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  1. I've recently done pretty much the same thing as the OP. Got bored with my old school Fenders & Rickenbacker. Ended up with two Dingwall basses which I'm really loving,they have rekindled my love of playing bass & are definitely nothing like a Fender.
  2. My Darkglass MT900 has never struggled at all,in fact I think my ear drums would implode well before it ran out of oomph. It is insanely powerful
  3. It works surprisingly well in this piece of doom metal. Excellent tune too
  4. OK so at rehearsal I discovered my Harmonic Booster appears to be faulty making a deep pulsing hiss which proper flaps my speakers. It does this whether it is engaged or not. Didn't notice it at home on mega low volume with my ringing old lug 'oles. We checked absolutely every thing else but my HB is definitely not happy. Bugger 🙁
  5. I switched off during my secondary school music classes after the teacher,a Mr Weston,asked the class "Do any of you play a musical instrument" I stuck my hand up & when asked replied "I play bass guitar sir" At which point he scowled at me & said "Does any play a proper musical instrument" That did it for me,even at the tender age of 12 I knew he was a knob end.
  6. I've just bought a Darkglass Harmonic Booster & so far at home I'm really liking it. It's a very versatile & musical sounding clean pre amp Big test at rehearsal tonight but I'm confident it will be amazing.
  7. You're such a Stinging fan boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Are you Big Poppa
  8. bought new by me in march this year. This is a mk1 version & is in immaculate "as new" condition. Original box including manual & stickers etc Price is delivered to mainland UK
  9. Me neither in 41 years,never had a bass with a dead spot & I have owned a ridiculous number of basses.
  10. Well for what it's worth I have owned 3 stingrays over the past few decades,all 4 string single H. 3 band - quiet G string 2 band - quiet G string - a Nordstrand pickup helped but still not perfect 2 band classic - quiet G string Used in totally different genres over the years & every one of them had a weak G which just disappeared in a live mix,hence each was moved on fairly quickly. I do like the look & feel of them,especially the classic,but they just don't work for me. I do wonder if the new ones are any better.
  11. Best cab I have ever owned is my current Markbass NY122 as recommended to me by Drew who used to own GBBL. Really nice tone with my Darkglass MT900 & nicely controlled low end,I really don't like super deep boom. It's small,light & massively better built than my Barefaced BB2 was.
  12. We have the exact same problem but there is nowhere else in town.
  13. Wow I'm not as bad as I feared. In Darkglass vintage Ultra Dingwall D roc Dingwall Combustion Dingwall ABZ Smooth hound wireless system Out Fender Vintera P bass Rickenbacker 4003SW Tech 21 YYZ Sansamp Pedal Dingwall D roc (yes I kept it a massive 4 months)
  14. This is the Mk1 version of the pedal bought brand new my me from Gear4music in March this year. It is in mint,unmarked condition,has never had velcro stuck on it & comes with the original box + manual etc. I'm selling it as I prefer my Alpha Omega so don't use this enough to warrant keeping it. It is a great overdrive & very versatile with a heap of sounds available from a gentle bit of grit to absolute menal all on crunch. Payment via bank transfer preferred or PayPal family & friends option. Collection from Harrogate is fine too. Postage at cost is also fine
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