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  1. I should add I meant that they should have the spec including eq frequencies etc on the site and any notable additions on specific models.
  2. Ibanez website usually has good info on their basses
  3. krispn

    Boss SY-1

    You'll not be the first or last
  4. Aye tidy that is! (said in my best Yoda voice!)
  5. Watched the you tube video. Good to see Tarantino getting some respect for his bass playing. About time what!
  6. krispn

    Boss SY-1

    Yeah it sounds like a lot of fun I just thought you were gonna do some audio to mimic the track. Next time!
  7. krispn

    Boss SY-1

    Aww I was hoping you'd be coping some tones and showing what the pedal could do in the 80's synth vein!
  8. krispn

    Boss SY-1

    Are you using the SYB-1 to overdub some sounds or is this just a speeded up version?
  9. There's one in GuitarGuitar Edinburgh!
  10. krispn

    In Isolation On Tour

    I'm on night shift for the Edinburgh gig but might get across to Glasgow
  11. I'm not meaning proficiency on the instrument - I think as other's have said we'll always sound like ourselves and while hand position, pick up's, eq can inflect certain tonal changes the 'voice' of the player will always come across. I've heard Stingrays sound aggressive, clangy and up front ripping through a punk song yet I've heard them thick and supportive on disco tracks. If a player want's to develop their voice a single pick up instrument is a great tool with which to develop things like hand placement etc. ergo I don't thing they're over rated or a one trick pony the same way some might feel a p bass is. I've always fancied spending some time with one to hear how I'd sound with it on gigs...but I'd probably just try and make it sound like a passive p bass
  12. I’ve always taken the phrase “sounding like me” to be irrespective of the eq, if it’s a J, P, MM etc. their ‘musical voice’ rather than the ‘tone’ they refer to. How they play, hand placement etc all impact but I see it as similar to handwriting. We can use a cheap bic or a Mont Blanc but once we get over the quality of the tool we're using we’re still either gonna have a beautifully elaborate style or functionally legible scrawl - yes I’m talking to you G.P.’s and doctors 😀 I like to think of it as Punk’s ‘ALL CAPS’ to the flowing cursive of a classical piece. If you’re gonna play well and have your own voice it’ll translate regardless of the tool and if your gonna hit bum notes they’ll sound bad no matter how high end the gear MM or otherwise. I have figured this out from painful live experience 😀
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