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  1. krispn

    Cort A5 Custom SP (Barely Used)

    Two handsome instruments! A phrase often heard in the Swinging community!
  2. krispn

    Ashdown Spyder Series

    I use a converted Spyder 550 combo ‘head’ which now lives in a very sturdy *read heavy* headcase which I’d happily sell but it’d be too costly for shipping. As others have said the core tone is fantastic but I simply don’t have the space for a back up following a recent move and my main gigging amp is equally wonderful! For me the Spyder isn’t the most versatile but if you play a p bass, especially if you’re in a rock band and favour a plectrum, then you should really have a Spyder on hand for that gig. I gig mine from time to time just for fun but it’s sadly under-used. To answer the question I haven’t tried tube rolling in mine and it’s got one if each if memory serves me correctly.
  3. krispn

    Feedback for Gingerfish

    Did a trade with Jon. His patience at my sliding doors time lines for delivery was impeccable - moving house and selling a bass should not happen in the same month! As ever BC proves that good people are out there and thanks to his patience and understanding this has been another great transaction. Cheers Jon
  4. krispn

    feedback for Deedee

    Dan nabbed my wiring loom and pick up. 'Twas a righteous transaction!
  5. krispn

    rattling 112

    If I ever start a cab company I’m calling it Rattling Cabs 👍🏽😀
  6. The price includes postage and packaging and I get stuff out next day delivery. Pic’s to follow later. So an opportunity has come up to get some pick-ups I’ve been after for a while and this means my p bass is getting a face lift! It also means my SPB-1 and the solder less wiring loom to go with it are up for grabs. This set comes with original SD box and Basschat institution kiOgon’s famous solderless wiring loom. Yhis let’s you get hooked up in minutes with no hassle. I’ll include a snap connector for solderless connection of the ground cable too. It also means once fitted you can try out different pick ups with no soldering hassle. Bellissimo! The pick up info is included below The SPB-1 is a vintage correct split-coil Precision Bass pickup made to look and sound like the late 50s originals. SPB-1 Description The P-bass has defined recorded and live music since its inception, and the Vintage P-Bass pickup nails all the things we love about that distinctive tone. You will get just the right balance of authoritative thump and clear articulation for an authentic P-Bass feel. Our Vintage P-Bass pickup uses hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets, and a vintage coil wind to deliver all of the bold, smooth tone of the late 50s Precision Bass. For what it’s worth I love a p bass and this pick up along with the DiMarzio Model P, the Fender CS’59 and the Bartolini are among my top five. Not sure what the fifth one is but there’s four to start with 😀
  7. krispn


    Another happy customer. Peter took a comp from me, paid quickly and has been charming in all comms. It was a pleasure, Sir!
  8. krispn

    Feedback for Slug Ice

    Joseph bought some pick ups and as others have said ‘‘twas a painless joy filled experience. Enjoy!
  9. @Al Krow Paging Al Krow Heads up!
  10. Sold! Sold! Always believe in your soul. You have the power to know etc etc
  11. krispn

    Sold TC Spectracomp

    Sold please close.
  12. krispn

    Sold TC Spectracomp

    Grabbed this to try out and it's immense fun! However my Cali still rules the pedal board for my ear/needs The TonePrint app is about to get amake over so all tweaks etc can be perfomed in app but int the mean time you can use the editor for PC/Mac The comp has a full library of available tone prints which cover the gamut of compression flavours. I've had fun bouncing different comps for different songs and the TC running into the Cali is fooking massive sounding - you'd think they would smother your transients but if fact they multiply the massive! Sounds counter-intuitive but its huge! The pedal is tiny and can snuggle onto a pedal board with minimal disruption to the existing ecosystem. Price includes delivery to UK. Pic's to follow.