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  1. Loved Hendrix, but thought the can of lighter fluid, guitar on fire looked really naff. He did it in an attempt to upstage The Who, who went on first and did their smashing thing.
  2. To be honest, yes! Using a photo of an artist from a previous years event to promote this years is perfectly normal. Reading between the lines - You sound like your nose has been put a little out of joint by not being invited to perform this year. You can't expect a promoter to have the same bill as last year. That's not how they work. Imagine Glastonbury 2019 having the same line up as 2018.
  3. Deffo a clavinet, possibly with a dash of flanging. Always have to be careful when using videos or TOTP clips to establish what instruments are used where. More often than not equipment was/is hired in for the video or TV which bears no resemblance to what was actually used on a track.
  4. Couldn't really give two hoots for punk music - same as I couldn't give two hoots for reggae or country & western. What I take/took issue with was the negativity and faux anger - the constant trashing of everything that wasn't "punk". "Destroy" was the mantra of the day - perfect for impressionable youngsters to kick against the establishment. AFAIK there's never been a law preventing people picking up an instrument and bashing out a tune. What punk did was to lower the bar so much that if you could just hold an instrument, you had an audience.
  5. When in the studio there is a huge difference in being part of a group (paying the producer out of your own pockets), and being the hired hand. If you're the artists paying the producer, you can say, "I don't care that you want a P bass - I'm using my Steinberger - deal with it!" The chances are you WON'T get fired. If you're the hired hand and you tell the producer, "I don't care that you want a P bass - I'm using my Steinberger - deal with it!" The chances are you WILL get fired, and your number will be removed from the artists and producers contacts. EDIT: FWIW Many years ago I was asked by a name producer of the day (who helped Pino on his way) to bring in a P bass. I've never since been asked to bring in any other specific bass.
  6. Deliberately hoodwinking the ticket buying public is wrong. As has been said before: If you can't do it live, find another job!
  7. You're just a bass player - don't get above your station!
  8. Artists would often record different versions of the same song, sometimes with different arrangements, sometimes with different musicians. I'm not overly familiar with Jameson's or Kaye's history, but it's quite probable that each would have been called in for different takes/versions of the same song. As time goes by, for some songs, even for the featured artist and producer, knowing exactly whose bass part ended up on the released version would be nigh on impossible to ascertain.
  9. Both ways entirely ok. More usual though that the FOH engineer use his own DI.That way, if your amp goes down you'll still be heard out front.
  10. I was there too. Aside from Bowie, one of the many things I remember from that day - The Icehouse bass player throwing his bass across the dressing room/caravan after their show, and thinking, "What a kn#b!"
  11. Ok, this (and the fact no one else mentions it) has got me thinking that perhaps my plugs are not working as they should. Would the good BC folk that use ear plugs do me a favour? Put on some firm soled shoes or boots (not the soft, springy soled trainer types), put in your plugs, and take a few steps on a hard floor. Can you hear a dull, but very noticeable, thumping in your head with every step? If this is something that shouldn't happen, and I can elliminate it (new moulds perhaps), that would be a serious result
  12. ACS 17s user here! There are many downsides to using ear plugs, and only one upside. Unfortunately, the one upside easily trumps all the downsides One thing that I haven't seen mentioned - The thumping in the head when you walk or tap your feet - drives me mad!
  13. I think the "clarifications" are enough to render the video pretty much useless. Even in her "clarifications" she says, "Always play the root - in the beginning of the bar". This is bad information, particularly for the beginner student, who will look up to her and take her word as gospel and carry that (mis)information with them for a long time.
  14. Er, yes! The whole video is full of "Don't do this", "Never do that", with examples of how not to do things. She then demonstrates how they should be done. The "claim" is made in the video not in this thread. Apology accepted Of course it's rubbish, and wasn't supposed to be taken seriously - heck, I've even been known to teach
  15. This may be HER approach to bass playing. But, to say that this is how it SHOULD be done is nonsense. I'm reminded of that idiom: Those who can, do - Those who can't, teach!
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