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  1. krispn

    Darkglass AO Pedal

    Pictures added. Many questions drop me a pm!
  2. krispn

    Darkglass AO Pedal

    Bump for some versatile excellence!
  3. krispn

    Favourite basses and back pain.

    What about a BEAD tuned 4 string?
  4. Yeah it does sound great - not too zingy but like it would be useful across the range of tones on offer.
  5. Ed Friedland(who else right) has a great demo of the 5er....
  6. krispn

    Darkglass AO Pedal

    I have an opportunity to pick up the Ultra model locally and I'm really excited to try the cab sim out for my live needs. So that means my AO is up for grabs. I'll get some pictures up later but the unit comes boxed and while there are some superficial marks on the case it all works just fine. For me it's the best sounding of the DG range and the ability to get a wide range of tones make it more versatile than some might expect from DG. Here's a link with more detail than I could remember https://www.darkglass.com/creations/alpha-omega/ This is a long video but there are good examples of how versatile this pedal can sound.
  7. From yhe demo's I've heard I really like the sound of the passive HB's its odd possibly the magnets but its like the best qualities of modern but vintage tone - a little more crisp but still warm. The proof is in the playing of course.
  8. My buddy got one used recently passive HH. I hope to get a go on it quite soon!
  9. krispn

    $1700 Jule Monique Dove Cage Bass DI REVIEWED!

    Looks good Hugh! Be nice to hear it with some different tone stack settings and with a jazz bass.
  10. krispn

    New Darkglass Pedal

    I’m sure many DG fans got turned on to trying a comp once the ss came out and maybe more will be drawn to the new features as the ss ceased production due to component shortages or maybe only the fan boi’s will upgrade. Not really that bothered either way frankly 😀 The TC might get more paragraphs and maybe for good reason. It’s cheaper and quite editable and overall good value for money. I think the pedals in the range are still stand alone for what they do and again fan boi’s aside people will gravitate to the model which fulfills their sonic peccadilloes.
  11. krispn

    New Darkglass Pedal

    It a great idea and I can see it being quite popular. When a company like DG gets behind a ‘mystery’ effect like compression I think many people will ‘back the brand’ and try it. Kinda like “Oh if these guys make it then maybe I do need it? sort of thing.
  12. Phone them- much better than awaiting an email.