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  1. Do you currently integrate and use midi with your existing midi capable pedals?
  2. I’d agree time spent looking on google is about the same time asking a question on a forum with a more immediate answer. If you’re into an item and want more info there’s likely a review on yt or a written review. If after the initial search you need to be told what you want to hear contact the seller and suffer the hyperbole 😀
  3. How much does your jazz bass weight...and is it a four string with two pick ups? Hi yeah its 4.8kg but now you've asked I've noticed it's a 5 string musicman with a humbucker. Still interested?
  4. I had a three way once... oh wait wrong forum!
  5. @dannybuoy you could always patch the TH in via the fx loop on the Stomp and have it available if the gig required both types of sounds.
  6. I’m not so keen o the farty sound. If you can smell the tone it’s gone too far!
  7. I hadn't thought about the hpf good thinking cheers Many recording, live and studio guys value a cleaner bottom end to retain the bass and focus the drive on mid and higher frequencies to give a good balance of clean, clear low end and a bit of cut up top cut - aclean DI and a mic's cab for instance. The Grizzly might well sound massive in the lows if they're 'driven' but this isn't always desirable. It's true drive pedals do 'compress' and depending on the application it maybe better to have a cleaner low end but as ever depends on the application soound one is aiming for. i'm confident you have enough of a concept and opinion on compression now to know what it does and doesn't do and how much a drive pedal is actually compressing versus an actual compressor. You've been through quite a few of both
  8. I can't take your word for it as you've not gigged it yet I'd be happy to give it it's live debut if you fancy sending it up but it'd likely be quicker to take it to your next gig! I am out twice next weekend though and I'm always up for trying new kit
  9. I think the boost from the AGS mode especially with the gain turned up past 0900 was possibly more than most folks could find usable but if the AGS mode was used as the go to sound ratehr than going between AGS off and AGS on then it's easier to balance against the pedal off volume. I basically use the TH in two ways. I have the basic tone I like set up with the AGS engaged and would leave that on for the whole gig as my basic sound or I have a clean setting on the amp and compliment it with a bit of eq. I was gigging the other weekend through a house amp and was able to switch the amp eq off (it was an Ashdown combo) and rely on the TH for all my eq. Worked well for me.
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