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  1. Anyone feeling flush?

    Urghhhhh. Things you wished you’d never read
  2. DR Dragon Skin coated strings: anybody tried them?

    My initial opinion of the guy was similar to yours, but I’ve watched many of his videos over the years and my opinion definitely changed. IIRC, he grew up with not a lot and doggedly pursued his dream to where he is now. Gigs all over the place doing TV and promo for a contracted artist and anyone else that will have him. He does tend to get a little carried away with slap from time to time, but once you get past that, he’s pretty decent - IMHO of course.
  3. DR Dragon Skin coated strings: anybody tried them?

    Yeah, sorry, that’s what I meant.
  4. DR Dragon Skin coated strings: anybody tried them?

    The Unicorn coated ones are fantastical.
  5. DR Dragon Skin coated strings: anybody tried them?

    I guessed you would have seen a few videos, but IMHO, this guy knows his gear and he recommended them compared to Fat Beams which I thought you may have tried. Seems like job done though if you don't like FB's. Strings! Such a personal thing. I hate wasting money on ones it turns out I don't like.
  6. DR Dragon Skin coated strings: anybody tried them?

    The Bass Wizard recommends....
  7. Sparse basslines

    Well, I'm going to offer this. Very sparse in terms of notes used and it's the same pattern played over and over. But it's not about the bass line, its about how it works with everything else that's going on around it. I must have listen to this thousands of times since it's release and I never bore of it. Utterly magical.
  8. Bruno Mars. Commercial slave.?

    Yes, there's a lot of truth in this. The overwhelming majority couldn't give a toss. If they like what they see/hear and the material sells, it's win/win for everyone. I regularly get stick from Mrs.H regarding my comments regarding live performances. Apparently only I (being a musician) would notice and it has to be fairly blatant to register with non muso's.
  9. Bruno Mars. Commercial slave.?

    I’m sure Mr.Mars would be heartbroken to hear that you feel let down by him . Finesse is a song which was specifically written in the style of New Jack Swing, so it’s going to sound a little like BBD. Mars is a fan of all the artists you think he sounds like and his material is going to have that feel about it.
  10. Can anyone here do this?

    Steve is a phenomenal player, but I think the stuff he's doing in this video sounds way better when it's just traditional finger style.
  11. Happy Jack and the Bar Band

    Calm down, it's only a jar for Watermelon pips.
  12. Great Gigs & Great Venues

    That we’ve played ourselves or been witness to?
  13. Roasted wood anyone?

    As Dr.T says. The roasting process is supposed to draw as much moisture out of the wood before finishing as possible. Less moisture = more stability I believe is the theory. I don’t have anything negative to say about mine. Look great, sound great.
  14. Fodera Monarch 4 Standard Special (2014 build)

  15. Fodera Monarch 4 Standard Special (2014 build)