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  1. Bought some pick ups next day delivery was much appreciated as I have them installed and ready to go! Nice!
  2. For those who may be interested the CV jazz pick ups have this on their base. If anyone is familiar with Tone Riders they may have a similar sticker or code.
  3. You can send amp/cab sims to the pa while fx only to your amp etc Tbe I/O wtht eh Stomp is fab but you'll need to sit with the unit, the manual ir a tutorila video and work through it. You Tube is a the resource for this one. My advice is go hire a few hours in a rehearsal space which has a bass amp and a pA and set it up to suit. You can A/B amp v PA etc and you'll do so much more in this way then trying to grab an 20 min here and there. It worked for me having all the options/possibilities for how i might use it to try in one place. Download the manual and if you can bring a laptop/tablet and work along with you tube setting up patches, I/O options etc. It'll be time well spend!
  4. I’m gonna change my pick ups more for my own inquisitiveness but I’ll not be selling off the originals until I get a chance to A/B them listen to them and go with the ones which best suit me. The dance begins...
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Shame you weren’t in Edinburgh I’d have had a jam with you if you were needing a muso or two on guitar/bass though I’m a bit naff and far from a punk 🤓
  7. You could probably use your mac for the tracks and the ipad for lyrics. Anyone you know have any local connections for drummer who could jump in for you? Not sure how complex the drum tracks are but a decent drummer could likely learn them or mayeb ask one of the acts on the bill if the drummer would be up for it? I recall seeing a band in Edinburgh who were over from Australia and a local fan had arranged to drum for them on a gig. He was great and you wouldn't have known he wasn't in the band. PAF!
  8. Black Raven do one for the Full fat Helix. It’s a full ‘cover’ like a clear plastic/acrylic overlay and for the LT too. Not sure about other sizes. Are you needing to just cover the screen/scribble strips or the whole unit and which unit are you covering.
  9. Such a great bass and quality colour.
  10. Sherwood Green is a sleeper colour. You don’t think you like it but then you behold it’s beauty. Relic’d Sherwood is even better! Having had the neck off this is a 2008 model not that it makes a difference but it is playable. I also took the lacquer off the neck to suit me. Feels great!
  11. I’m actually happy with the bass as it sounds but it’s the lure that something else may be better but I’ll certainly not make any changes until the new year if I do go that route. I’ll just tell folks I’ve put in some unheard of esoteric brand and no one will be any the wiser. The green has turned out as hoped (phew) but I’ll likely need to touch it up. The back is a bit patchy but not overly concerned for now out of sight out of mind. pretty straightforward to do if anyone was thinking about it.
  12. Terrible picture but you get the idea.
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