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  1. @Tripehound - just to make you aware, you've put P5 in the title header. Nice bass by the way. GLWTS.
  2. It wasn't meant to cause any distress mate and I apologise if it did. It's just all this talk of 'hate' and throwing the toys out of the pram if asked to play something one doesn't like. I just find it ridiculous....laughable in fact. There are few things I actually hate in this world and none of them are pieces of music. It could be that I'm just lucky to be in bands that don't tie themselves up in knots over what not to do. I do remember having a disagreement over a song called 'Cake By The Ocean' some years ago when I was in a function band that has since folded. That had more to do with the person suggesting it than the actual song itself in all honesty. Looking back at it, I should have handled that differently, but he was the band leader and in my view looking for an easy add-on of a song that his kids liked that had (IMHO) a limited lifespan. Life's too short to worry about these things. I'm trying to think of some songs that would provoke the sort of reaction that you have described. I can't. Sure there are plenty of songs that I would question whether they would fit in the sets of the bands I'm part of, but refusing to play something that would fit doesn't really compute with me. Steve H and I regularly have a laugh every single 80's gig about 'Walking On Sunshine'. We would both drop it in a heartbeat, but it's not our call and even it was, it always goes down so well it would almost be criminal to do so. I wasn't really a fan of 'Relax' but have played it for years until it was recently replaced with 'Two Tribes' which I was over the moon about.
  3. Yes, he’s not been great for a while. Quite sad really as he’s a nice bloke with a great songbook.
  4. Given the cause of your condition, I believe the correct antidote would be to go and see him perform live now. His voice is completely fooked and Pino isn't playing with him any more.
  5. It's a good job you're not playing for money then as you'd get your marching orders fairly swiftly for refusing to play songs by a particular artist. I really don't understand this 'hate' of certain music. I can understand not liking artists; I think a few would agree that Liam is a bit of an acquired taste, but refusing to play any Oasis? The songs of theirs that I have played always go down very well indeed. Happy punters = happy hackenbacker. I've not played any Shadows material, but I'd to. I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm not a fan of Marc Almond, but I've played several Soft Cell songs over the years. There might be the odd occasion where I would argue the inclusion of a song wouldn't work with the band configuration or fit in with the existing set, but a refusal because you don't like it vs. everyone else being up for it? You've just got to put your big boy pants on IMHO.
  6. Have you actually tried learning any of the stuff you don't like? I've learnt loads of stuff that didn't float my boat musically, but they have been fantastic learning experiences and some really great bass lines. I doubt there are many cover bands where every member is happy with every song. AHA, Prince, Abba and Marley sounds great to me.
  7. I’ve had a few wireless systems, but I’m currently using the Shure GLX. Tried and tested indoors and out and I would highly recommend it. The previous system I had was the G75 which was also good, but it went through batteries quite quickly. The rechargeable batteries in the Shure body packs are superb. They charge quickly and last for ages. @walshy & @bassfan also speak highly of them.
  8. I didn't discuss the radius with Jon actually and looking back through our conversation, the agreed specs don't mention neck radius. I guess it will be the same as the JJ Burnell Lite Precision. The spec on the Shuker site doesn't mention the radius for that model either. From that, I would assume it's going to be similar JJ's original Fender Precision, whatever that may be?
  9. As someone who has issues with both hands (broke the ring finger on my plucking hand and have tendon issues in my left) I’m always conscious of the angle of my wrist in my left hand and I agree, I wouldn’t tech a bent wrist technique either. I’m not sure Andy Billups (from The Hamsters) is on here, but I’ve seen them many times before and after the issues he had and would never want to be in that position. I remember seeing him for the first time after came back and was in awe of what he was able to do with his new pick technique. One of the most relaxed looking bass players I’ve ever seen is Bryan Beller. He’s exactly how I wish I could feel when I gig. I wouldn’t mind be as capable as him as well 😂.
  10. You sound like my Dad! Do you still use cheque books as well?
  11. Bugger. Wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for posting mate 👍
  12. This definitely 👍 To the OP - The likes of PMT/dv247 etc advertise basses available, but if you buy them they will most likely come from central warehouse stock. They don’t and probably can’t physically hold all of the models on their web site. Don’t be fooled into thinking everything is peachy (excuse the pun) at the store you’ve mentioned. I’ve seen/played some of their very expensive custom shop basses that looked lovely in their photographs. In reality, they had been on hangers in the shop for months and were dusty and not quite as appealing. They had obviously also been played a bit as well.
  13. On the subject of screwdrivers, my wife bought me this inexpensive set and I highly recommend it. It’s been great for just about everything other than neck and bridge screws. Loads of different head options, it’s magnetic and also has a rotating heel so you don’t have to keep releasing it in your palm.
  14. Brilliant Adventures Era 5 will be released on Nov 26. I know, I know, it’s expensive for what it offers but….I didn’t think I would see the day that there would be an official expanded re-release of Bowie at The Beeb recorded in 2000. The original release was just perfectly mixed, absolutely lush and to get more of it is Christmas come early for me. We still seem to be missing two tracks, Ziggy and The Jean Genie. https://shop.davidbowie.com/products/brilliant-adventure-1992-2001-11cd-boxset The ‘Toy’ album is also being released finally. Jan 7th for that one, so a birthday anniversary release. https://shop.davidbowie.com/products/toy-box-3cd-box There also appears to be something significant in the works for 2023.
  15. Given the reason it was made and the time it took to put the whole thing together (music and video produced the same day), I can overlook this one.
  16. I can forgive her that. She only has one leg and knew all the lyrics.
  17. I presume you are using some kind of power block to power them? It was also be helpful to know what pedals you have and the order they are in your signal chain.
  18. Slightly delayed post from Friday’s gig at Fat Lil’s, Witney, Oxfordshire as we stayed there overnight and I have been sorting through the video. A decent sized and enthusiastic crowd as always.
  19. We played Fat Lil's in Witney, Oxfordshire last Friday. They've only just recently opened again due to the slow post-COVID demand. It wasn't packed, but we had a decent sized very enthusiastic crowd who seemed to be very into Bowie. The lady in black you can see dancing has a prosthetic leg and man could she throw some shapes. She knew 99% of all the lyrics too.
  20. All the music you play may well suit a pick, but a lot of mine doesn’t. I use pick or fingers depending on what the song needs. I assumed that’s what most players did.
  21. If it makes you feel any better @Newfoundfreedom, I hate you being that guy too. Let’s not forget, disregarding the size of the profit, he’s doing what he does for money. If he was writing and (I use the term loosely) ‘building instruments’ for free/charity, I might agree with some of your sentiment, but he’s not. If persons who may not be as well informed as most of us here are looking to part with their hard earned for his goods, then honest reviews are really helpful. Also, clicking the 'helpful' button is not a review as stated above, it merely confirms that a persons review has been helpful in another prospective buyers decision making. That's what the button is there for. Don't even get me started on his flagrant disregard for eBay listing policies. Hopefully eBay will wake up to what he's doing and take his listings down.
  22. I bought one of the first Generation 3 Big Twins. No issues whatsoever and it has travelled a lot!
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