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  1. Yep, and if they did it with an SLO neck I'd be several thousand poorer by now as well. The natural shorty looks a bit Joe Dart and I don't like the burst. The black is OK, but again, not with a 43mm nut, so that's me out 😬.
  2. Just noticed the icons in the sales thread. Like them 👍
  3. I've Dark Themed myself. Looks great 👍
  4. I think docking marks for playing position is extremely harsh. The Peter Hook BB’s are pretty much sold out everywhere. I guess he could have ordered one when they were announced, but they’re not readily available now.
  5. It's the music all the way as far as I'm concerned, but I'll add that to be a successful tribute, I think you need to put a bit of effort in regarding the look as well. There are tributes that overload on the image to mask their deficiencies in their playing capabilities. I won't name names, but for some reason most audiences seem oblivious. It's a constant frustration of mine as I'm in three different tributes myself. To answer the original question, it's the bands that nail both that really fly
  6. I can’t make my mind up whether the headstock shape or the body shape is worse. They’re both awful, but they don’t look like they belong together either.
  7. Ha ha. Who knows? He might have just put the final coat on for all I know 🤷‍♂️
  8. Sadly not. I know he has been very busy of late and I don’t want to hassle him. I’ll post it here as soon as I hear anything.
  9. Great job @ped and team 👏👏👏👏
  10. Welcome @Inara . Great name whether it’s your real one or username. I’m a big Firefly fan 😀
  11. 😂😂😂😂 we’re in deep do-do now!
  12. Is it not happening today then Sylvia?
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