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  1. I ordered mine direct. MM no longer show them as an option sadly. Stingray HS Starry Night with SLO neck and MHS. I've not yet seen one other in this spec.
  2. I don’t think that amp does and I think Loz would have sussed that out if it did 😜.
  3. I maybe mistaken, but I don’t think it’s a volume or gain thing. I tried that method with my V8 and it didn’t work, but yes, worth a try.
  4. Ha ha. Just as I was reading the start of that I was thinking of Trace Elliot. My old V8 used to give a heck of a thump on start up. I always assumed it was the surge of electricity through the amp on turn on and it’s surprising that you still get it when connecting the active amplifier to the speaker.
  5. ….and I bought the other two sets of Boomers. Paid, despatched and delivered within 24 hours. That’s service! Cheers @walshy 👍
  6. Every day’s a school day. I didn’t know fingerboard covers were a thing 😀
  7. I’m guessing this picture isn’t part of your ad?
  8. Just to reiterate, I haven't engaged with the FB naysayers. There have been a few that have commented in my stead, so no need for me to do so really 😂 For my money, it's all about the scale, the split pick-up and the position. Granted the neck depth, type of timber, cut etc may have a part to play, but none as significant as the first three I mentioned.
  9. Mart that looks fabulous. Congratulations. I have GAS for another Status, but I have other things in the works before I can commit to ordering.
  10. Yep, I have cobalt flats on my Sledge and it's fabulous.
  11. I think you’ll find that’s a Stingray 😂 I’m joking, but this did occur to me when I read the FB comments. I’ve played a few SLO ‘Ray’s over the years and nobody ever says they are not a proper Stingray - or do they and I just haven’t noticed 🤷‍♂️
  12. I probably should have added that I don’t give a stuff what they think, it sounds like a P bass to me. I’ve had a few decent Precisions in my time from standard to Custom Shop and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference by sound alone. It’s just I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard that comment before and wondered if I’d missed that it was generally accepted to be the case. It would appear not 😂. I certainly didn’t want to kick off another tonewood argument. No-one needs another one of those 🙄😂
  13. This is not an attempt at further advertising my sale, but I put my Limelight on FB Marketplace this evening and it received these comments regarding the fact that it's a P bass with a J neck. Person #1 - "That's surely the wrong way around. Jazz body with a precision neck imho It's the neck that gives the thunder on a precision...." Person #2 - "I don't think a slightly wider nut width and string spacing "gives it thunder." Person #3 - "no it doesn't but a proper fat P bass neck has a lot more timber than a slim jazz neck. That extra timber does make a lot of difference. Far more than high mass bridges etc." Person #2 - "Well, let's face it, the totally different pickup configuration makes a bigger difference still." Person #3 - "well ok sure, but pick up a P bass & play without plugging it into anything, still sounds like a P bass, do the same with a jazz, still sounds like a jazz. I do it all the time. I have 2 of each." It struck me as a bit of an odd thing to say. What say you Basschat?
  14. Ah, so it was an auction item that had bids on it? Still unfair, but that makes a bit more sense. All mine are fixed price/buy it now.
  15. Yes, I had an email from eBay saying the payment system is changing for me on 31/5/21. I haven’t read the T’s & C’s yet, but having read the comment from @hooky_lowdown regarding listing cancellation, if you had something on automatic re-list, how do you avoid paying a cancellation fee? Or do you just leave it on eBay forever?
  16. Having said that, I have an octaver, delay and distortion on my board already and also have that envelope filter in it’s box, so I could make use of them, but the Future Impact takes up so much room*, there’s no space for the MXR at the moment. *I know there is a fix for that, but I can’t be bothered 😬
  17. It’s fine if you have the time and patience to dial in each sound from that array of pedals, but it’s not very practical from a gigging bassists point of view. Not that you would ever play that selection of songs in the same set, but a single synth pedal with patches would make life a lot easier on the fly. His set up is fine for recording, but I think I’ll stick with my Future Impact and Boss SY-1.
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