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  1. I just received my Precision Elite from Adrian here in Greece and I have nothing but positive things to say about him.Cheers mate and thank you for a perfect transaction! https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/44619-slappindabass/
  2. For a bit more modern sound pick the B7K...It's more midrangie and cuts better through the mix.I have the B3K and it's phenomenal for ultra punchy drive sound.Especially if you use a compressor before the distortion... Cheers
  3. Thank you!Καλώς σας βρήκα!
  4. Lost as I was in the sales department ☺️ forgot to introduce myself to this fine community...My name is George and I am the bass player of a prog rock band called Mother Turtle!You can find our music here:https://motherturtleband.bandcamp.com/ I use mainly a Yamaha BB1025X with a few goodies pedals! Cheers to you all!
  5. Being a owner of a TC Spectracomp I can only be happy with the result.Compression isn't always about well compress your signal but what I found out was that it boosts my dynamics when faded so my G string which is kind thin in some notes it made it even.Plus you can try many presets just by havin a smart phone with the application and changing presets wirelessly through the bass pick up!I recommend it.even a slight compression will make your fuzz sounds better.At least my darkglass b3 does! Cheers
  6. Great bass!Do you ship outside UK?If it is still available of course.
  7. Fair enough.Hope for a good sale.It's a great bass! Best regards George
  8. But of course you qualify...After all drummers are considered bassists best fellows!☺️ It's in the nature of this album to demand time to adhere and give you a bigger picture...The fadings wasn't a plan at all but it was done for reproducing purproses only(radios,web players etc.).Magma is indeed one of our favourite bands(probably a genre on their own). Thank you very much for taking time to listen and write your thoughts!Cheers!
  9. Tech21 Vt bass deluxe Tc Polytune Tc Spectra Comp Ebs Octabass Darkglass B3K Ebs Unichorus Source Audio Envelope Filter And there is more in thought😁
  10. Well it's been almost a year and our third album had its share of opinions...We will be much obliged if you bass fellows could give it a go... https://motherturtleband.bandcamp.com/ Gear used:Yamaha BB1025X,Tech21 VT bass deluxe,Tc Electronics Spectra Comp,Ebs Octaver all through EBS 350HD.
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