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  1. My recent experience with the C4 is if you need a synth sound on a song but don’t need to be flipping between presets during the song a C4 would be fine preloaded with your 6 preferred sounds. Simply have it ready to go and then flick to your preferred sound before each song. It’s not ideal for on the fly changes without investing in midi kit.
  2. Really good sounding unit. It’s got a great rawness about it and some cracking fuzz tones.
  3. I have the 800Pro head and it’s a monster. Loads of headroom and very versatile eq.
  4. Just had a very hassle free transaction with PPP. Deal with confidence!
  5. Photos added. Don’t know why the stomp looks so bright … pretty though😀
  6. *Sold* HX Stomp - £325 shipped UK **Now Sold** Basswitch Enhanced Overdrive £150 shipped U.K. I’ve been doing some rig re-jigging of late and have settled on a pretty solid pedal board after much enjoyable A/B’ing and demoing of gear across multiple bands and set ups. Basswitch Enhanced Overdrive As a long time Basswitch IQ DI user I had to get this when I had the opportunity. If you like the sonic spark this pedal starts there and can go nice and heavy. The tone knob works on the mids and isn’t a traditional ‘tone’ - it affects the mids either scooping or filling them out across the range of its sweep - think the ‘Era’ knob on a Darkglass VMT or contour style control and you’ll have a better understand of what it does - doing the Ampeg thing right up to very pleasing, heavy drive. It’s a superb sounding pedal but I’ve gone with the DG AO small enclosure as it really fit the 80’s synth based thing better for my ear and the guitarists sounds. The Basswitch Enhanced OD did a stellar job of filling the mids (and sounded great with the pub band) getting that big, dirty 7 Nation Army tone.
  7. The sounds out of the Big Al speak for themselves. It’s a very good sounding P bass, good thick neck sound series and parallel MM sounds. And that’s just in passive mode. If you’re a player who appreciates a bit of on stage aesthetics as well as a well made and playable instrument the Big Al would fit that bill. I think MM should be applauded whether you like the style of the thing or not for actually doing it.
  8. I added a JHS Colourbox v.2 to a tube di to achieve a similar thing. It’s a great unit but it’s a spendy option.
  9. krispn

    SVP 11

    My old SVP pro had 5 valves too. The CL pre, I think had only 2 valves.
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