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  1. Very much so. We have a comedian in the Bowie band who rips into all of us when he has a mic at his disposal. He's very quick and sharp with it; always produces some laughs. I guess it goes back to what @Bluewine was saying, the audience like to see the band having a good time too.
  2. Very much so. I don't really see the point of 'tug bars'. Does anyone actually use them any more or are they just for the sake of 'period correctness' on certain instruments? I think it would just get in my way.
  3. The drummer is the band leader, so not likely they will rehearse without him 😂. No fixed days as far as I know.
  4. Sorry, but I don't buy that at all. The drummer in one of my bands is also in a big band/swing band (18 members), as well as being in a few others, and he easily manages to navigate the rehearsal minefield that comes with being in multiple outfits. From being in a reasonably large band (10) myself for nearly 20 years and various other bands with brass sections, I can give you a very good idea where at least 50% of rehearsal time was wasted - waiting for brass players to get their sh!t together - and they had the flippin' dots in front of them!
  5. Above that though is the response came back "no - wouldn't work due to split loyalties". That's pretty much the same thing, but either way it seems a bit shortsighted by the band leader as far as I'm concerned. They want a bass player that can only rehearse on a Wednesday. Good luck with that. I'm in a similar position to @Happy Jack where I currently find myself part of five bands and I'm fully committed to all of them. The band described in the OP seems inflexible and I have to ask, are they really that busy that they require the bass player to be in only one band? I suspect not. Across all the bands I'm in, I don't think there is one other person who doesn't have another project running alongside the band we share. I think you're best well out of it Jake. Something better will come along I'm sure.
  6. Good on you for taking the project on, but given that you've said you'll be doing each room one by one, I'd be tempted to find a central space in one room to stand the two basses up in. I'm they would be alright in the garage if it's dry, but it only takes the wrong person to see a new owner putting their belongings in a garage and you could potentially have a disaster.
  7. The 'Choose Life' t-shirts - the ultimate 80's cliche (of which we have also been guilty. Great cover. How many other Police songs have you crow barred into the set?
  8. I can't help thinking that a week might not be long enough to sort out the issues you've mentioned, but I wish you good luck 👍
  9. Me too, but I can put my finger on it. The person who suggested the idea is an idiot and no-one appears to have the front/knowledge to explain why.
  10. Fender don’t specify the pick-up as exactly that and I’m sure the pick-up in my one wasn’t a CS 62. I bought it from @Chiliwailer, so he would probably know.
  11. Ah don’t beat yourself up over it. There are a lot of people that don’t have all the Mark King chops, me included. Like you, I could probably blag my way through a couple of audition numbers, but think about where that would have gone had they invited you to join full time. Learning loads of tunes with intense slap parts which you may have had to compromise over. Not my idea of fun and that’s what it’s supposed to all be about. Something else will come along.
  12. Yes, I think there's some truth in that. Stadium Arcadium seems to be contentious for some reason, but I like it. People would probably be saying the same about I'm With You if it had been released as a double rather than two singles. If what Rubin says is accurate, given the volume of songs, we could be in for another double release. More RHCP is a good thing AFAIC.
  13. That's exactly what i thought. Six of The Best all over again?
  14. I have to say that I can't see the point of Phil putting himself through it. Balancing it off against the time he would spend behind the kit on stage, it's just not worth it.
  15. Meant to say, nice looking and sounding Lakland in the PBS special played by Daryl.
  16. I don’t suppose you remember which night you went?
  17. Just finished watching the PBS Special. I'm not sure there were too many spoilers in terms of song choices as it's pretty much what I expected it to be. I think I'm less nervous about it now having watched that. It did occur to me after hearing the comment that Nik can sound very much like Phil on drums. Surely the the better description would be that he has to sound like Chester given that is the role he has taken over? I was a little disappointed that there were no mentions or clips of Chester in the special.
  18. Rehearsing online during lockdown pretty much saved me from any rust creeping in. I managed to get another band started up during the gig drought and we've knocked three x 1 hour sets into gig readiness in that time. First gig tomorrow (later today in fact) and we've only been in a room together three times. Should be interesting.
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