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  1. Adamovic Jupiter Custom Bass Nikola Adamovic is IMO one of the very best luthiers anywhere. I have owned everything from Alembic to Zon and this is the best fretted 6-string bass I have every played. However, I am going to switch to playing fretless bass exclusively and I am having built a wonderful Adamovic 6 fretless, so this one is for sale. The bass is very responsive and plays great. The most special feature about Adamovic basses is the building of the neck, it takes two years and this makes the neck very stable and improves the sound drastically. https://adamovic.nl/adamovic-unique-features/how-we-build-our-necks/ Specs: - White limba body - Olive wood top - Ash/maple/guariuba neck with a 34" scale, 24 frets - Jazz bass neck design, super comfortable, very low action - Greenheart fingerboard - Passive toneblend - Häussel single coil pickups - Weight: 3,8kg Very good condition, built in 2017. https://adamovic.nl https://www.facebook.com/adamovicbassguitars
  2. This has to be one of the most epic bass guitars ever...
  3. These are incredibly good.
  4. I had the same one with 4 strings, the finish on the top is awesome, much better than any photos could show. Not a beer drinker, but I appreciate the though and GLWTS.
  5. At this price I am running out of reasons not to snag this one up.
  6. The Duncans have a bit more midrange, especially upper midrange which most players would associate with a more "Fender-like" tone but you can easily dial that in with a good EQ, the tone overall is not that different. I would rather go for the Aeros and turn down the passive tone bled a bit if needed. As I stated before, the Aguilar Super Double makes much more of a difference in comparison. It also depends on what rig you play and the tone you want to achieve.
  7. Seymour Duncan and Aero Dual Coils are pretty similar. If you want a different sound better go Aguilar.
  8. These are very underappreciated.
  9. All the old Foderas are heavy. Only very recently the have started building lighter instruments. Looks like an exceptional bass.
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