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  1. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    How was your gig last night?

    Cracking gig in Hartlepool last night (Friday - didn't get back until this afternoon). I love these old theatres, they have such character. The dressing rooms were massive, catering for a cast of around 150! It's also nice to get away on an overnight. We went on stage at 7.30 and were done by 10pm. Did a partial breakdown of gear which was left in the theatre overnight and we were in the pub by 10.50pm.
  2. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Looks fabulous. I’m sure you guys know Marcello from You Tube. He has commented on the proximity of the strings to the edge of the fretboard on SR5’s. i presume that’s a non-issue on these new Stingrays?
  3. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Band tryout advice needed

    The problem with going in half cocked on all the songs is that you might come off as someone that can’t be bothered to learn them properly. Nothing wrong with option 1, but I would make it clear before the rehearsal why you’ve taken that approach. That way they can also give you a steer if they would prefer you went for option 2 instead.
  4. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    I'm Interested, Not For Me

    Pretty much the same for me. #4 looks the most promising, but I would fall down on the vocal front. #1 doesn’t really sound like my thing. Although I generally don’t combine alcohol and playing, I don’t like to be told I can’t, so #2 can do one (I would make an exception for a cruise gig). #3 - the argument for #1 applies, plus I don’t like the band name.
  5. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    5's and 4's

    After years of being frustrated with various 5 string basses, it was a moment of clarity when I saw that a 5’er was just a four string bass with 5 extra notes and nothing more. Another major factor for me was that I hadn’t found the right 5’er either. I think it’s important not to get disheartened by trying get familiar with a 5’er that you can’t connect to. For gigging, I like to swap between the two, just because I can. I love playing 4’s, but 5’s don’t daunt me any more. I won’t allow them to.
  6. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    How Much a Dollar Cost - kendrick Lamar

    I couldn’t tell you what grime is to be honest. It’s all rap as far as I’m concerned, with the exception of Humble, which is crap - IMHO.
  7. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    How Much a Dollar Cost - kendrick Lamar

    I think it was 'Humble'. Really didn't float my boat at all. Heard it done before and better. Utterly forgettable IMHO, although the video did make it slightly more bearable than listening to it on Spotify.
  8. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    How Much a Dollar Cost - kendrick Lamar

    It says 'video not available in my country' 😉. I only clicked on this thread as a friend sent me a selection of tracks from the 'grime' genre the other day of which one was by Kendrick Lamar. I thought it was easily the most uninspiring of them all and was hoping this might make me see the light. I can't remember which one he sent me now....
  9. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Crap Songs Which Turn Out To Be Great To Play

    Who knows. He’s credited as a co-writer for Club Tropicana, but I guess we’ll never know what he contributed. Another tour de force by Mr.Estus.
  10. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Crap Songs Which Turn Out To Be Great To Play

    I may be way off the mark here as I’m no Wham expert, but I can’t imagine Michael & Ridgeley wrote the bass part note for note, so I’m gonna say it’s so much fun to play because of Deon Estus and what he did with it, otherwise it could have been a dull song that we wouldn’t be discussing here.
  11. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Crap Songs Which Turn Out To Be Great To Play

    That’s half the fun of being in an 80’s band. Utter cheese fest, but most of the songs are great to play. Wake Me Up is a great example. I also have Footloose, True, Video Killed The Radio Star, Rio, The Final Countdown and many more.
  12. Love the way it goes super quiet here on Friday & Saturday nights. Sending +ve vibes out to all you guys and gals gigging at the weekend. Break a leg as they say. 

    1. discreet


      Nobody's gigging - some of us are simply exhausted from being on BC all week long, and the rest are down the pub getting hammered. :biggrin:

  13. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Utter disaster. I give up.

    Hopefully they will take some pictures during the dismantling process. Would be interested to see what's on the inside thats caused that.
  14. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Utter disaster. I give up.

    This is why I don't tinker with stuff I know little about 😀👍
  15. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Utter disaster. I give up.

    I thought a dual action truss rod was still single rod? You can have two truss rods, but it doesn't make it dual action though.