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  1. I have a LM2 . I would suggest setting the EQ at noon, and having a play with the VPF and VLE. I don't know how you couldn't find your tone using them. Unless you are looking for more distortion? Or more drive? However you want to put it. Markbass is a inherently clean sounding amp, so for grind/drive/distortion, you'd need a pedal. Sansamp worked wonders for me when i needed that kind of sound
  2. Ridiculous value for money. Punches well above its pricepoint
  3. Yup. Didn't want to really give it the big one on here. You have to try it to really believe it. I have to thank Russ (again) for initially suggesting the RCFs. Top bit of equipment
  4. Yes. No subs. I just wanted to hear what they sounded like. I was very impressed. I'm sure it all depends on how loud you are, and what your "sound" is etc. I loved them though.
  5. We have just bought RCF 732s for our band @CameronJ. I had a little go of them with just my bass going through them. You're going to love them. And yeh, the 3" driver is the key!!!
  6. Come to my senses after a few nibbles. I will just keep using one of them, and keep one in the garage. Cheers
  7. Just a quick update, I've had someone interested in buying a single cab, so i would split, if i have a definite buyer for the 2nd. So if you only want one, get in touch Cheers
  8. If you're considering PJ basses, i'd look at Warwick Stage 1 streamers. I've swapped a good few basses over the time i've been on Basschat. That one is going nowhere. It's the most versatile bass i've ever had.
  9. @jazzmanb I'm located in South Wales. PM me if you want more info. @wateroftyne Cheers. They are fantastic. If the combo sells, i'll happily keep them, and keep using just the one as a monitor!
  10. Cheers Cam, I can only echo what you say really. Who ever goes for them will be super happy
  11. I'm putting both my TKS S112s for sale because i have seen something come up, that suits my circumstances better. I only ever use one on gigs now, as onstage monitoring, so the second never gets used. Just seems a waste having it sitting in my garage, so i am going to move them on to buy a combo. If the combo i have seen sells, i'll remove these. They sound brilliant. I'm guessing there's a bump in their mid-range as i've always thought they have amazing clarity in the mix. Lightweight with a very focused sound. I play in a band that really plays through a lot of genres, and they have performed admirably at each. I've always thought they went extremely loud for a small package. I am very happy with them, and wont be upset if they don't sell, as i am more than happy with the sound from them!! One thing which may bother some people is they don't have a tweeter. When i tried them, i didn't think they needed it as they still were able to go bright enough for my needs!! YMMV Condition wise i'd say 9.5/10. I would give them a 10, as i can't see a single mark or blemish on them, but if i say 10, im sure there'll be a tiny scratch somewhere i've missed!! They're in mint condition. Feels very sturdy and well-made. Metal corner protectors. Anything else you'd like to know, just ask. I'd recommend a trial so you can hear them. They really are amazing cabs. I can post them, but would prefer collection to ensure they stay in the condition they are!! Here are a few pictures Not interested in trades, unless for an AER combo or a Alain Caron 121 lite. Thanks for looking
  12. Its just ghost notes .....man
  13. Do they supply a new set of ear drums for everyone on the way out?
  14. As crazy and unbelievable as this may sound, the songs i write aren't actually as good or interesting as Stevie Wonders or Jamiroquai's or Bruno Mars etc . So i actually do get more enjoyment from playing covers! I have played originals for a while too. Guess what....enjoyed that too. It must be something to do with the fact I enjoy playing bass in a band with my mates? Mental. Why does everything have to be black or white? Cant we have a bit of grey?
  15. I reckon a sound sample might help you for all those who don't know how good this sounds. I LOVE my streamer. That split coil on the bridge will sound incredible
  16. Don't know if it's the new site, but your sig doesn't show? Sounds like a good set up though
  17. ooooh you tease....what is it? Don't make me beg
  18. "Broken down and hungry for your love with no way to feed it.Where are you tonight, child you know how much I need it.Too young to hold on and too old to just break free and run."
  19. Yup, clearly the best when i tried a few out too. Good choice
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