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  1. These are quality cabs, in excellent condition
  2. Ive just been told on a different selling platform, by the original owner, that it is a Highway One. She changed the bridge herself. Just for clarity I dont know if thats better or worse for me 🤣
  3. Yup, apparently so. I can only say, it was like this when i got it.
  4. About 20 mins east away, near Junction 36 of the M4
  5. Yeh we have started doing the same. It ended up like we were only rehearsing to learn 1 song we would never play again.
  6. If we are in a busy period (April - September) when we are gigging most weeks, we very rarely practice. In the quieter periods we will usually do two a month at a push. I think its been mentioned above, but the key is when everyone agrees to learn a song, post the version of the song you intend to learn in the forum of communicating you use (FB, whats app , slack etc), then you have to learn it. Its really that simple. It is for us anyway. Guess it means relying on everyone in the band pulling their weight and having trust in each others musical abilities.
  7. This is a Fender precision USA Highway One Made in 2008. Thanks for the info on that Karl. It's in great condition as you can see from the photos. Couple of light blemishes, but really nothing too bad at all. Sounds exactly like you'd expect a P bass to sound! Currently strung with flats. Comes with spare torte pick guard, that I quite like too. Apparently these are meant to come with a different bridge. I don't have the original, only this one. Neck is pretty slim. Definitely not like a baseball bat. Happy for you to come try it out. Can courier, but at the risk of the buyer! Any questions, give me a shout.
  8. It says it is on everything I can find about it too 👍
  9. @triplebass @greenolive If youre both keen do you want to set up a group thread?
  10. Maybe message some of the guys further up who initially showed an interest in one
  11. Hi If you can organise someone to buy the second one. Ive had a few people say they want one, then drop out, so i'm not going to chase that. Would prefer to sell both together. If you can get another buyer though, ill do it. And postage to Brussels is fine if you're happy to pay for that Kert
  12. Ill weight it for you later. Regarding the fingerboard, im not sure. Id have to guess, and i dont want to do that. Can anyone help?
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