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  1. I'm intrigued as I've always fancied a five string version of my Fender Power Jazz Bass Special. The specs are very similar, maybe not seen in other off the shelf instruments. The reverse P-J, the EMG active electronics, the 21 fret layout.. I think I wanna try one out!
  2. Just found a very old picture of it too! The picture was taken in 2006. I think mine was a 1999 model or something. Not sure.
  3. This thread isn't helping GAS for the Pro II I sold many years ago - hell, any Pro II for that matter. I don't even need one!
  4. You're confusing the difference between making music and making money.
  5. No, music isn't a competition. More strings makes different music.
  6. I'd received varying stories, but I wonder if they thought I was trying to low-ball them to get "a good deal" on a "'68 precision" (which would have been a ridiculous offer if it was!), which it blatantly isn't. The neck doesn't even belong on that body. Scratchplate, pickups, bridge... not original.. tuning keys the same age as the neck, some years younger than the body! I think the difference to begin with was about £1000 between a reasonable valuation (what it failed to sell at on eBay) and what they were asking. Oh well.
  7. Note the screw holes above the E string near the bridge. I did see Andy Baxter selling a 76 P a while back which interestingly had holes in the same position, but it wasn't the same bass.
  8. Blimey there I am ha ha ha!! You know I have a strange recollection that it could be 41/2 mm, but I cant remember. It might be worth asking about the neck width. I would say that in any normal circumstance he will make whatever size your heart desires, but I am unsure about the carbon side of things. My assumption is that it IS possible as the sizing is controlled by the neck "core", maybe not down to the size of some sort of mould.. But hey, I could be totally wrong - best to ask him directly. God, I realise how much I loved the bass now ha ha! Look at that face, I'm proper excited!! Dan.
  9. I have! I think there's even a picture of me on the Shuker FB page with my mitts all over one! I'd love to own a CarbonLite, I even got as far as spec'ing one out..well, actually two or three as I couldn't decide what I wanted first ha ha! They really are very nice indeed. You can rely on Shuker being one of the very best in the business for the small details that get forgotten or missed and the JJ CL is full of those finer touches. Oh and I think the original JJ design elements have been retained here: JJ had two basses that he wanted the best of each combined in to one model. Tone, playability, weight - It may seem biased, but I've played a lot of P basses and these are one of my very favourites. I will have one, eventually!!!
  10. That is very true indeed!!! But that in turn does very bad things to me as I suffer from terminal G.A.S!! Imagine having to give back a bass you really want to take home! 😂
  11. Nah, I really am broke.
  12. Well, it will happen! I sold mine when I was 18 (stupid boy!!!!!!!!) and it a weird coincidence just randomly looking on eBay TWENTY FIVE YEARS LATER it appeared right in front of my eyes! I recognised it immediately. Long story short, the owner (who interestingly was the son of the guy I sold it too) just would not budge and wanted a truly ridiculous price for it. So, off it went. Then, BLARST MEYY! The thing appeared here on BassChat for sale. Again, I tried to talk to the seller about buying it, but he'd been fed a whole lot of nonsense about the bass too and didn't want to entertain a sale for a reasonable price. I think it went back on to eBay, I later found out and only sold for the price I'd ball parked anyway. But the twist of the story was that the winning bid was a shill and the bass.. oh dear me ended up in a shop in Ipswich for sale where it was finally sold to a studio in Suffolk. Quite a tory, but it's out there - and if I was listened to first of all, it might have been back on my guitar stand. Hey ho!
  13. Hope you find it Andy! *BUMP* Apparently my equivalent is in a studio somewhere in Suffolk. Just not sure which studio though! So close, yet so far!! Good luck matey
  14. Thank you SO much Cuzzie! I REALLY want to push the bass section out there more; it is difficult being a small section of a superb (mainly) guitar magazine though. I suppose we do have the benefit of being a magazine and doing HD videos per review in a proper studio. If anyone has any ideas to get these videos more visible to our bass community, I am all ears!
  15. Well since Brian May opened the topic, then surely John Deacon gets a mention too. In brief detail: He had two main precision basses throughout his career with Queen, but his go- to was a TV script '68 that started life as a sunburst which he then removed the finish of, this became his natural P bass (seen on performances such as Live Aid). Interestingly he had another Precision that also started life as a sunburst and similarly had the finish taken off around the same time. They can be identified in videos as one has the TV Script and 70's style tuners whilst the other had a silver logo and Kluson tuning keys (Bohemian Rhapsody video). The "main" instrument was re-finished sometime before 1985 and is now easily spotted as the black precision with gold hardware. John Deacon has used plenty of other basses too including those made by Kramer, Warwick (A John Entwistle Buzzard bass), Roger Giffin (The bass seen in the Princes of The Universe video above) and of course the MusicMan Stingray as heard on Another One Bites The Dust, but the precision bass has seen the most amount of time in his hands, recorded and live.
  16. Absolutely gorgeous!! And so is the bass ey Harry!
  17. Ahhhhh yesssss!!! Superb! I have the B|Amp and I love the thing. It’s going nowhere! There’s so much available “under the bonnet”, a real tweakers delight, but plug and play is a breeze. Congratulations! Be sure to register your amp as Jim Bergantino sends out any (software) updates and tweaks personally!
  18. I can't remember if the TonePump will do 18v. If it will, then go for it, give it a try! I've been running 18V on my EMG loaded basses for years and have had no reason to go to 9V. 9V will work though for sure if the TP can't do 18v.
  19. Hopefully this isn't teaching you to suck eggs and I have understood what it was you were meaning!
  20. Oh wait, scrub that - it didn't record my voice lol.. I can do a fresh one if you need.
  21. Ha ha ha, I'll end up costing you more money in the future If you need help regarding the above, I've just knocked up a quick video for you. Lemme know if you want it sent over if my words made no sense above
  22. sorry, yes ignore the tone thing - I mean, it will work too added in too but no, you won't need it
  23. No, you're still fine, I think it's just a case of getting things in the right place. You'll be able to do this without soldering, I've just looked at a typical VVT set up - it's all good still!
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