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  1. Gareth Hughes

    Should all bass amps have a bass filter?

    Acoustic Image have a user-friendly, defeatable and not-at-all hidden hpf on all of their heads. From a double-bass point of view this feature was indispensable. On recordings and onstage it could be set quite high, so cutting more out of the lows, and the result was a clear sound without the dull roar. I can see how that sounds like the opposite of what folks might think they want in an amp though.
  2. Gareth Hughes

    Olympic white jazz with a difference

    Pictures!! Glad to hear it's working out.
  3. Bump for an awesome Basschatter - as genuine and honest a description as you’ll get. Buy with absolute confidence!!’
  4. Gareth Hughes

    Olympic white jazz with a difference

    For what it’s worth, I had a bass refinished from natural wood to Olympic White. Not knowing any better I bought a white undercoat paint. Top coat paint was definitely Olympic White - I looked quite the plonker standing with my Fender in the middle of Halfords to get the right colour. After spraying, the bass came close to pearl white. I asked the guy doing it what the story was, he said I would have needed grey or possibly an orange undercoat. Wish I’d had that conversation before I bought the paint.
  5. Gareth Hughes

    Suggestions for affordable compressor

    The Pumperknickel is more than worth it. If you like the dbx family of compressors, then you’ll love this. It is so faithful in tone and response to a 163a that I have but way more flexible with the blend, and it’s a pedal. Eternal thanks to Bigwan for telling me about these.
  6. Gareth Hughes

    Zappa fan? In West London?

    Did he ride like a dipsh!t?
  7. Gareth Hughes

    New range from fender.

    Absolutely, and I totally get why Fender don't make them.
  8. Gareth Hughes

    New range from fender.

    They absolutely are Fender's, not arguing that. My point is that I'd want one without the modern angles - ie, the preamp, the fancy wood top. I'd just want an old fashioned Fender, with my tort guard, and my VVT plate, in Olympic White, with 24 frets. No objections to the 24 fret one they've made at all.
  9. Gareth Hughes

    New range from fender.

    I'd argue that they go elsewhere because they have to. I doubt that even if I had the money, that the Fender Custom Shop wouldn't make me a 24 fret version of a Jazz. So the likelihood of that model even making it into the bog standard production range is nil, and off I go to Maruszczyk.
  10. Gareth Hughes

    New range from fender.

    I was thinking the same thing. Even just in terms of something...ANYTHING...new, if Adrian can come up with a decent looking and playing 24 fret Jazz, then why can't Fender? Yes they did have the Jazz 24 years ago, but I'd argue that it got ignored by the traditional crowd because of the preamp, the control layout and the wood combos. A bog standard Jazz, passive, with 24 frets - is that too much for Fender to realise is a good thing?!?!?!?!?!?
  11. Gareth Hughes

    PRS SE Kingfisher, anyone tried one?

    Yep, tried that at the PRS distributor in the UK and they were ..... meh. Both the Kingfisher and the other model (forgot the name) had really bad wiring, just plain noisy no matter what. Could have just been those two basses but given that there were plenty on hand to try, this was a bit disappointing. Apologies for the negative review. I did want to like them but alas. They did play nice though.
  12. Well, you’ll never guess what colour it is...... it was the one going in the Bassist Ireland classifieds. Made in 2004/2005. In great nick bar a ding near the 3rd fret dot on the E string side. Sounds and plays heavenly. Tone up it can do a good Maiden clank, tone down it’s a glorious soulful thump. It’s a different old school vibe than my Precision with flats. Not better or worse, but simply awesome. I am in love. Sorry for the thread hijack OP.
  13. Just to let you Ian, that I alleviated my Mustang GAS, and I am ever so happy
  14. Gareth Hughes

    Introducing kid to db - teachers in Edinburgh?

    Don’t give up on the idea of a smaller bass. I bought my kids - 8 and 5 - a Thomann 22 double bass, the same model that I have a 3/4 size of, and its truly excellent. My 8 year old is average height for his age and he’s having no problem holding down notes in first position or working his way up a D Major scale in third position. It has an awesome tone considering it’s size. Of course not as rich as the big one but in no way lacking for learning. My eldest plays this bass in the junior orchestra I teach and it sits well beside the 1/4 size basses there. The action was a fair bit high but that’s was easily remedied with a few files and some patience. The soundpost is semi-permanently installed so there’s little risk of it falling down while you work at the bridge.
  15. Gareth Hughes

    davie504 and other awful clickbait horror

    Adam - I wouldn't sweat the clickbait titles. I've watched enough of your videos to trust that the next one is worth watching irregardless of its title. The same is opposite for other folks videos - no title would convince me to spend my time on them.