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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I play in a band that has keys, sax, and guitar. We aren't quiet. Play mostly weddings. And i play with a MarkBass LM2 and a single TKS S112. I'm the only part of the band that doesn't go through our RCF PA, and i'm fine. I don't need to go louder. I don't think the issue is the Walkabout isn't loud enough. I think the issue is everyone wants to be too loud, and/or are probably too high in the mix *runs before he gets lynched*
  3. Yeh ive played both. Both basses were really well made. That almost goes without saying at that price point. The Sei basses were the best basses ive ever played though. So if it were between the two for me, i'd get a Sei
  4. Me too. I use 2 X S112s. Great cabs. Ive gone to move them on in the past, then realised the mistake i was making.
  5. I used to like Silverchair. Cant remember what the bass lines were like tbh
  6. We were asked for a Ronan Keating song. "you know the one about money being too tight to mention" WTF on so many levels
  7. Whatever floats your boat 😂
  8. Would consider part trade against Limelight Jazz
  9. Yeh this is original as far as im aware. Hadnt noticed that, but as Warwickhunt says, easy enough fix. Ill get it sorted
  10. Thanks Dan, it is a fantastic bit of craftmanship
  11. Thanks Marc. Appreciate that
  12. Sorry, i'd forgotten to check the serial number. Will do it tonight
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