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  1. Yup it was more if it was a traditional nut width. I can imagine it's nothing but sublime and the weight!! Gotta love the SuperP! My 5er was a superb 3.9kg, 3.4kg (ish) for a 4 string is mad!
  2. Oops didn’t mean to make it a DWF😀
  3. How does the Super P4 feel? I love the Super P and the 4 feels like it doesn’t ‘need’ the extended scale length but I do really really like them. The oly/tort would be go to or the Pino-esque colour scheme. I love the neck on the 5 but how’s the profile on the 4 given how difficult it is to encapsulate things like feel in words!
  4. Oh go on then... Same bass just a change of pick up. Shuker body with a PB70’s neck Lull TBird pick up (top pic) and a David Allen 1088p Reverse P in the bottom. The neck feels great and with flats feels amazingly smooth. I’ve never rubbed my hands in butter but I’ve heard it said...
  5. This has the same lovely black sparkle like on the Lakland DJ model. Sounds great on the demo. A lot of bass for the money and bang on weight at 4kg. What’s not to like!
  6. I bought her book which has videos to support the learning within. It’s maybe not relevant for the specific ‘paid courses’ you’re looking at. The rules were very specific after all. However the book ‘Music Theory for The Bassist Player’ now has a paid, accompanying course which one could use but my experience is limited to the book so I can’t vouch for that specific course.
  7. Here’s an example. I bought a pick up, small easily packaged but it was expensive and unfortunately got lost in the system. I sought a full refund and the seller refused saying why should they suffer the loss. I presumed the item was insured and said just claim it back on the shipping cover. I was told I didn’t specify that I wanted the item insured and it was implied that I was only asking about insurance now the item was lost. I explained I’d just presumed that the item would have been insured because it was about £200 value. It became a whole mess trying to get my money back made worse by a seller who appeared to abdicate responsibility, turning it back on me because I hadn’t insisted on insurance from the outset. Both of us were ‘right’ but equally both of us made some plain errors in not insisting on a few basics.
  8. I’ve mentioned this to a fellow BC’er a while back that, in theory, one could go to any manufacturers website and check the eq points on a specific pre/amp and then dial that in on a parametric eq to be in the ball park. Obviously on certain amps and preamps it’s the magic of the circuitry which influences the sound as much as the settings (and the rest) but the HX range affords folk who wanna give it a go a chance to and to further tweak to suit their rig. A case in point the best bass tone I ever got was into a Read Purity pre amp with eq bypassed. Absolutely sublime and I know I could never replicate that on a HX Stomp!
  9. You can do the same with speaker settings putting them after an amp or pre amp for instance.
  10. Maybe form Dr Tone link. He has some tweaked settings to replicate various well regarded pre amps and speakers etc.
  11. That’s me told off! I’ve only paid/used Ariane’s material but stand by the recommendation. It’s more theory based than technique though. The rest has been free you tube stuff
  12. Metronome and patience! Take stuff you’re struggling with and slow it down or take things which are comfortable and play them faster for fun! There’s a version of Dean Town on you tube played faster than the original! Faste! I’m still trying to learn it at about 20 bpm slower! Sheer madness and total technique! You could program the drum machine to play specific beats which incorporates accents for slap parts etc. which could kill two birds with one stone. I’m keen for the UA Apollo ‘Luna’ update to come out so I can have access to some new virtual instruments and stuff to play with but alas I’m still working and likely to be doing more work over the next few weeks than see a slow down.
  13. What specifically are you hoping to work on? Theory or technique? Ariana Cap is a fine teacher but I’m sure there’s many teachers on here who could help if you have a specific angle. I used AC’s book for some work on theory etc. I liked the style and thought it easy to follow. Something I found useful was actually figuring out some incredibly basic stuff about the application of modes even though it’s likely not that important or necessarily but simply from a playing/theory point it made me understand them in my own way even if the wider musical application might be different - I never made the link for all these years. I suppose if I’d took a lesson I may have figured it much much sooner 🙂
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