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  1. Boss Bass Chorus Pedal. I always wanted to be a pedal guy. Never was though. So im getting rid of the ones i have. This one is in great condition, and it does work. I tested it this morning. £40 Will post for £5 too.
  2. I have one in South Wales if anyone wants to try before they buy. Great bass. I love mine
  3. Im struggling to find packaging to send this, so pick up only now
  4. South Wales. Sorry for the delay. Haven't been on in a while
  5. Thanks, if i were still in a band i wouldnt be selling it
  6. Just sold an amp to Jon. No troubles at all. Cheers mate, and hope you get a chance to gig the amp!
  7. Bought this in March because i heard great things about them. They do sound amazing. But as you may see from my other sales posts, the band isnt planning on gigging anymore, so i simply dont need this amp. Hand built amp with a 3 valve preamp and class A/B power. 400 watts @ 4ohms. You can get a great range of tones from this using the eq section and contour. Proper thickness and weight behind each note. The DI out sounds great. This amp doesn't have the extra lights at the front. It has a few scuffs and a couple of cosmetic chips on the case and front from my use that I've pictured, but is in perfect working order. Serviced last year by David Lunt in Stockport. 9.8kg on the bathroom scales I'm the 4th owner. This is an earlier model that was sent as a trial amp to a Basschat member, then sold to @TPJ who sold it to Colleya, who then sold it to me Collection from South Wales preferred so you can try it, or I can ship at cost when I get a suitable box. Heres our very own WoT's review of it: Here is Andy Irvines And here are a fe photos ive borrowed from Colleya's post. It hasnt left my room because of COVID so looks exactly the same. Any questions just ask
  8. Mensinger short scale bass I bought this from Kevdbass off here at the beginning of February (i think), who bought it from a well respected Basschat member- who in turn bought it from the original owner who lives near the factory in Poland and is apparently their biggest private customer (Adrian confirmed this). The bass is a one off custom and in A1 condition. Really eye catching bass, especially with the LEDs turned on. I bought it to have a shorter bass to play as my gigging schedule was pretty heavy. After this COVID sittuation, it isnt looking like we will be gigging again. And id prefer not to have this sitting round doing nothing. Sounds like a full size bass. Might sound stupid but I didnt know what to expect. If you closed your eyes i dont think you could tell the difference. The spec is as follows: Ash body with padouk-wenge thru-neck . 30" scale length with 22-fret wenge board. Neck width 41mm at zero fret. 2 x Delano humbuckers with Delano Sonar 3-band EQ gives it an incredibly versatile sound. LED dot fret-markers. Weighs approx 3.6kg when i weighed it. This bass is immaculate. Not a mark on it that i can see. Price includes delivery but happy to deliver/meet up withing an hour's drive from The Severn Bridge or pack for collection if buyer arranges/pays for delivery.
  9. Just an update. Got myselfa Smoothie. Absolutely love it. Different enough from my 87 to be worthwhile having both too, so I'm very happy.
  10. Our guitarist has told us he is leaving in January 2021. We currently have 12 weddings booked in for 2021 already so the position will be for a fully gigging wedding band. Must have transport and good enough equipment to fit in. I don't care about the brands etc, it just must work and do the job! We play everything. Rock, pop, funk, soul, Motown, disco.....the list goes on, so you would need to be fairly flexible. Our bands ages is between 26 and 36. I don't care how old you are, as long as you can do the job and don't mind being in a band with the rest of us. Think you might be interested? Send me a message and we can talk some more
  11. I have been looking. Have two basses to sell first
  12. After getting my '87 stingray three years ago, I've only gigged that bass. You should try one. My preference is the 2 band
  13. I need two basses as I gig so much, if one goes wrong, I need a spare. Do I need a spare like this? Maybe not. But I'd like to have two nice basses, either of which I would be happy to gig 😊
  14. I have a few basses that i've built up over the years. Im down to 3 now. But realistically I only ever play/gig one. A Stingray. So the other two will be sold. I will have around a £2k budget, and would like to know what Stingrays you might be looking at if you had similar options. The Stingray I have is a '87. It is the best bass ive had for sitting in the mix with the right amount of clarity AND thickness. It just suits me. So please, im only interested in Stingrays despite there being other options ;)
  15. Just completed a complicated trade deal. (3 basses involved, each going to different people) But no problems at all. Communication was quick. And the deal was finished, from start to finish, within the week. Thanks Chris
  16. Just completed a very easy deal with Andy. No problems whatsoever. Cheers mate
  17. Funny you say that, recently bought an afterschool club for children. Also a qualified strength and conditioning coach, so i combine all 3 and do obstacle courses for the kids
  18. Did an apprenticeship to be an electrical maintenance technician. Went on to maintenance planning engineer for a big factory, a job which i still do now. Said factory is about to close though. At which time i will start doing my "other job" as my main job. I train dogs. More specifically, dog agility. Anyone watch Crufts? Few people i train were there competing. I love it.
  19. I should also state that i play in a motown/funk / soul band. So the warm and vintage sound is what i aim for. I dont know how these amps would stand up against the others for a different type of sound.
  20. I dont ever use the EQ. Just the filters. So cant comment on that. But the filters allow me to adjust tonthe room very quickly. Cant fault them
  21. Tried a fair few over the years. Mark bass LM2 Puma 900 GK MB800 TC Electronic RH 750 Ashdown Superfly 500 Aguilar TH500 Genz Benz shuttle 12 Genz Benz shuttle 6.2 Peavey minimax 500 Genz Streamliner 900 Also been through a lot of other Class heads too. Probably over the course of about 7 or 8 years. Trying to find the sound i had in my head. I got my last amp about 5 years ago and haven't switched since. Markbass LM2. I know!!! But i didn't know that's what i wanted until i realised i didn't want the other ones. That's what i'm telling myself anyway! I just find it really simple to use. adjust the VPL and/or VPF to suit. It was an absolute bargain at 250 schmackers with a case. Its extremely reliable. Never let me down and generally play about 40 or 50 weddings a year. Extremely lightweight. Whats not to love? Special mention for the Puma too though, as i did really like that amp. Very similar in that it had a "taste" knob instead of the two filters
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