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  2. HumblePie

    Ken Smith and the 6 String Basses

    Btw I love this video clip- had the CD for years, but did not know about the video. Recorded at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, featuring some very skilled dancers 🙂
  3. HumblePie

    Ken Smith and the 6 String Basses

    All of this can be found in the article, though.
  4. HumblePie

    no longer for sale

    no longer for sale
  5. HumblePie


    Best fretless basses, hands down.
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  7. HumblePie

    Traded - Benavente SC 5

    I love this bass! Sadly one string missing for me.
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  10. HumblePie

    Fender P Bass (19760

    Pickup is not original, but the price is more or less ok.
  11. Here is a clip with a Noguera 5-string with very similar specs except for the fingerboard:
  12. HumblePie


  13. The current board does not need to be replaced. The repair done to this bass does not look good, but it does not affect the playability. It is way cheaper to do it like this compared to replacing the whole fretboard. It is also quite difficult to replace the whole fretboard on a neck-through bass with high gloss finish. The only thing that would bring up the value is a repair by the people over at the Smith workshop, which would be quite expensive. If you just want to play the bass, you can just play it as it is.
  14. No, just the value. Without the repair, the bass would be worth 1000€ more easily. How much this repair affects the value is up for debate, but most Smith lovers will stay away from it because it makes the bass much harder to sell.