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  1. Cash price £450 Trade value £500 Brand new - Bought my me just two weeks ago ! Yes I'm an idiot ! I bought this on a whim two weeks ago but have now seen something else that I fancy. It's a Fender Mexico bass & really is beautifully made/finished. Ash body,rosewood fret board,21 perfectly finished frets,1 lovely punchy humbucker & a very flexible 18volt 3 band active eq. Plays very nicely,I have put some D'Addarrio medium roundwounds on which give it a really good punchy sound. Comes with a brand new Fender Deluxe gig bag. Possible trade for a Fender Precision I'm in Harrogate Collection or meet up only. Cheers
  2. What is it with headstock design?

    The worst neck joint I have ever seen was on an overwater jazz bass I used to own,it had 4.5mm of very rough plastic shimmingin the neck cavity which left virtually no wood to wood connection,Just a large air gap. When I complained to overwater they weren't interested & said that it was perfectly acceptable on a bolt on bass ! Sorry for going o/t Rant over 😀
  3. I agree with you Merton,It's my favourite amp too.
  4. Show us yer headstocks!

    I like this Most people hate it Obviously they are wrong 😁
  5. High Sensitivity Small footprint

    I recently acquired an Ashdown CTM100 too & really hated my Barefaced Big Baby 2 cab with it. After trying various cabs I finally settled on a Fender bassman neo 410 & find it brilliant with my CTM100. I also tried the bassman neo 115 too & that is also an excellent cab,so if a 410 is too large for you the 115 is certainly worth a look (It's fairly compact too)
  6. Ed’s got a rattling Barefaced!

    It's only the handle rattling 😁
  7. My CTM100 through my fender bassman neo 410 is sublime & bloody loud too
  8. You dirty rotten scoundrel you 😲
  9. Rig help

    For old school I can highly recommend the CTM100. I found my Barefaced BB2 really didn't work well for the sound I wanted so moved it on,I think you will need a 4x10 to get the sound you're wanting. I tried several cabs at gear4music & settled on a Fender bassman neo 410,it suits me perfectly + comes with wheels too which my old arthritic knees like.
  10. Black Sabbath Vol 4

    It's a great album with a few really excellent tracks on it,my band play four of them in our set 😁
  11. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    I put a set of TI's on my G&L Jazz & I'm just loving it,even just playing acoustically it sounds Mega.
  12. +1 me too,Hartke didn't give a damn when my new Kilo died,they didn't ever return any of my emails. I got my CTM100 second hand from here & when i phoned Ashdown (twice) for a little advice they couldn't have been more pleasant/helpful to me so they get a big thumbs up from me.
  13. SVT style OD on a budget

    I have an Ampeg Scrambler which I really like,easy to use & capable of some immense sounds.