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  1. Sofa shot for now, should be here (hopefully) early next week.
  2. A friend of mine is from North Korea. I asked him what it was like. He said he couldn't complain.
  3. Ordered on the 6th of April I think, so just over 12 weeks - 13 by the time it arrives. And here it is:
  4. I received my sofa shot today - 2nd payment did not reflect any change.
  5. Yup - I did that with an Edgar Meyer cd. Was enjoying it (the 2nd copy) thoroughly and then a melody hit me that I recognised, and lo and behold there was my first copy sitting on a shelf. Hey - at least we're consistent!!!
  6. Here you go. Sorry for the sideways angle, can’t figure out how to change that here.
  7. I’ve just bought a new Player Precision with a maple board, arrived a few days ago. I’m more than impressed, not having ever been wowed by anything MIM before. To put it in context - my other Precision is an early 2000’s MIJ, and I have a MIJ Mustang, ‘75 Reissue Jazz and a 2009 US American Standard Jazz 5. Genuinely, the Player is better put together than the US Jazz or the MIJ Precision. Both those basses sound, and feel, wonderful to me, but they took a lot of work to get there. This Player needed a truss rod tweak and the bridge lowered, but that’s just personal preference, so all in - sound and playability of the MIM Player is more than good. Satin neck feels great, body is light weight, finish is perfect, strings are ok but again that’s a personal thing. Am I happy? Hell yes. Would I spend more on the higher end Fenders? Not again.
  8. I like the extension, but being thin I found it digging into my side a bit much. I remedied this by having the upper ribs and neck block of a broken double bass transplanted onto it. The extension now serves to support the new rib. Feels so much more realistic to lean against.
  9. Maybe acoustic on the record, but he played it on the electric the night I saw them in Dublin on the Book Of Souls tour.
  10. Steve’s tone is .... Steve’s tone. It works for Maiden and that’s all it needs to do. But..... as much as I love Maiden, and Steve Harris is a huge reason that I’ve played bass since for 30 years now, sometimes his tone can be a little too much for me. The start of ‘The Red and the Black’, especially live, is so damn bright it takes away from the actual riff he’s playing, IMO. Having said that - Up the Irons!!!! And ‘Hallowed be thy Name’ is 37 years old, so maybe that’s why it sounds like their 80s material 😉
  11. That's lovely. Japanese Fenders are sooooooo good. Out of curiosity - what is the weight of this beastie?
  12. It’s good to be open minded to new possibilities :; (I’ll issue my apologies now)
  13. Not using his pinky finger has really got to slow him down.
  14. Too true - it's funny how close your slapping on (presumably) roundwounds is to his playing on flats. But rhythmically - a great idea to take his patterns and slap them.
  15. This is so wrong on so many levels!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!! Seriously - great job, and what a tune. Up the Irons!
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