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  1. I would definitely use them again, in fact, I’m going to for the Sandberg I’ve just sold. i won’t be putting gaps in the post code this time and I just think I was unlucky on the DPD side with the second attempt.
  2. Marcelo is a top guy and he does love a Schector. Theres some good videos on his channel when he’s out with his band. Played some nice venues.
  3. I was reaching for the knife drawer by the 3 minute mark.
  4. I really do get the impression that he’s rocking up in front of his PC (personal computer - not Phil Collins) every day not having played any of these songs since he last gigged them. Me? I would be hard pushed to remember the first couple of notes of any of the songs 😀. I think he is a genuine soul with such a love for music, you can’t help but like him. I did have a little chuckle when he said he would rather he was quiet and the band was loud. That’s the exact opposite of what I had previously heard about him, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m looking forward to the rest of the set.
  5. I am happy to report a positive conclusion to this tale. Bass was delivered in 24 hours almost to the minute and in perfect condition. Buyer is chuffed to bits. ....and relax 😎
  6. Wait until you get to Day 4. You may need to rethink the comment about flashy fills 😂
  7. DPD actually collected it. Fingers crossed. Cue a tense 24-48 hours 😑
  8. Those Sklar Dingwall's are made just for that kind of technique. They have banjo frets on them and they play effortlessly. Really wish I hadn't sold mine. The only issue I had with it was the pick-up placement which they have now solved with the Sklar II - 3 x Super Fatty's.
  9. FFS - you couldn’t make this stinky poo up! DPD were supposed to come today as arranged by Eurosender. It got to 5.55pm (supposed to pick-up before 6pm) and no show. I had a look at the e-mail Eurosender sent me this morning and noticed it already had a tracking number on it, so I clicked it. The DPD tracker says my parcel was ‘in transit’. I beg to differ as it’s still sat in my hallway! Ring DPD and they appear to be as confused as I am. Their system says the driver collected it at 1531hrs - whilst I was sat in the kitchen with Mrs.H waiting for DPD to arrive. Cue joke of the day: DPD Customer Service “Are you sure they haven’t picked it up?” Me “The package is about four feet tall and weighs over 10kg and standing in my hallway. It’s hardly inconf***ingspicuous“ DPD Customer Service “I can offer you a pick-up tomorrow which, as it’s our error, will be free or charge” Me “Oh, how very nice of you - since you haven’t done anything that warrants paying for!” Tune in tomorrow (and probably for the next few weeks) for more entertaining updates to this saga.
  10. Issue #3 - I received an e-mail yesterday morning apologising that the courier would don't be able to collect the bass from me yesterday. No reason given, just that it wasn't going to happen. They re-booked collection for today. Issue #4 - Checked my e-mail first thing this morning and they had sent another e-mail saying the bass couldn't be collected today as there was an issue with my address. I was in the mood for a good argument, so since they had offered a phone number to ring, that's what I did. Not particularly helpful or apologetic, but it appears that since I put a space in my postal code i.e. SS** **H, it had caused a glitch in the system where it failed to recognise it - FFS! Eurosender were blaming the courier's computer system, not theirs. I pointed out that an idiot could find my address given the house number and the postcode - with or without gaps. Re-booked for tomorrow - without gaps in either my post code or the buyer's. This is their last chance before I get medieval on their a55.
  11. I had cause to ring them on Friday as I sold a bass that I need to get shipped further than I'm prepared to drive. The two issues I had were: 1) Nowhere in the process did it give me the option of putting in the discount code (believe me I looked) 2) The bass is valued at over €2k. When you get to the insurance page, there are only two options; up to €1k and up to €2k. Apparently, if it's over €2k, the price of the add on is €24.99 (up to €5k value), but you can't specify that when doing it on line. You have to e-mail them with all the details for one of the managers to ring you back. What a load of nonsense that is. I decided to forgo the discount and went with the €2k insurance in the end as it was only marginally over the threshold.
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