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  1. It doesn’t help that the header of the thread is the opposite of what you would like it’s content to be. ’The songs pants’ is a statement which is probably even stronger than ‘songs I hate’. ’The songs pants’ according to who exactly? Not wishing to start an argument, but if you start off with a statement like that, it’s gonna go downhill rapidly.
  2. I appreciate your frustration, but it doesn't actually help that much if you don't share the details.
  3. It might be that the shipping options are limiting the sale Mart?
  4. Yes, I would. That doesn’t look right. I’ve not shipped outside the UK yet though.
  5. ChangesTwoBowie made a lock down video as a thank you to all NHS and First Responders. Please share to let them know we care.

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    2. Teebs


      Fab! ssupercool2.gif.4f06d56a0ad0fd14dc639a4fe44a2349.gif

    3. SpondonBassed


      Third morning in a row (yesterday).  Great response and, again, thanks to the band!

      I've started telling the carers to look for the band by name so they can thank you all themselves.

      PS:  It sounds and looks great on the surround system and big screen.

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Thanks to everyone who has viewed and liked it. It’s very much appreciated :hi:

  6. Beautiful bass these. Ebony fingerboard with no markers 👍
  7. From what I understand, Noel was banned from any involvement in that part of the procedings 😂
  8. Thanks guys. It's certainly attracted a bit of positive interest (plus one knobhead who's given a thumbs down on You Tube - but you gotta take the good and bad).
  9. This has been a bit of a challenge for me over the past week or so. We recorded a few tracks in the studio a little while back with the intention of using them to make up an EPK for 2020. One thing lead to another and before we knew it gigs were cancelled and there was little to no prospect of getting anything booked for the foreseeable future. So we thought we would use one of the tracks to dedicate a thank you to all the NHS and Front Line Responders out there helping to keep everyone safe. I've put a few videos together for the band before, but this was a really steep learning curve for me. All the individual elements were recorded at our respective houses using different equipment/frame rates etc and I don't mind telling you, it took a bit of time to get my head around it. It's not perfect (these things never are), but I think it turned out OK in the end. Please feel free to share it with anyone out there putting themselves on the line as a huge thank you. Stay safe.
  10. Congratulations. I have the HH version in that colour. Lovely basses. Enjoy.
  11. Those Warwick Sig's look gorgeous, but at nearly €10k, they're a bit steep for me.
  12. Yes, it kind of forces you to be less aggressive in your attack of the strings, which is not bad thing really.
  13. The one I had collected yesterday at 4.25pm arrived at 10.05 this morning. They just get quicker and quicker. It makes me wonder how fast their Express Service is 😂
  14. Just to be clear, the issue I had was that I did leave a gap in the postcodes on my first booking with Eurosender. Once that was amended, everything seemed to work OK. As a result, I booked a second shipment (no gaps in post codes) and that was delivered in less than 24 hours. When I booked the third one, which went today, I made an error in the booking process. I contacted Eurosender via Live Chat and they sorted it immediately. Having spoken to them via telephone twice regarding the first shipment, I highly recommend using Live Chat rather than phoning them. Aside from the collection issues @AndyTravis, have any shipments gone astray? As we all know, that's the real test, when something goes missing. I hope none of us have to endure that process. Stay safe everyone.
  15. Oh dear. I’m waiting for a collection from me today 😬. Hope they sort it for you Andy.
  16. That's handy, 'cos we're not f*****g selling it on Basschat as AFAIK. This is not the common cold/flu or anything like it. I know a couple of fit and healthy people that have gone down with this and they very nearly didn't make it back. Your flippant comment is insensitive to those that have lost acquaintances, at the very least.
  17. Well, there’s safe and there’s safe. If you want proper safe, you’ll be waiting for a vaccine which will be a while off.
  18. Yes, I had heard that the entertainment/leisure industries will be the last to open. Doesn’t bode well for gigs in 2020.
  19. Yes, would be nice to see the whole bass @CameronJ.
  20. Funny you should mention that. My one will also be having blue luminlay side dots. I've not had them before, so looking forward to seeing how they are.
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