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  1. They are leather, but Maruszczyk’s straps are so damn comfy. And very pliable. By comparison I have some similarly wide straps by Italia that make the bass seem heavier because the straps feel so stiff. Great straps, just stiff.
  2. I played through an Acoustic Image head for years - on acoustic and electric bass - and loved it. My one reservation is similar to your EA experience, it could sound a little sterile with electric bass - but that’s what overdrive pedals are for 😜
  3. I had a good experience with a Markbass LMK head. It's a two channel head, with a footswitch to turn each channel on/off, not just A or B. I found that really helpful for muting. Sadly discontinued but they do pop up from time to time. Failing that, Acoustic Image make the wonderful Clarus head.
  4. Steve Harris for me - because his entire signal chain from bass to strings to preamp/poweramp to cabs shouldn’t sound as dominating as it does, but it does. The sum is much greater than the parts - like every great band.
  5. Bought a GenzBenz Shuttle 3.0T Combo from Donovan last week. Arrived safe and sound from Belgium. Great communication throughout - quality Basschatter.
  6. Bump for an awesome pedal - these have a wonderful character at low gain, that’s my always on sound. Then crank the gain for saturated glory. I’m only not buying this as I bought a clone a few weeks ago as a backup.
  7. Only just found this - thanks for sharing these. Much appreciated.
  8. Bump for a seriously beautiful amp. I have two and I’m still tempted by this.
  9. Don’t be alarmed BUT - I’ve always understood this to be a sign of too much pressure and/or a weak top plate. It’s not something that is going to collapse overnight but it will continue over the next number of years. Maybe take it to a repair shop and have them evaluate it - might not be anything to be concerned about at all.
  10. How important?!?!?!?!? As the song said - 'If you have to ask, you'll never know'. Yes, I am that bass player that stands BEFORE the bride at the buffet.
  11. I get plenty of mileage out of a Hotone Bass Press, and it's an AWESOME wah pedal too.
  12. Oooo Oooo - Ballymena Bass Bash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Very interested. I know it’s not in the same ball park, but of all the bass wah’s I’ve tried, I love my Hotone Bass Press. So much that I genuinely wish they made a bigger version.
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