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Fodera Emperor Deluxe 5-strings (Aguilar DCB) New price 5500pounds/6000euros.
Hyvinkää, Finland

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Up for sale or trade is my Fodera Emperor DLX 5-string! 

In really good shape and been played alot! It had Seymour Duncan jazz-style pickups in it but those have been changed to Aguilar DCB to give this bass more "modern" sound. The whole bass came alive after this operation. 

Ask if you have some questions!

Price is 6400euros 6000euros including shippin inside EU.  

Partial trades to 5-strings from:

Fodera (Different wood/pickups combo, NO standard models thanks!)


Alleva Coppolo



- 3-piece maple neck

- "35 scale

- brass nut

- 24-frets

- Ebony fretboard  (Macassar if I remember right)

- Dovetail neck-joint

- 2-piece mahogany body

- Figured walnut top and headstock

- Abadlone butterfly without black outlines

- birth year 2010

- Aguilar DCB pickups

- Mike Pope custom preamp

- Golden hardware

- original case and tools


Heres a small sample of the bass played straight to soundcard:







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On 01/09/2020 at 14:25, andybassdoyle said:

Really nice - and what a great demo of the bass

Thanks! :)

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11 hours ago, HumblePie said:

Sad to see the change of pickups, it was great with the Single Coils.

I disagree... I think it was "weird" jazzbass because the construction and mahogany body. It also had weird "dry" high-middle aggression that I didnt mind and some sound engineers also commented. I think it was OK with the singles but now its more dynamic and better response. But of course, its just a matter of opinion! :)

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Of course, if you like the Humbucker sound, go for it. The open treble register and the responsiveness was great with the Single Coils, but most players associate Fodera with this Humbucker tone I guess.

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