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  1. Hi folks gator looks good and the Reunion Blues RBX also interesting pricier but lighter! I saw a Canto which I believe are made by Public Peace which looked good also. I'm literally walking 50 yards into the studio a few days a week just can't be bothered carrying cases!
  2. Hi looking for a double gigbag recommendations, just for rehearsals for the back of the car. Save me carting around cases. Not wanting to spend a fortune but still want something decent. cheers
  3. I recently bought a second hand Valeton Bass Dapper multi effects (looks like a Sansamp Fly Rig). The unit has an issue where one effect (Dirty Q) randomly switches on. The switch for the particular effect sometimes does not work. It seems like an electrical thing as turning on the other effects sometimes activates the Dirty Q and even turning the gain of another effect up can result in the effect turning on. Incidentally when the unit powers on the problematic Dirty Q effect is always on and the other effects are off, so it could potentially be the switch or a loose connection and also the power supply, which is not the original seems like not a great fit. It's a cheap thing so I'm not keen to spend to much getting it fixed by a tech but I might do. I'd be happy to ditch the Dirty Q effect altogether as it's something that only holds novelty value for me. Anyone come across this kind of fault? Any info much appreciated! All the best S
  4. getting a luthier to replace the binding, with side in the more normal position!
  5. Hi I’ve just bought a fretless and the side dots are not on the fretlines but where dots would be on a fretted bass! Has anyone added side markers? I’m thinking of getting a luthier to add some side lines but any other ideas appreciated!
  6. Hi Chaps I know the forum is a Ric free zone but can I post if I am looking for one potentially for trade in the for sale section or is the mere mention of the clank stick verboten? All the best S
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  8. Hi chaps never traded anything and am notionally thinking of putting the feelers out to trade a fretted bass and see if someone has the same bass but fretless they are looking to trade. I’m not remotely interested in selling. Do I put it i the bass for sale section? thanks in advance!
  9. Anyone know where to get battery plate screws for an old EB Stingray?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I’m trying to get a more jazz type fretless sound, might be a hopeless task! I looked at the bart preamps the main thing is size really.
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