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  1. I know it’s probably not their best album as a whole, but I have a real soft spot for Time and A Word, especially the track No Opportunity Necessary. Aside from that, it would have to be The Yes Album, although there are a couple of close runners up.
  2. Is it just me that’s disappointed you guys are covering Detroit Rock City or something. Proper sucked me in that thread title 😀 P.S. I love Prince and both versions are great. Well done 👏
  3. As a recent purchaser of a Status 5’er, I would say your fears are more than justified. They pretty much do it all.
  4. Mmm, I can play that, but there’s a whole truck load of other stuff that I would say is far more difficult. It’s the stuff with odd timing, rests, raking etc that I find challenging. I do find half the battle with learning challenging material is knowing exactly what is going on in the first place. You Tube can be your friend in that respect. Give me some paper with accurate dots on it and I would like to think I would crack most things given enough time. I never thought I would play Rhythm Stick, Sir Duke, Hysteria etc etc, but if you don't push yourself into these things, you don’t develop.
  5. #1. If he’s that good and the local musicians know he’s looking to form an outfit of his own, he’ll have no bother in doing it and it upsets a lot less people. Plus, he can cherry pick who he wants in his own band.
  6. I love a happy ending. Congratulations.
  7. I love them all. It would be boring if we all liked the same stuff.
  8. By the same token, you may listen to Moving Pictures (which I would also recommend) and change your mind 😀
  9. You’ve probably gathered from the pages in this thread that it’s not an easy question to answer. For my money, if you don’t find something redeemable in A Farewell to Kings or Hemispheres, then Rush may not be for you.
  10. He doesn't come across well because people keep wanting to interact with him and he doesn't, despise being very well known for not wanting to. I pretty much love everything they had recorded, but if someone told me Neil Peart was sitting in my local Costa having a latte and a blueberry muffin, not a chance would I even think about going in there. Commerford said Peart was a Richard. He's no angel himself.
  11. Have you read the account of Tim Commerford who describes Peart as a complete Richard. This from someone who sabotaged an awards ceremony by climbing up into the stage setting. There are two sides to every story. Just because someone might think it's cool to meet their drumming hero, don't expect it to be OK with him - especially when he is widely known not be the sociable type and hates touring.
  12. Fair enough that you may have found him difficult to get on with if you had met him first hand. But from what you've read? C'mon, we're better than that surely.
  13. He he. Sorry man. I know it was hard to let that one go. No one was more surprised than me when you rang me up asking whether I still wanted it. I did actually think about it - for roughly 10 seconds. The sound man came up to me afterwards and said ‘that bass sounded immense’. I thought he was talking about my new 5’er which I had played for most of the gig, but no, he was talking about the Modulus 😀
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