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  1. Without giving away too many spoilers - what did you think of the fretless?
  2. And a further update - the good folks at Ashdown got back to me, Ant was sent to them on a Tuesday, back in the post by Friday and all is lovely and quiet with the fan. Quality unit, and quality service from Ashdown.
  3. Another vote for the 3 Leaf Audio GR2. My happy place filter is an Electro Harmonix Mini Q-Tron. I love mine to bits but it's a potential speaker destroyer when it wants to be.
  4. To resurrect this thread - I have an ANT! Bought it a week or so back from fellow Basschatter PaulHornBass. Alas I have yet to take it out on a gig, but that will hopefully change soon, or at least with an orchestra rehearsal. Tone wise I'm diggin it - it's just nice and plain and simple - does what it says on the tin. One concern I have is that the fan is very loud indeed. Loud to the point of definitely not using that in the studio, and possibly not using that on theatre gigs. I've written to Ashdown asking if this is the norm or if it can be tamed in any way but am still waiting for a reply. Other than that I can see this amp getting a lot of use.
  5. I had the same experience as SumOne. I absolutely loved the sound of the IR’s - made playing through headphones a whole new thing. And then the pedal would not be recognised by my computer no matter how many updates, re-installs, etc were done. Pedal returned and back to analog for me, despite the digital pedal sounding and feeling awesome.
  6. Bought an Ashdown Ant from Paul this week. Great communication, packed superbly and sent out at the earliest opportunity. Would happily buy from again.
  7. Sorry to hear that Laurence. Best wishes.
  8. Bobby Vega does indeed. I used to use the big Dunlop triangle picks, then tried regular ones. Didn't like the flimsy-ness of the thinner tip but didn't want to go back to the big green triangle. Tried a regular pick the Bobby way and it's the comfiest thing even, Just feels RIGHT.
  9. Boss LS-2 is great if phase isn’t an issue. Especially good for balancing and/or volumes between clean and wet signals. Barge Concepts VP-jr is a great one if you can find used - usually has a phase switch on the side. Best for both for me was the fx loop in the Bassswitch. Had everything - phase, blend and volume boost.
  10. Danbowskill is selling an MXR Bass Octave Deluxe in the classifieds, if that tickles your fancy.
  11. I'm on the 2 x 1x12's. I would toy with the idea of getting a third but reality reminds me that, if I'm on a gig that needs that much, I'm more likely to just put my cabs on to a flight case.
  12. The designer of the Streamliner is a regular here - AgedHorse/Andy. He’s been really helpful to me in the past with any Genz Benz issues/queries. Drop him a line, he’ll be the perfect guy to point you in the right direction.
  13. My condolences to all who knew him. I didn't know, and might possibly be one of the few who didn't buy or sell anything to him by the sounds of it, but I always remember seeing MB1 on so many posts. It really is like having regulars in the pub, and it's sad to lose one, to not see that face there anymore. RIP MB1.
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