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  1. Nevermind selling things, they are just time wasters in general. Currently putting a band together for a one off gig. A pretty big gig. Supporting named acts at a festival. A guy said he do it one week, quit before the first rehearsal a week later. Saying didn't have time.
  2. I've been in a band with her.
  3. Without hearing the music its hard to comment on who's right and even then it's subjective. As for being focused on notes, never focus on notes. In fact best not to play any!
  4. It's camouflaged. Look!😄 Plus I've had it about 30 years and it just lies around the front room. It's taken for granted the poor thing.
  5. Didn't realise another bass was on the couch 😆. Next job is to sand neck with 240 grit to get ready for the wudtone finish. Burn my name into the headstock, the finish with the aforementioned wudtone oil.
  6. The world's slowest build continues. Neck attached and headstock drilled for tuners.
  7. Fair bit of Zappa and Vai in there too....and Megadeth.
  8. I loved the first few DT albums, then kind if got bored with then around falling into infinity. (I did enjoy train of thought tho) Never really got into Myung though. He could clearly play but it never really turned me on. Didn't like his sound either, great player tho. Didn't listen to the for about 15 years but started listening to the first 2 albums again recently and they are cracking. Immense prog.
  9. I saw them 3 times between the falling into infinity and scene from a memory album years ago. I guess between 98 and 2002. They were always excellent. They seem enthused too. Hung out with em once. All cool guys.
  10. The neck doesn't fit in the pocket. It did at first, just, now it doesn't. So I've made a little sanding block out of a mini jenga block and sand paper. I'm gonna lightly sand one side of the pocket til the neck fits.
  11. I bought a babicz bridge for it. Think that has its own Screws.
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