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  1. Sorry, i'd forgotten to check the serial number. Will do it tonight
  2. I will have a look for you when i get home
  3. Ah thanks, i didn't know that was the case.
  4. Didn't think this day would ever come, but here it is. For sale is my Warwick Streamer stage 1 that was made in 1987. I bought it on this forum about 7 years ago, and it's been my number 1 gigging bass since then. Probably played close to 300 gigs with it. For it's age, (over 30 years old!! ) its in really good condition. Price drop because there is a bass i want. If it sells, it'll go back to starting price. Β£1400 But there are a couple of bad bits...... * There is some player wear above the pickup, where my thumb rests, and i guess where the previous owners thumb rested. *The pickups are original, and have worn back where the strings have hit them over time. *There is also a tiny bit of damage to the back which i've tried to photograph. But there is no neck crack. Which is a common theme on these basses. And the rest of it is in cracking nick. I've really looked after it. The good bits..... * It has a low , low action, and one of the smallest, thinnest profiled necks you'll ever play. If you like to play a bass that has a bit of a chunkier neck, this is not the bass for you. * It comes in at 40mm at the nut, 53mm at the 12th and 60mm at the 24th fret. * The bass is light at 3.8kg on my digital scales. 3812g if you want precision. * Cherry body and 5 piece Cherry and Wenge through neck * Original EMG pickups and Gold Hardwear * The 4 controls are Vol, Bal, Bass and Treble. With those control options, and that pickup, you have a lot of tonal options under your fingertips. Which is one of the reasons i loved this bass. I never fiddled with the amp. I play in a wedding band and could go from dub reggae, to motown, to rock no problem. The Swiss army knife of basses!! Here are some pictures. Ive tried to include as many as possible. Any more you want let me know. Apologise that they are poor quality, i only have my phone to take the photos with. Its hard to get a good impression of the bass through photos, and for this reason i really would prefer the potential buyer to come and try it out. I live in South Wales. You are welcome to bring your entire amp and speaker set up, or you can use mine. I will post, but it will be up to the buyer to arrange courier, and it will be at their own risk. I will do everything i can to package it up safely, but i wont take responsibility for what happens after it has left my hands!! Only trade i might potentially be interested in is a 2 band Stingray, preferably an older one. Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for looking Edit to add the strings on it are old, because that's how i like them. So a new buyer might want to get a new set, if you like a bit of zing in your low end . OOOoooOoOoOhh
  5. FFAF bass player is on here , i'm sure he would remember that 😁
  6. One of the best for that!! Can drive right up to the playing area
  7. Its called Pencoed House. We've played a few venues that have looked similar recently. The cake was delicious 😁
  8. Bit off topic, but i train dogs, and we had a client in last week with a puppy called Jura!! I liked the name, and now i know where the inspiration came from!
  9. Ahhh ok. That explains it then. We were expecting people to go. The photographer had given us the heads up to be fair. But it was still weird when everyone left!!
  10. Had a Saturday and Sunday wedding gigs this weekend. Both local too, which is a bonus. Weird situation on the Sunday though. Weather was horrible all day, so they hadn't been able to get outside for any photos. Before going on the photographer said, if a chance came he'd have to take everyone outside for group shots. I was assured too, that it was the "golden hour" (i've no idea). Anyway, about 3 songs into our first set, everyone leaves. Everyone. Only people left in the room was the caterers. Was quite a strange moment!! I've played to small crowds before, during time in originals bands. Never happened at a wedding though πŸ˜† We carried on playing. And in about 3 songs time, everyone came back in. On a side note, it was a great venue for sound.
  11. Can only echo Stephens message. Great group of people on here. Thank you so much.
  12. Looks good! Fonkay playing too
  13. At the risk of repeating myself, can't believe the generosity shown from this forum. Way exceeded anything i could have expected, so again, thank you very much to everyone.
  14. Never really listened to Steely Dan before. Liked that though. Very cool
  15. Played a public gig this weekend, so a few prospective clients could come and watch us. Cool venue in the center of Cardiff. PA and sound engineer supplied, so that makes a nice change. That, and being able to play in something other than a shirt and trousers!
  16. It is good fun to play! He has given up. He is a psychologist now. As i say, real tidy bloke too. We had a good laugh with him.
  17. Another nice wedding gig on the weekend. A castle that was built in the mid 15th Century in Gloucester. Nice. But it was a cool gig for a different reason. Remember the Boo Radleys? "Wake up Boo!"? Probably been woken up to it by GMTv for many a year? Well the lead singer was at the wedding as he is good friends with the bride. We played "Wake up Boo", with him singing as the bride and grooms first dance. First time he's sung the song live in 20 years! He's done Glastonbury, and now he's played with The Big Easy. Nowhere else for him to go, so he may as well retire πŸ˜† Real tidy bloke too. You want picture proof? Ok
  18. If we are doing photos.... We knew the wedding photographer at our last wedding, from playing in a few weddings he has been behind the camera at previously. He was kind enough to send a couple over Always make friends with the photographer
  19. TKS have something similar. Kind of, if you squint a little...
  20. The reason we had to keep the volume down was because we were in the middle of a housing estate! It just didnt feel like we wereπŸ˜†
  21. Keep forgetting to post in here. Double header last week. We had a "Ladies day at Ascot" party on Thursday. Everyone smashed by the time we got there. Early start (6pm) and early finish (8pm). Played 2 hours straight by request. Not a good sign though, when you've just loaded your gear in, haven't even started setting up, and the owner says "you're going to have to keep it quiet you know?!" Probably best you didn't book a 5 piece band then mate! Very surreal. It was based in a Victorian mansion, that had been renovated, big stone walls surrounding it. Set inside a brand new housing estate?!?! WTF?!? Amazing venue, and honestly, when you're inside, you could be in anywhere. Open the big wooden doors to get to the "outside", and there a dog pissing on someones bin bag. Really weird. Saturday was a bit more of our normal affair. Wedding in a big marquee set outside in a field. Lovely
  22. Crazy amount of detail in your build Andy. Awesome to see it. Nice job, again!
  23. I was seriously underwhelmed by eBay and Paypal when i required their help. Hope you get it sorted though.
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