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  1. I love that you’re playing 5’s exclusively but using an octave down pedal so you don’t have to physically play the low B string. I do get the point and I always think of octave down bass parts played up the neck to get the best octave results. I can see little if any point playing an octave down below A on the E string but that’s just me.
  2. What tracks have you found it to be useful on? I’d be keen to hear some samples in context. I’ve tried with the HX Stomp but for the tunes where I think it might work I’m still undecided. We cover some 80’s stuff and I can ‘hear in my head’ what I think will work but until we get a chance to gig again and plan rehearsal it remains a hunch! Now I have played along to some heavier and electro stuff and messed about with sounds I think are ok but live is always the tricky one. For context the Doom2, Proton and Octave from 3 leaf seem like a solid synth filter fuzz board.
  3. Ahh OC2+OC3=OC5 clever Boss, very clever!
  4. 'Warmoth'. You're welcome It was Little Dragon for me too - the bass went from organic to synth so seamlessly. It really is the best of both!
  5. It’s a great price for a killer amp. If one were to buy the two rack preamps this is based off and a power amp and a footswitch and a rack case etc. I’d imagine this sounds massive into a good cab!
  6. This should have been gone ages ago. Folks have generally missed the boat on this. Old school heft loses to class d. I’ve two amps which have hefty old power sections and I don’t mind the weight. The richness from either makes the carry worthy it. I ogled this 2 yrs ago and still do now! The sheer flexibility yet all we really need are a couple of killer sounds which this does in spades!
  7. If you were close enough for me to do a drive by it’d be gone!
  8. Lots of love but hard to justify with two other great amps not being gigged and a helix for the all important direct to desk/iem gigs (if they ever come back)!
  9. Love Tommy’s bass lines cheers!
  10. Some Yamaha ‘deals’ on guitarguitar if folk are interested.
  11. Man if I could I’d be right up the road tonight 😀
  12. So they're basically the Flea jazz? No wait I'll go look for myself....
  13. Or It’s being medically extracted from the last doofus who requested Brown Eyed Girl
  14. "Here, can you play 'insert song here'? ...to which my go to response is... "Do you have it on you phone?" with the punter enthusiastically saying Yes and reaching for their pocket... to which I reply... "Well feck off outside and listen to it and let us get on with our set!" I normally manage to deliver it with enough humour that the person gets the message! Another classic for us was a woman asking after every song for at least 5 songs in a row "Can you play Call Me Al?" to which our singer said sorry we don't do it in our set but me being me I'd play the bass line as he was telling her we didn't do it. I don't think to this day she ever clicked that every time she asked I played that bass part - da bumbump da dat bubbabump da dat 😂
  15. The best thing about these is the sound. It’s is basically a big fat p bass tone with mid range tomfoolery! As a recording bass it’s a solid choice and the neck ain’t half bad either. I had one many years ago and really enjoyed playing it.
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