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  1. Morning all, Apologies if this has already been posted but does anyone know where I can purchase single string for La Bella? I’ve got the deep talking flatwounds and decided to try them on my Warwick, like an idiot i was convinced that I would be happy with them on there so trimmed the string length... Long story short, all but the G will go back onto the jazz as it’s slightly short. Anyone know where I can purchase a single 0.43 G from? Cheers, J.
  2. Anyone know what those 'hair bobble' things are that go around the stings near the top nut on a bass called?! I've spotted a few people using them and notice that Victor Wooten always has them on his basses! From what I understand they help to 'deaden' the open strings that can ring out when you catch them whilst playing? Anybody own one? Just curious really! J
  3. Feedback for markstuk

    I bought a Sandberg VM5 from Mark and it was a super easy transaction! Excellent communication and very accommodating as Mark agreed to meet me last minute to bring the bass! Happily deal with again, cheers, J.
  4. SOLD....

    I'm tempted by this, could meet you half way? Got some pics? J
  5. Spector Euro 5 Poplar Burl Final Drop £1000

    Ah, bit too far for me mate.
  6. Buying a new bass with a budget of £1150

    Thanks for that Lozz, any idea where they are based?! Can't seem to find them online...
  7. Spector Euro 5 Poplar Burl Final Drop £1000

    Where are you based mate?
  8. Buying a new bass with a budget of £1150

    Thanks for the replies people! The frets on Dingwall basses look a bit weird to me, I'd definitely have to try that first! Markstuk: send me some pics via private message if you're serious about selling your Sandberg. Cheers, J.
  9. So I've been fortunate enough to come into some money I wasn't expecting. I need to fix the car, put some money away for holiday and the kids bedrooms could do with redecorating. So I've decided I need another bass instead. Years ago I played a Sandberg, not sure of the model but I liked it. Tempted by a California VM5 or similar. Anybody got one and can tell my what it's like? Or anyone selling one? Basses I've got already: Musicman SUB (USA), Warwick Thumb BO 5 and a MIM Fender jazz Deluxe 5. I like the idea of having something with a P pickup on it to get a different sound to what I've already got. Faveourite style to play is funk/soul but currently doing most of my gigging in a Mod band so something with a bit more 'bite' would probably be good. Any recommendations? Cheers, J.
  10. FS/FT: Sandberg California PM4 - SOLD

  11. Spector Euro LX5 - SOLD

    Swap for a Warwick Streamer LX4?
  12. MarkBass 104HF cab now £399 SOLD

    Hi, are you interested in a trade for your 4 x 10 for my Barefaced Midget? Cheers, J.
  13. Hello! I have a Barefaced Midget (1x12) with cover that I could trade if you're interested? With cash added too. I'm only an hour away from you... Cheers, J.
  14. I have a Midget that I'd be up for trading for your compact but mines not a super Midget... Let me know, J.
  15. Wow! What a beauty! I've just bought a Warwick Thumb, bolt on 5 string but I really should keep her for at least a month before offering a trade!