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  1. Flats on a T-Bird?

    Flats tend to sound 'duller' but have more going on in the mid range so a Lomenzo pedal sounds to me anyways as a perfect compliment to what you are trying to achieve. I'm really tempted to put a T bird pick up in a p bass but with a Lull costing £250 it'd nearly be wiser to pick up an Embassy bass for what they cost new!
  2. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    It's in a queue Fixed it for you Al Have you been banned form comp chat? You should start a new compressor related forum with a .comp web address
  3. Mike Lull T4

    Another stonker!! You sir are killing me!!
  4. Feedback for Painy

    Mr Painy bought some strings from me and was very patient when he noticed I’d forgotten to add the G string - it nearly went out in the rubbish but was saved!! Swift payment and good comms. I’d have no hesitation dealing with this chap again.
  5. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    I’ve posted before on the Aguilar basically quoting a post eubert form TB discussing how the pedals controls change and interact differently on AGS mode. It’s not really usable as a dual clean/drive pedal due to the massive volume increase. Aguilar missed a trick there but it’s maybe not what they were thinking about in terms of the THDI pedal’s main function. @Al KrowI kept things pretty neutral eq wise. Like I say the combination of my rig and pedals just worked well. It could have been the comp and drive just keeping everything nice and tight, the baked in AO tone etc.
  6. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    I used an AO pedal last night on my gig (and the gig last weekend too (irish/pop/rock covers) and I swear the tightness of the bass and low end (with a CAli 76CB in the signal chain too to be fair) when playing "Should I Stay or Should I Go" really jumped out for me. It had great bottom end retention, nice and crispy in the highs without harshness - I know what I mean - I saw one guy mouth to his mate "That rhythm section is tight as f*ck" and this was at 8pm in an Irish bar on St. Patrick's day after the spectacle of the 6 Nations. I'd say 'the sound' contributed to that as much as the playing. The AO is quite a versatile unit and I'm not a massive DarkGlass fanboi in terms of how I've heard a lot of folk use their gear. It sounded great in other tunes too as did my Bass Soul Food. I guess knowing the strengths of a piece of gear and maximizing it to work for your rig/band is the key. All those pre-amps bring something to the table. It's nice to have the choice really! It's not gonna be as dead on old school as an Aggie TH head for example but I can make it work in my covers band to roll off treble and add a bit of gain here and there or go balls out for 7 Nation Army etc. You may disagree, I'm not that bothered
  7. A new bass for dub reggae

    Of course!
  8. A new bass for dub reggae

    New epiphone embassy, flats roll off the tone. That’d be dubsome!
  9. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    It looks great. Full featured practical and useful at home and on a gig.
  10. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    The Zoom Bn3 is a different pedal designed to do a different set of tasks. Preferring one to the other is fine but comparing one to the other is a bit of a non contest. A lot of gigging bassists only need a bit of comp and a bit of grunt/grit - a couple of useable tones. For those guys the features are pretty solid. I didn’t really need one as I have all the features covered but I’d like to try one on a gig for fun. Hey TV Electronic send one and I’ll roadtest it for ya. Thanks bye!
  11. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    Once you figure out all it’s features 😉
  12. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    Tidy looking wee unit. I’ve played the BH amps in a local rehearsal room and enjoyed them - pretty straight forward. Looks like this feature set has been well researched.. look forward to trying one when they’re released.
  13. fx pedal rentals review (fxpedalrental.com)

    @jonnybass I think there is a relaunch/revamp for later in the year April possibly but certainly on the cards. Ask @tonyxtiger here or via PM
  14. REDUCTION: Warm Audio Tube EQP-WA (Pultec copy)

    I use the plug in version of the original. I’d love to have this kicking about the music room 😀
  15. Precision bass

    The Matt Freeman is a great bass!