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  1. BTW Pedulla stopped making basses. Few are left, once they are gone, no more!
  2. The title is still wrong though.
  3. It don´t think that it takes more time, but it takes almost the same time to do a good Bolt-On Neck as it takes to make a Dovetail Neck joint- that is what a well-known luthier told me, anyway.
  4. The correct model name is Fodera Monarch 4 Bolt-On. "Deluxe" Fodera basses always have the dovetail neck joint!
  5. The bass is from 2004, so I get why newer models are offered for a bit more. Anyway, this is THE fretless to get, so I would have paid more to get my hands on it and as soon as I saw Nagas original offer, I jumped on it. It will be missed!
  6. I think I got it in a trade for a very nice Human Base fretless and a sizeable chunk of cash from the original owner.
  7. This used to be mine. Wonderful bass!
  8. The fingerboard radius is 13".
  9. Yes, I think it is 17,5mm string spacing on the bridge. Controls are Volume, Panorama and a Treble/Bass stacked pot. The bass sounds brilliant in passive mode. In active mode, you can dial in a very funky fingerstyle sound as well as a Marcus Miller style slap sound. The treble control can also be used to cut high frequencies and works as good as a passive tone blend.
  10. Everybody who played it absolutely loved it. 4,9kg is really as light as a Hexabuzz gets, but I am about to order a Franz Bass Sirius 6 Fretless which will be considerably lighter (and sounds awesome, too). The Hexabuzz has a mean growl in the lower register with a stunning B-string and a very vocal and smooth upper register. It is instantly recognizable and really brings the sound of the band on another level.
  11. I bought this bass on basschat: Wonderful bass in good condition, sounds absolutely phenomenal, IMO the best fretless on the market!
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