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  1. "White Stripes - 7 Nation Army" has got to be a pretty pleasing song to play when your first starting out i would think?
  2. Best bass ive ever played was a Sei. Second best bass ive ever played was also a Sei. Neither owned by me. @joncaulfield72 owned them both.
  3. We now impose fines for lateness as it was really pissing me off too. The amount of times someone would say, "Be at the venue at 5". I'm there for 5, but the rest show up between 5 and half past. I'd have no problem arriving at 5.30, just let me know so i could've stayed in the house! So it's £1 for every minute late. Sounds a bit harsh, but we started it as our bands New Year resolution and no-one has been late since.
  4. £120 for that???? That looks like a bargain to me.
  5. Yup. It really does. Our vocalist is really strong. Being able to hear her so clearly, rather than fighting to hear her has been a revelation. Who'd have thunk it??
  6. I cant imagine how good the 745s are. We have the 732s and they are ridiculous.Every instrument comes through our PA (only a little bit of bass), and they all are crystal clear, and loud as hell when needed, with the vocals sitting nicely above them. I cant think of any one thing that has made more of a difference to us as a band.
  7. If your jazz sounds too thin, stick some flats on it. You can thank me later
  8. For £550 there aren't many basses out there like this.
  9. Lacking personality is just a way of saying it doesn't have a tone you like though surely? Or is it not sarcastic enough for your taste? Sounds as if you don't particularly like the baked in sound of a Markbass, which is clean and warm. I love that. Really lets you hear your playing and all the nuances. Of course, that's not for everyone. Maybe a play with the filters will do the job? Maybe a reason to have a look at a few pedals?
  10. I have a LM2 . I would suggest setting the EQ at noon, and having a play with the VPF and VLE. I don't know how you couldn't find your tone using them. Unless you are looking for more distortion? Or more drive? However you want to put it. Markbass is a inherently clean sounding amp, so for grind/drive/distortion, you'd need a pedal. Sansamp worked wonders for me when i needed that kind of sound
  11. Ridiculous value for money. Punches well above its pricepoint
  12. Yup. Didn't want to really give it the big one on here. You have to try it to really believe it. I have to thank Russ (again) for initially suggesting the RCFs. Top bit of equipment
  13. Yes. No subs. I just wanted to hear what they sounded like. I was very impressed. I'm sure it all depends on how loud you are, and what your "sound" is etc. I loved them though.
  14. We have just bought RCF 732s for our band @CameronJ. I had a little go of them with just my bass going through them. You're going to love them. And yeh, the 3" driver is the key!!!
  15. Come to my senses after a few nibbles. I will just keep using one of them, and keep one in the garage. Cheers
  16. Just a quick update, I've had someone interested in buying a single cab, so i would split, if i have a definite buyer for the 2nd. So if you only want one, get in touch Cheers
  17. If you're considering PJ basses, i'd look at Warwick Stage 1 streamers. I've swapped a good few basses over the time i've been on Basschat. That one is going nowhere. It's the most versatile bass i've ever had.
  18. @jazzmanb I'm located in South Wales. PM me if you want more info. @wateroftyne Cheers. They are fantastic. If the combo sells, i'll happily keep them, and keep using just the one as a monitor!
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