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  1. The only photo I've taken of my D roc yet. Love this bass to bits,it almost plays itself,so much so I'm tempted to move my beloved Ricky on & buy an NG3
  2. How about this ? It's in the basses for sale section too.
  3. Just taken some GHS pressurewounds off my Rickenbacker & fitted a set of the above D'Addario nickels,love them they have a lovely rich tone but are not too bright.
  4. Thank you. It is indeed a cracker & I don't really want to sell it but need to recoup some money back after my recent purchase.
  5. Wow that was fast. Must have been too cheap 😁
  6. Only six months old,immaculate condition,fitted with new GHS pressurewound strings,very nice setup,plays beautifully. It has had the wiring loom upgraded with top quality components including a switch craft jack socket(KiOgon loom) so sounds ace. Comes with its Fender deluxe gig bag. Price is firm so no lower offers please. Collect from Harrogate. No trades please.
  7. Geddy Lee's signature Sansamp pedal. Excellent condition complete with instruction manual,warranty card & metal box. I've had this on my pedal board for a few months (never had velcro on it) & have been pleased with it but have decided to replace it with Darkglass pedal. Collect from Harrogate or I could post for a few pounds more.
  8. Yes sorry it's a shite pic I know. Yes it's a metal flake finish & looks awesome in the flesh. Controls right to left are volume,pickup selector,tone.
  9. Cheers Absolutely no neck dive at all it just sits perfectly & it's an easy reach to the first fret too.
  10. Well it was Saturday really but I'm far to slack to post anything before now. Bought from Bass Direct who were ace to deal with & arrived in a factory sealed box,so I am the first person to play it fresh,which I really like. The bass was almost perfectly setup,just needed the A string saddle raising very slightly,otherwise it is perfect Plays amazingly well,effortless in fact & makes my vintage style basses feel very agricultural. Sounds awesome too,especially with all three pickups on. It's also feather light,I've not weighed it yet but I'd be surprised if it was over 8lbs. It came in a very nice Dingwall gigbag too which is more of a soft case. Overall I'm totally loving it so far. Now for the only pic I've taken of it.
  11. artisan

    Dingwall D-Roc

    I did just that & it arrived this morning. What an amazing bass
  12. As a recent convert I just love the Rickenbacker 4001/4003,such a classy looking instrument & very versatile too.
  13. My Vintera P sounded quite harsh,especially with the tone wide open as you describe your bass to be. The new loom got rid of the harshness & gave my bass a much warmer,classier sound with added punch ,I am very impressed with it. So easy to fit too & i am hopeless with electrickery
  14. +1 for a KiOgon loom. Totally transformed my Vintera P bass & I'm sure it will he a big improvement on your P bass too.
  15. Still sounds excellent after all these years & I still love it. In fact it was the first rock album I ever bought.
  16. GHS Pressure wound for me. I have the medium light set on my Rick & mediums on my P bass. Both sound very sweet with out the horrible zing of rounds & importantly they last very well too,my Rick has done loads of rehearsals plus several gigs with no loss of tone/feel. Btw they are much cheaper from Bass Direct than they are from Strings Direct.
  17. Lovely bass. I have just recently discovered that I absolutely love Rickenbackers after over four decades of thinking I am a Fender man. Rickysounds do a nice bezel to fill the cavity around the treble pickup which makes for a much more comfortable experience.
  18. Being flat footed & fat caused mine mixed with a few off road bike spills too.
  19. Mine is on a Saturday morning so hopefully it will be over by lunch time (unless they cancel it of course) Don't think I could stand all that daytime TV
  20. It has crossed my mind but the wife is having none of it.
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