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  1. I recorded this using my Alpha Omega Ultra staight into the desk. Full Omega with drive on full & blend at 11 o'clock. I set the graphic eq with a mid hump. It sounds huge,I really like it & the engineer absolutely loved it too,in fact he didn't alter anything just added some compression.
  2. Cheers,they did some awesome tunes
  3. It was recorded by the studio engineer with one gimbal mounted SLR. We had to play through it a few times lol We recorded the audio a few weeks beforehand 😁
  4. After playing in various bands for the past 35 years my current band have recorded a decent video of a Black Sabbath cover."Lord of this World" Please have a watch & feel free to comment. Ta
  5. artisan


    Same here & it is awesome
  6. I'm in a Black Sabbath covers band so i use heavy distortion on certain tunes & the AOU replaced two other pedals. If you check out my other posts on here we recorded a Sabbath tune a few weeks back,my bass tone on that is total killer.
  7. And I didn't believe them until i watched this. Jack Sabbath warts and all 😁😁😁😁😁
  8. I've not tried the B7K so I can't comment. Sorry. But I do love the AOU
  9. Wow thank you Mr Delvar 🤘 I'm feeling very humble 😁
  10. Thanks for all the comments on this guys it's very much appreciated
  11. Thank you so much 👍 You know we never thought of contacting a tribute agency,I'll have to check that out,cheers
  12. Wow thanks for all the positive comments guys I really do appreciate it & will pass on to the boys. If you know anywhere that would like us to play please let me know or get in touch via the Jack Sabbath website or Facebook page. We are not greedy & actually lost money last night but had such a blast we don't care 😁 👍
  13. Haha thanks Paul. The other Jack Sabbath recordings are from when I first joined the band after quitting the country band. They were just rough recordings all done in just a few hours,I didn't really have a suitable rig then either. We are planning on recording some more tracks soon so they will replace the old ones on our website. Hopefully we may get a gig nearer you in the future too,our gig last night was immense. Thank you 🤘
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