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  1. Mexican Fenders

    The MIM standard P I played in gear4music was extremely good & if I had the dosh it would have come home with me.
  2. NAD Fender Super Bassman

    Excellent While I love my CTM100 I'd happily swap it for a super bassman,plus it'd look awesome sat on my bassman neo 410
  3. Ashdown CTM 100 & ABM 210 Evo VI

    Brilliant amps these Love mine
  4. Jazz

    My U.S.A. G&L JB & my recently purchased MIM Fender Jazz
  5. NAD Fender Super Bassman

    Bet that sounds awesome You just can't beat the sound of tubes
  6. Withdrawn

    4 a side Rev 👍
  7. £35 posted to the mainland U.K. http://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/strings-c1/sets-c865/bass-guitar-c34/thomastik-jf344-jazz-flatwound-bass-strings-43-100-p842 Only been in my jazz bass for a couple of weeks,hardly used as I only tried them out but find I prefer my chromes.
  8. Mexican Fenders

    I'm thinking of putting a set of quarter pounders in my Mex & using that for gigs at the more "lively" venues we play at as I do worry about my lovely G&L JB getting nicked or damaged.
  9. Mexican Fenders

    I bought a new MIM Jazz bass yesterday & its a great instrument,it badly needed a setup but once done it plays very nicely indeed. I played it back to back against an American standard Jazz & although the US one was definitely better the Mex isn't far behind it.
  10. Mexican Fenders

    I player an MIM P bass in gear4music a couple of weeks ago & was well impressed with it.
  11. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Because I'm stupid
  12. Nice Shame you're not taking trades ☹ Shame I'm skint too
  13. Pound for pound, what's the best P bass?

    Lol I don't have an LB100 actually but I'd happily sell a kidney to buy one 😁
  14. Pound for pound, what's the best P bass?

    Personally I'd go for a USA G&L LB100 it'll cheaper than a C/S & just as well built,if not even better plus you can specify the exact spec' you want.