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  1. Manfred Mann. He wasn't even the singer... either🤪 He wasn't even the featured artist🤔
  2. No contest... RED I have a similar blue Strat. Poor thing rarely sees the light of day. Not only does it have too many strings, but that blue truly makes it the runt of the litter🤢
  3. I have to admit that I have little experience of 5 stringers. However, I've heard the dead/dull B string story too many times for me to know that it's a problem. My experience is limited to owning a 5 string Music Man, and, of course... it suffers from a dull B string! Like yourself, I've tried various brands of strings, but none ever really solved the problem. Consequently, the MM rarely sees the light of day. When it does get used, the B string is mostly used as a thumb rest. As with most instruments, compromises have to be made. The scale length of a bass can't be so long that is impossible to play, but the fatter the string the more compromise re: tone and sustain. As I see it, the only real solution would be a fan fretted bass, where the lower strings have a significantly longer scale length.
  4. They didn't have to "go through that"! It was Paul's idea, and the others obviously went along with it, with differing degrees of enthusiasm.
  5. Even though it's been fairly well documented that John, George and Ringo wanted Allen Klein to manage them, I thought the scene where John and Glyn were discussing Klein was quite a revelation. Glyn clearly didn't like Klein and is trying to give John a "diplomatic" heads up, "He really is a strange guy", and John replies, "He's fantastic though!" Likewise, when John's telling George about him. John seemed to be totally smitten with Klein😲 I had the feeling that George probably sided with John and Klein as an emotional protest to Paul's style of leadership, effectively saying, "F*** you, Paul!". John and George came to regret it in the subsequent years, John even admitting as much.
  6. The Apple rooftop performance proves, if proof were ever needed, what a great live band they were.
  7. Very sad to think that 2 of those featured were shot and killed in the US.
  8. Watched the first episode last night with my 15 year old son, who is a huge fan. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Staggering to see how easily great songs flow from Paul's mouth. It was quite striking that while Paul is playing around with The Long and Winding Road everyone was just sitting around, reading newspapers, bored and generally not interested. I'd be like, jumping up and down, and shouting, "Hey everyone, listen to this f***ing amazing song Paul's writing!" I'd probably be asked to leave the studio . I guess, when you're there, witnessing a genius at work on a daily basis it just becomes the norm. Looking forward to 2 & 3
  9. Oh dear, I appear to have found myself in the Daily Mail comments section.
  10. This quote from Tony Visconti: "If we'd used [Bowie's] former musicians they would be rock people playing jazz...Having jazz guys play rock music turns it upside down."
  11. This track features Tony Visconti and myself in 1981, in a mega bass shootout🤩 Actually, I'm kidding! I think minimalist is a word that better describe what's going on, or not going on in the bass department😕 Tony plays the high acoustic bass in the verses, while I play the more traditional role throughout. There's a section where Tony suggested I track the bass several times - probably in a desperate attempt to make the track sound vaguely interesting.
  12. That reminds me of an onstage episode I witnessed with The Troggs. In the late 80s I was in a band that played quite regularly with The Troggs. During one show, a short way into a song, Reg (singer) turned to Ronnie (drummer) and bellowed for all the crowd to hear, "Why are you playing those drums so f***in' slow?"😳 Those BCers of a certain age will be aware of The Troggs Tapes. Let me tell you it wasn't an act.
  13. It seems to me that you already have it nailed. Obviously difficult to offer advice without hearing the part and context, but it's easy to fall into the trap of "Oooh, that's a good bit. let's make sure everyone hears it", by doing so, you run the risk of over egging it.
  14. Yeah, good job the appearance is ruined by overhanging baseplates🤪
  15. Maybe it was "customised" for some bizarre quiz show - "Now it's time for the 'Tune this bass in less than 30 seconds' round".
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