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  1. If that was the undercoat, I guess we can call this the overcoat 😂. It now has to dry our for a few weeks before moving on to the next stage. I love the way it’s looking both blue and green already.
  2. Great to see the before and after pictures and read the story too. Looks absolutely stunning. As you know, my J is with David at the moment and will be getting some paint this week. Can't wait.
  3. The body is getting some paint this week I’m told. Really looking forward to seeing the progress. I shall report back in due course.
  4. I would also encourage people to use the link function with a single word i.e. feedback rather than copy and pasting the URL and linking that.
  5. I bought this amp as a back up and I think I’ve only had cause to use a handful of times at most. It’s in great condition and full working order. It comes with its kettle lead and instructions, but no original packaging. If memory serves, I paid just under £600 for it and spent another £120 on the bag and footswitch unit (see receipt). The price includes insured delivery within the U.K. Here is the spec: FEATURES Ultra Lightweight 4 lb Design 500W/8 ohms; 900W/4 ohms Analog 12AX7 Tube Preamp High Current Class D Amp & SMPS 3DPM™ Power Management Circuitry Patent Pending P.H.A.T.™ topology Active EQ w/Parametric Mids Speakon® Speaker Outputs Variable Speed Internal Fan Cooling Full XLR Direct Out Interface DESCRIPTION Genz Benz continues its industry leading innovations in bass amplification with the SHUTTLE 9.2, 2nd generation of these popular bass amps, delivering 900 watts of power in a mere 4 lb compact package. The SHUTTLE 9.2 includes the addition of our proprietary 3DPM™ power management circuitry for overall increased headroom and thicker "heft" of the individual notes played. The 12AX7 tube preamp also features increased available gain for enhanced versatility from warm, articulate tone to all out aggressive overdrive.
  6. As long as you know I’m here....waiting 😉
  7. UGHH! I saw 'molan' and 'Precision' and got all excited there for a minute. I'll just have to be patient 😂. You won't need it, but good with the sale 👍.
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