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  1. Well, the Jazz is maple, but I have a few (cough) others of both 😀 I might be misremembering this, but I’m sure I heard somewhere that lemon oil wasn’t the best for fingerboards. It may well have been on Dave’s World of Fun Stuff, but he’s got hundreds of videos, so I’ve got no chance of finding it again.
  2. I was just about to buy some Jim Dunlop Formula 65, for the first time I might add and thought I would check what's recommended first. I must admit I thought this thread might be longer than it is 🙄 I'm not big on cleaning the fretboards of my basses, but I was just looking at my Jazz which has served me well for nearly 25 years and I think it's the least I could do for it. Not particularly bothered about the body, just cleaning and conditioning the fretboard. Any advances on the above?
  3. jazzPete1977 doesn’t have the same ring to it 🤪
  4. Songster drives me round the twist. I can't even bring myself to look at it. PM your e-mail address and I'll send it over.
  5. Er, no 😂. My lust for authenticity does not extend to making the same mistakes. I’ll probably just make some of my own in different places 🙄.
  6. Champions is a good example. On the recorded version there are lots of notes that he plays up an octave, but live, JD goes for the low end power which I think is absolutely the right thing to do. We mainly use live versions in my Bowie tribute. You can’t beat learning from a touring band that’s found out how songs really work in a live environment. We’re definitely gonna have to stick rigidly to the Live Aid version of Hammer To Fall for the reason you state. It could get very confusing otherwise. Rhapsody will be fine. The guys I’ll be playing with are spot on. Won’t struggle hearing anything as I’ll be using IEM’s and if it’s the same as last time, I’ll be able to adjust my mix from the stage. Yes, it’s a shame about Ga Ga as it chops a bit out that gives it a bit of relief from the main riff, but it will be fine.
  7. I have an accurate TAB of WMUBYGG if you need it. When you see it laid out in front of you it looks a lot less daunting I promise. I’m sure you’ll crack it 👍.
  8. Good song that. Haven’t played it for a while, but very enjoyable.
  9. So, I’ve made a chart for each of the six songs in the Live Aid Set. Not that any of them are particularly difficult, it’s just the way I like to approach these things. With the exception of the heavily truncated version of Bohemian Rhapsody, I went through the studio recorded version of each song to get a feel for what John laid down. I then went through each of the Live Aid versions. Wow! Quite a lot of variation there. There’s a chunk completely missing from Hammer To Fall. I can see why this was done for this gig as they only had a twenty minute window to perform, so quite clever. I had not noticed it before. Radio Ga Ga is also slightly trimmed down and much simplified bass wise. Our keys player is not looking forward to this song. I’ve mentioned to him that he might want to buy a Jupiter 8. He didn’t say no, but then again he does have about 10 Nord’s, so he should be able to get something out of them 😂. The other interesting one is We Are The Champions. The Live Aid version has a much less complicated bass line during the verse sections. I might also suggest that JD makes a bit of a flub of one of them as he starts the run and realises he’s not gonna get to the end in time. He does get out of it admirably though. There’s also a massive howler at the end of one of the repeated choruses. It can happen to the best 😀.
  10. I’ve just finished making charts of Queen’s set from Live Aid in 1985. Just have to commit to memory now 🙃 I have to say the highlight is We Are The Champions. There’s some really lovely little runs up the dusty end during the verse sections, not to mention the hugely powerful choruses. Gotta love John Deacon. He knew how to put a bass line together.
  11. Yes, I had spotted that when I was sourcing the strap. Not sure what that’s all about.
  12. Although....the Parker catalogue says 7 piece, but the only bit thats graphite is the nut apparently. Knew there was some on it somewhere 😀 40mm nut.
  13. I think I’ve answered one of my own questions. Two piece maple neck.
  14. Ooof. You don’t see many of those about, certainly not in that colour. Apologies, but I’m gonna ask a few questions as I seriously like that. Does it come with a case? Do you know what the neck construction is? I can’t quite see where I am at the moment. It’s not graphite is it? String spacing? Any dinks/knocks or other damage? Thanks in advance.
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