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  1. A band i was in used to open with the Thundercats theme tune. I used to do all the shooty laser gun sounds.
  2. Still absolutely love that album, the band and Townsend just rip it up. It's my favourite Vai album.
  3. First heard him with Vai. TM Stevens and Bozzio as a rhythm section. I was 14 and had just started playing. That's what I thought a rhythm section had to be like😆
  4. Eventually Thomann will become OCP. Tbh I've never really been a fan of Dawson's. In the 90's there was a Dawson in a town near me but me and my mates used to use the independent music shops. You could get better stuff at better prices. I found the service and atmospheres in those shops was better too.
  5. I visited this thread to see if anyone knew anything about the LX8500. Glad I did, I will stay well away. I thought Hartke were supposed to be good. I have a bass attack pedal which I use all the time. Think I'll start looking at other amps.
  6. Surely they're The Old Heavies by now.
  7. No doubt he can sing, I just found his lyrics and songs, in general, a bit clichéd. Loved 5150 though. The levels thing is what I enjoy about Roth and the delivery. No doubt he had his cheesy moments too but not on early VH.
  8. The tensions between Roth and the Van Halens brought the magic. Like when they did those two tracks for the greatest hits in the late 90s. It was instantly better than anything they'd done for years. (This post was supposed to be an edit, not quoting myself)
  9. Hagar is just a cheese-meister. Formulaic rock n roll.
  10. When I was 14 my first teacher, school instrumental lessons, was a classical guitarist, he started me off on Bach Cello etudes. I wanted to learn Guns n Roses. My second teacher, private lessons, made me do jazz. Complicated big chords and funny times signatures, but I wanted to do Guns and Roses. Neither of em let me do Guns n Roses and I'm so glad for that......I wasn't at the time.
  11. I thought some of the last album they made had that magic but he's not been good live for a long time. Still love him tho
  12. As a die hard Roth era VH fan, DLR has never been much kop live, but those albums.....superior to every rock band of that late 70's early 80's period.
  13. That's why I wanted to hear it in isolation. I'll check it out.
  14. Defined this, I love the guy he's nuts. He's wrote some really interesting lyrics in his time too. Particularly Stay Frosty.
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