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  1. Well, looks like I’m back in the Alembic fold after quite a long absence. It should be with me sometime on Thursday hopefully.
  2. Yes. I remember Flea saying if you didn’t like Stadium Arcadium, then you didn’t like RHCP. Mmm.
  3. What worries is me is how long he’ll stay.
  4. It most certainly is 😀. I won’t use anything else. @obbm 4 life 👊
  5. Not the best photo of me, but the Wal looks nice 😀
  6. I don't know why, but I read Stuart Clayton and my brain translated that to Adam Clayton and I clicked the link expecting a U2 video 😂. In my defence, I'm very tired after last night. Bass sounds great tho 👍
  7. No, you didn’t say it was OK, but I didn’t say you said it was OK either. Your comment, however, was suggestive that you thought it was. IMHO of course 😀
  8. Having re-read the OP, what I would probably do is get the guitarist alone and see how he feels about finding a new drummer. The current one sounds like a complete b3ll 3nd.
  9. Not a snowballs chance in hell would I do the gig after that meeting/dismissal. I really don’t understand all this ‘what looks good on your CV’ nonsense. For me, the drummer is my buddy in any band. If I don’t get on with him/her, then it ain’t happening. Of my two main bands, both drummers are close personal friends and we play all the better for it IMHO. What sort of person fires a band member and says can you do the next gig? He’s got a flipping screw loose hasn’t he?
  10. Just got back in from doing my last gig this year, so I’m all Christmas songed out. The guitarist and I literally nearly fell asleep standing up playing Last Christmas. The only thing that kept us awake was the thought of following it up with Merry Christmas Everyone (I like it - it has a bit of movement to it) followed by a rousing rendition of The Final Countdown (with Geddy Lee YYZ fully engaged). It was one of those Country Club Christmas Doo’s with about 300 people there from about 10 different businesses having their festive celebration. Most of them were absolutely slaughtered by the time we started our second set. We could have played the Imperial Death March and they would have cheered. It is a good payer and they all went home happy. Job done 👍
  11. Me too BarrIe. I think any other time of the year and it probably would have gone. Funny time of the year for selling stuff.
  12. I have to play Last Christmas again tonight 🙄 - ugh! We also get to play Merry Christmas Everyone by Shaky, so that kind of makes up for it 😀
  13. Probably because I, and presumably Happy Jack, don’t believe it’s true. As an example, a sub £200 Ibanez Talman. Tremendously well put together and sounding bass. If they can do it, why not the others?
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