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  1. I saw the Zappa virtual show (live band/virtual Zappa) and I thought it was fantastic.
  2. Do yourself a favour and use 3M Dual Lock instead. No need to remember which side is which as it's all the same and locks to itself. Much longer lasting and it adheres to everything I've used it with.
  3. I've never gigged with making a living out of it in mind, nor would I ever want to. It's an enjoyable hobby which has the added bonus of generating some GAS funds.
  4. Played a dep gig last night for a band. No rehearsal involved, which is always interesting, but fortunately they are rock solid so it went smoothly. I think we were last in a room together in the mid-80's, so getting on for 40 years ago. It was an absolute hoot and I'm doing all over again in a couple of months. Last together at the Thirst Aid Charity Day, The Castlemayne, Basildon ( '85 or '86 I reckon) Last night at The Papillon, Southend. I don't think we've changed much at all 😂
  5. Not a snowballs chance in hell. The work colleague would also receive a barbed retort at the mere suggestion of it. What makes this guy so good he flies in from Spain for a few gigs?
  6. Part of the problem is I don’t think there are that many out there and those that are rarely change hands.
  7. Luckily I ordered my Starry Night 4 string when they debuted that finish. The thing I like most about it (other than playing it obvs) is that it has a plain fretboard. I think these new Darkray's would look better without the dots.
  8. I have no idea who he is and I'm not so easily impressed I'm afraid.
  9. I don't like the MM You Tube promos for these. Just awful.
  10. I think last night is the first time we've sat through the whole thing from start to finish. We downloaded/printed the official scorecard this time and each selected the 11 countries we thought were the best. I only managed to get 3 of the top scoring countries in my 11. The best score was my son's girlfriend who managed 6 out of 11.
  11. I joined in '86, so retired under the old scheme. As did Mrs.H. The shift work never really caused me any issues. There were a couple of close calls and several dates where I had to take my gear with me to work or I wouldn't have made it in time. Fortunately I had some excellent and accommodating leadership throughout and towards the end I was in a position where I could make sure my gig dates weren't compromised.
  12. If not for the current situation, I don't think Ukraine would have even been on the left side of the board. Come to that, I don't think the UK would have either. I don't begrudge them the win, but next years contest will be interesting. Political and as meaningless as ever.
  13. Couldn’t have put it better. Did my time and finished 6 years ago this November. May you enjoy many gigging years to come 🤟
  14. Another great reconstruction. Bravo 👏
  15. Great video. Thanks for creating/posting 👏
  16. Sorry to hear about your job Daniel. I’m sure this won’t be around long.
  17. I’m still in. I can’t say I haven’t been looking, but I haven’t parted with any money so far this year.
  18. When you're struggling to bring a tenth of your basses in a family sized car, it then becomes a problem you'll have to put some serious thought into 😂
  19. Lovely and if it was a 4 string we could have done business. GLWTS.
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