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  1. Bass Overdrive / Distortion

    I’ve had a similar experience with mine. It works for my needs.
  2. 12 and 8 String Basses

    Try fingering that bugger with a couple of shorts down you. Sounds like my mate back in the student days at The Limelight in Belfast on a Tuesday night
  3. Bass Overdrive / Distortion

    If I played more tunes with a pick it would probably open up mu options a bit but i'd say 98% of my set is finger style. It just so happens a wealth of new tunes for one of my gigs (I've three set lists to learn over the coming few months) will give me a chance to play a bit more with a pick...and some drive! Origin effects drive on the horizon!
  4. 12 and 8 String Basses

    Never played one, no real interest in playing one but as far as intonation goes I’m guessing there is a reason when in the studio many producers like to use a regular 6 string guitar and a Nashville tuned guitar to emulate a 12 string guitar tones. It’s much more stable in terms of pitch/intonation. I could imagine intonation on an 8 or 12 bass could get problematic real quick.
  5. Yup tempted by that ‘affordable’ D Bird. But I simply couldn’t....could I😏
  6. Tonestyler - 1 or 2 ?

    http://www.stellartone.com/page.asp?navid=481 It's not there!
  7. Tonestyler - 1 or 2 ?

    Yeah but the principal would be the same 😀
  8. Tonestyler - 1 or 2 ?

    I've had my eye in these for years but never got one...I think I'd like to try one also. They do different models depending on p or j style - might be useful to check thier website for schematics and details
  9. Fender Precision 54 style Mike Dirnt signature

    Ridiculous value! Gutted as I'm not after a new bass but after the pick up that these come with and unable to find one used. Fender don't sell them I'd be happy to talk pick up swap with the new owner bump.
  10. Fender Limited Edition

    Bang on!
  11. EHX Bass Soul Food

    Great little pedal for helping the bass poke out in a live context. Don’t be expecting Darkglass dirt but worth a punt if you wanna be a little bit more present with your band.
  12. Audio is up on their facebook page and here too see below
  13. New drive from Origin Effect

    Some guitar audio is up on their fb page. I'm sure there will be a reveal of the controls in a few days. The big thing from 18 months ago was that the pedal would have unique features nit seen in a pedal before. A bold claim indeed!
  14. New drive from Origin Effect

    I predict another announcement this afternoon on fb regarding this pedal 😉