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  1. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    We've probably been in a few between us?
  2. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    I prefer predicting them 😎
  3. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    Do we care? 😂
  4. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Why would you buy this new for £116.70 ...

    Well, I've changed my mind on feedback removal. Not so easy apparently. Some f**ktard bought a children's game which I duly sent. Checked into my account this morning to find a negative. I've not had a single message or request for refund from the buyer. Just had a heated conversation with eBay and they're not budging at all. They want me to send the buyer a message! What the f**k for? The damage is done! How can it be fair that I'm given no opportunity to make the situation right for the buyer before I receive negative. Serial neutral/negative feedback giver as well. What a tosser.
  5. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    anyone else had this e mail?

    Free accomodation for 11 days? I can only assume that means a seat in the van. Brescia to Ulm is 321 miles and Ulm to Reims is 349 miles. Retards can’t even make it sound believable 🙄
  6. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Favourite bass colour

    Very nice. I guess that gets filed under 'Something Else (please specify)'.
  7. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    "Jaydee copy?" - but not a Jaydee

    That's a unique bass you'll have there! Good work 👍
  8. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Favourite bass colour

    I actually haven’t voted as I don’t think I could choose one colour.
  9. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Favourite bass colour

    This has me gassing at the moment....
  10. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Deluxe WITHDRAWN.

    ‘You know it makes sense Rodney’. Double the joy, zero heartwrench. Can’t wait to see the new one 👍
  11. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Why would you buy this new for £116.70 ...

    I don't think that's strictly true. It is in terms of negative feedback, which can be removed, but positive feedback can on occasion encourage a degree of trust. I give positive feedback instantly to anyone that buys and pays. As far as I'm concerned that's their part of the deal upheld. I also encourage buyers to leave descriptive feedback rather than 'great eBayer' which doesn't mean anything or help anyone. I also reply again to every feedback I receive from a buyer so that prospective customers can see that I will engage with them if they have questions or issues. I generally don't leave negative feedback, even when I have cause to, because as you say, it can easily be removed.
  12. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Fodera Matt Garrison 5 cordes

    Might be helpful to know how old it is.
  13. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Dingwall Porn

    Just seen this on the Bass Direct site. My only quibble with my old Lee Sklar Sig was the lack of third Super Fatty, now this....
  14. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Top players and learning insight

    Yes absolutely.
  15. hiram.k.hackenbacker

    Top players and learning insight

    +1 for that. Being in a Bowie tribute, Space Oddity was kind of looming over me. Knew I would have to learn it and it wasn’t so bad in the end by virtue of having the dots to hand. Having learnt quite a few of these types of songs now, I get the feeling that they were played that way in the moment and almost certainly wouldn’t be note for note the same if they did it again. Just elevates the class of these players to another level IMHO. Similarly challenging Bowie songs from a learning and remembering perspective were Absolute Beginners, Wild Is The Wind and Station to Station. Nothing particularly difficult about any of them if you want to wing it, but getting close to some of the versions we work from was interesting.