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  1. All this love for the 51 on here but I had to sell mine outside the forum at a knockdown price.... sign of the times..
  2. Gen 3 cab, excellent condition with generic soft cover. Initially looking to trade for a Big Baby 2 with cash adjustment.
  3. It was the BBC being morally offended on our behalf...back in the day they they thought that they were the barometer of good taste.
  4. I think so.. also theme tunes such as The Persuaders, Born Free, The Protectors. And some cool singles as the John Barry Seven, pre Bond.
  5. Goldfinger for me.. an indication of my age as much as anything.. its like your fave Dr Who. Basically, John Barry was a genius.
  6. Unfortunatly sounds like hes playing the spoons not a bass....
  7. Agreed.. must admit Im getting rather fond of it since it went up for sale.
  8. F hole covers arent needed but I get sick of all the 'why the beachball' questions...
  9. Put a small beach ball inside the bass side F hole then pump it up.. Pop your foam covers in and nobody will know .. Totally reversable...
  10. This is now up for sale on other forums as well as here....
  11. Looking for a set to try out. Silverslap/Goldenslap light gauge. Anybody got a set lying around ?
  12. Bass can be viewed in Ashton under Lyne or Salford near Media City..
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