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  1. Yamaha BB424 *SOLD*

    My pleasure Enjoy
  2. Which 4x10 cab

    that's my plan the Fender rumble 410 seems to get lots of praise so will check that out,i want a nice vintage sound without the weight as i have arthritis on my old knees (yes i just got my 1st ever valve amp - silly old git ) my BB2 is a wonderful cab but a modern sounding cab & it's also not wide enough to sit my CTM100 on
  3. Yamaha BB424 *SOLD*

    On hold guys Wow
  4. Yamaha BB424 *SOLD*

    Now sold,thank you for all of the interest in this. Bought new my brand new me a few months ago for £340 & now not really played much. I need to raise funds for a new purchase so this is priced to sell,no trades please. (grap yourself a christmas bargain) In excellent condition,no damage or scratches. Plays very well & sounds great Cash on collection please.
  5. In as new condition,boxed & with it's factory supplied patch cable. I have used this a few times to sweeten up my GK MB800 Fusion amp (now traded on) but now I am using a full tube amp' I no longer need it so may as well sell it on. I can post it (for a small fee) or you can collect it. cheers. http://ebssweden.com/content2/ebs-multicomp-studio-edition/
  6. For sale or possible trade for a 4X10 cab'. Roqsolid cover included. excellent condition,perfect working order & sounds mega. there is a slight scuff on the speaker grille (that's what it's there for ) which is just a bit of paint missing - no dents or scrapes in the metal. I bought this when I was gigging upright bass for a rockabilly band & it has performed flawlessly,now I am back on rock bass guitar duties I find myself wanting a more "classic sounding" cab,so it's time to move this on. sorry but as I don't have the box & packaging for this I can't post it - not that I'd trust a courier company with it anyway - so it will have to be collection or a meet somewhere near Harrogate. cheers'
  7. Which 4x10 cab

    Seen that,very nice just a bit too large for my requirements
  8. Which 4x10 cab

    I've looked at the Nx410 online and it looks pretty good,nice & light too
  9. Which 4x10 cab

    Yes water tight 😁
  10. Which 4x10 cab

    Lol He's a businessman so bound to be as tight as a whale's ring piece 😁
  11. Which 4x10 cab

    Lol Indeed it is 😁
  12. Which 4x10 cab

    Lol My 100watt valve amp is just as loud as my,now departed GK MB800 FUSION. Cheers
  13. Which 4x10 cab

    I'm currently running an Ashdown CTM100 head through my Barefaced Big Baby 2 & have to say I'm pretty pleased with the result. However I'm looking for a bit more volume plus a nice warm vintage tone. The Barefaced 410 is the obvious choice but they're rather pricey so I'm looking around for a suitable cab that will give me a great sound without weighing a ton & also not too massive. Budget up to £600 Any recommendations Cheers
  14. Headroom question.

    Would a compressor help ? It'll take out the spikes in your signal