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  1. Maybe message some of the guys further up who initially showed an interest in one
  2. Hi If you can organise someone to buy the second one. Ive had a few people say they want one, then drop out, so i'm not going to chase that. Would prefer to sell both together. If you can get another buyer though, ill do it. And postage to Brussels is fine if you're happy to pay for that Kert
  3. Ill weight it for you later. Regarding the fingerboard, im not sure. Id have to guess, and i dont want to do that. Can anyone help?
  4. Yes. This bass is going onto eBay on the weekend
  5. Another really cool bass Gary!
  6. This bass looks awesome. Very unique too. Very impressive to someone like me who doesnt have a clue!
  7. Not being able to tune by ear anymore after becoming reliant on a tuner. Not the end of the world, but the battery went on my tuner a couple of gigs ago and i realised how utterly useless at it i'd become!
  8. There is the tiniest dink in the lacquer at around the 12th fret. Its bizarrely in the shape of an 8, and about 8mm in length and 3 mm wide. Its so feint, i cant capture it in a photo. Other than that its great. Certainly not loads of dings.
  9. Fender MIJ Jazz, according to serial number made 1984-1987. Pretty sought after period of Jazz basses if you do your research. I took this in a trade. I wanted a jazz bass because i've wanted to like jazz basses. Really wanted to! But i dont. So maybe this is for you? For a 30ish year old bass its in great condition. Ive tried to highlight the marks that are on it by including them in some photos as best as i can. But generally as i said, its in great condition. Plenty of life left in the truss rod. It comes with an old and used hard Gewa case. Still perfectly functional. Also comes with original (i assume) pickguard. And the original pickups. I dont know if they work. I was told they do, but ive never tried them, as the Fender noiseless in them work fine! Youd be welcome to come to my house and try it through mine or your rig. I will post it, but it is at your own risk! Any questions, just ask. I dont know how to put photos in my post. But they are all in this IMGUR folder: https://imgur.com/gallery/mLtAkie
  10. Yes still available. I have someone interested in one. But would prefer to sell both together
  11. Cool bass Marc. Bump for a great bass and a great seller 😀
  12. I tend to look here first if i have a song i need to look at: https://www.youtube.com/user/infusion26
  13. Traded a bass with Vedran. Communication was fast and effective. Kept in touch the whole time, and from start to finish i think the whole deal took a week. I'd have no issues striking up a deal with Vedran again. Thanks!
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