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  1. krispn

    Binned the compressor

    Setting a pedal at noon isn’t necessarily the best setting for every pedal. It again comes back to knowing what the functions of each pedal does or how the controls interact. I’m sure the manual which you’ll be likely to find online will have some settings to get you started should you revisit it. Again if it’s not for you then disregard this post 😀
  2. Laim why didn’t you accept my offer back in the day😀 I’ve since ‘made’ a Lull PT4 out of my p bass!!! If I could make an offer I would but at the minute the timing is terrible. Feel to pm me with what price you were thinking and maybe we can do something?
  3. krispn

    Binned the compressor

    It’s the old double edged sword that compression can be used as a tool or as an effect and can often be misunderstood in these contexts. As many of you already know compression can be set to tame peaks, to help ‘manage’ your sound or it can be used to create a particular sound. Using a compressor is not an indication of a player having poor technique nor will it ‘fix’ poor technique - bum notes and poor timing won’t be fixed by a comp and sensitive musicianship can be ‘lost’ by over use of compression. A good player not only knows how to play their instrument but how to use any effects they employ. Having command of your gear (effects etc) is necessary if one wishes to get the most out of them. Common sense! Some compressors can add a little bit of ‘colour’ which one may or may not like or they can remove some frequencies which again some do or don’t like. Some folk like what compression does, some don’t. If you can get something out of a compressor then it’s right for you, if you don’t need it or hear it being useful then that’s the right call for you.
  4. krispn

    New Fender flea MM Jazz announced!

    Tidy bass the Shuker!
  5. krispn

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

  6. krispn

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    Still unboxed!! I’d try using it first before passing judgement on others. you may find you don’t like it that much either or not have that much use for it😉
  7. @Al Krow Do you mean use a boost between the speaker out and the cab? Or do you mean a pre amp out into a different power amp? I don't believe that you could or should use a boost between the speaker out and the cab and I'm not quite sure how you would either. As 8wire says a boost isnormally used (as i'm sure you know) to drive the pre amp of an amp but not to boost out at the otehr end of the 'signal chain'.
  8. Yer man from Incubus, Ben Kenney, used to tour with a couple of WA rigs - combo and ext cab beneath - see the link. It would be a pricy rig for us mere mortals http://mesaboogie.com/artist/ben-kenney.html
  9. I really like the feature set on this new WD-800 and as a previous WalkAbout amp user - it really is a cracking wee amp - I along with many others wondered what might become of this little fellow. My previous comment and this one are about the implementation of the features and tech. I have two main heads I use live - apologies for the name dropping - My Fender TB600 is about 18kg old school solid state, big tranny power section and sounds great. I’ve used the Fender MB1200 power amp in a previous rig and like the TB 600 it was immediate and had loads of head room - sounding better the louder it got. It never lacked response and was always ‘quick’ and having that kind of power and headroom does make a difference. My other gigging amp has a hypex power module mated to a tube pre amp. It is also a fantastic sounding rig and I believe the implementation of the power section and the preamp in that amp makes it just as much fun to play, just as dynamic and responsive as the tranny, solid state power section in the TB600. On a gig they both sound great! With the WD-800 I trust/hope the engineers at Mesa have maximized the current tech to provide a really well designed and integrated pre/power section to deliver what on the surface looks like a really comprehensive fully featured amp. It should be an absolute cracker if that classic WalkAbout vibe is nailed with the higher wattage. Would I sell my current rig to get one? I certainly look forward to trying one first before passing judgement...
  10. The WD-800 has a great feature set which in theory would allow one to maximise the efficiency of both the head and cab between the hpf and damping. Its the old thing that people would complain that an amp doesn’t have a feature such as ‘tunable’ HPF and when a company adds that feature along with additional control for a damping thus offering the user a complete ‘solution’ it’s criticised as being superfluous with no actual real world use or experience of it. 😀🤣 Forums eh!!
  11. krispn

    STOLEN: Unique Dingwall Super J5

    Been there and its awful to have gear nicked which some sh*tebag will try and sell for £200 down their local boozer or at a Cash Convertor. I've posted on some FB bass for sale threads. Good Luck! Scott from SBL's got his stolen Moollon back as it was spotted on ebay. Keep an eye out there too.
  12. krispn

    If I wasn't mad on.... I think I'd try...

    I play a Super PZ5 and it's fantastic. It sounds like a P, feels and plays great and the neck is very comfortable for me. The Combustion/NG 5 string neck is also wonderful. I moved from a Lakland JO5 and the Ding was lighter and more comfortable and a perfect fit for my and my limited abilities. I'd love to try a Spector Euro XL (likely tuned to BEAD) out at some gigs and there is one on here in the FS section I like the look of but I'm not in a position to buy and my trade offer got rejected (single tear). I always imagine they would be too bright and zingy in the top end but still always kinda liked the style of them.
  13. krispn

    New preamp Nordstrand

    It’s always the same with new gear especially from someone with the following that Nordstrand has. Anything they make in their new pedal line will sell out immediately - the ‘gotta have it’s’ will be queued up and raving about it on Talkbass before they’ve got their hands on one...though it’s basically their 3b preamp in a box so many could be familiar with it already. Nothing like a new thread and a bit of hype to get the pre-orders in.
  14. krispn

    New preamp Nordstrand

    I know which one I'd use!