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  1. Yes, I watched that the other day. Very saddening to hear. I can’t understand why a collection like that wasn’t retained in a fire safe vault.
  2. How as my gig last night? Flippin’ awesome. The look of the outside of the venue belies what hides within. There had been a touring show at the venue immediately prior to us playing their last night and some of the tech hadn’t been fully broken down yet for the start of the tour later in the month. So, we had the benefit of using what had been left, most notably a £15k digital back screen and a shed load of vari-lights. Definitely one we should have recorded, but didn’t think to take my camera yesterday. It definitely brought the best out in us and we played a blinder. The good people of Yeadon did themselves proud.
  3. Feel for you mate. Hard one to let go that, but doing it for a good reason. Buy with confidence. Fantastic bass and a great guy to boot 👊
  4. The venue doesn’t have staff in there on Sunday until 11.30, so we had to remove everything and relocate it to the Premier Inn before we could even think about going out for a drink. By the time we had done that it was 11.45pm and the chances of finding anywhere open was slim. We went out for a walk and asked someone who pointed out The Clothier’s Arms that was open until 1am. A few drinks were had there followed by a most excellent chicken kebab at Max’s Balti House. Night night.
  5. I thought that was an odd name for a village 😂 I shall report back on Sunday.
  6. I’m not at all cynical, so I wouldn’t say that 😂. You would have to screw up pretty badly though wouldn’t you .
  7. I’m far from being an expert Mart, but it does sound like a rotator cuff condition to me. My wife was diagnosed with this after years of pain. She was posted in the right direction by a flight attendant friend of ours as that condition is very prevalent in that occupation. My wife saw a specialist to confirm it and she went in for a day surgery and is now pain totally pain free. If it is a rotator cuff, one thing is for sure, it ain’t gonna get better; in fact it will get worse.
  8. On a side note, an endless source of amusement for us is the contracts some venues/agents send out expecting us to sign on the dotted line and return them forthwith. We just hand them to our guitarist who is highly qualified in insurance matters and he rips them up for ar$epaper. The majority contain incorrect/outdated conditons.
  9. Touch wood, I've never had to. There have been couple of occasions in two different bands where it was looking that we might, but didn't in the end. The cynical amongst us might think there are lot of people making a lot of money out of PLI for doing feck all 😂
  10. Yes, well we’re staying at the Premier Inn at the airport, so if all else fails 😂
  11. I'm gigging in Yeadon (near Leeds) on Saturday and due to the distance involved for us, it's an overnight. These theatre gigs usually wrap up quite early and was just wondering if Yeadon is a one horse town or is there anywhere one could imbibe alcoholic beverages until the wee small hours?
  12. Yes, maybe a sub-forum where threads like that can live? It could work, but it's relying on people's time and generosity, something which Basschat is very good at. EDIT: Let's ask The Boss (@ped)
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