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  1. Low tension, bright string suggestions

    Picked up a set of new Helicore Hybrid Lights really, really cheap. Certainly cheap enough to take a punt. I haven’t really read anything much about them so keeping an open mind!
  2. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    Hi. Folks just an update on this, I used UPS and had the bass insured for £5500 by a 3rd party,. Thanks for all the advice and special thanks to Grangur for the kind offer!
  3. Low tension, bright string suggestions

    I have a Michael Poller bass which I believe is Romanian which currently has innovation Honeys, I have Spiros on a old Boosey and Hawkes and its just night and day.... Lots of volume and projection.
  4. Low tension, bright string suggestions

    Anybody tried the Zyex strings?
  5. Looking to buy a set of strings, something growly and reasonably bright... suggestions much appreciated. I thought Spirocore lights maybe?
  6. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    Thanks, very kind. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible know what’s what!
  7. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    Very kind John, I'm just a bit reticent to mess about with it. Where are you mate? here is a pic of the bass.
  8. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    £2000 is as high as they insure.
  9. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    I’ll phone him Monday. I might be able to have the electrics removed as the bass is otherwise excellent. Apparently a straightforward job but I’m not keen on doing it but I use a local luthier who is great and I’d probably get him to take them out for me. The cost of sending the electrics is pretty reasonable and 2 grand insurance will cover them going missing.
  10. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    I’m in Glasgow so pretty far, also just not feasible too take a holiday really.
  11. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    Looks like UPS with £2000 insurance next day delivery which hopefully means less time getting shipped for pillar to post.
  12. Best Courier for a high value instrument

    Do you book them direct or via interparcel?
  13. Hi Folks I want to send my Wal down to Surrey for a service. What is the best courier, I don’t mind paying a premium for a reliable service.
  14. 6 String bass

    Interested in a 6 string, something like a Cort A6. Not too big or too expensive!
  15. Another mystery Japanese Jazz

    Just an update on this got the Jazz back from the luthier. He set it up and the action etc is spot on. He had to take a part of of the pickups and fix it was a little bit worried it would be completely sealed but it wasn't. The bass is in great condition and the luthier told me it was a very well made instrument. Mahogany as Bassassasin thought. Plays really well if anything the action is now too low but very pleased!