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  1. Sounds like your man has read an old Ed Freidland tutorial book.. I remember that phrase from there, among others like a 'quick turnaround' & 'long turnaround'.. Just use your ears and whichever finger you want!
  2. Not wanting to rub it in - pun intended - 'that' bass you mention has a very gloss finish compared to the Kays... not sure if nitro is available in gloss?
  3. Barefaced notblackfriday 20% off everything until end of 2nd Dec.. nice
  4. The big price cut on the G70/75 is appRently due to them failing to pass a German quality test on the frequencies used.. theyve been witgdrawn from sale there...
  5. I was also dubious about active speakers...but I got the Yamaha DXR12s in the end. 700w each . The built in speaker management beats passive cabs hands down. Sometimes add a Dxs12 sub for a bit extra. I kept to a 12" sub for ease of transport . Mixer is a Soundcraft Ui24r digital affair. More inputs than needed but has the ability to record 20 channels straight onto a memory stick. Handy if you like recording gigs/rehearsals..
  6. Ive used the G70 for 3 years before I knew it had a scan feature... it was never a problem..
  7. The Souncraft has a 'more me' feature on all the aux sends. Assign yourself an aux channel , or 2 if you want stereo, and you can have a screen with one big fader that will adjust only you against everything else in the monitor mix..
  8. I use the Soundcraft ui24r and have tried the Behringer ... all units have a few things in common. Firstly the wifi in all of them isnt as reliable as it should be. You will need an external router. Also a laptop connected via ethernet cable as back up. You wont loose connection this way.
  9. Quick tip... dont leave them in. Rubber has a habit of retaining its shape over time. If you take them out between gigs they will be a tighter fit than if permanently squashed in place...
  10. Elvis found a way out of touring while still remaining popular..those early films kept his profile up..
  11. Thanks Hooky... tone is a very serious subject...
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