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  1. Morning all, I’ve got a dep gig coming up and obviously will be learning the songs but was thinking of taking my iPad to have the chords/cheat sheets for the set as a back up in case I can’t remember the 30 odd song set. Not to necessarily read from but as a reminder to ‘glance’ at between songs if needed. I’m used to gigging with all of the info in my head and a few notes scrawled on a set list but saw a chap doing a solo set recently and he was using a tablet for some of the songs so thought I’d see what others use? Thanks in advance, J.
  2. Evening all, looking to buy some new strings and always had big standard Ernie Ball 5 string sets. Never had any problems with them but was considering treating the bass to something a bit more up market! what do people think about them? Is it like, “I can’t believe I haven’t tried these before, my life is better now” or, “good but not that much difference for the extra money”?! I’ve got a 5 string Sandberg California VM5 and play in a Mod covers band at the moment. Quite like a thick gauge and play with my fingers, not plectrum. thanks in advance, J.
  3. Morning all, I’m looking to purchase some of the moulded ear plugs for gigging as I’ve trained various ‘standard fit’ types but they just aren’t quite right. I gig most weekends and need to look after my hearing better. I’ve read about the moulded plugs being the best for not distorting/colouring the sound but not sure what brand to go for? What are other people using and what would you recommend based on you experience of them? I’m a front man who sings and plays bass in a Mod/Indie band and we have a very loud drummer! Thanks in advance, J.
  4. Hi mate, going well thanks, got a few things on the go! What sort of stuff do you like playing? How are you finding life down here?? cheers, J.
  5. This is beautiful! Are you interested in trades at all? Cheers, J.
  6. Also have one of the first USA made Sub’s. Amazing bass and tough as old boots, good luck with the sale!
  7. No worries mate. I’ve got a cracking class D amp but need to hold onto it! J
  8. This is beautiful! Are you interested in trades at all? I’ve got a stunning Sandberg California VM5 in mint condition?? Cheers, J.
  9. It’s a stunner of a bass in really good condition, as can be seen in the photos. I don’t really want to sell her but I need the money unfortunately. It’s the deluxe model with 3 band EQ, pick up blend and is an active bass. Currently running a set of La Bella flatwounds that cost me nearly 50 quid as I wanted to be Joe Dart! I’m back and fourth between Doncaster (Yorkshire) and Torquay (Devon) for the next week with work so can probably meet up easily along the way or arrange collection from either end. I can post it but you would have to arrange the courier. Questions welcome. Read less
  10. Definitely mate, let me know if you are and we’ll get a beer, be good to see you and the misses again.
  11. Wow cheers mate! Super kind words! I think there’s some smoke making my eyes water!
  12. I’m guessing you’re not interested in a trade for a Sandberg California VM5?!
  13. Haha! Sounds good, you can play bass, I’ll play bass and the other guys can cover bass too...
  14. Thanks man! Only just seen this, so sorry for the late reply but thanks for the kind welcome, J.
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