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  1. If that serial number were 10 lower it would be quite delightful!
  2. Who’s the wee face on the 19th fret? It’s cool as!
  3. I had one made a not too long ago for my p bass by Tim at Gig.ink no frills and does the job. It should be on file as reverse p pick guard if you wanna get in touch with him. If you need more details give me a pm!
  4. I got some of these made by posting the links and had a band mate give me a ‘reference’ as per the application process. I did the same for him and we both got our moulds which are great. If you can hold off until after covid lock down (would I be right in thinking like the rest of us you’re less likely to need them now anyways?) then do try and get the discount. If not I’d still like others have said consider the ACS moulds. Good luck!
  5. I recall seeing Dave Marks teaching the one finger per fret method as warm up/finger exercises but starting up around the 10th fret as the spacing was just more comfortable/practical.
  6. It’ll be ‘50’ for his time in Judas Priest and their logo.
  7. I never set mine up with any switching but by coil tap do you mean series/parallel as this will reduce the output depending on which setting it’s on. Check out some You Tube videos on it for more info. The p pick up fitted in standard size ‘Fender’ cases and I bought it to fit into a bass as opposed to buying a Schecter bass which had it fitted as standard.
  8. I had a monster tone p pick up from Schecter, the Michael Anthony sig version and it’s a super high output pick up with over sized (think SD quarter pounder type pole pieces). I wouldn’t have described the sound as ‘typical’ more of a ‘on steroids‘ type sound. The material the magnets were made from were different to ‘regular’ pick ups (ceramic 9?) and not AlNiCo 5 which is more common although not used exclusively. This combination of larger pole pieces and materials used all add to the very high output which isn’t that common in more vintage voiced pick ups which typically would have a lower output so then they wouldn’t be driving the preamp of an amp as hard and could offer a more nuanced or dynamic playing experience rather than a full on output assault. Think of it in terms of using a natural speaking voice with rises and falls in volume versus shouting 🙂
  9. Take the battery out and you’ll know for certain.
  10. Basses and gear come and go. If you need to sell it go for it. We can all shout “Keep it!” but when needs must do the right thing for you. It’s just a bass 🙂
  11. krispn

    Zoom B1 Four

    How does using eq after the dirt to add some lows back in work? I know some folk don’t like to eq a dirty signal but others like to enhance what the dirt does or make up for what it ‘takes away’.
  12. Buy the pick ups first that way you have the perfect excuse for a new home for them 😉
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