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  1. Will measure it for you later. Feels slimmer than most Precisions i've played
  2. I guess itd be about £40? I dont know Al. Send me a PM and i can get you a proper quote?
  3. Seems that it will go plenty loud enough if needed?!!?
  4. The PA is Vocals, Guitar and Keys. That's good to know. Which model have you gone for. I know you've probably posted about it, but i don't know how far back that is, and i'm a lazy derrière
  5. Ok, so what if i wanted to go FRFR with no PA support? What kind of spec would i need? At the minute, we play weddings of 200-300 in halls. We aren't very loud. I use a Markbass LM2 into a TKS S112 and volume has never been an issue. I know most people on here are using them as monitors, can they be used as the monitor and the main rig?
  6. FuNkShUi


    Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V, manufactured in Corona California in 1999, and carefully used and maintained by one owner previous to me. I purchased it with the idea that a 5 string bass would replace the need for me to have a second bass on stage tuned to D. Well, it doesn't. I haven't got time to practice enough to get proficient on a 5. So it's getting moved on. It really is a fantastic instrument. A beautiful 'White Blonde' translucent colour that has retained its high gloss lacquer finish, with few signs of wear and tear other than some small marks on the headstock edge and a tiny dink on the lower left body edge (see detailed photo). Youll also see "players wear" on the back of the body where the paint has worn a little thinner. Hard colour to photo. It sometimes appears a shell pink. Active electronics (9v) with a wide tonal range, rosewood fingerboard with switchable red SIMS led dot markers (9v), activated by pressing the middle frequency tone knob. (fitted when new at a cost of £500). Really slim neck. Original Fender factory labels and truss rod adjustment tool included, plus the original tortoiseshell pickguard as an alternative to the white one shown. This is a genuinely outstanding example of a classic bass guitar in great condition. I am happy to look at trades. Only 4 strings though. And I don't like sunburst. Sorry about that. Any questions, give me a shout.
  7. You cant push the bast*rd in and drown him?
  8. Thought this had sold. But "something came up" So....BUMP
  9. Dave Dearnly in Cardiff if you want someone to do it Lew https://www.yell.com/biz/dave-dearnaley-guitars-ltd-cardiff-8847632/
  10. Quilter Bass Block? https://www.wembleymusiccentre.com/quilter-bass-block-800-bass-amp.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw4sLVBRAlEiwASblR-wWKVM9181JERgFKP0UCQd9qx2ncVMxiUN6TRtt31F4-sfjQcORlnxoCB_0QAvD_BwE
  11. Thanks Shambo for clearing that up! It feels way slimmer than a Precision neck, in depth and width, so thats how i got confused. I'll measure it when i get home later
  12. I didn't put the bass together, so can't be 100% sure on this. But i'd say it's a jazz bass neck that says Precision.
  13. Might be worth contacting some agencies. They'll be in contact with a lot of that type of band. They'll probably ask you for a short bio, so they can see your experience, and possibly a video of you playing. But it's a good way to get your name in the hat.
  14. Sorry, i should have said. Im in South Wales. @biffsmith I can send it by courier if you need me to
  15. Fender Precision style "bitsa" bass, put together from some top quality parts. Made a mistake when i originally listed, and now cant change it. But it's £400. Cracking bass for this kind of money Gotoh 203b vintage Bridge Genuine Fender 'F' neckplate. Schaller straplocks Kiogon vintage wiring kit Fender Custom shop pick ups Cavaties shielded with copper tape LaBella flats. Neck is 2014 Fender Mexican with Rosewood board (jazz profile) Body is a "Guitar and bass build" custom made 2 piece Alder body. Just been set up, nice low action, not low enough to crush dynamics, but very easy to play. Sounding like a great Precision should - Warm, round and thumpy . I used it in my band for Motown songs. I'm not in that band anymore, so time to move it on. Can post, but would prefer collection so you can try it. Any questions, give me a shout. Not interested in any trades at all. Cheers
  16. That RCF 735 is tempting Cant imagine how good that'll be
  17. Only wear them for squash. Should see my short shorts though
  18. Here it is: I have no affiliation with the seller, i just cannot believe a German made 5 string Warwick is for sale for £550. Absolutely bonkers
  19. There are some ridiculously cheap Warwick 5s that come up from time to time on the forum. Im sure i saw a stage 2 streamer for well under you budget in the classifieds.....
  20. "White Stripes - 7 Nation Army" has got to be a pretty pleasing song to play when your first starting out i would think?
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