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  1. Bought a GenzBenz Shuttle 3.0T Combo from Donovan last week. Arrived safe and sound from Belgium. Great communication throughout - quality Basschatter.
  2. Bump for an awesome pedal - these have a wonderful character at low gain, that’s my always on sound. Then crank the gain for saturated glory. I’m only not buying this as I bought a clone a few weeks ago as a backup.
  3. Only just found this - thanks for sharing these. Much appreciated.
  4. Bump for a seriously beautiful amp. I have two and I’m still tempted by this.
  5. Don’t be alarmed BUT - I’ve always understood this to be a sign of too much pressure and/or a weak top plate. It’s not something that is going to collapse overnight but it will continue over the next number of years. Maybe take it to a repair shop and have them evaluate it - might not be anything to be concerned about at all.
  6. How important?!?!?!?!? As the song said - 'If you have to ask, you'll never know'. Yes, I am that bass player that stands BEFORE the bride at the buffet.
  7. I get plenty of mileage out of a Hotone Bass Press, and it's an AWESOME wah pedal too.
  8. Oooo Oooo - Ballymena Bass Bash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Very interested. I know it’s not in the same ball park, but of all the bass wah’s I’ve tried, I love my Hotone Bass Press. So much that I genuinely wish they made a bigger version.
  10. If my old one is anything to go by, it’ll weigh next to nothing. Mine was breathtakingly light and an absolute joy to play. I only sold mine because I had three Precision’s at once and not enough talent to go round. Bump!!!
  11. Acoustic Image have a user-friendly, defeatable and not-at-all hidden hpf on all of their heads. From a double-bass point of view this feature was indispensable. On recordings and onstage it could be set quite high, so cutting more out of the lows, and the result was a clear sound without the dull roar. I can see how that sounds like the opposite of what folks might think they want in an amp though.
  12. Bump for an awesome Basschatter - as genuine and honest a description as you’ll get. Buy with absolute confidence!!’
  13. For what it’s worth, I had a bass refinished from natural wood to Olympic White. Not knowing any better I bought a white undercoat paint. Top coat paint was definitely Olympic White - I looked quite the plonker standing with my Fender in the middle of Halfords to get the right colour. After spraying, the bass came close to pearl white. I asked the guy doing it what the story was, he said I would have needed grey or possibly an orange undercoat. Wish I’d had that conversation before I bought the paint.
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