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  1. Dunlops are inexpensive and might work for you. Things like how sweaty/greasy your hands get all impact on string life/ zing
  2. krispn

    Pedals in loops

    Basswitch IQ DI pedal with a compressor in the always on loop and drive in the switchable ‘mix loop’ which has a clean blend function. It’s a veritable ‘brain’ on a pedal board. They do cost a bit but if you’re needing some eq options, wanna have a few pedals hooked up and use two instruments it is a really solid option. Very versatile and also great if your amp does mid gig!
  3. krispn

    Zoom B1 Four

    Yeah and I think we’re in agreement that engaging the AGS changes the function of the pedal from a typical Aguilar OBP-3 preamp into something quite different and musical! It’s a great pedal and makes for a versatile ‘drive’ pedal for a range of classic bass tones. Thats my detail over. As you were!
  4. krispn

    Zoom B1 Four

    Possibly but the interactivity of the TH pedal, how the treble becomes more of a presence control, AGS mode engaged introduces the drive circuit etc. Similar controls but quite different sounds. I’ve seen TJ Spicer’s BBNE review and the sounds he gets are not the same as with the TH AGS engaged. Think more amp like than standard 3 or 4 band active eq a la a BDDI.
  5. krispn

    Zoom B1 Four

    The eq of the pedal changes with the AGS mode engaged and therefore really needs to be heard/manipulated in context to fully understand what's going on. It's the interactivity of the controls rather than simply pooling the mids out at a particular frequency. I think it's more a case of it's the sum of it's parts rather one specific mid control as that's to oversimplify the pedal as a whole. Combined with a decent passive bass it's superior to many on baord eq units IME.
  6. krispn

    Zoom B1 Four

    Sweepable mids from 180Hz-1kHz If you follow the description and settings explained in that link it describes how you can shift the mid freq to have a really useful impact on the tone. "....At this point, if you want more depth, rather than boosting the bass, you move the mid frequency knob clockwise, which pools out upper mids and articulation. If you want more of that, then you move the knob counter clockwise to bring those upper mids back into the tone. The highs and lows stay the same, so it's an easy way to adjust your tone on the gig to get more/less articulation in the mix."
  7. Possible but it really should be available after 15yrs of production? You’d think they’d sell more of the pick up based on the online chatter rather than folks buying a signature bass just to plunder. I think the Dirnt bass is a great bass and owned one. If I were in the market for a new bass the RW Dirnt would defo be on the radar. I believe the new RW series are lighter too!
  8. krispn

    Zoom B1 Four

    It the TH’s ability to shift those mids scooped or more prominent so easily that’s it’s strong point especially in AGS mode. Great unit which really does benefit from the info in that postI think.
  9. I agree. It’s not like the Dirnt is an exclusive custom shop instrument.
  10. That Dirnt Custom shop ‘59 is a cracking pick up but you can’t buy it from fender!!!! Outrageous! It’s one if my fav’s along with the DiMarzio Model P.
  11. What’s this!! How come you’re selling?
  12. krispn

    Zoom B1 Four

    I’d agree that the Tone Hammer is a super versatile pedal too. I’m sure the zoom can recreate it with some patches but for a standalone eq or drive pedal it’s pretty neat. @dannybuoy did you try the settings listed on this post!
  13. It may not be as simplistic as that but that’s normally what I’ve done in the past.
  14. An active bass ‘can’ overload the preamp on a bass amp (but it might not!). If it does use the active input which is padded usually by 10dB. Conversely a hot wound passive pick up might also overdrive the passive input. What rules eh! Ideally you should try both inputs and listen to the resulting sound. You might dig the extra grunt of the active into the passive input. Your effects unit in bypass mode isn’t adding anything to the signal so whatever input worked with just bass into amp should be fine. You’ll be adding gain stages via patches so they’re easily balanced if you’re noticing volume spikes between unit on and bypassed or between individual patches. Just turn the amp up to compensate for the the reduction in input gain versus output when using the padded input.
  15. krispn

    Zoom B1 Four

    Just take them along and use them. Do the major tweaking at home and set up some presets where you think it’ll be most effective. It’s just a matter of changing the preset which is pretty hassle free once set up. Better to try it than have goofs like me stomping all over your thread 😀
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