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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Line 6... Ive used the G30, G75 & G10s With most of the common piezo pickups.. Underwood, Planet Waves, Revolution Solo etc. All the Line 6 systems work faultlessly when plugged straight into the p/up.
  3. Mark Kermode was in a skifflish band playing upright bass a long time ago..
  4. To the O.P. That ebay one was way over priced..it was made by a guy called Trevor Covney, hes on Facebook. Theyre less than £100 and come without any string grooves. Check with him how wide they are...
  5. The ui24 has 8 aux (monitor) outs plus main L/R. They all have individual feedback eliminators, Individual 30 band eq, Compression , gate. There are 2 virtual aux chanels plus 4 virtual input channels- get your head round those.. Its also a great sounding DAW interface & can record 20 inputs to seperate tracks on a usb stick. I could go on and on...
  6. Xr18 over Ui16 but Ui24 over Xr18. The ui16 has inferior mic pre amps to the Xr18 although there is an Xr18 Midas. The Ui24 has way better pre amps than the 16 and sounds the bollox. The Soundcraft Interface is much more user friendly and easier on the eye, thats what swung it for me. Whichever you choose an external router is a must.
  7. G70 here... theyre no longer for sale though.
  8. Ive used one of those tailguts.. they snap quite easily. If you put it in the groove, where it should be, it would make the bend almost 90 degrees, thats how mine snapped. I would get a different one if I were you.
  9. Not cheese but chicken. These guys are heavily influenced by poultry..
  10. Sounds like your man has read an old Ed Freidland tutorial book.. I remember that phrase from there, among others like a 'quick turnaround' & 'long turnaround'.. Just use your ears and whichever finger you want!
  11. Not wanting to rub it in - pun intended - 'that' bass you mention has a very gloss finish compared to the Kays... not sure if nitro is available in gloss?
  12. Barefaced notblackfriday 20% off everything until end of 2nd Dec.. nice
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