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  1. I play in a fairly loud rock band running a Darkglass M900 into a Markbass NY122 & couldn't be happier. Sounds awesome & dead easy to transport. Can't fault it at all
  2. I had an SSS one briefly & as above far too much to mess about with so I never gelled with it.
  3. I absolutely love Sabbath,but I would I'm in a Sabbath covers band 😁 Watching YouTube a while back & this came up as a suggested video,never heard of the band before but I love this.
  4. Neil Peart He was the greatest rock drummer in my opinion. He'd have made me look proper shite
  5. My first Dingwall had the exact same effect on me.
  6. Cripes That's in a disgraceful state. Good luck
  7. I had one a few years back,it was a nice bass & certainly well made but absolutely no better than any Fender Jazz. In fact I sold it & kept the MIM Jazz in this photo as it was a nicer,better playing bass.
  8. Straight grain looks like Ash to me
  9. Yes big thumbs up from me too,always very helpful & always great service
  10. artisan


    Not lefties but love both of mine. Both are light weight especially the ABZ,that is very light. Build quality on both is excellent. Fan frets are not a problem,I adapted to them in just a few minutes. I sold all of my vintage style basses after I got my first Dingwall as they are just so much better & more comfortable to play. BTW I owned one of the older combustions with the 2 band preamp & think they sound very bland,the later ones are a massive improvement.
  11. I've recently done pretty much the same thing as the OP. Got bored with my old school Fenders & Rickenbacker. Ended up with two Dingwall basses which I'm really loving,they have rekindled my love of playing bass & are definitely nothing like a Fender.
  12. My Darkglass MT900 has never struggled at all,in fact I think my ear drums would implode well before it ran out of oomph. It is insanely powerful
  13. It works surprisingly well in this piece of doom metal. Excellent tune too
  14. OK so at rehearsal I discovered my Harmonic Booster appears to be faulty making a deep pulsing hiss which proper flaps my speakers. It does this whether it is engaged or not. Didn't notice it at home on mega low volume with my ringing old lug 'oles. We checked absolutely every thing else but my HB is definitely not happy. Bugger 🙁
  15. I switched off during my secondary school music classes after the teacher,a Mr Weston,asked the class "Do any of you play a musical instrument" I stuck my hand up & when asked replied "I play bass guitar sir" At which point he scowled at me & said "Does any play a proper musical instrument" That did it for me,even at the tender age of 12 I knew he was a knob end.
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