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  1. Me and him would be having words. I would suggest that whatever he thinks, it's probably not the actual bass that is the cause of his woes. Amp/speakers/PA/fold back/venue or a combination of the above. Tell him to get some IEM's and wind his neck in.
  2. I suspect you are probably correct, but that does seem a bit bonkers. If four are on the premium plan and invite someone in who isn’t, it doesn’t seem right that the four are not getting what they are paying for.
  3. Yeah, I knew this was coming as it has been on their web site for a while, but didn't know when the 'go live' date was. I'm a little confused about the bands. If I were to sign up to 'platinum', surely not all of my band would be expected to do the same to enjoy the same benefits? I'm hoping, in theory, one of us could sign up to the higher spec plan and as long as I'm in the session, anyone I rehearse with will benefit.
  4. Oh good luck. Is there a thread up and running? Despite having some very nice basses to choose from, this is pretty much what I'm playing all the time at the moment. I've removed the batteries from all my active basses bar one and mothballed them until the gig situation revives. I'm finding I can do everything I need to do on this, including recording myself, which is another first for me.
  5. Actually, now that you have typed that post, this bass comes up as fourth in a search of 'sixstring', 'six string' and '6 string' basses.
  6. One of the reasons I went for this one.... https://www.thomann.de/gb/focusrite_scarlett_solo_3rd_gen.htm
  7. The ones that seem to work for the people I play with are the Focusrite or the Behringer. I think the two input Behringer is about £30-40. I believe it's what @Paul S has. I was lured by the lovely dark red of the Focusrite. Good job I don't play keyboards any more or I would have a house full of Nord's 😂.
  8. As @Paul S mentions, JamKazam can be a little tricky to set up if you're not a tech head. Couple of things I would mention is that you definitely want to be hard wired into the internet for JamKazam. Wi-fi won't cut it I'm afraid - it will work, but the latency will render it virtually unusable. Some of the guys just use their wired connection for the rehearsal and go back to wi-fi for day to day use. I've found that using a mains extender does work. Ultimately, it all depends how good your wired connection is. If you have five in your band for example, you'll all be reduced to the slowest speed of the five of you, so it's important for all to use the fastest method possible. If you're using Windows, you will want to check what drivers you are using for JamKazam. I have a Mac which sorts itself out fortunately. From the rehearsals I've had so far, pretty much all the problems that I've heard about have been Windows related in some way. One frustrating aspect for one band member may possibly be the drum kit. I'm fortunate that the drummer @Paul S and I rehearse with has a dedicated drum room with a top of the line Roland electronic kit. I would imagine an acoustic drummer who lives in a flat/terraced property who is a bit tight on space may find it problematical. If anyone chooses to give it a try and gets stuck, give me a shout and I'll try and help.
  9. I’ve been using JamKazam and it’s great. Bought myself a Focusrite interface and away I went. Been using the Focusrite a lot for recording too. Wondering why I didn’t do it years earlier.
  10. Instead of getting counted in with the standard ‘1234’, it’s ‘9 cubed plus 8 cubed minus 7’ 😂.
  11. Yes, me too @Happy Jack. There are probably more unlisted ones on my channel than anything else. I used to find it handy uploading and sending the link rather than emailing large files. If everyone one was happy, all I had to do was change the privacy.
  12. I note with interest that the video is 'unlisted'. Perhaps it was not meant to be critiqued by the likes of us?
  13. I had never heard of them. I must say their Wiki page makes entertaining reading 😂
  14. At least the drummer was right about something 'this one always sounds like total sh!t'.
  15. I must admit, I hadn’t considered that interfering with the overlap of the corner might introduce the possibility of corrosion later on down the line. Perhaps I won’t take a Dremel to mine after all. All things considered, none of this would stop me buying Barefaced again. I absolutely love mine and if I could justify buying another one, I would.
  16. Unrelated to the manufacturer in question, but injuries similar to the one I suffered here can easily be caused by a hidden edge or point when caught by a wedding ring. I no longer wear jewellery of any kind as a result of this.
  17. Not only is that response surprising, from a business standpoint, it's utterly stupid. It's an admission of liability. By all means save a few quid if you want, but it would take a couple of minutes on each corner to rectify the issue before potentially exposing customers to injury. If it was a toy, Trading Standards would be all over it like a rash. Potentially, they still could be.
  18. Just returned from the garage having blown the dust off my Big Twin II. The part of the corner edge that is most prominent is like yours, i.e. facing downwards, but doesn't protrude quite as far. Whilst it's not sharp, I can see how an injury might occur if handled without being aware of it. The other edge sits back from the inner side of the port by about as much as the other one protrudes. Might break out the Dremel next week.
  19. I’ve never noticed any issues on the corners of mine, but then I always use the handles as I have issues with my hands anyway. Going to have to go and check now. Thanks for the heads up.
  20. I’ve just started doing this myself. I bought a Focusrite 2ch for £80 ish. Thomann has a 4ch B-Stock for £163. The interface is great and I use it through JamKazam for rehearsals and Garage Band for recording. I laid down a bass part the other day and sent it off to ours keys player. He did his bit and sent it back to me yesterday. I’ll build it up bit by bit from there. I use a Shure mic for vox and in house drums in GB. Sorted.
  21. Ooof. Love that bass mate. Shouldn’t hang around long at all. Good luck with the sale 🤘 Buy with confidence. Great bass and highly recommended seller.
  22. Love my Big Twin 2 Gen 3. Great cabs these. Top seller and good price. Get it while I'm try to justify having two of them 😎.
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