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  1. If it doesn't, my c***s a kipper! "Sublime" is a word that springs to mind🙂
  2. This is doing the rounds. But for those that haven't seen it...
  3. Amplesound have been making these kind of VSTs for a number of years. They have several guitars and a number of basses, including fretless, upright, and a couple of weird and wonderful stringed instruments. To my ears, the Toontrack bass doesn't quite cut it. Oh, and it's more expensive! http://www.amplesound.net/en/index.asp
  4. Almost anything by The Beach Boys, but this track especially.
  5. Had this in my head for the last couple of weeks
  6. http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2020/03/17/bass-strings-hit-the-high-notes/ Interested to give them a go, but starting at £55 think I'll leave them to others review
  7. I think, possibly without exception, my all-time favourite albums are those that I didn't particularly enjoy on the first few hearings. I still get tremendous enjoyment from the "growers" of my early years. I'm sure there's been studies as to why "growers" eventually mean more to you, and stay with you for life.
  8. I have no problem with the bands/artists on the show - one man's meat etc. The only problem I have is JH's total lack of interviewing chops!
  9. The irony is that Maggie May was a Rod solo song and not a Faces track😉 The record has probably one of the most disrespectful credits in pop: "The mandolin was played by the mandolin player in Lindisfarne. The name slips my mind"
  10. It comes from a small number of narcissistic, insecure artists. I had an experience with Ritchie Blackmore, at 2016 "Monster of Rock" at Loreley, Germany (Rainbow's reformation debut). We were "guests" at this show. During our set Ritchie said that he could hear too much "bottom end" in his portacabin dressing room, and sent word to our FOH engineer to reduce it. Our man, needless to say, made a token knob twiddle (?), but basically ignored him. It's fairly common practise to reduce power to the subs for support acts.
  11. WHAT??? I must admit to never having used, or even considered, using baby talc to combat sweaty paws. That seems like a recipe for disaster! Aside from the gloopy mess on your hands and strings that I imagine would result... what about the mess it would make of your stage attire (which, in my case, is predominantly dark colours) . If you suffer from really sweaty hands, then just have a small towel on stage, and wipe between songs. Although, I find a little lubrication (in my case from forehead) is beneficial, particularly on a newly strung bass.
  12. I absolutely love the main James Bond theme! It's, by far, my favourite movie theme. There aren't too many pieces of music where just one chord (the end chord) is so synonymous with Bond. Play that one chord to anybody, and they'll say "Bond". If I had to name one Bond movie, I'd go for "Goldfinger", and again, totally identifiable. This time, by the opening 2 chords! Play them to anyone, on guitar, piano, or even bass! Barre the chords, EMaj down to CMaj. Remember to include the, all important, major 3rds.
  13. Loved Hendrix, but thought the can of lighter fluid, guitar on fire looked really naff. He did it in an attempt to upstage The Who, who went on first and did their smashing thing.
  14. To be honest, yes! Using a photo of an artist from a previous years event to promote this years is perfectly normal. Reading between the lines - You sound like your nose has been put a little out of joint by not being invited to perform this year. You can't expect a promoter to have the same bill as last year. That's not how they work. Imagine Glastonbury 2019 having the same line up as 2018.
  15. Deffo a clavinet, possibly with a dash of flanging. Always have to be careful when using videos or TOTP clips to establish what instruments are used where. More often than not equipment was/is hired in for the video or TV which bears no resemblance to what was actually used on a track.
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