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  1. I have dealt many basses with Mikko over the years.. MTD's, Ken Smith, Fodera... Always pleasure to do busines with! and hang out! 10+ guy!
  2. Really nice and easy guy to deal with! Bass was packed really well and everything was ok! Deal with confidence! 6 stars out of 5!
  3. I played this bass at local jams once! Its a REALLY nice bass! good luck with the sale!
  4. Added a small demo video of the bass! Its played straight into the computer, only small bass boost on the bass and some fiddling with the tone knob
  5. Now also accepting Fbass 5/6-strings.
  6. Please people, only offer me cash or bass from the list
  7. How about 5-string Fodera?
  8. Too bad... If you change your mind I can pay for the bass plus shipping
  9. Trade for Fender custom shop ”64 limited edition relic jazz? Lake placid blue and mathing headstock!
  10. Cool to know! Yes! Its like super nice and clean jazz!
  11. I have traditional basses, those trades are bass+ cash to me
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