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  1. Just trying to remember when my last gig actually was....
  2. Ah, sorry man. Didn’t realise you were abroad. Very pleased you’ve managed a gig tho mate. I know it was down on audience numbers, but I bet it felt great didn’t it - to be out there again?
  3. I’ve requested a postponement of our October gig as I don’t think standing gigs will be particularly popular even then. Adjourned until July 2021. Everything else for 2020 has been cancelled by the venue. I’m resigned to not gigging this year. One of the band has been involved in a serious road traffic collision and will require surgery in the last half of 2020. Date TBC. All a bit crappy really. I look forward to a few productive rehearsals where we can work on some obscure Bowie back catalogue. Magic Dance?
  4. I’m a bit confused as to how this occurred. I thought tomorrow was the kick off?
  5. Good. That’s seen the ‘Jonas’ the door then. I don’t know whether it’s a spurious camouflaged complaint from someone who has ended up at the sticky end of a Mod or one of those random people that seem to enjoy complaining about everything without provocation. He/she probably works for FedEx. Apparently the Washington Redskins have been ‘told’ to consider renaming the team. “Reconsider” as in ‘if you don’t, we will withdraw our sponsorship’. The European name of the first Native American to address Congress is coincidentally ‘Red Jacket’
  6. I think I might buy a pair of them. My current ones are on their way out and they don’t make them any more 😬. (Panasonic RP-HT X7’s - actually, I think the model continues, but the new ones are not the same)
  7. What is the rating up to now?
  8. Glad to see someone is still awake on a Friday night 😀
  9. Strangely enough, Lemmy and Co were responsible for most of my hearing loss. I remember seeing them at Hammersmith in 1970something and there was a bloke at the front with his head IN one of the bass bins. I often wonder if he is still alive. Here I am at the front at Brixton seen on their ‘25 & Alive’ DVD (I’m the one with the white t-shirt underneath my newly acquired gig shirt).
  10. ...and it is, as they say, ALL about the tone. Thanks so much Si for taking the time to do it. You suggested you would and I didn’t want to nag you. Great playing as well by the way.
  11. Mmm, that is a bit of a leap, but as a business model, I think they have done the right thing. They made quality basses for a really good price some years back and have gradually increased their prices whilst clearly maintaining their sales (and quality). I’m sure they are carefully monitoring price against sales so one does not impact on the other. Still competitive and I guess Moollon is they one they should be watching. I wonder how much impact the UK coming out of Europe has had.
  12. I should add that my hearing is partially fecked, so I bow to your superior ears 😀
  13. If you want a vintage P sound and don’t want to shell out for the cost of one, buy a Moollon. Here endeth the lesson. I had to count bars to make sure where the join was....and these are pretty flippin’ expensive headphones I’m wearing!
  14. Yes, I thought that, but I’m guessing there are few “options” with that build 😀
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