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  1. Cheers Baz I’ve got all dirt needs covered from my Amp’s built in drive channel with my standalone dirt and fuzz pedals or the Stomp for the iem only gigs.
  2. I noticed Merchant City have one and I’m thinking of a good excuse to go to Glasgow.
  3. I read so many ‘reviews’ on here and on the ‘net which does nothing more than list the specs and make claims about how this product, if it can do X,Y and Z will deliver the goods only to find out that the said bit of gear lives on a shelf, in a rack with ten other basses and never once sees a stage. This is so common on music sites where I’d be surprised if they’ve even played the bass - they’re just regurgitating the press release. I saw it recently with the Dark Ray - it might have been posted on that BC thread about it. Or it’s the gushing ‘review’ followed by the for sale ad a few weeks later citing its pristine ‘unused’ condition.
  4. I’ve had my eye on one of these since the MKII great looking bass and you know it’s gonna sound top notch. Will be looking forward to the verdict once you’ve gotten to play it in anger at some shows.
  5. Nah I opted out to concentrate on boxes and power amps 😀
  6. Yeah those Freeman Squier basses are fantastic value and really solid. The new loom will just add that extra reassurance of sound electronics and the Model P… well it’s just such a solid pick up in its own right. The original isn’t bad but when I had a Freeman p bass it had a Model P in it too. Great pairing!
  7. Love a bit of Eden gear and since playing the plug in version I’ve been trying hard to resist buying an Eden amp. Sounds a clear punchy sound. You can see why they became so popular!
  8. It’s like they’re mourning the loss of a friend in that second pic.
  9. Just been reminded I still want but still don’t need 😢 It’s just so classy!!
  10. I’ve had a newer BB which I really liked but it was around the time I was offloading a heap of gear to get a deposit for my flat. I prefer the look of the newer BB’s but I’m not adverse to trying one out. I also played the BB’s when guitar guitar we’re doing a blow out, some mates have owned them way back in the day so I’m no stranger to them but most of it was back in my youth.
  11. I’m away to get a new car so if the salesperson does a decent discount I might pick it up on the drive home 👌🏼
  12. Yeah the bands would all be like bands you already know just with subtle differences Bun’s and Roses, Ron Jovi etc
  13. Might be fun to have a BEAD tuned bass kicking about…
  14. Ben Shepherd from Soundgarden uses or used one of these Mesa pedals for years.
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