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  1. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    Stephen is unfortunately the person who bought the bass from the fraudster who originally committed the fraud against me. It is a confusing one!
  2. Blake gigbags?

    There's none left
  3. Lighting for weddings and other functions

    Yeh it's works for us. It's like i said, you can get way more. More doesn't always mean better though. Just my opinion. A lot of the weddings we play at will have lighting already there. Whether it be in the floor, or behind you in a starlight effect , or LEDs already in situ, or the DJ etc.
  4. Lighting for weddings and other functions

    I have just found this The LED cans werent set up at this point, but it shows how we use the LED wash bar thingys (i dont know the "official name")
  5. Lighting for weddings and other functions

    I have just looked and i don't have a picture of it all set up sorry! These are the LED cans: https://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_stage_tri_led_bundle_complete.htm Here are the LED wash bars: https://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_led_bar_240_8_cw_ww_dmx.htm Disco ball thingy and moving LED can were bought second hand. This video shows the LED wash bars, but don't have anything with all of it in action
  6. Lighting for weddings and other functions

    My wedding band runs two floor wash lights/bars. We have two sets of 4 LED cans, mounted on poles. A disco ball type of thing, that sits on the floor, and two moving LED cans. Very rarely use all of them together, as i think it can look a bit much. But good lighting goes a long way to making a band look more professional IMO
  7. Possible ebay fraud coming my way.....?

    I'm not sure of best advice here, but I would personally be speaking with eBay or PayPal to make sure you are covered if there is any doubt. I had similar thoughts to you, but ignored them. Won't make that mistake again!
  8. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    Yeh i have spoken to David. He was helpful enough to put me in touch with the PC who arrested him last time
  9. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    Yeh, here it is In all fairness, the PC who helped put this guy away has been very helpful. Has started a case for me, so it's a matter of just wait and see.
  10. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    That might be a good shout. The whole reason i was selling the bass was because i needed the money. I will contact citizens advice next
  11. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    Pretty disappointing to say this, but i have been deemed the guilty party, and have lost a lot of money (for me). Even though they conceded on the phone that we were both victims, i don't get covered for seller protection, because i didn't send the bass to the Paypal accounts registered address. Even though the dispute raised against me was for a bass guitar I've never even owned
  12. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    Yeh that's the thing isn't it. I don't always have things delivered to the address my PayPal is linked to, for that same reason
  13. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    I'll be on the phone to them most of the day, no doubt
  14. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    I received a payment from someone through PayPal, as the scammer told me i would. The scammer told me it was his father in laws paypal account, buying the bass for him for his birthday. I had no reason to doubt him at the time. I sent the bass to the address he provided me. Didnt check what address the PayPal account was registered to, as felt i didn't need to. gain, i can see why i should have now! But that's kind of why i'm posting this here too, so hopefully no-one else gets caught out. The thing that is confusing with regards to the PayPal dispute, is the two parties involved in the dispute, are the two victims.
  15. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    I have looked. Google street view doesn't go where this street is. But the street is there. I've managed to track down the PC that dealt with this guy in the past. So i'll be passing on all my information to him today