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  1. The importance of size

    Don't know if it's the new site, but your sig doesn't show? Sounds like a good set up though
  2. The importance of size

    ooooh you tease....what is it? Don't make me beg
  3. Lyrics that changed your world

    "Broken down and hungry for your love with no way to feed it.Where are you tonight, child you know how much I need it.Too young to hold on and too old to just break free and run."
  4. Yet More Band Name Woes

    Liquid Distortion Y'Welcome
  5. Amps for acoustic guitar

    Yup, clearly the best when i tried a few out too. Good choice
  6. Amps for acoustic guitar

    That's what i would recommend
  7. Gallien Kruger MB500 Vs Markbass LMIII

    I use a LMII. Started with a LMII about 7 years ago. Went on the 'ole merry go round of equipment, and realised about 3 years ago that i was just chasing the MarkBass sound id previously had. So bought a LMII for ridiculously cheap, and have used it happily ever since. It is a warm, sound when set flat, but you can make it a bit more aggressive and percussive with the filters without any problem. I also have a Sansamp that pairs beautifully with it. That said, if i was in a band like yours (I'm not, i play motown/soul/disco), i'd probably opt for the GK. Lots of good gear out there right now. Just find the flavor that suits you
  8. Purple & Silver Lawalin LED 5 string.

    Outrageous. I want one
  9. Mel B from the Spice Girls. Her rap in "If you wanna be my lover" was top banana.
  10. scrumpymike's (a) Rascal

    How about a "Lets build it together" thread next? Anyone who's interested can join in, we all get the raw parts we need, and try and build our own basses en masse
  11. scrumpymike's (a) Rascal

    That's a great shout Howie! Class work again Andy.
  12. More Beatles more Beatles more Beatles

    Class mate. Love that song about the Yellow Walrus
  13. More Beatles more Beatles more Beatles

    I'm all for discussion, and sharing opinions/ideas. Didn't mean that. It's the people that seem to be getting upset and worked up because someones opinions doesn't match theirs.
  14. More Beatles more Beatles more Beatles

    It's funny to me how people are getting so worked up because of other peoples opinions. Chill out! We don't all like the same thing. The world goes on! If someone else dislikes something you do like, it shouldn't diminish your enjoyment. There is no "right" or "wrong", just opinion.