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  1. Festivals always do well in terms of ticket sales so seeing various festivals ’selling out’ isn’t really a surprise or at least it isn’t to me. Most of the big ones sell out in a matter of hours as it’s become a summer institution to ‘do’ a festival. It’s a positive sign as it means folks aren’t afraid to get back out and socialise. Whether that means another wave by August or September let’s hope not!
  2. Yeah I'd ask any player to play a 4 in drop d and try and recreate that wreckless abandon on a 5er. It's just not quite the same
  3. I thought we were already playing an octave down? It can make playing riffs in a lower position on songs where the key has changed sound more ‘bass like’ rather than further up the neck - swapping to a different key isn’t necessarily easier but it’ll depend on the song and how the riff is played etc. I.e. a I IV V should be straight forward to transpose. it does offer an abundance of notes all in and around one position if starting off the b string so it can reduce the need to scoot about the fretboard but a lot of guys I know who have gone back to 4 string say they found it a bit boring remaining in the one position and liked the movement and ‘industry’ going back to a 4 plus it made slapping easier again. playing in drop d is sometimes ‘easier’ than playing the same drop d song on a b string. many folk use an ‘octave down’ effect to mimic electro tunes so a B string doesn’t necessarily negate the need for a octave pedal if that classic OC sound is what folk are trying to emulate especially when playing up the neck. If you’re a player who uses your pick up case as a thumb rest... I’ve said before I played a 5er exclusively for years as I felt it worked well for the gig but in my current band playing pub covers it’s not necessary and it’s nice to go back to four string. If a new opportunity required a 5 I’d happily play one.
  4. Is this the config you were after over the two soapbars? Be worth a punt as it is stunning!
  5. I’ve listened to many demos and I might have tried one at the Sandberg factory? The DG on board preamp is just eq -no drive but I like the concept of a bass and two mid controls over a BMT with a very high treble. The DG TC is similar to how I’ve one of my amps set up on its semi para eq so I’ve applied the same concept only at the amp. I should add the settings on the amp as pictured aren’t mimicking the Tone Capsule EQ points. The bass semi para eq is basically working as a HPF pulling lots of information at 25Hz, the mids bumping a bit in about 300-400Hz and the treble in hi mids territory at 1.4kHz there’s enough zing in the bass/pick ups that it’s not needing more for at home use. If this was with the band I’d tune it to taste but couldn’t see it straying too far. It’s quite marked the difference between eq disengaged (which keeps the bass and treble controls on play) as it really cleans the whole sound up set as pictured. Having the EQ on a footswitch and with its own gain is a great feature on this amp. *The bass is set at 50Hz and the treble at 10kHz
  6. Some folk can find Delano a bit sterile/modern but they have such a vast range of pick ups it’s really worth looking at the sound you’re after and dialing down from there... but looks like you’ve a clear idea of what you want from this bass and an eq/pick up refit. I like what Darkglass have done with their Tone Capsule preamp (bass and two mid controls) could be worth a look plus there is one in the for sale’s - not mine I should add.
  7. Change the strings first then take it from there!
  8. Our local (albeit part of the Edinburgh Fringe) festival have announced they’re going ahead with their disrupted plans from last August. Basement Jaxx DJ Set, Huey Morgan NYC style street party, Candi Staton gig and a host of other shows but all socially distanced which should make a NYC style block party a little different! No one is more hopeful than me to have a chance to see Candi Staton basically in my back yard but that cautious optimism is still there.
  9. Indeed the old ‘thumb rest’!
  10. I just know AK loves a white bass with gold hardware.
  11. I was gonna say the pubs were open for months with no gigs due to social distancing rules. It’s great to see a vaccine roll out but I’d imagine a cautious return to ‘normal’ gigs is likely to be the course of action with indoor ‘regular’ gigs at the end of that timeframe. Venues with outdoor space may be able to work around that but for the venues my band plays it’s likely gonna be a while yet if the social distancing measures are reintroduced as they were prior to lockdown. I can’t see the Government rushing things well actually I can but you know what I mean. It’ll be a cautious return to good times!
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