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  1. Try the H4nPRO as it can handle up to 140dB (IIRC) and other models are usually around 110-120 which in some cases can lead to clipping.. Those very noisy environments. Or, as suggested, see if you can come back from the source, which could prove effective if the room doesn't have too much echo!
  2. Superb! I've recently picked up a Hard Puncher (P) from 80-81 and it's bonkers good! Congrats! Interestingly, I *think (and I could be wrong) that my Fender PJ basses were made by Tokai Gakki - and they are INSANELY well made.
  3. Same. The PB 70US models are superb. I'll have another one day!
  4. I used to work for a guitar mag recording gear videos based opposite DV247. Considering their security, it must have been a tough time getting in!
  5. Tom Bowlus and I created this mammoth Trace Elliot (Elf) review for Basss Gear Magazine for this who'd like to know a bit more about the lil Elves! https://www.bassgearmag.com/elvish-appetizer-trace-elliot-elf-bass-head-elf-1x10-combo-elf-2x8-cab-elf-1x10-cab-and-transit-b-bass-preamp/ I'm allowed to be honest about my review kit, so I can happily report that I loved the Elf head - and when I have some cash I'll probably buy one for myself!
  6. My favourite of all the CIJ P basses! The PB70 is such a great bass. I'd been looking for a PB70US-ASH RW - which is basically the same thing with a rosewood fretboard, but if one of these maple versions came up, I'd have some serious words with my bank account over it!
  7. Dood

    Cort Modern 4

    OnlyDans.com for premium access 🤣
  8. I've just reviewed an incredible bass that has an HPF actually built in to it's active circuit. I feel that it made a difference, the bass was so easy to record and needed very little in post-production to get a great sound. Shame I couldn't afford to buy it!
  9. If it's a full-band compressor in the path, then I might try the HPF first so that it can filter unwanted subsonic frequencies from hitting the compressor and overwhelming it's control circuit. Now this may or may not be the case as some compressors have suitable filtering / side-chain circuits that ignore sub frequencies, but there are many that don't.
  10. Yes, I was having fun watching the audience too!!
  11. Sadly not - the BH800 and similar heads do have Toneprint functionality. - I've a TC Nova Dynamics pedal that although brilliant, pre-dates the Toneprint technology too. I love the pedal, I just need to figure out what the in-built settings are so I can transfer them to my Spectracomp! When I asked TC Electronic, they couldn't help sadly. Rh750 is a nice amp
  12. Dood

    Cort Modern 4

    Thank you so much! On reflection I wish I had added a play through at the start of the video, but hey, that's one versus 400 odd that do have a play through ha ha! Yeah, really nice basses these - I asked if I could give the 5 string a go at some point too as the GB75JH, that came before this model has a particularly good low B.
  13. My hearing tests suggest I have a dip at 4Khz (which isn't that uncommon anyway) but, using my test gear here, my loudest, most predominant tinnitus also sits at around 4Khz, so that might be right or purely coincidental. Audiologists have in some cases found that using hearing aids that fill in what's missing from a sufferers hearing can help to alleviate the effects of Tinnitus. (That is, a hearing aid that only amplifies what the ear is having trouble hearing, normal ambient sounds can pass through the ear canal as normal). My last Audiologist used hearing aids for this very reason and was able to noticeably mask the tinnitus effects of his time shooting guns. *I hope my understanding is correct and it's a path I am going to follow to test the theory myself.
  14. Intermittent? Wow, that sounds dreamy! Constant ear screaming, white noise and a low level hum that sounds like a car left running outside is my daily soundtrack. I like Rick, I’ll give his video a watch.
  15. Dood

    Cort Modern 4

    Just released, my review video for the brand new (for 2022) Cort Modern series basses, the update to the GB range: Written review: https://www.bassgearmag.com/bassic-review-cort-gb-modern-4-bass/ please share!
  16. It has only taken me X years to finally get round to switching out the two band Glockenklang pre in my MIJ Fender for a three band Glockenklang! It will, after many years, match its sister MIJ!

    I adore my Power Jazz Bass Specials!

    1. Chaddy


      Talk about timing, Installing a 3 Band into my Charvel San Dimas IV an all! 

    2. Dood


      Oh nice! :)


      As my bass originally had one large hole for a three way switch, rather than fill the hole I'm going to replace the blend knob on my Glockenklang with a three way switch again. I'd prefer the blend, but that hole is a bit big! Switch should be arriving today, finger's crossed!


  17. A quick search and I think it was this one in 2007! I think I still have the clip of me playing G-77’s Status prototype King Bass somewhere too!
  18. Now that IS odd! Also doesn't make sense in my mind either, but hey-ho an odd choice that may be useful for some! Thanks for investigating, its interesting!
  19. I've only got the Mini version now which has just three controls and no switch. Sorry I can't go back and test as I sold my full-size version a long while ago. Come to think of it, as a bassist I only ever programmed my own TP's anyway too! How are you finding the results differ?
  20. As for the three way switch, you have IIRC: Vintage - a preset full band compressor program Spectral: a preset multi band program Toneprint: Your own program selection
  21. Brilliant post! I think it's fair to say that the HG and Spectracomp are one of the same, just that the HG has the more physical controls. I think the HG is great and I still have the HG Mini and Spectracomp sat on my pedal shelf here, even though they aren't in "active service". I've a bit of a thing for TC compressors as it happens and I have owned many of them: Triple C stereo C300 (x2) Nova Dynamics (x2) Hyper Gravity Hyper Gravity Mini Spectracomp Gforce Rack G Major 2 Rack (x2) G System Parallel and Triple Band Compression is my secret sauce that I've been using for over 20 years, I love it!
  22. For others looking, Fender have a Mooer rebadged DI pedal - it's in a micro shell. It's active but the great thing is that there's some level controls AND an added (defeatable) 4x12 speaker simulator on board too. It actually has a little bump in the lows around 100hz and no roll off, so works very well for bass too. In fact almost too well! https://www.thomann.de/gb/mooer_micro_di.htm?glp=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwzeqVBhAoEiwAOrEmzfKk99X_YfB_i9LQceiuq1_vwRQUxOnNqnNTk7bTofV9KVnbvYQHWRoC1cEQAvD_BwE
  23. I recently reviewed the Sequis Motherload Elemental recently in Bass Gear Magazine. Here it is: https://www.bassgearmag.com/bassic-review-sequis-motherload-elemental/
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