranged my 'home office' to be more work and a lot less music, as I'm working from home these days. I think I might sell a bass or two and cabs that I don't need and put a fridge and a nice espresso machine in the room instead... 

      I had a good run, but I think I want to spend more time visiting family and travelling when I have proper holidays, and work more from home.

    2. LukeFRC


      If you are thinking of selling off because of revaluation rather than financial need - consider waiting a year. 
      too many basses glutting the market will push prices down and there’s probably going to be some folk selling off basses because it will mean they can eat. 

    3. mcnach


      Yeah, not a good time to sell. I was about to sell my Audi A3 just before things got complicated... and looking at the market, there's a lot selling but I see the same things again and again, I don't think there's many people buying. 

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  10. I've not tried NinJam even though I have been a Reaper user for over 20 odd years. I've heard that KazamJam does something similar and may be worth taking a look at.
  11. Great idea! I have sub’d to all of you now! My own channel is woefully short of material as all of my video reviews appear on the page of the magazine that I work for. If you wish to follow me (because I am setting up my own video rig right now) I am here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWb_ePdvfjaGvPhM2Fzb4CA The Magazine is: https://www.youtube.com/user/iguitarmag and here’s a shortcut to (nearly) all of my bass videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgYvPDvHf3Y&list=PLF3285qKMRQac1DgPAJeHcX9Rl57CUILr
  12. @bassbiscuits! I said I wouldn't forget you! ^^^^^^^^
  13. I'll do more soon!
  14. And this was a pic from a reunion gig.
  15. Oh you’re gonna love this. I played lead guitar for many years in a band called “Sod’s Law”!!!
  16. I'm afraid I'm not part of that particular group so I'm unable to read it. Thank you though. And yeah, it has come at a time when I didn't think life could possibly get any more difficult. This last year has been a living hell. Anyone wanna buy all of my bass gear?
  17. I am amazed! I could never describe why I preferred not to use tapered strings and often found I would talk about intonation or "something up with tuning" high up the low strings. So, its not the intonation after all! Well, I guess I ought to get these tried out then!
  18. What was it, literally days ago I wrote how lucky I was to be able to be a professional musician?
  19. The foot switch is just brilliant! So simple yet SO effective. Its rechargeable too and will do 200 hours on one charge apparently!
  20. In fairness, I do have huge hands!! - Its definitely not a huge amp head though.
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