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  1. I think it matters even more so as, without it, it feels like a disconnect in the overall sound. The low end from the PA can make the stage amp sound like it has no body to it, leaving it sounding all mids/highs. I don’t like being too loud onstage but this headache of PA low end taking over can sometimes be a case of fight fire with fire.
  2. Danny from BassJapanDirect can get them, I think from Atelier. Worth dropping him a line.
  3. It’s not the pots, it’s the removing what’s around them that seemed to be the issue.
  4. Both my Streamliner heads (600 and 900) have zero volume/power problems, and both coming up on 10 years old. They both have crackling volume pots, but as AgedHorse said, the problem is finding a qualified tech to service/repair them. A well established local guy here won’t touch mine because of the Class D/transistor side of it.
  5. Bump for a great all-in-one solution. Great for both electric and upright basses. I’d happily buy this if I didn’t already have one.
  6. Stop it guys - you’re making me have second thoughts!!!!!!
  7. Any switching pedal will work, like the good old Boss LS-2. Check if your effects loop is parallel or series though. If it’s series it might only work with nothing in the front panel input.
  8. Sorry to hear this, horrible feeling for sure.
  9. Methinks thou doth protest too much. 😜
  10. Hi all - selling an Acoustic Image DoubleShot cab. Truly excellent, portable and loud cab. Cab is in excellent condition - about a year old and seen all of 10 gigs. 600watts and has little bumpers to help keep your amp head on top. New these are £720-ish. Selling for £630- NOW £550 plus postage NOW £525 plus postage
  11. Hi all - selling an Ashdown ANT - the pedal board friendly amp. Fits onto a Pedaltrain Nano with ease. Really punches well above its weight. With two 1x12 cabs it effortlessly carried a wedding band gig. Would happily keep, but five amps is too many. (repeat after me - five amps is too many Gareth, five amps is too many Gareth). One issue is the mute button - it works 100%, mutes the DI and amp signal, but the red LED doesn't come on. Selling for £160 posted. NOW £150.
  12. Hi all - selling a Tech21 VTBassDI. Excellent kit - you know what it does. I'm just not an Ampeg-y kinda guy alas. Only bought a few weeks ago from Jonse of this parish. Doesn't have original box/tin. Selling for £150 posted.
  13. Hi all - selling an Ampeg SCR-DI. In good condition and working perfectly. Great preamp/DI/headphone - this is my second time buying one. Happily keep but prefer a less-Ampeg-y sound. Should have seen that one coming. Selling for £115 posted. Now £105
  14. Up for sale is a Trickfish Trilobite preamp - truly the bells and whistles of preamps. Only about a year old, with maybe 10 gigs under its belt. This is the newer, smaller enclosure. Incredibly versatile: dual DI outputs - one pre or post, the other dedicated post. Awesome built in headphone amp. Two effects loops - one series, the other parallel with clean volume control. Then there's the two independent channels - one with selectable hi and lo mids, the other fixed. Plus a mute with tuner output. Comes with supplied 12V power supply. Only selling as I have a 2 channel head that takes care of that function. New these are £580-ish and very out of stock. Selling this for £480. NOW £420 plus postage. Here's the official Trickfish blurb: The Trilobite is an extremely flexible, high quality dual channel preamplifier paired with routing options required for modern gig setups. The Bullhead EQ section allows for a broad range of tone control including shelving EQ’s for the Bass and Treble controls and variable band pass EQ’s for the Lo Mid and Hi Mid. A parallel and series effect loop, along with two direct outputs, make the Trilobite ideal for the stage or studio. Whether it’s in a pedalboard setup or standalone, you’ll have the most versatile setup possible no matter where you are. And a Premier Guitar review (with the older enclosure):
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