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  1. My bass is not much bigger than a quarter size and it fits fine. I'll get a pic.
  2. I bought the mono, cant knock it really great quality.
  3. I have a double new bass day post ! A stock SB315 which i picked a month or so ago it's a really great bass lovely to play.... I'm pretty sure Steve who sold me the bass is a basschatter and an SB330 which I just received today. It's an absolutely beautiful bass, somewhere along the line the pickups have been swapped for EMGs and what looks like and an EMG BTS system with an additional passive tone pot. It's all been done really tastefully and on first impressions it sounds fantastic. I was thinking of having one defretted but I don't know they are both so nice.
  4. Here is a pic of the pre! I opened the bass up and noticed one of the pots was touching the circuit board and another loose pot was causing the board to move when maxed out either way causing it to short.... seems fixed now!
  5. I have a couple of them now, I’ve not tried them out yet. But I’m looking forward to using it.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. It’s a Bass Collection, the pots were a bit wobbly and I did use a bit of contact cleaner but maybe needs to be more targeted.
  8. Hi I just bought a bass and it’s good but when the treble is fully on or fully off the bass cuts out. It’s active could it be shorting?
  9. We were all set to do a video when the Coronavirus kicked in so I put this together using live footage and quite a lot of post production so it's not exactly a lockdown video but the lockdown affected how we made it. It's a track from our forthcoming album we are having a presale. The singer is the Scottish folk singer Emily Smith who has a fantastic voice. https://abelganz.com
  10. Yes I had foam cut to fit the bass and it's removable so I can add another insert if I'm taking something else.
  11. I've had a bass safe and it was pretty good but I saw it launch like a missile out of baggage carousel which was a bit nerve racking. I just use proper flighcases now but they are very heavy.
  12. I’ve been upping my hitherto non existent practice regime on bass and double bass. For the upright I’m using a smaller bass, a little smaller than a half, it’s at home and very convenient. It’s maybe a moot point because I’m only striving for adequacy but is there a potential that it might hamstring me when I get back to the 3/4 or is all practice good?
  13. Well it looks like I’m still in the market for a bass and The MIJ Bass Collection 5 is in poll position. The one offered was great but just not what I was after. Fretless or fretted if anyone has one or sees one please send them my way much appreciated!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. I now have a Bass Collection courtesy of Lee!
  16. So I’m now looking for a Fender that is almost impossible to find or a Bass Collection which is equally as rare!
  17. That thread goes back over 10 years!
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