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  1. Even the big names make mistakes. Ed Sheeran gave us his 'loop station' explanation last night explaining that everything you hear is live and then started 'Bad Habits'. What he forgot to do however, was change his guitar to one that was in the correct tuning for the song. Strangely, the ITV You Tube of 'Bad Habits' has been edited so well, it looks like it never happened. Fortunately someone who was there captured it for posterity 😂
  2. I haven't got a charcoal Limelight 🤷‍♂️
  3. All the hits from the 80's (well, 2 hours worth anyway) performed live by a 7 piece band. Tickets available here.
  4. All the hits from the 80's (well, 2 hours worth anyway) performed live by a 7 piece band. Tickets available here.
  5. Bought some strap locks off @walshy and they arrived in record time for a great price. Can't fault the guy - a credit to Basschat. Thanks again mate.
  6. Both bands were well below festival standard IMHO. I know it's just for show, but the two songs performed by each band sounded like second rehearsal renditions to my ears. I'm pleased that they had the opportunity to perform in front of such a large crowd, but to delude themselves into thinking it was a quality performance whatever their age, was wrong.
  7. I'm honestly not sure what I like most, that Lakland neck or the vintage body. I do not need this bass I do not need this bass I do not need this bass I do not need this bass....
  8. That looks really nice @AndyTravis. I'm all Jazzed out to be honest otherwise I'd (theoretically) pop round and grab that off you (470 mile round trip 😂).
  9. Reading these comments reminded me that my old band were headhunted by a singer some years ago from a big music movie. He was looking for a band that could tour his set. He gave us some songs to prep, which we did and arranged a date for a rehearsal. He arrived at rehearsal (late) and was a complete ar*e the whole time he was there. I don't think we would have lasted more than one gig before someone punched his lights out. It was clear that it was not going to happen, with us at least and he left not to be heard of again. I saw a flyer not so long ago for him and his show at the o2, so he's still going somehow.
  10. I’ve got a 4, it was a 5 I was interested in. Thanks for thinking of me though mate.
  11. My policy, never turn a paying gig down if you’re available. I don’t know whom it is, but I’d do it if I could.
  12. You shouldn't let having 11 basses stop you getting another one. Where would the world be if there were limits on the amount of basses you can have 😂.
  13. I love Pat Benatar, but that 'huge footprint' has a bit to do with the guy she's married to.
  14. I presume you're talking about Affirm rather than the bass? I don't know what Affirm is and I have no interest in it. Yeah, PayPal gets a lot of criticism, some of it justified, but we're talking about a relatively cheap bass and a simple international purchase. If the buyer wants it, go get it by whatever means necessary.
  15. The main difference being you're not getting the bass. Care to elaborate further?
  16. ....or USA buyer doesn't use PayPal 🤷‍♂️. If I wanted it that much, I'd make it happen.
  17. I think the playing of All Right Now should be restricted to Free tribute bands only.
  18. Yep, that whole sequence screamed manufactured to me.
  19. I've been reading the comments in this thread whilst watching the show as the episodes are released and something has been bugging me. There are many annoying factors, most of which have already been stated here, but here's another thought. It irritates me that two lots of musicians have been thrown together and pushed forward into a slot at a globally recognised music festival for the sake of making this series. Knowing how difficult it is to get gigs like this, for a musical celebrity to be able to ring one of his mates and get these bands on at the IoW is beyond irritating. Personally, I don't rate either lead singer above anyone you might find down the Dog & Duck. I don't care what they've done in the past, the vocals just ain't there. Putting the 90 year old drummer in there was a mistake waiting to happen and probably by design and the guy in the wheelchair, well 🤷‍♂️. There's a couple of good musicians in there. I'd go and see Lebrun on a big stage with his regular band any day of the week. Both keys players are competent, the gent more so than the lady, although she is good fun. The male bass player I despair with, but Carol is solid. The other guitar player is also good. They could have made a half decent band with the best people out of both, but they would have needed a singer that can actually sing, which is where it all falls down for me. I hope episode 4 is the last one and they don't make any more.
  20. This is essentially the same argument that has been discussed many times regarding 5 string basses. That failed and so will this. Leave them all in one place. With bass sale sub-forums, there's always the danger that a few will get put in the wrong place and you'll miss them.
  21. It's not like he only joined yesterday! Oh, hang on 😂
  22. Oof, can’t believe you’re moving this one mate. I’m gigging in Stockton next month too 🤔
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