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  1. I like the colour but overall I’d prefer the black 734
  2. The prices went daft on these in the used market. Well put together basses and likely pulled due to their high quality... ironically!
  3. We’ve three per month for the whole year in one venue so far but it doesn’t mean anything.
  4. If you haven’t lusted after that rig at some point in your bass playing lifetime you’re not really into gear.
  5. krispn

    Barefaced Machinist

    Maybe a rename to Masochist would be another great idea to consider too?
  6. Whoa whoa back up a second there fell! The ultimate pre/power amp rig just casually photographed with a Helix rack. Filth!
  7. krispn

    Barefaced Machinist

    On the right, the distortion channel: gain (triangle wave) to go from subtle overdrive to roaring distortion. Two band bass and treble EQ (shelving curves) Level (triangle) virtual true bypass switch to activate, with the red LED showing it’s on. In the middle, the fuzz channel: fuzz (square wave) to get more and more fuzztastic. Tilt (split scoop shape) left for thunder, right for fizz. Mid boost (hump shape) at zero for maximum muff, or go clockwise for added punch and snarl. Volume (triangle) and stomp as required, lighting the red LED. Finally, on the left, the clean channel: Level (sine wave). Roll off the highs and mids with the tone knob (low pass filter). This footswitch works differently to the other two. If neither fuzz or distortion is on, stomping the clean FS just lights the LED and means that you’ll have this low pass filtered clean sound running in parallel when you click on either dirty sound. If either dirty sound is already on then clicking the clean channel will add the filtered clean to the dirt - or take it away if it was already active.
  8. Two gin channels- always a winner! Yeah my Broadcast was the two channel version.
  9. Yeah I was always a fan of boost pedals. I really like the Hudson Broadcast for that transformer driven boost. Just makes things sound a bit more ‘3-D’
  10. krispn

    Barefaced Machinist

    Hey @alexclaber looks like you’ve had a stinker of a day but you’ve inspired a new thread idea. I was thinking about a thread where people post openly and honestly about times they had a really bad day and said/did something which in hindsight appears a bit misguided. I dunno maybe you slapped the missus, slept with a work colleague or built a bass effect pedal and didn’t put words on it? Going by some posts on this thread there appears to be loads of folk who love to have their say and I’m confident they’ll all get the ball rolling with some proper cathartic sharing, no holes barred so we can endow some righteous outrage/judgement at their antics! I’ve got a few great symbols lined up to reply to the ones I really like! ❤️ 🐀 🔔🔚 🎽aka👰🥊
  11. Always fancied a go on one - the original version not the mini.
  12. krispn

    Barefaced Machinist

    Maybe the pedal will have an information sheet/manual explaining the knobs/symbols and what they do so people have the option to not read it before coming online to whinge about it.
  13. I’m sure he’d be responsive to a message via the social media channels. As a paying customer he might offer some ideas
  14. I’d hazard that most pro bassists are using the same gear as the rest of us. There are few pro’s using F bass, Fodera, Ken Smiths et al. Firstly these luthiers have a relatively low out put and they’re very prohibitive cost wise to be playing in the sort of bars I’ve seen many ‘pro’ bands in. Yer man from Soundgarden uses Mexican made Fenders, I’ve seen touring bands with Squires, Fenders even some Ibanez but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a band use the high end basses we often see come up on bc for 3k+. The exception is Pat from Extreme who used Mouradian basses but he did work for him way back in the day! I guess Spector and a few other brands such as Fender Custom Shop etc are pro gear... I’m sure pro guys own some of these furniture basses and enjoy them at home!
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