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  1. Apparently, sloping shoulders means it’s more likely to be a double bass. Probably smaller scale as @dave moffat & @Silvia Bluejay suggest. Every day a school day.
  2. Well, the photo I posted above is from the downloads in the OP and it doesn’t look like a bass to me, but....
  3. Yes, like that. Thanks for sharing. Is that a theremin I can hear?
  4. I’m still not sure how I feel about The Stranglers without Hugh. Haven’t seen them since he left.
  5. If I had the time it would almost be worth the 450 mile round trip. Hope you find someone 🤘
  6. Which is how it should be. You’re obviously far more talented than the bunch I was hooked up with.
  7. Do you have another photo of it similar to the last one, but face up?
  8. Walk now or you’ll end up playing everything in Bb 😂
  9. Ah yes. Sneaky buggers. I've found that the £1 thing comes round often enough that if you list your items for 30 days you can end the listing early and relist for £1 again. it won’t be long before they close that loophole, so use it whilst you can 👍
  10. I never list anything with a Best Offer option if that’s what you’re referring to. If they want to make an offer, they’ll always message you directly. Glad you swerved whatever it was.
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