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  1. Very true. Hopefully the decision will be taken out of my hands soon.
  2. I would have had that off you in a thrice when we chatted about them a little while ago. Sadly I'm now locked into a Gear Abstinence Challenge and am therefore unable to purchase. @bassfan - willpower in action 😂.
  3. I haven't received my Shuker yet as you know, but I imagine the feel will be similar to my 44-64 PJ. I think it would be quite cool to have both in the armoury, but if you're not going to play it, there's no point in holding on to it I guess.
  4. From Mr.Shuker…. “Your bass is pretty much ready for you, should be all wrapped up by the end of next week! I'll send a few snaps as soon as we're there!”
  5. Well, there is a button at the bottom of the page....
  6. Agreed, plus I would also reduce the angle slightly so that the E string has less to do after the nut. Might also help the G string as I see you have put some kind of peg between the nut and tuner? Could I ask why, out of all the bridges you could have chosen, you've picked the Gibson Super Tone. I'm not a fan.
  7. Amazon Customer Services don't think it should be there either apparently 🤷‍♂️.
  8. There seems to be different listings for the book. You'll notice one where the S and P are in capitals for Smoke and Possilibilty and another where they are in lower case.
  9. I can't see it either. I've reported the 4 star reviews as abuse. I suggest others do the same as it's clearly the author reviewing his own work (I use that word advisedly). WTF does 'the smoke of possibility' even mean?
  10. Fairly clear in the south, but moderate to dense cover in the Midlands and North. Thus concludes todays Stratus Update.

    1. ead


      Will this become a regular feature as I find it hard to get cloud formation updates these days?

  11. Give it time. I seem to remember a similar thread not so long ago didn’t end well. Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Years.
  12. Can we start doing these challenges monthly? I reckon I could make it through 28 days 😎
  13. Back when Chuck and Flave were in full force. Love this tune....
  14. Oh well. Keeps me in the Gear Abstinence Challenge for 2022 🤷‍♂️
  15. I keep checking the site for the promised extra ones and I haven't seen any come up 😬
  16. The Gallery do have a facility for filtering out sold items, but that’s only as good as updating the individual pages.
  17. I think it's a bit more defined that that.
  18. I won’t try and explain Conceptual Continuity to you then 😎
  19. Bit of an odd comparison matching a new graphite neck to a used bass. There will always be an additional premium for new, or a significant discount for used, whichever way you wish to look at it.
  20. Yes definitely. One of mine already came fitted with it by the manufacturer and the other one I persuaded Rob Green to do.
  21. I think we need a photo or link - even though it has sold.
  22. The Status website says they will accept orders for necks, although the OP seems to be looking at a bass with one already fitted.
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