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  1. Immense. I had literally been eyeing up a new one about three days before and was trying to work out the nearest one to me that I could play before I bought it....then that one came up - 35 miles away from me. It’s an odd combination of my Modulus and my ‘96 Jazz with a lovely matte silver finish. I’m loving it.
  2. Unfortunately, me and fretless basses don’t really get on. Plus, having just bought that Fender Flea Active from @danweb22 means I’m not in the market for further purchases at the moment - according to Mrs.H anyway 😬. Lovely looking bass though.
  3. Despite trying to sell a few basses, I managed to buy another one last week 🙄, so this really does need to sell now. Sensible offers considered.
  4. That’s a real shame, but I understand completely. Thanks for trying to make it happen and hopefully see you at one in the future.
  5. Have you tried putting the serial number in here? It might tell you what it’s supposed to be. https://www.music-man.com/serial-number-database
  6. Just returned from picking up a bass from Dan. Easy transaction and nice bloke. Thoroughly recommended.
  7. Absolutely. Some might say that he's one half of an 'ok rhythm section', so it must be Flea that's letting the side down? 😂
  8. We won’t hold it against you mate. You highlight enough good stuff to get away with the odd duffer 😜
  9. I think you need to chill out mate. Nothing wrong with this IMHO. I love a bit of showmanship and he’s actually demo-ing a specific product i.e. the stick twirl - or did you not watch until the end? Also, I’ve played with a LOT worse drummers than this guy. Again IMHO, it’s a bit of non-song anyway and he’s just having fun with it.
  10. Well, I didn’t see this on the horizon anytime soon, but RHCP actually played Sikamikanico live in Rio yesterday. It’s a tricky git of a song to get right at the best of times and I can see why they avoided it for so long, but they pulled it off just for Josh as it was his 40th birthday. Happy Birthday JK 🎉🎂🍺. The video and audio in this excerpt is not as good quality as the full gig it’s extracted from.
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