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  1. That one is about 4 weeks newer than the D roc & looks even better since I changed the scratch plate. Nice & light too.
  2. Hi Tom,the D roc is the green one,they are the only photos I have of it. Although you could buy the Combustion (blue one) for the same price.
  3. Much as I love this bass I have chance to get a Canadian Dingwall so would need to sell this first,but I'm not too worried if it doesn't go. I only got this from Bass Direct a couple of months ago & it hasn't even left my living room yet. It is a wonderful thing of beauty, plays incredibly well & sounds really good. It's very light with has no neck dive at all,it balances very well. Price is firm as it really is like new Comes with it's Dingwall gig bag & Dunlop strap locks.
  4. Hey steady on Lozz,you'll hurt Pippa's feelings
  5. New scratch plate on my Combustion. Much better than the matt black single ply stock jobbing.
  6. My D roc is very light & balances very nicely on the strap,no neck dive at all.
  7. I would have to disagree with you there as I own two four string Dingwalls & am very happy with my punchy/tight sounding 36.25" E strings. It's nice to have even tension across all four strings & all to have a very similar timbre. 😁
  8. Both strap button sockets are recessed into the back of the body,it came with dunlop strap locks too. The balance is perfect,absolutely no neck dive & it is a very light bass too. It plays so easily that it convinced me to sell my vintage style basses (Rick 4003SW & P bass) & get the combustion to go with it. Only problem now is that I am gassing for a Canadian Dingwall next 😁
  9. it's actually a green one like mine 😁 I spotted it the other day & thought it was well cool
  10. The best light weight rig I have ever had is my current setup. In fact I would say it is the best rig I have ever had in 41 years of playing bass. Darkglass Microtubes 900 Markbass NY122. (with the tacky logo removed) Very powerful,sounds fantastic & light weight too.
  11. artisan


    Looks a bit cheesy
  12. Yes I agree it is very good indeed. In fact I find it a much better selling medium than the marketplace on here & I have had far more success selling on there,it's totally free too.
  13. I have just sold two basses in the space of a week via Facebook. Both adverts were for collection but both buyers happily arranged their own courier so the sales went smoothly. Personally I always prefer a buyer to collect or meet them somewhere convenient but if they wish to use a courier then that is fine,they sort it & if anything untoward should happen it's not my problem.
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